It happened one night when I was in a bar sitting on a bar stool drinking and telling lies with friends from work.  What people like us did.  I wasn't looking for anything and I was and am perfectly comfortable identifying as straight but would have to claim bi.  Yawn.

        I suddenly looked to the door and a guy walked in.  Holy fuck?!?!  Wait a minute you don't think that way.  I knew he couldn't be from where I was.  He was HOT!!  Great hair, nice clothes, very muscular not at all like the people around me.  I read him as from LA, San Francisco, Minneapolis or Chicago.  He looked me right in the eye, read me and gave me an evil smile and walked into the bar.  WOW!!  I immediately looked at myself and my friends in the mirror and they hadn't noticed a thing.  I laughed about that.

      Then he was moving past me to get a drink and I could feel his junk against my leg.  Not even slightly hard but I could tell he was big.  With wide eyes I looked at him and he said, Hi, I'm Joe.  Weakly, Peter.  What are you doing tonight, Peter.  Just drinking with work friends.  Where do you work?  At an aircraft factory at the International.   You're a pilot.  Yes.  That's hot and he grabbed between my legs and I jumped.  Smiling evilly.  He was so fucking hot!!

      I finished my beer and he quickly finished his.  Let's get out of here and he smiled and said let's and walked to the door.   I followed behind him and as I got to the door I looked back and my friends hadn't noticed me leaving.  They were drunk.  I laughed hard about that and as I got outside the bar he was standing in front of the door and came at me and shove me against the wall and mauled me with his mouth.  Then he made me straddle him and he dry fucked me.  Holy shit is this guy aggressive.  Cool.  Yes.

      I pushed him away and said where can we go?   Do you have a place?  I have nosy roommates.  Not true.  I should have gone to my place but I didn't want to.   My mother is out of town for the night.  So, we can get it on in every room of your mother's house?   If that's what we're going to do.  I hope so.  He laughed and said alright.  You have to drive.  I got dropped off.   So, you thought you would meet a guy.  No, but it's nice to meet a hot guy.  I'm a hot guy?  Of course.   You're totally hot.  Thank you.  He smiled at me normally.  I really wanted to see where the situation  was going.

        My car's over there and we walked to it.  I used the remote lock to open my car and he got in the passenger side.  I got in and before I could get my belt on he was over the center console and was groping me and molesting my mouth with his tongue.  I was totally turned on.  I pushed him away and said let's go where we're going.  He laughed and gave me directions and it wasn't far.  I drove there and parked on the street and the door was up a hill and stairs.  I jumped out and ran up the hill and was running up the stairs and he caught me and grabbed me really hard between my legs.  I made a noise not about pleasure.  I could see where it was going and I wanted to know more.  He was laughing.

      He unlocked the door and went in with me right behind him.   He went in and was standing in front of me.  He came at me and shoved down on my shoulders.  I was suddenly in my knees looking at his bulge and up into his eyes.  He grabbed me by my hair and twisted my head and said, see that belt?One was hanging over a chair.  Yes.  Want to be beaten with that belt?   No, Daddy.  Daddy.  You're going to call me Daddy.  Yes, Daddy.  Well, if you're not totally obedient, you'll be beaten with that belt.  I'll be so obedient.  You can do anything you want to me.  My answer will always be yes.  Good, cock whore.  You'll get a chance to prove it.  All I want is a chance, Daddy.  Good to say, cock slut.  I smiled.

       Daddy grabbed my hair at the back of my head and pulled my head back so I could look into his eyes and he said are you ready to serve my cock?  Yes, Daddy and the rest of you too.  He smiled genuinely and said nice attitude, fuck toy.  I'm your fuck toy, Daddy.  Nobody else's.  That's right, fuck slut.  Mine.  Yours, Daddy.  I may just use you, tonight, ass cunt.  Wierd word, Daddy.  What cunt?  No, that word is cool just not mixed that way.  It's creepy.  Alright, word policing cock slut.  Do you have any other rules?  I might have a couple.  You don't make rules.  You follow mine, got it, fuck thing.   Yes, Daddy, I do.  We're going to get along very well, sex toy.  Thank you, Daddy.  Nice respect fuck toy.

     He was still holding my hair and told me to get his cock hard through his Jeans and to only use my teeth.  Not anything else.  Yes, Daddy, only my teeth nothing else.  Good boy, bitch.  I think I love the degrading things you call me, Daddy.  You need to be degraded don't you, fuck slut.  Yes, Daddy I do.  His cock and pants were wet with my spit.  Yanking my hair again now unbutton my jeans with only your teeth.  Nothing else.  Yes, Daddy, only my teeth.   Good cock slut.  Thank you, Daddy.  Now unzip my jeans with only your teeth.  Nothing else.  I know, Daddy only my teeth.  And nothing else.  I could see more of what he had but not enough.  He was just getting started.

