Looking back people might consider us an odd couple. Openly we are not a couple we go about as close friends. Two guys together out and about town. My friend is a brute of a man. Heavy set and tending to fat that is what people would see in public. At home when naked he is heavy set with a set of muscles that would impress a weight lifter. Behind his back they would say he is ugly and at best common looking. He keeps his head hair short but removes his body hair diligently. He has no interest in women as they never showed any interest in him. He admits male bodies turn him on but he only wants to caress and fuck them and have them suck him. He does not want to reciprocate and doesn’t even want to kiss his partner which made it hard for him to have a gay partner even in the real world of BDSM lots of subs want to have their appetites released and have someone to kiss and cuddle, only in the fictional world does that not happen even there the Masters suck and rim their slaves at times if only to tease and sexually torture them. Myself I am told I am very attractive and though not a skinny body I have filled out from my youthful frame I at least do not crack any mirrors. I never had much success with women never had the patter and they never had any interest in me. At least, none that I noticed and never the type, that pushed my buttons. So I reverted, I suppose to events that influenced my growing up years and became interested in the BDSM scene.  I had a friend where we played a dare game which became a game of sexual exploration and I grew in love with the way his prick would harden and got a thrill having it pulse and throb and the warmth of this living member  in my mouth. Combine that with connecting this experience with the administration of mild pain then my interest became one of the sub. Not quite a slave as many sites and people understand the role but I would defer to a strong Alpha male type as long as he had a good sized member. His looks or his body had no interest for me. Sorry but it was his prick that mattered. How cheap and low can you get I hear you ask. So I am not sure how you would classify me sexually as most people who say they are gay frown on BDSM relationships and the world at large frowns on the BDSM world as a whole. I wasn’t sure if I was hetero as I liked to fuck women but I desired to be fucked by men. I didn’t want them to reciprocate. Was I Gay Bi or what I don’t know.

Both of us found it difficult to find someone on the sites we came across on the intent and had many close but no action virtual and in person encounters until he came across my profile on a site. We had a few commonalities such as I wanted someone to dominate and use me while he wanted someone to use, we were also both non-smokers a rarity in the gay BDSM or so I have found. The rest needed to be worked out. We exchange communication through this site and chatted to each other and it looked like we had a bond.  We did not live close to each other so that was a pest so once we sounded each other’s wants and needs out over a period of a month we started to plan a meet. I would drive down to where he lived and we would meet up in public. If he was as dominant as his chat implied and I felt a rapport then I intended to make the journey more eventful for both of us. He had the same idea funnily enough. We met in a park and talked like two friends. The body language seemed good and we both felt like we could get on with other and more importantly that we could trust each other. My glimpses down at his crotch in his tight fitting trousers certainly attracted me to him and his animal magnetism that he gave off. It also suggested to me that I was of interest to his wants too. Being the submissive it wasn’t for me to say but I tried to show submission to him in the way I started to reply to him which seemed to clarify his mind as well.

“I think we both want to take this further and that we will be going back to my place for a little sex and pain on your part. It wasn’t a question more of an implied command. Now I knew you were driving here so I came by Taxi. So get up for once only direct me to your car. You are going to drive me home then you are going to give me a different sort of ride when we get to my place. Now MOVE!”

He had taken control and I couldn’t have agreed more. Butterflies filled my stomach and a little fear as I was moving into unknown territory even if I had fantasised about this most of my life. We had discussed this and how I should behave in this scenario. He made sure I knew what to do though.

“You will lead me to your car then you will open the door for me and let me in then you will drive under my directions to my home. You will no longer speak. When we get to my home you will get out and open my door and I will lead you into my house. Once inside you will strip off and go into my living room to be inspected quite thoroughly by myself. I will gag you and bind your arms behind your back I will fit a chastity device which will become a virtually permanent feature on your prick from now on even when you go home. Provided you live up to your slutty promises. If you do live up to your promises you will then become my slave and we will arrange for you to move here on a 24/7 basis. You have no more say on that matter as you have no more say on anything else from now on. Only failure to please me will you be freed. Understand?”

“Yes Master”

“I said no speaking I will have to arrange a punishment for that misdemeanour a simple nod of the head was all I asked for. Understand?”

I nodded. This was fast becoming a reality to me. I followed his instructions to the letter and found myself standing, legs slightly apart naked in his living room. The curtains were drawn to protect any outside viewers. He entered in to the room and walked around me examining me.

“Tut tut we can’t have this, you are getting ahead of yourself.”

