I must have been about 7 or 8 when I first realised the pleasure of being naked in front of others. My parents were strictly religious so anything to do with the anus or penis was dirty and it was grievously sinful to be seen by others accidentally or, certainly , on purpose. When one of my friends suggested we looked at each others genitals I was shocked but then excited. We built a little tent out of a clothes horse covered with a blanket and we all crawled inside. Even then , I was the first to volunteer. There was not much room so the other boy and two girls helped me off with my tee shirt. I hesitated about showing my 'Mickey Mouse as I then called it but one of the girls gave a quick tug at my shorts and there was my little stiff erection in full view. I didn't understand the powerful feelings this gave me. It was a fantastic sensation but then someone said adults were coming so I dressed in a small panic and pretended nothing unusual was going on and the moment was over. We would , occasionally, repeat the show and I was always the first to volunteer.

A few years later on one hot summer night I couldn't sleep. I had an overwhelming desire to be naked in the fresh air. I slipped out of bed , dressed in my pyjamas, and crept down the stairs and out of the back door. My home was near the field where we had held the impromptu strip show. I cautiously made my way down the path and through the gap in the hedge beside a small hill. I slipped out of my pyjama top and then , savouring the moment, dropped my pants and stepped out of them. The sensation of the cool air on my body was wonderful and I had a raging erection in no time. I was so naïve that I did not know how to masturbate so I enjoyed the sensation of walking about in the cool night air with my erection swinging before me. I knew I could not be seen behind the Hill but , eventually , I had the urge to stand exposed on the top of the Hill in full view of the neighbouring houses. I knew it was unlikely that anyone was awake and looking at that time but the thought that someone might see me increased my sense of excitement. I walked about ,naked , for the next hour and then ,regretfully , crept back to my home and bed. I couldn't understand why my testicles were aching but ,that night ,I had a great wet dream.

I attended an all boys Catholic school. I was very shy of girls and sex was something not to be discussed. Occasionally , some of the older boys would show me pictures from Girly mags and the sight of naked female breasts guaranteed an instant erection but that was as far as it went. I would buy copies of Playboy and Penthouse and , in the privacy of my bedroom , would enjoy the pictures. I could maintain an erection for hours but .although I always got that ache in the groin and some liquid would seep out of my penis , that was as far as I knew how to go. I had heard the word Masturbation. It meant 'to practice self abuse'� according to my dictionary. One evening ,I was 16 by then , I read another definition 'to manipulate the penis to orgasm'� I still wasn't sure what this meant but I was already aroused by looking at my Magazines so I checked the door was locked and dropped my trousers and pants. I knew stroking my penis was pleasurable but I didn't know what to do next. I took my erection between my two palms and started to rub it , like a Boy Scout trying to light a fire, until my penis was bright red. I could feel pleasure building up but couldn't quite get there. Then I noticed that the pleasure was greatest when the swollen end of my penis received the most attention. I rubbed ,faster and faster. A great wave of pleasure built up in my groin and ,with a gasp of delight , semen spurted out. It was everywhere - my hands , thighs and on the floor. I had done it - my first wank ! I quickly found more gentle techniques and would wank 2 or 3 times a day in front of my Magazines. My mother nearly caught me once ,because I had forgotten to lock the door , but if she saw anything she did not say.

I met my wife at work. She was the first girl I had summoned up the courage to invite out. She was the first girl I kissed and ,when we married , she was the first girl I ever had sex with. We were both shy so never experimented with different positions etc .I enjoyed sex with her but it became a little boring as years passed by. I still enjoyed outdoor nudity. On hot sticky nights I would wait till my Wife was sound asleep and then creep out of bed and into the back garden. I would strip and walk about masturbating. The thought of being seen by neighbours was the added thrill. On a few nights I even walked down the front drive ,almost on to the road and masturbated. Once , I had to drop behind a low shrub when a car came round the corner and almost caught me in its headlights. It was an anxious moment but added to the thrill of the orgasm.

