I had just turned 20 and was bored and horny looking for a way to have some fun. So I began browsing craigslist and looking through the ads. I replied to a few but heard nothing back. Finally I decided to reply to one more ad and then just stop looking for the day. That is when I saw it. The perfect ad for me. He said he was 18 and looking for some fun. Other than that it didn't say much other than that he was in the same city I was in and it was his first time with guys. I figured I would respond and then continue on with my day.

So I went on with my day as usual checking my email every so often to see if anyone had responded back to me. Finally after a few hours I had a response. It was from him. The young dude in my town. He said his name was Angelo and he was definitely interested in meeting but was nervous. So I replied that we could chat online for a while and go from there. I also asked for his pic since I had sent him one in my reply. A few minutes later he replied let's talk for a while and that he didn't have a pic to share but that I knew him. So I replied ok and asked how I knew him and if he had any questions for me.

In a few minutes he replied back and gave me his last name and said we had gone to the same school. He told me he was straight and nervous and wanted to know if I had been with any guys. I told him I was just exploring but opened. Asked how big his cock was and what he wanted to try. We kept exchanging emails for the next few days until we decided to try and meet up.

Over the next few days I imagined how hot he was and what he looked like with his clothes off. If he was who he said he was I was really excited because we had been in the same school for a long time him just a few years behind me and I had always thought he was hot but I had to wait and see. We kept emailing trying to meet up but it just didn't seem like it was going to happen either I was busy when he was free or he was busy when I was free. Finally on Friday night we realized that we were both free Saturday afternoon so we agreed to meet around one at his place.

All morning Saturday I was really excited and couldn't wait to go over and see what I had been imagining for the last week. At about a quarter to one I drove over to his house and waited until one to go up and see him. I was so nervous it was ridiculous. I knocked on the door and he answered wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

He invited me in and we sat and talked for a while. We talked about anything and everything we could think of. He was indeed the guy I knew and after about fifteen minutes of talking we decided to go to his room for a little fun.

When we got to his room we shut the door and I slowly began to undress him. First I took off his shirt and what a sight that was. He was tan and hairy with an awesome worked out chest and a six pack with a nice treasure trail leading down there. Next I removed his socks and pants. He had on a nice pair of boxers. He had nice muscular hairy legs( He plays Soccer). I stop for a minute and admire the hot Italian Stallion that stands in front of me. He is about 5'9" with a nicely muscled physique. He is tan and has a nice covering of hair all over his body. I have him turn and I can see his cute bubble butt in his boxers. Finally I cannot take it anymore and I remove his boxers. What a sight. He is trimmed pubes with a nice 8.5 inch cut cock and low hanging balls. His cock is already semi-hard as I pull his boxers down.

I tell him to go lie down on his bed face down and begin with a massage. I slowly message his nice strong back. He moans a little as I massage him. I work my way slowly down his back towards his cute bubble butt and his muscular legs. I massage his butt and enjoy its firm feeling. I finally work his legs and then tell him to turn around. I then continue to massage the front of his legs and work my way slowly up. I avoid his now completely hard cock and massage his abs and pecks. I love the feeling of his muscles under my hands. I continue this massage for about 15 minutes until both he and I cannot stand it anymore. I work my hands back down towards his gorgeous cock and jerk it a few times and then I gently massage his balls. Finally I bend down and swallowed his cock in one move.

He moaned in pleasure as I begin to give him a blowjob like he has never had before. I worked my mouth up and down his cock varying the speed and listening to his moans of pleasure. I stopped every so often and sucked on his balls while gently stroking his cock. I would twist my mouth around his cock as I sucked driving him crazy. His moans became louder and I could tell he was getting close. Finally he said he was getting close so I stopped sucking and got undressed and let him do what he wanted to with me. First he gently jerked my cock then he decided he wanted to try and suck so I let him. He worked just as I had and after a few minutes I was close. We decided to sixty-nine. So I lay down on his bed and he lay on top of me he slowly sucked my cock as I slowly sucked his. We were both enjoying this working ourselves closer and closer to a hot climax. We sixty-nined for the next few minutes until we could not hold it any longer. He was the first to say that he was gonna blow and next thing I knew I could feel his hot load shooting down my throat. He shot about 5 spurts down my throat and it tasted sweet and salty all at the same time. I started to blow my load down his throat just as he shoot his last spurt. I shot about 5 spurts down his throat. As I finished we both shuttered in pleasure. We lay on his bed for about 5 minutes spent and enjoying each other's company. We both got dressed and decided that we had a lot of fun and wanted to do it again. As I left his place I knew that this was the beginning of a new friendship.



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