I'm not sure where my interest came from. I think it has something to do with finding my dad's porn collection when I was younger. I remember one day I was watching this girl suck this beautiful cock on tape. All of a sudden I became so curious what a cock in my mouth would feel like. For some reason, I didn't find it dirty or disgusting. From then on, whenever I watched porn, I couldn't keep my eyes off the cocks. It became my fantasy. All I could think about was having one sliding in and out of my mouth.

Since I wasn't gay and knew this to be very true, no question at all, meeting guys face to face was difficult. After many uncomfortable encounters, I found what changed my life, glory holes.

One Friday I caught an early movie. Afterwards I stumbled upon an adult bookstore. As I secretly check out the gay magazines, I noticed that a couple of guys bought some tokens and went through a curtained doorway into another room. When I ask the clerk what was back there, he said individual viewing booths. Each room had a TV that had over two-dozen different channels showing adult movies. All I had to do was drop in tokens and sit back and enjoy the movie.

I thought what the hell, so I bought $5 worth of tokens, the minimum amount allowed and headed back there. I couldn't believe what a smelly, sleazy place the viewing booth area was. Nervously, I soon found myself sit down in a small viewing booth and the rank but intoxicating smell of testosterone and sex was everywhere.

As I dropped a token in the slot, I noticed that there was a big hole cut through the wall. As soon as the movie came on I started switching channels and quickly found a channel that was nothing but cum shots, my favorite. I quickly pulled my pants down and started stroking my cock. My head was spinning with excitement.

As I watched the movie, I heard the door of the next booth open and close. I quickly pulled my pants back up and without thinking I leaned over and peeked through the hole. The guy was standing in front of the TV screen, dropped in some tokens. Then to my surprise he pulled out his cock and started stroking it. I was totally mesmerized by the whole thing. I couldn't take my eyes off his cock. I tried but couldn't see his face, but I guess he saw me peering through the hole, because he turned and held his cock toward the hole so that I could get a good look at it. Scared because I'd been caught staring, I quickly sat back in my chair. I didn't want to get into a fight because I was a 'damn queer, I mean, this was Texas.

I sat there for what felt like hours. Then all of a sudden, the stranger pushed his cock through the hole. I couldn't believe this was happening. I didn't know people did this kind of thing. Here I was, sitting in a dark booth with a cock sticking through a hole in the wall. I'd never done this before and I was suddenly scared to death. I reached out and with a shaking hand grasped the cock in front of me. It was a medium sized cock, just a little smaller than my own. I marveled in the warmth that was radiating off this stranger's cock. Without thinking, I grabbed it and started stroking. When I heard a groan from the other side of the wall, I was stunned. I couldn't believe that I was actually doing it, touching another man's cock and a total stranger at that. With the smell of cum everywhere, my head was spinning.

As if possessed, I slid out of my chair and down on to my knees. Suddenly I was eye level with the only cock besides my own that I'd ever seen. Nervously I leaned forward and started rubbing it against my lips as I jacked it off. Growing bolder, I stuck out my tongue and started slowly licking the head.

Next thing I know, I had a cock in my mouth and I was sucking it for all I was worth. I was finally living out my fantasy and it was totally anonymous. All the feelings of discomfort that I'd expected in my first awkward meetings were gone. It felt both weird and incredibly exciting to be on my knees with a hard cock in my mouth for the first time. I kept licking and sucking and bobbing my mouth around his cockhead and the sensitive area all around the rim. I was getting totally turned on giving this guy head.

Since I'd never sucked a cock before, I didn't know that he was getting close. Next thing I know, my mouth was flooded with his cum. I hadn't even tasted cum before. I didn't know what to do so I held his cock in my mouth. He finally pulled his cock out, zipped up, and without even a thank you walked out. I was left sitting in my booth with a mouthful of cum. Then all I did was touch my own hard cock and I exploded all over myself. I was so startled that I swallowed the cum that was in my mouth. I didn't have a towel so I licked the cum off of my hands and then face beet red from embarrassment I'd bolted for the door. 

I was so embarrassed by what I'd done. I'd knelt on the dirty cum covered floor of a viewing booth and let a total stranger cum in my mouth. Not only did I not know who he was, but thanks to the hole, I didn't even know what he looked like.