In Summer I would look out for places to strip naked and masturbate. The ideal spot was woodland off the beaten track. I would look for a secluded glade ,protected by trees or shrubs on most sides so that I could not be seen unexpectedly. However, there had to be a slight chance that someone might catch me as I masturbated because that added an extra thrill. Once I had found a suitable spot I would check around the are to be sure no one was about. I might spend twenty minutes checking and double checking before I felt safe enough to begin. I would ,carefully, take off my shoe and socks. Then I would hang my Tee shirt over a branch, slip out of my trousers and then , with one last look around to be sure, would step out of my underpants and enjoy the sensation of breezes on my naked penis and buttocks. It was one of the rules of the game that I would leave my clothes and move across to the clearing I had chosen. leaving my clothes added to the excitement of the slight risk of being naked and helpless if caught. I have explained all this so that you can fully appreciate how I felt about the events I am about to describe.

It was in June last year. My wife and I had booked a Holiday in the Black Forest are in Germany. It was a nice hotel with its own pool and it backed onto woodland climbing up the Mountain. That afternoon I had left my wife sunbathing beside the pool. She was chatting to two other guests we had met at Dinner the night before. I was on the lookout for a good wank spot. I followed one of the footpaths that wound its way into the Woodland behind the Hotel. As I walked on the number of people on the path declined and I started to look for the perfect spot. I left the path and moved deeper into the wood The noises from the Village near the hotel died away and I was surrounded by the silence of the Forest broken only by the sound of the occasional bird call. After walking for about ten minutes I thought I had found the perfect spot. It was a small clearing surrounded by large trees. Enough light could get through the canopy to allow a grassy carpet. There was a semi circular bank of shrubs at the far side and a fallen log lay ,diagonally, across the far edge of the clearing. I did my usual sweep of the surroundings but there was no sign of any other people. Occasionally, I could hear people talking as they followed the footpath I had left earlier but they were below me and some distance away. I would hear them long before they reached me if they left the path and came towards me. They were no real threat. I felt that familiar tingle in my groin. It was time to begin. I walked twenty or thirty paces into the wood and began my preparations. I slipped off my shoes and socks and , carefully ,placed my socks inside my shoes. I unbuttoned my shirt, took it off and draped it on a low branch. Next, I slipped off my trousers and neatly folded them up beside my shoes. My penis was trying to escape from my underpants but I wasn't quite ready. I had to be sure that no one was near my clearing. I walked back to it and did my last check - all clear. I returned to my clothes and ,at last, slipped out of my underpants and added them to the pile. As usual the sensation of warm air caressing my naked body felt wonderful. I walked away from my clothes and entered the clearing. I started to stroke my chest and buttocks and then to ,gently, caress my penis and balls. Soon, I had a good hard erection. I began to walk about the grassy floor stroking my throbbing penis and enjoying the sensation. Then it happened. I glanced across the clearing towards the bank of shrubs and was shocked to see a man standing behind them looking straight back at me. I stood frozen. I was still holding my penis but my erection was rapidly going. It was too far to run for my clothes and, anyway, the stranger was in the way. The moment seemed to last for ages but was probably only a few seconds. The silence was broken when the stranger said 'I'm sorry to have disturbed you but I have been watching you for the last couple of minutes. I can see you are enjoying yourself and did not want to interrupt. Do mind if I stay and watch?'�

In recent months I had logged on to several explicit web sites and been increasingly turned on by the sight of naked men posing. masturbating and, especially, fucking. I had even posted some pictures and videos of me masturbating and been pleasantly surprised by the pms I had received. I had bought a webcam and masturbated in front of a complete stranger but here was a real , living , breathing adult male asking if he could watch me masturbate live!

