A friend of mine at work told me he had an app on his phone called Grindr. He talked about this app all the time and about all of the really cool people he met through it.  I had never heard about it or been on any of the online sites but thought what the hell and after talking got on the iTunes store and downloaded it and set up a profile. I was on my lunch and did not expect much from it so opened the app and spent about 2 minutes creating my online profile and getting online to look around.

I was amazed that after about 4 minutes I got a request from a guy nearby. We chatted for a bit and exchanged several pictures through the text feature. I was scared to death but threw caution to the wind and agreed to meet at a coffee shop just up the street from my office. By the time I got to the shop it was already about 12:30 pm and I had only about 30 minutes left on my lunch before I had to be back in the office and at a meeting. I was thinking I must be completely crazy doing this. I had never met anyone online and up until this point all of my male to male connections were with people I knew well. But, it was lunch time in a crowded downtown coffee shop a block from my office so not like anything was going to happen other than meet.

The guy arrived about two minutes after me and we chatted briefly and then moved into the restroom. It was private and we locked the door. He pulled his jeans down and out popped a larger than life hard cock. He asked me if I had ever sucked a dick before or been sucked off by a man. I told him yes and he pushed his cock toward me.  He reached out and un-fastened my belt and then proceeded to unlatch my pants and pull them off my hips letting my smaller sized cock that was also rock hard spring to life. He pushed my shoulders downward and I sank to my knees with his cock in my face. My heart was racing and everything felt almost surreal at what was happening.

I knew I was pushed for time and took him into my hands and then started working my tongue around his cock before taking him into my mouth. Once I got going it felt really good and natural so I kept going doing my best to make him moan. I continued using my hands to massage his balls and taking his cock in my mouth until I felt him tense up and suddenly shoot a massive load into my mouth. I had to swallow fast to keep any of his cum from leaking and possibly getting onto my dress shirt or tie. A couple times I thought I would gag on the volume of his cum but finally it stopped and I swallowed the last drops as I stood up with my hand still wrapped around his softening shaft. He offered to suck me dry but looking at my watch I knew I needed to hurry if I was going to make it back into the office and to my meeting in the next nine minutes.

He thanked me and he left as I locked the door behind him. I pulled my pants back up and fastened them making sure my shirt was tucked in and then quickly looked to make sure there were no signs of cum on my shirt or face. I raced back to the office without time to eat or even grab a drink as I walked into the conference room as the meeting started. I sat through the meeting for an hour and a half with a raging hard on and still tasting and smelling cum. It was wild, hot and erotic and I could not wait to get onto the site again.



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