Me and Ricky had been friends since primary school. Neither of us were pretty boys, but we liked the outdoors and just seemed to gravitate to each other. Growing up in a small town in the Midlands of the England we didn't have much to do. We hung out with our (frankly homophobic) skater mates, and went down to the recreation ground on a Friday night to get drunk on cheap beer.

Ricky was pretty short, a bit overweight, had a bird like nose and an overbite...but he also had a real charisma. He was the first one of us to have a girlfriend, Claire, and she was least I thought so.

Anyway, shortly after my 18th birthday we were doing what we always did. We'd gone for a bike ride up the cliffs over the river and clambered down to a little secluded group of trees and cracked open a couple of beers. It was a warm day and we both took our shirts off. I felt a little growth in my pants as I looked at the sheen of sweat on Ricky's chest, but I tried to forget it. I knew by now that I liked boys, but surely Ricky didn't; after all he had Claire.

We finished the beers and we both lay back and talked shit; what was going on around home, what we were going to do about finding jobs before college. I closed my eyes.

It must of been about 5 minutes when I heard the distinctive sound of Ricky's flies opening. I looked around and he had his hand in his pants. Surely he wasn't wanking with me there? Thinking, "What have I got to lose?" I said "Do you want to play dares?"

"Sure," he said.

I almost whispered, "Let me see it". 

Nervously, Ricky shuffled his jeans down to his thighs..and then his boxer shorts and there was this perfect little cock, semi hard and about 4 inches sticking up proud. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to slip it into my mouth; but I knew that he would run a mile.

"I'm not gay you know," he stated, a little defensively.

"What do you want to do now," I replied.

"You could show me yours". I couldn't believe my luck and rushed to get my trousers down. 

Suddenly, Ricky stood up buttoning his flies and set off back up the hill. Shit! I'd spooked him.


A few days later we were hanging out again and we decided to go and play poker for pennies back at my mum's house while she was at work. After a few rounds we were pretty bored; the stakes just weren't high enough. Of course, I suggested that we played for dares and from that point on we both knew what was coming. 

I dropped the blinds in my narrow room, with glamour pictures of girls on the wall. Ricky dealt the first hand and I thought with a twinge of excitement "I'm going to lose". After I played a "terrible" hand it was Ricky's chance to ask for a dare....

I don't know what had come over him since our first fumbling on the cliffs but he just dropped his pants and said "wank it!". I was inexpert and a bit rough but after a couple of minutes of enthusiastic work on his cock, about 5 inches and slim when fully erect, he came all over my bedroom carpet. Even today I fixate on the details; the feeling of warmth coming off him, the smell of his mum's fabric conditioner on his underwear mingling with that musty male smell of sweat and a little whiff of his bum and the sudden shooting of his seed.

Ricky flushed red, pulled up his pants and almost ran out of the door. I heard the front door bang shut. "Shit! not again".

I had a lonely little wank on my own in the toilet wondering about what could have been.


It was probably two weeks before me and Ricky hooked up again. We ran into each other in town and he said he'd had a massive argument with Claire and they weren't talking. He said he was sorry we hadn't played poker for a while and could he come over. What was a boy to say?

When Ricky got to my house you could tell he was angry. As we played the first few hands he just kept going on and on about what a little cow she was and how he couldn't bear to be with her but he really loved her pussy. Once he'd finished moaning on, he asked if I wanted to play 'dares', just as I knew he would....

After my disappointment the last time there was no way I was playing to lose and I was lucky with the cards. Off came all of my clothes and Ricky's eyes bulged at my 7 inch  nob with a little bend to the left. I gently guided one hand to it helping him to slowly stroke up and down, and the other to cup my balls. I lay back and closed my eyes, groaning just a little bit. 

Soon I was close to cumming and quickly said "let's play another hand". I don't know whether it was Claire, or stroking my cock, or just the horn but once again something had come over Ricky and poker wasn't really on his mind anymore. He squeezed my balls tight making me cry out and gruffly whispered "suck it you little slut".