The stranger stepped out from behind the bushes so I could see him more clearly. He was slim , middle aged and wearing running kit . He was carrying a small rucksack. He smiled and my anxiety left. 'If you don't want me to watch I'll go - no problems'�. He had a slight East Coast American accent. When I looked at his shorts I could see a distinct bulge. The thought that my skinny body could arouse him quickly restored my flagging erection. His eyes looked down on it and he smiled again. 'Looks like you are pleased to see me. Shall I stay?'� My mouth was too dry to speak so I could only nod. '�Good'� he said 'Let me see you work that thing!'� feeling slightly self conscious I obeyed and began to stroke my increasingly stiff penis. His eyes remained fixed on my hand as it worked up and down the shaft. I could feel the excitement mounting. The thought of standing naked and masturbating in front of a stranger was intoxicating. The stranger's hand had ,unconsciously ,dropped to his groin and I could see him feeling his erection. Suddenly, he said 'Stop! I'm sorry but I just can't stand and watch you.'� He pulled his singlet over his head in one quick move and then he stepped out of his shorts. I looked ,entranced , at his body. He was slightly shorter in height than I but he was lean and well muscled. He was tanned to just above his groin and below his mid thigh. As he turned to put his shorts and top to one side I saw his well muscled buttocks were a striking white compared to the rest of him. Then he turned to face me and began to walk ,quickly, towards me across the grass. His chest was almost hairless and he ,obviously , trimmed his pubic hair as I did but his penis was amazing. It was thicker and longer than mine but what was most impressive was the erect angle at which it stood up. My penis hadn't managed that angle in years!

I must have looked alarmed as he came towards me. I dropped my hand from my penis. '�Don't be frightened but I must do this'� he said. He was stroking his erection in his left hand. As he came up to me he reached out and ,gently, took my penis in his other hand and began to stroke me. I felt as though my legs would buckle but the pleasure was fantastic. He took my right hand and placed it onto his penis. It was the first other-one I had ever held. It was thick, warm , very stiff and I could feel it throbbing ,just like mine. 'I've always had a thing for uncut cocks'� he said as his fingers tickled my fore-skin which never quite drew back over my glans. I was beginning to find it hard to breathe. My heart was pounding and my legs felt like jelly. As his hand stroked my ever stiffening penis he held his other hand over mine and guided the length and strength of my strokes. '�Mmm - that feels good'� He said. I could still hardly speak but I could feel his penis thickening further and there was a small bubble of pre-cum on the tip of his glans. He had been circumcised and I looked with fascination at his penis as my fingers moved up and down his shaft and over his glans which was swollen with a purple tinge. Meanwhile , his fingers were getting me more and more excited. Pre -cum was running out of my penis and I had never felt so aroused before. Occasionally , he would release my shaft and cup my balls and scrotum then he would return his attention to my penis. He could sense I couldn't wait much longer and he began to speed up his strokes. He would also pull my fore -skin right back over the glans to expose it fully. It was bright purple and streaming with pre-cum. I tried to match him as I worked on his penis. We were both panting slightly now and , when I looked at his face , he had a slight far away look in his eyes but his smile was getting broader. The blood was roaring in my ears and I knew this was it. With a loud gasp I pumped out one - two - three spouts of semen. He laughed as I came. 'Don't stop now buddy'� he said. My hand pumped hard at his rigid penis and , with a gasp , he also jetted three spouts.

We stood for a few moments facing each other. Our erections were subsiding with semen still dripping out. I wasn't sure what to do or say next. He just grinned and said 'Hang on'�. He walked across to his rucksack and came back with a couple of tissues. I thought his naked body was the greatest thing I had ever seen. '�Let me'� he said and gently wiped my penis dry and then cleaned himself. I still wasn't sure what to do next. What did he want from me? '�That was a great way to finish a run in the woods'� he said. 'Thanks for letting me share. Perhaps we might meet up again tomorrow?'� 'I can't wait'� I gasped. 'Great'� he said. 'same place and time?'� 'Fantastic'� I replied. He smiled, walked across the clearing, dressed quickly and ,with a wave , ran off. I was left feeling like I was in a dream but the warm glow in my groin proved it was all real. I could barely remember where I had left my clothes but I found them, got dressed and walked back to the hotel. 'Did you enjoy your walk? You look a little flushed.'� I laughed ,a little guiltily and went into the Hotel to wash and prepare for Dinner.