      Now, pull my jeans down with only your teeth.  I know, Daddy, only my teeth.  Do it, CUNT!!!  Yes, Daddy.  Aren't i being obedient, Daddy?  You're doing a good job so far but if I decide to beat you for no reason you're going to take it and deal with it.  Yes, Daddy, I'll deal with it but I don't want to, Daddy.  But if you beat my ass you can only whip my ass not my legs or back.  So, that's rule number one.  You can have that rule.  Thank you, Daddy, I'll be worth it.  I'll be the judge of that, assfuckee.  You're the assfucker, Dominant Daddy.  I'm for you to use as you see fit.   I have a feeling Im going to like using you a lot.  Do you have any other rules?  Only one.  Well, what is it, cunt.  No double penetration  not two cocks nor a cock and a sex toy.  Only one cock at a time.  So, I'm fucking you.  I sincerely hope so, Daddy.  If you're good I will.  Be good, whore.  I will, dominant buttfucker Daddy.

     Now pull my jeans down with your teeth only.  Yes, assfucker Daddy.  Only with my teeth.  Do it.  I did and could then see more of what he had.  And it looked fantastic.  I wanted it badly.  I was going to be so obedient.  He wouldn't know what to do with me.  But I knew he would.  I was afraid of that belt.   As I came around pulling  his jeans down his cock flopped out and hit me in the face like a club.  He was hard as a rock and I was totally impressed.  He was purple with a deeper purple head and veiny and mean looking.  I felt like he was talking to me.  You're going to take me and I'll hurt you but you'll love every inch of me.  Yes, Sir Cock.  I'll serve you and your owner really well.  I was gripping the base and I licked the head and tickled it.  He yelped, STOP THAT!!  IT'S TOO INTENSE!!!  Sorry, Daddy.  If I just suck it can I?  If you just suck it, yes.  But only if you just suck it.  No teeth with that.  I understand, Daddy.  Only sucking it.  No teeth.   Good cock whore, assfuck toy.  I can still see it.

       I took him into my mouth until I couldn't take anymore and I stopped and asked him to help me.  How do I help you?  Daddy I want you to grab my head on each side and shove.  I need you to help me this time and I'll be able to do it myself later.  I want to feel your huge, beautiful balls slapping my chin while you fuck my throat.   I can do that, dick sucker boy.  Yes, Daddy topman.  I took him back to where I had and stopped.  He laughed and leaned into me.  Just like with Tony I relaxed my throat and took his giant cock all the way down.  And it felt like it was never going to stop.  I looked at him with 11 inches of cock down my throat.  And he totally fucked my throat.  Pulling out an inch and  pounding in.  His saggy sexy balls were really slapping my chin as he used my thoat for his pleasure.  And I was in for the duration.

      But I really wanted him to drown me with cum.  He was moaning and said your throat is gripping my cock good, buttfuck toy.  You're gonna make me cum hard, fucking assfuck toy!!  I'm fucking your throat like I'm going to fuck your ass.  Deep and hard.  And you love it don't you.  UUMMMM.  That's one noise.  Perfect.  I really like using you, fuckthing.   UMMM.  Good cock whore.  Pull out and speak.  Fuck yes, Daddy.  You're using me so good, strong dominant topman Daddy.  Can I kiss you, Daddy?   Please do, cocksucker bottom bitch.  How long will it take you to get hard again?  10-20 minutes.  Go away and I'll get myself ready with that lube and vibrator.  When you come back you'll find me ready for your massive dick.  My ass needs to get fucked hard, Daddy.  Be ready, asswhore and he left.

       I very quickly got my ass ready with three fingers and fucked myself as hard as I could and within 15 minutes he was back and annoyed he swatted my hands aside and fucked me with the vibrator harder than I had.  Daddy, please, your cock.  My cock is bigger.  Yeah, but Daddy, your cock is cock and that vibrator is plastic.  Pleeeeaaaasse, Daddy your cock?  Alright, cock slut, you've been very obedient so you deserve my cock.  With that he lubed his cock and yanked the vibrator out and shoved his cock in roughly.  My face was in a pillow and I screamed into it loudly.  Then like with To y it felt absolutely awesome.  And I had 11 inches of monster dick in my asshole.  I have so much dick in my asshole, Daddy topman!!!  You need my cock in your ass don't you?

       Your cock takes over my whole body, brutal degrading Daddy assfucker.  FUCK YOU!!!  Take my cock, worthless assfuck.  Beddy bye now.  More later.



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