10..9..8..7..The counter on the public library's computer counted down. I however, wasn't noticing; I was lost in thought. I was mindlessly tapping a pen on the cheap wood cubicle's desk. I kept thinking about that guy: what was that brief moment of eye contact... I have always known I wasn't entirely straight but I have never had a guy look at me like I looked at them. We passed by each other, complete strangers on a random street, making eye contact an in that split second we both knew. By now the screen counter had zeroed out and said my session was over. Still I stayed sitting there in thought, tapping away with my pen.

'Umm...this is monitor number five right?' said a voice I didn't really notice. In response I pointed at the number five on my computer and disappeared into thought again.

'Excuse me but your session is over'

'Oh yea...I guess it is'

'Well, if you don't mind I am the next one signed up'

'Oh' I now snapped back to reality 'I am sorry' I still didn't stand up because I looked up at the speaker. He was six foot and thin. He had jet black hair and blue eyes with patching black side burns.

'Yea so I will get out of your way now...' I stood up clumsily and found he was standing fairly close to I had to step past him brushing his firm chest, sending chills down my spine. He was probably an inch taller than me. And watched me trip over myself as I when by. He was smiling the entire time. Not a condescending smile making fun of me but a warms smile. I have to say he was absolutely gorgeous with fair skin and a perfect complexion.

'Are you okay?'

'Yea. Totally. I'm fine.'

'You seem a little, I don't know... Out of it?'

'Just tired..' I lied

'Well... if your free, we could go get some coffee to wake you up'

'Yea. I would love to'

'Okay well there is a coffee shop right down the street that we can walk to.'

I let him lead the way while trying to keep my heart beat under control. I have dated girls before but it always seemed fairly lackluster. Recently I have become more and more interested in men. Never did I think I would be going out for coffee with some hot guy I have never met. Needles to say I was look forwards to my first gay experience. On the walk over I found out his name was Mark and got his number. I also got a glance back to see he had an amazing ass.

When we got to the coffee shop we ordered our drinks and sat down at a table in the back where there wasn't anyone else around. As we were talking we found each other holding hands. Then kissing. Sitting beside each other our hands rest in Marks lap. He then let go of my hand leaving his free to wonder. Over his leg and over mine... finally finding the, what is now, tent over my crotch. He began to rub my penis as we kissed harder. I reached out and found his equally throbbing erection.

'Lets go somewhere more private' he whispered into my lips, grabbing my hand and pulling me to my feet.

When we got to his apartment, also with in walking distance, he laid down on his bed and pulling me on top off him. I could feel how hard he was under me. As we kissed I slipped down kissing his chin and traveling down his neck. Then I pulled of his shirt and began to kiss his chest focusing on his nipples and kissed down his ribs reaching his flat stomach, toned but not bulky. While I traveled down his stomach I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Now just below his belly button we slid off his pants revealing his tight white briefs and bulging package. I then traced his thin black treasure trail of hair with my tough. I then pulled off his underwear and licked down to the base of his cock. Then I licked the head tracing down his penis and up again to the head, making him shudder. I then started to suck him off....to be continued

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