Here's what happened when I was a teenager.

My best friend and I, who was also my neighbor despite the fact that he remained beside my house there were about 300 feet between our two houses, we were always together whether for sports or video game that was only at the beginning of the games video beginning of the 1980s.

A day or we were playing explorers because there was a large field between our two houses with a tree forest and lots of tiny tree until at one point my friend C approached me and give me a hit in parts(cock) and starts to run when I resume my spirits and angry I start running after him to give him a shot too , at some point during his race he made a fancy move to a get me confuse but actually to stop and stay away from our homes then I catch him and I hit him on his cock as he did to me, but did it again to me and we began to catfight with the goal to hit the other one on the cock until I got angry and I grabbed his penis over his pants and holding it instead of hitting him while him faking wanted to break my hand there then he also took my penis but me I was defending myself taking the penis and preventing him to take me up to a point his button of his pants opens being well pushed by his 7’’1/2 cock I saw his white underwear stretched by his BIG COCK then I grabbed his cock directly on his underwear up to What we heard C by his come to eat your supper and then he left for the day.

Two days later I had still in my mind our experience of the fun of 2 days earlier but this time we were in his room and this time it's me who was the aggressor then I hit him on the balls and we began to catfight then we started again to grabbed the penis but defending ourselves and again I grabbed him and rub it well HARD ON COCK over his pants and defending myself until he succeeded also has he grabbed and rub me well I had DAMN HARD ON even if the situation is very weird but pleasant until his pants button opened again and I rubbed him on top of his underwear and on that they we stood there for that day.

After this time I began to masturbate myself thinking about what had just arrived it was unusually cause I was masturbating thinking about girls but this time it C I was thinking. After several times of teasing each other one day his pants button opened again and I began to rub him hard to stretch the underwear to see his penis so I when directly and took his COCK directly on the skin and began to masturbate him so what he did, he went directly unbuttoning my pants and went directly masturbating me for about 5 minutes until I had to leave. Then I went home thinking and finishing masturbating myself on what we just did and it was HOT.

We continued to do our ritual for about a week until one day we were placed in a 69 and masturbating has while his cock hit me on the cheek and he probably thought that it touched my lips immediately he took my cock and pushing my cock deep into his mouth and started SUCKING right away I did the same 69 each other sucking our COCK DEEP THROAT until we exploded in the mouth of the other one WOOOOWW that was FANTASTIC even in my mouth than in his because I was totally Virgin then WOOOOW.

We continued us sucking 3-4 times a week for almost 2 years until a fight between our fathers and everything stopped.

We never went further than sucking and Cummings in the mouth of the other one beside only one attempt on its side to get his cock in my ass... That I would have liked but he tried dry without licking my ass before or any lubricant so we stopped...

This time miss me even today after 30 years

I had another experience later, but nothing like this and would love to share it with you all



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