this takes place somewhere around july of 2014.

I was 18 at the time, kinda a twink, and really horny.

Having sex with another man (or even multiple people at times) was all i was fanatasizing about all of the time.

i went onto my computer and went on the internet to google, typing: "gay sex date".

Ofcourse i got a lot of results from that, but after searching through a lot of them, i found this ad of a guy in my area.

He was 37 years old and kind of chubby.

After e-mailing back and forth for a while, we agreed to meet at his house the following morning.

I was supposed to go to school in the morning, but i skipped it and went to his house.

It was all really nervewrecking, but i carried on.

once i arrived at his house, he let me in and put some coffee on.

he didn't really talk much, but then again, neither did i.

After we drank the coffee we proceeded to go upstairs, to his bedroom.

Once we got to his bedroom, he started rubbing my penis and grabbing my ass through my jeans, it was nice being touched by another man like that.

we took off all of our clothes, and jumped on his bed.

his cock was quite thick, but not all that big.

i started jerking him off, and after a minute or so he guided my head to his cock.

i had never giving a blowjob before, but i was determined to do my very best.

i started playing with his balls, licking on the head.

Suddenly he started pressing my head down, which resulted in me gagging on his cock.

He kept doing that for a few times, which helped me get used to the sensation of having a dick in my mouth (giving head is still one of my favorite things to do).

after a few minutes of blowing, we went to grab a shower.

When we got in the shower, i went on my knees and started sucking his dick again.

After a few minutes of trying to give the best blowjob i could, he grabbed my head to get his dick all the way in and came in my mouth.

It was the first time got a load in my mouth, and i swallowed it.

After the shower, we went back to his bed.

He said he wanted to fuck me, so i oblidged.

I got on the bed on all fours, so he could fuck me doggystyle.

he went and got some lube and started to finger it in.

I sometimes fingered myself, but i had never had anything else up there.

when he was done fingering me, it was time to have my first ever dick up my ass.

i didn't know what it would feel like, so i just let it happen.

He lubed up his dick, without a condom, and started to push it into my hole.

it was quite an experience having his cock slowly ride into my ass, painful for a little bit.

but then he started slowly fucking me, and the pain mostly went away.

he kept building up speed to a nice pace, and then started to fuck really hard in bursts.

i was in exstacy, and started to let out high pitched moans (aka screaming like a girl :P).

after a few minutes of hard fucking like that, he started to moan really manly.

he was starting to cum, and shoved his dick as far as it could go in my ass.

i could feel his warm cum inside.

he pulled out and went to clean up.

Very soon after i came and went to clean up as well.

after a few minutes i got dressed, and told him "see you soon" and went on my way home.

on the way home i felt a bit of his load leaking into my boxers, still wear those whenever i hook up with him.

So yeah, that was my first (bareback) fuck. Still one of my most if not the most exciting sexual experiences.

It jumpstarted my sex life.




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