I hardly slept that night. The thought of the day's events gave me an almost permanent hard-on and I didn't want to waste it by wanking in the bathroom. So, I just lay there waiting for morning to arrive. Just like a child waits for Christmas morning. It was another lovely day but the time seemed to crawl by. Eventually, I left my wife by the pool and headed up the hillside. I was worried I wouldn't be able to find the little clearing again but I spotted the point where I had left the path and in a few minutes was back in the clearing where I had such pleasure yesterday. I made sure I was exactly on time. My knees were trembling with anticipation and I had a massive erection. You can imagine my disappointment when I saw the clearing was empty. I walked across to the bushes where the gorgeous stranger had appeared but there was no sign. It was like a kick in the stomach. I sat on the fallen log for about twenty minutes. There was still no sign. Wanking by myself did not appeal so I got to my feet , regretfully, and started to walk back to the path. Just then I heard the sound of running feet and a few moments later the stranger appeared through the trees and entered the clearing. He was panting and breathless. '�Sorry I'm late'� he gasped 'Got delayed but glad you waited. I'll make it worth your while!'� He was dressed much the same as yesterday. He put his rucksack down and came across to me. He kissed me ,gently, on the lips. It was like an electric shock and I pulled away. 'Sorry, I didn't mean to shock you. I should have guessed you are new to this. Do you mind me asking - are you a virgin?'� I blushed scarlet and nodded.'� Never mind. I can show you what to do - if you want me to?'� My heart was pounding again as I nodded.'� 'Good , leave this to me'�. He came closer to me. I could smell his aftershave and sweat. I noticed he had white teeth and his short black hair was flecked with grey. He put his hands to either side of my face - pulled me towards him and kissed me again. His lips were soft and when his tongue pushed into my open mouth and flicked around inside it was wonderful. The kiss seemed to last forever. He broke away and then pulled my shirt over my head. He then knelt down and gently pulled my shorts down. I had left the underpants off and so my erection sprang into view. '�Wow! You must be glad to see me'� He joked. He stood up and put my clothes to one side. 'Do you want to undress me?'� he asked. I pulled his running vest over his head. Again , I noted his tanned almost hairless chest. He ,obviously, kept himself in good shape. I knelt down and pulled his shorts down and his trimmed pubic hair and then his gorgeous cock came into view. He wasn't as fully erect as I but the tip was only a few inches from my face. I reached out to stroke it and , at the same time cupped his balls. His cock stiffened and came even close to my face. For a moment I wanted to put it into my mouth but the thought of what it might taste and feel like made me hesitate. He noticed this and laughed. 'Let's not rush into anything'� he said. He pulled me to my feet and , once again, kissed me. I could feel my erection pushing into his stomach and his was pushing into my groin. As his tongue moved , deliciously, inside my mouth I felt his hands moving down my back until he touched my buttocks. He cupped them and I felt him gently pull my cheeks apart. I could feel sweat forming in the cleft between them.