All I could think about was how dirty and depraved I was and how turned on that made me feel. My southern Bible belt teachings came to the surface so I castigated myself all the way home. I called myself a pervert and told myself that being a queer was an abomination, and I vowed that I never go back there again.

My vow didn't last long. After I thought about it, I realized that all the preachers in the world were wrong. When I took the guys cock in my mouth and sucked it, not only did the sky not fall on me, but also lightening didn't even strike me. And as for my being embarrassed and running out like a scared little girl, sure everybody in the place knew that I was a queer and that I was there to suck cock. I also realized that there was nothing to be ashamed of, because that was why everyone else was there too. They were there either to suck a cock themselves or to get their cock sucked.

The next afternoon, there I was again in the same booth. I'll admit that I was still a little apprehensive but not nearly as scared or as embarrassed as I'd been the day before.

Without leaving my booth or getting off my knees, I sucked off 4-comeplete strangers. This time I had a little better idea of what I was doing. When a cock was stuck through the hole, I took it in my mouth like it was the most natural thing in the world. Now I knew what to do. My mouth moved up and down his shaft, sucking and my tongue licking this incredible part of his body. Soon the guy was banging against the other side of the wall as he thrust his hard cock in and out of my mouth. As he fucked my mouth I moaned and slurped with pleasure on his huge cock. I felt weak and submissive as his cock continued its work in and out of my mouth.

I could taste his pre-cum as it leaked into my mouth and I loved it and couldn't wait for his full load to shoot into my hungry mouth. I didn't have to wait long before he stuttered out "I'm cumming."

He quickened his strokes and then with one last deep thrust, shot the first of four huge loads into my mouth. His warm and salty cum quickly filled my mouth and began to flow down my throat to my waiting belly. He pulled out and shot his last two loads on my face.

I never even had time to get up, before another guy came in and stuck my cock through the hole. In a few seconds I was closing my warm mouth around his cock and sucking. The pleasure was more intense because it was a total stranger, someone that I'd never met that had their hard cock in my mouth. I deep throated him and then licked around the head. Eagerly he pumped his hips forward and back as he rocked his cock down my throat. I could felt the cum building in his balls and knew that this strangers would soon be shooting his load down my throat.

The stranger bucked his hips forward as his orgasm hit and the cum erupted out of his cock and into my mouth. I didn't miss a beat; I sucked hard to finish his load. I still couldn't get over what a rush it was to have a big load shot into my hot mouth.

The next 2-guys were a blur. All I could remember was my amazement at being on my knees in an adult bookstore, sucking the dick of a total stranger. Yet here I was, sucking the stranger cock like my very life depended on it. And worse, I was relishing in the excitement of it all.

Once I discovered glory holes, I fell in love with the place. I moved about 15-minutes away and then I practically lived there. I'd stop in on the way home from work so I could suck a little cock. Two or 3-evenings, instead of watching TV, I'd pop in and suck cocks instead. From Friday night to Sunday night I was in there night and day. I'd go in Saturday morning and suck off everyone in the place that wanted a blowjob. Then I'd go to lunch and come back afterwards and do it again. I'd only leave to go eat. Surprisingly, Sunday morning during church was a good time to suck cocks. It was amazing how many guys snuck by to get their cock sucked while their wife and kids were in church. I couldn't believe how much cock I was getting to suck. I was going in so often that the clerks were starting to look at me funny.

Even though I prefer women, I'm still fascinated by that thing dangling between a guy's legs. I love the texture, love feeling it grow in my mouth and finally, erupting, the spasm it creates on my tongue when the tip of a guy's cock ejects its contents into my mouth. I had an orgasm just from a gut cumming in my mouth. I've grown a bit since then. I still know that I am straight. I'm comfortable with my fetish and the fact that I'm now a cocksucker.

Now besides glory holes, I can now get together face to face with a guy and not feel too uncomfortable. The only requirement is that my feeder and I both know that he has to be aggressive and that we're there for only sex. Cruising works well for this. I don't like talk unless it's dirty, the dirtier the better.

The end...



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