He squeezed the tip of my arising penis which caused it to deflate. He promptly fitted the chastity device to prevent any further erections on my part. He then fitted a collar and tied my arms together behind my back. He fitted agag to keep me quiet. Then he started to examine me very carefully opening my mouth checking ears eyes and checked my anus. A complete body inspection. He then attached a leash to my collar and led me behind him out the living room and upstairs to his bedroom. It was time for me to perform. There was a chair in the bed room and I was to bend over it making it hard for to do anything. I heard him strip off and he came up behind me. I felt his manhood brush against me. He was quite hard and stiff. He came round to my face and shoved his prick into my face.

“Open up and take my prick in your mouth slut!”

I obeyed and found it filled with his large manhood. He was slightly above average in size from what his chats had said and I guessed he was being truthful as it went right passed into my throat. I swallowed as advice suggest and took it in. I was never able to practice this as I was afraid that anything I would have used would have been pulled out my grasp and swallowed and I would choke on it. I moved my tongue up and down his shaft as he pumped my mouth. I wasn’t in a position to move my own head so I sucked in my cheeks and did my best to perform fellatio on him. He essentially face fucked me.

“Pretty good for what, your second serious suck?”

I continued on relishing the feeling of his living member thrusting into my mouth. He pulled out of my mouth and moved round to my bum.

“The suck might not have been your first but I am about to take your arse virginity right now. Relax slut and take me in.”

His prick head present itself at my hole and he pushed opening my cheeks apart with his hands and stretching my hole apart. Pushing harder he directed his prick into my hole. It was being entered for the first time. It felt painful at first but as he pushed further in I relaxed and it eased a little until he started to actually fuck me. Then it hurt again. He fucked me hard and fast, getting harder and faster as he got worked up with the act. That was when I wondered had he fitted a condom. It was too late to do anything now. I then felt him explode his seed in my back passage. I thought ‘That answers that question’. He let out a large satisfied groan and pulled out.

“Now you have been well and truly fucked and breed by your Master. Now its time for your punishment. I have been thinking what it should be and have decided it should be the number of the beast.”

He hadn’t a dungeon or much equipment I knew but I wondered what he meant. He answered me as if he had read my thoughts.

“What I mean is I have a tawse, a cane and a riding crop. So the number of the beast is 666 so your punishment will be 6 strokes from each implement.  First the tawse to tenderise your arse then the riding crop to get it stinging then the cane to mark your porcelain white bum.”

He went over to a cupboard and brought out the implements. Put the cane and crop on the bed in front of me then went back behind me. Slight tap to make sure he had the swing right for the tawse then he started the punishment. A loud smack as leather hit flesh. I felt a thud as the heavy belt hit me then the burst of pain as the impact reached me properly. Each smack was in quick succession building up a crescendo of pain and numbing my brain as it became taken over by the sensation. Then it stopped. I saw him pick up the crop and again the tap to check for the swing then a crack as it hit against my flesh six loud smacks followed. The pain was intense for someone not used to it. My brain was taken over by the pain and thinking stopped. Then nothing he stopped again.

“Now the the cane this is going to leave some marks, I could have done the same with the crop but that was just for build up.”

I heard it swish as he practiced his swing then the tap to see where it would land. Then the swish and the pain as it landed on my bum cheeks. It really stung. Five more such strikes were made and I was trying to wriggle about.

“Stop wriggling if you continue then I will start all over again right from the tawse.”
I stopped wriggling. He added four more strokes landing them onto previous landing strikes for effect.

“There that’s you marked for a few days you naughty slut. Now that’s made me randy so I am going to fuck you again. He pressed again and entered once more and rode me hard. A kind of euphoria was creeping over me now once the pain had stopped. It was a feling I would get used to and enjoy many times in the future but it was a first for me this time and it felt great. I didn’t and do not enjoy the pain but I realise it is a necessary part of being a sub or is it a slave.

He unfastened my arms so that I was able to move and took off the gag.

“Lie down sideways on the bed with your head on the edge of the bed. Time to explore.”

I did as ordered. He walked over to me and backed onto my head and sat down on my face making sure his hole was over my mouth.

“Now you are going to rim me for as long as I find it comfortable to be in this position.”

I couldn’t move and I just had to lick his arse hole.

“Probe push your tongue into my back passage and as far as your tongue reaches.”

It was not a pleasant act and I found it disgusting. We had discussed the possibility but not actually consented. Apparently in this new relationship consent was required. Having discussed the possibility had been consent for him. Minutes passed and I was drying up. Luckily he got off and let me get up.

That was mu introduction to the person who was to become my Master and my friend. We have an easy relationship. I moved in with him soon after meeting up and we live usually as two friends but when the urge comes over him all he has to say is ‘Slut’ and I automatically fall down and change into slave mode. It works for now but we are discussing a more slave like set up and I am not sure I am happy about the implications or what he wants to do with me. I suppose it will be what state I am in when it is decided one way or other. Then what say have I had for some time now. If Master decides that is how it is going to be then that is how it is going to be no matter how I feel about it. Exciting isn’t it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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