The kiss ended and he stood back slightly. '�OK so far?'� I nodded and smiled back. He put his hands on my nipples and gently stroked them. I had never thought of this as erotic before but it felt good. He then softly kissed each one .Then he kissed my abdomen and continued to work down my body. My excitement built up as I felt his breath on my pubic hair and then his tongue flicked over my fore-skin. It was like another electric shock. It was wonderful. As I looked down on him he looked up at me and grinned. He was kneeling at my feet by now. He continued to stroke my penis and balls but then he began to nuzzle my scrotum and kiss the sides of my penis. Again, I felt the blood roar in my head. 'Do you want me to?'� he asked. Again ,I nodded. My mouth always seemed to dry to speak. He began to kiss my penis, starting at its little nest of pubic hair and then working towards its swollen tip. He paused for a moment and I stood rigid with anticipation and then he slipped it into his mouth. I gave a gasp of pleasure. I could feel his tongue flicking over it and then he sucked it all the way in. I felt the warmth of his mouth as he proceeded to work up and down the shaft. I instinctively began to make thrusting movements with my hips. 'Hang on 'he said 'Lets take our time'�. and then he resumed his slow caresses. He looked up at me and saw the pleasure on my face. 'You taste great 'he said and then resumed his rhythmic movement and working with his tongue. I could feel I was about to orgasm but he sensed this and , withdrawing my penis from his mouth, squeezed the tip of it ,just behind the glans, tightly between his thumb and fore- finger. The urge to orgasm passed.'� I want you to enjoy this as much as possible 'he said and smiled. He then began to work on me again. I was quickly aroused beyond control. I knew I was about to cum and tried to pull out of his mouth but he held me firmly by my buttocks and prevented me. With another loud gasp, I came into his mouth. I thought the stream would never end but he sucked me dry and then licked the rest off the tip of my still throbbing , swollen penis. 'Mmm that was good!'� he said 'Now its my turn'�. Part of me was delighted but part of me was repelled by the idea. Again, he smiled and said 'I know you're new and I came prepared.'� He walked over to his rucksack and pulled out a condom. 'I hope you like strawberry'� he laughed. He took it out of its wrapper and slipped it on. He still had a massive erection. I knelt before him and , tentatively, took it in my hand. Then I , gingerly, slipped it into my mouth. It did taste like strawberry!. I could feel the head of his penis and the veins throbbing in my mouth. I tried to copy him and tried to lick it along its length and ,especially , at the tip. It felt strange because I could feel the condom also. 'That is soooo good. You're a natural'� he said. I tried to take him deep into my mouth I was worried I might choke but it was fine. I could smell him as I worked on him. He began to breath more heavily and he pulled my head towards him with greater and greater force. His hips began to thrust and I felt the semen spurt out of him as he gave a groan 'Jesus that feels good'�. He gave three or four spasms as he completed his orgasm. His penis still felt thick and stiff but he withdrew it from my mouth. The condom seemed full of his milky semen. He slipped the condom off. His glans was still purple and swollen with a little semen dripping out. '�Don't worry. I don't expect you to lick me clean 'he joked 'It's a little too early in your Education for that!'� I felt a bit embarrassed but I have to admit it was a bit of a relief. He walked across to his rucksack, got out some tissues and wiped himself down. He then wrapped the condom in tissue and put it back into his bag. '�Mustn't spread litter'� he joked. I was still trembling from the experience and sat on the grass for a few minutes to recover. He did the same. We did not speak. 'This has been an unexpected bonus on my European trip'� he then said 'I'm back to the States tomorrow. Do you want to meet again?'� It was a bit of a stupid question. My penis was already beginning to stiffen as looked at his naked body and felt the warm Summer breeze on mine. It was as though we were the only two people on the Planet. 'My flight leaves at 11 pm. So I must check out of my Hotel by 2pm.Are you available before then?'� Was I available?! I usually took my walk in the afternoon so I would need some excuse for my change of routine with my wife. 'Absolutely!'� I said 'How about noon?'�. 'Fine by me 'he replied. He leaned across and gave me a quick kiss. Then he stood up, got dressed and ,with his usual wave, was gone. I just lay on the grass for over an hour and enjoyed the nudity, the fresh air and the prospect of what tomorrow might bring. Then I got dressed and returned to the Hotel.

That night I surprised the Wife by an unexpected intercourse session. I usually rubbed her off and then had my turn. I had not reached a climax every time in recent months. That night was different. My erection was strong and long lasting and I reached orgasm by imagining the stranger beneath me. '�Not like you to be so vigorous'� smiled my wife. I smiled back and went for a shower.