He stood up, undid his flies and pulled his pants down. I was kneeling butt naked in front of him while he thrust his cock into my mouth. It wasn't so large so, I could take right to the hilt and feel his pubic hair rubbing against my nose. As with the last time, he came quickly, this time shooting his salty juice right down my throat. "Swallow it bitch!".


From then on our roles were set and we didn't bother with cards very much. Ricky would visit every other day and get me him to wank him or suck him off. Sometimes, if he was feeling particularly generous he'd take my cock in his hand and gently caress me til I came; but mostly I was just there to service him.

One day, at his parent's house, he rummaged under the bed and pulled out a box full of his mum and dad's 'date night' stuff. He made me put on his mum's lingerie (my first experience of CD) and put a little dildo up my ass without lube. The pain was indescribable; but I loved doing what he wanted and when I got used to having it there it began to be quite pleasurable.

He made me put on lipstick (which I made a right mess of) and as he put his cock into my mouth he said 'make sure you smear the lippy on my bell end you little tart'.


After a couple of months of our routine, Ricky had started to get quite mean. He'd come over to my house, take a dump, wipe his butt, and then get me to rim him to make sure he was properly clean. I didn't like doing that much but he insisted that was all a little slut like me was good for.

There were a couple for times when he had me sit in the bath while he pissed on me. I have to admit that I loved feeling the hot stream running down my chest and soaking my pubes.

And then the day came....

Ricky was lying on my single bed and I was knelt next to him licking around his balls as he ruffled my hair. He'd been nicer than normal. We'd lain together having a kiss and a cuddle and he'd stroked my asshole while he told me how Claire only let him touch her tits and he much preferred having a little whore that would do whatever he wanted. He'd even given me a little suck, running his tongue round the top of my bell end and up and down my shaft.

As I worked my tongue into the cleft of his bum below his balls he stopped me with his hand. The beast had come over him again and with that dominant voice I'd come to love he just growled, "I'm going to fuck you, stay there!" I was really nervous but how could I refuse?

He got off the bed and manouvered me so I was bent over the bed with my ass in the air. He walked round behind me giving my ass a little slap. He spat and his fingers, rubbed the spit into my asshole and positioned himself behind me....

He grabbed my hair, pulling my head back and thrust hard into me...

I screamed! 

I screamed so loud that they could probably hear me two houses away. My tight little hole really couldn't take him without lube. 

Ricky had the bit between his teeth now and he really wasn't going to take no for answer (not that "no" was anywhere near my thoughts). "Stay there and don't move you little slut! I'll be back". I stayed stock still with my stinging ass up in the air.

Two minutes later he returned with a tub of butter (yes butter) that he'd got out of my mum's fridge. He rubbed it into my ass and then once again thrust hard into my butt.

I thrust backwards as hard as I could and he was hurt like hell (just like when he'd put the dildo in me), but as I relaxed I could feel him filling me up and it felt glorious. Through my growing excitement, as if in the distance, I could hear the slapping of his thighs against my bum cheeks, and feel my hair ripping as he pulled it. 

"You little slut, you little bitch whore, take my cock you little fucker!"

At some point I completely lost control and came all over my bed and carpet.

And then, after maybe two minutes, it was over....grunting a bit he shot his load into me, pulled out of my well used arse and pulled up his pants.

"I'm going to meet the boys at the rec", he said as he walked out of the door...


Of course, I was young and hadn't listened in sex ed (or they hadn't told me). I rummaged around and found my jeans. I went to the toilet and squeezed out his seed and then I followed him.

Fifteen minutes later I was sitting on the rec with a beer talking about girls and asking Ricky about how things were going with Claire when I felt a funny sensation. With a rising sense of panic I realised that the last of his sperm was dribbling out of my ass, through my boxers, and making a messy wet patch around the crotch of my jeans.




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