Let me start by describing myself. I'm 21 year's old, about 5"10 and a little on the heavier side. Since I was young enough to start understanding how sex worked I was always curious about having a "Gay" or "Bi-Sexual" experience. Even after losing my virginity at 17 with a past girlfriend of mine, I still had a great amount of curiosity and sexual desire to try it out. I always imagined myself being a macho guy, and maybe the most have a guy blow me and maybe I would try and give a blowjob as well but didn't know how I would feel about doing it. Which leads me to a night about 3 months ago which was the night I was finally took the plunge.

          It was a Friday night in January and a couple of friends and myself went out to a local bar in my neighborhood. Usually after a night out my friends drop me back home around 2am or so and I stumble inside my house and go to bed. Except this night I was feeling adventurous and had a slight buzz working in my advantage, some would call it "liquid courage." Instead of heading in for the night I got into my car and drove to a park & ride. For those of you who don't know what a park & ride is, its more or less an empty parking lot for commuters to car pool from. But after midnight it turns into a gay cruising spot. It was no secret that this place existed because growing up everyone in school knew what it was and we would avoid it, instead we'd go hang out in another parking lot and drink. Regardless I drove myself that night 3 months ago to that park & ride and parked. The parking lot had a lot of action on this Friday night, and by the time I got there it was about 2:30am. Here's where the story picks up. 

         I parked in the corner of the lot and waited nervously. First car that pulled up was a black Acura with tinted windows. The window cracked and the gentleman asked "What are you into?" I told him that I was new at this and wasn't really sure what I wanted, the guy rolled up his window and drove away. Immediately after A red Chevy Tahoe approached, driving was a white man in his 50's, as soon as he rolled down his window I could see his hard cock in his right hand. He said "Hey, why don't we go for a ride and see what happens." I told him I was new at this and was unsure about the experience I wanted to have. After 5 minutes of back and for and getting to know each other I turned off my car and hopped in his truck. He drove about 10 minutes away to a small little lot behind a shopping center which was very dark and secluded. He asked if I was comfortable touching his cock, so I reached over and did so. His cock was about 5 inches and decent girth as it laid on his thigh soft. So i started stroking it from the passenger seat, my hand was trembling because I was very nervous still. His cock started getting hard but not fully erect, then he asked if I would like to try and suck. So I sat up from the seated position, and put my knees on the passenger seat and put my head down to his lap. I guided his cock into my mouth and kept it there. He instructed me to move my head up and down, and let the cock slide into & out of my mouth. I wasn't sucking much past the head of his cock, just pretty much the head and a little bit of his veiny shaft. I felt it grow harder as it was in my mouth, and my mouth was salivating more and more. This continued for about 5 more minutes. I pulled it out and took a look at it, his cock was about 7 1/2 inches now and fully hard. He started asking me to put more of it in my mouth and try and suck it deeper

          I agreed and said that I would try, with the first deep swallow I gagged and my eyes watered, from that point on I was no longer in control. He put his hand on the back of my head and started to thrust his hips upward. Every thrust gagging me more & more. After 15 seconds of that I went to pull my head away and spit out his cock. He held my head near his cock and said "Now listen, the more you fight it the rougher it will be." Then he started smacking his cock on my cheek and forehead, while holding my head near his balls. At that moment in my life I have never felt so powerless and weak. As weird as a sensation as it was was turning me on so much. He then said "This cock ain't going to suck itself bitch."  He then held his cock upright and I proceeded to start sucking again. His cock was so deep in my mouth his balls were hitting me in the right cheek and chin. Every time I went to pull away he just thrusted up and fucked my mouth harder. This proceeded for about 10 more minutes. He then said "Open up that throat bitch, and open that mouth I don't want to feel teeth." After smacking my face with his cock again he shoved it back in and fucked my throat for another 5 minutes. Then in a split second both of his hands shoved my head down harder than before and his cock cut off my air supply. He then proceeded to cum right down my throat, I was gagging and gagging trying to pull his cock out but his strength overpowered mine. Finally he released my head and I leaned up and back to the passenger seat of the truck. I had cum dripping out of my nose, I guess from gagging and tears running down my face. At that moment I then knew what my position was and couldn't believe how turned on I was. He looked at me and said "You need more practice, but don't worry I'll get you right with time." I honestly didn't know how to answer him, I just replied "thanks." 

       He then drove me back to my car and said "Get out, and if you would like source of protein again you know where to find me bitch boy. Maybe next time I'll explore that tight fat ass of yours, but If I do it wont be gentle! I take what I want so keep that in mind if you come back." 



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