It was another fine day. I promised to take my wife into Town for a meal that evening. The extra time she needed to prepare gave me the excuse to go for my walk earlier than usual. I had a little light breakfast and then set off to the clearing. I wanted to be there in plenty of time. There were more walkers around than previously and I was angry that they might interfere with our meeting. But , as I walked up the hill they became fewer and I hadn't seen one for ten minutes by the time I left the path and cut across to the glade. He had already arrived. I was surprised to see him in a suit. He also had a small flight bag and his rucksack. I noticed he had a lap top carry bag as well. He had been leaning against a tree but stood up and walked across to me. 'They've moved my flight up so I haven't much time.'� he explained. '�We'll do our thing and then I must rush. I hope you don't mind?'� 'I'm glad you still wanted to come.'� I replied. 'Oh yes'� he said 'I've waited three days for this!'� Then he wrapped his arms round me and gave me a long , languorous kiss. I was , instantly, aroused. 'Let me help you'� he said and quickly helped me out of my clothes. 'You look fantastic'� he said and walked around me eying me up and down but ,especially, my erect penis. Every day I met him I thought it got bigger. It felt absolutely gigantic now. My foreskin was almost completely back over my glans. This never happened before. 'Do you want to go first?'� he asked. I wasn't sure what he meant and must have looked confused. 'You said you are a virgin. Would you like to fuck me first or wait later.'� I nearly came there and then. My ultimate fantasy about to be fulfilled! I was left anticipating and half dreading what might follow. As usual my mouth was so dry I could hardly speak. 'You go first'� he said it will make the waiting all the more worthwhile for me. I'd better get undressed for you.'� It was like watching my own private strip tease . He took off his shoes and socks. Then he took off his jacket and , carefully, folded it and put it on top of his flight bag. He then , carefully, unbuckled his belt and slipped off his trousers. He could see I was watching avidly and gave me his usual charming smile. '�Soon be ready, don't go away!'� He was wearing a vest and underpants this time. I could see the bulge in his groin. Slowly and teasingly and stripped off his vest and then pulled his boxers down and stood there naked. His penis was fully erect and he slowly turned around so I can admire him. 'OK , now comes the good part.'� he said laughingly. 'I've brought all the essentials'�. He walked to his rucksack and produced some tissues, condoms and a tube of lubricant. 'I always like to travel prepared'� he said. I know you're a virgin but I always use protection. It reduces the sensation a little but it's a sensible precaution. Do you mind?'� I was delighted. He was obviously experienced but I did worry about infections but , to be honest , I was so aroused I would have done it without protection anyway. I managed to mumble that I was fine about it. 'Great 'he said 'let's get to it!'� He took a towel from his rucksack and draped it across the fallen tree trunk that lay ,diagonally, across one edge of the clearing. He then opened a condom an picked up the lubricant and walked across to me. 'Let me put this on for you'�. He said and ,slowly, slipped it over my throbbing penis. He bent and kissed its swollen tip and then squeezed some lubricant over his hand and smoothed it over my penis. The movement of his hand nearly made me come there and then. 'You'll have to do the rest'�. he smiled. Keeping hold of my penis he lead me to the tree. 'Take this'� he said ,giving me the lubricant, 'spread a good measure on me'�. He turned and leaned across the trunk with the towel beneath him. His white buttocks were before me. He spread his legs a little wider. I could see his anus peeping out between his cleft buttocks. It was puckered and light brown with a wisp of hairs around it. I couldn't take my eyes off it. Then , I squeeze some lubricant onto my hand and gently worked it into his anus area. 'Mmm , that feels good'he said and leaned forward a little more so his anus was pointing up at me a little further.'� Go ahead - enjoy!'� My heart was pounding and I couldn't speak as my mouth was completely dry. My penis was massive and throbbing wildly with each heart beat. I took it in my trembling hand, stepped up to him and placed it against his anus. He opened his legs a little wider. I gently pushed. There was a little resistance and then the tip was in ! It was like being held in a warm vice as his sphincter muscles contracted onto it and held it for a moment. I pushed again and I slid smoothly in. I pushed tight up to his buttocks. My pubic hair was tight against him. The pleasure was fantastic. I savoured the moment and then began to slowly pump into him ,back and forth, back and forth. 'Good boy!'� he said 'Now give it to me!'� I didn't need any encouraging. I began to pound into him. My hands were clamped on his waist. I looked down on my penis as it worked in and out. The excitement got too intense. I couldn't wait any longer. I gave in and let myself go. Waves of delight washed over me. I felt my penis jump inside him as I shot the biggest load ever. I kept thrusting as the pleasure continued then gradually slowed to a stop and collapse on top of him.'�

'Christ , that was absolutely fantastic'� I managed to gasp as I pulled out of him and looked at the condom brimming with semen. 'I thought you'd enjoy that'� he grinned 'Let me clean you off'�. he slipped the condom of me and wiped my scarlet penis with a tissue. He put it, neatly, into his rucksack , like yesterday. He looked at my flushed face. 'Now its my turn ! I've waited three days for this. Ever since I first saw you wanking over there. Help me with this'�. He passed me another condom. My hands were trembling again and I had a bit of a struggle to get it out of its wrapper. He stood in front of me. His penis looked even bigger than yesterday. I was worried I wouldn't be able to take it! I had experiment a little with dildoes and butt plugs so I knew what it felt like to push something into my anus. I tried it out of curiosity and it certainly helped to achieve a good wank but , to be honest, the sensation didn't feel that special perhaps I would feel differently soon? I knelt in front of him and slipped the condom over his erection. Perhaps it was my imagination but it barely seemed to fit! He took me over to the towel draped over the log. 'Bend over'� he said. 'For what you are about to receive I hope you are truly thankful!'� I leaned over the log with my hands supporting me. 'Spread a little'� he said so I moved my legs further apart and tried to bend further forward. 'You look great from back here'� he joked. 'This might feel a little cool'�. I hears him squeeze some lubricant from the tube. I felt his right hand on my waist and then, with the fingers of his left hand, I felt him spread the jelly over my anus. He smoothed it around my anus and buttock cleft like sun tan oil - working it in. Then he stopped for a moment and I heard him squeeze a little more jelly out. 'As this is your first time I wasn't to make sure you are comfortable'�. I gasped as I felt one then two finger pushed into my anus. He then massaged the jelly in a circular motion. Mt penis , which had almost collapsed back to normal after its excitement, began to stiffen up again. 'OK let me take a good look at you'� he said and I heard him step back a little . 'Wow , you look very appetising!'� he said with a catch in his voice. The thought of him looking down on my naked white buttocks with its little brown wrinkled anus - helpless and exposed to a complete stranger made my penis stiffen even further. A moment I had fantasised about for months was about to happen. 'Ready?'� he whispered. I managed a grunt of 'Yes'�. I heard him step up behind me. His hands gripped my buttocks and spread them. I felt the swollen tip of his penis touch my anus. There was a pause and began to push into me. Despite my best intentions , my sphincter clamped shut and he couldn't penetrate. 'Just relax'� he said and began another push. The pressure built up. I deliberately strained a little , like trying to take a large butt plug, and I felt my anal muscle relax and ,with one long smooth stroke, he penetrated me. 'Oh , that's good!'� he said. I could feel his pubic hair pushing against me as he thrust long and deep. He then withdrew until only the glans remained inside me , like a cork in a bottle, and then he thrust long and deep again. Feeling him inside me made my penis stiffen still further. He noticed and felt between my legs and fondled it. '�Oh!!'� I said. He released my penis and held my shoulders as he pushed deep inside me with a gradually increasing speed and intensity. I had never felt like this before. I could see why people enjoyed this! 'You still OK?'� he gasped. 'I feel great. Aim good for you?'� I replied. 'Are you kidding?'� he laughed 'You have a great ass!'� He continued to thrust into me. His hands moved over my back and caressed my buttocks. I leaned further over the tree and the speed of his fucking increased. 'I can hardly wait'� he gasped. He put one leg on the log beside me to change his angle of attack and really began to pound away at me. I could feel him thickening further inside me. He was working me so hard my chest was being crushed against the log but I didn't care. Suddenly he stopped. 'I want to see your face when I come'�. he said. He slowly pulled out of me and stood me up. 'Come over here.'� He took the towel and laid it on the grass. 'Lie down on your back and spread you legs'�. I did as I was told. He knelt between my legs and reached forward to hook an arm under each one then he lifted me upwards. I was nearly bent double with my anus pointing at the sky. To be honest , it wasn't very comfortable but I wanted to give him as much pleasure as possible to reward him for the wonderful time I had. I looked down my body. My almost erect penis was pointing back at me. I could see the purple glans only half covered by my fore-skin. His penis really was massive and his balls were pulled tight into his groin. I tried to lean back as far as possible to help him and hooked my legs back with my own arms. He shuffled closer towards me on his knees, took his penis in his left hand and positioned it with the tip touching my anus. He didn't wait this time. He slammed it into me with one powerful thrust. I gasped. He then began to work me again. He gave ten or eleven long deliberate thrusts and then began to make more rapid shorter thrusts. He was panting and his forehead and chest were covered in sweat. He mover faster and faster and his breathing quickened even further. My penis was waving backwards and forwards as he thrust into me. I could see that far away look in his eyes .He was nearly there.'� Go on 'I said 'Don't hold back!'� 'Christ!!'� he shouted and I felt him come inside me. He gave four five long thrusts ,pausing for a moment at the end of each one , then he leaned forward and kissed me.

He slowly pulled out. The condom was full again. He slipped it off, wiped himself with a tissue and put it into his rucksack. He turned and came back to me. I was sitting up on the towel watching him. He saw that I had another massive erection. 'Good God1'� he said 'There is no satisfying some people! Tell you what. I've a few minute left and I did promise to educate you. Fancy trying that position?!'� The look on his face was his answer. He walked quickly back to the rucksack and pulled out another condom. 'Always carry spares'� he grinned. He unwrapped it , slipped it over my erect ,but rather sore, penis and then pulled me to my feet. He dropped onto the towel and pulled his legs up to present himself to me. I didn't need any more encouragement. I spread a little more lube on my penis. Then I knelt down , manoeuvred my penis to his anus and with one delicious push I was back inside him. He smile up at me as I began thrusting. The sensation was part pain, part pleasure. It took much longer to reach orgasm this time as I had only recently recovered from the last time but I always notice the pleasure the second time is even more intense. It was true this time. I nearly passed out with the pleasure. He was smiling and encouraging as I came. I pulled out of him and rolled over beside him 'I cannot thank you enough 'I managed to say. 'These three days have been the best of my life!'� 'No. Thank you. I've never had a virgin before. It was a real buzz for me too. You've certainly livened up this business trip.'� He walked to his bag and picked up his watch. '�Wow!Is that the time?! I'd better hurry. He gave me a tissue to clean up with and tidied up , as usual. He then dressed as I lay on the ground'�. 'Don't forget the towel'� I said and tossed it to him. He smiled and put it into his bag.'� Thanks'�. I got to my feet. It felt strange standing naked in front of a well dressed business man. He reached out to shake my hand just like we'd had a business meeting. 'Great meeting you'� he said.'� I don't even know your name'� I replied. 'It's better this way. Straight, uncomplicated sex is the best 'he replied. hen he picked up his stuff, waved and walked away. I sat in the clearing the air on my naked body for a few more minutes then dressed and left the clearing for the last time.


bigears - George Roberts

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