My First Black Cock

Part 2

As I watched the movie, I heard the door of the next booth open and close. Without thinking I leaned over and peeked through the hole. All I could see a guy’s hand fondling his crotch. As surprised as I was, I couldn't help hoping that he would masturbate so that I could see his cock. He didn't masturbate, but I did get my wish. When he took his cock out, instead of masturbating, he held it toward the hole so that I could get a good look at it.            

It was then that I remember reading that these holes were called 'Glory Holes' and they were there so a guy could stick his cock through it and the guy in the other booth could suck. I even remembered the signal if you wanted to do the sucking. You laid your index finger in the ‘hole’ then, if the guy was interested in being sucked off, he would stick his cock through.

New to this venue, my hand shook, with a combination of excitement and fear, as I slowly place my finger in the hole. The other guy must really have wanted his cock sucked because he had his cock in the ‘hole’ so quick that he almost laid it on my finger.  He had a nice big un-cut cock. It took a little work, but I got it hard.  In hindsight, I probably sensed his eruption before I knew it was happening. I remember now how his cock instantly felt even hotter in my mouth. My mind had, nano-seconds before, registered that this big cock was growing even bigger. When it happened, I swear I almost didn't feel the first shot because his cock was so deep in my mouth. It must've emptied right into my throat. 

The second and succeeding shots come on the out stroke when his cockhead just inside my lips. The blast sprayed the inside of my mouth with his warm salty man goo. I didn't have time to consider the taste before he shot again. My throat opened and I swallowed back as much as I could. He pulled from me suddenly, just as another full load burst from his cock, this time shooting across my lips and on my chin. He followed with several smaller twitches that had cum oozing and dripping into my hands. As I stroked his now sticky and withering shaft, I licked up around the edges of his cock head, cleaning up the last remaining blobs of cum before this cock disappeared back through the hole.

Once I discovered XXX Video, I went cock crazy.  I was there every Saturday and Sunday, morning, noon, nights, or just about anytime I could get out of the house. Surprisingly, Sunday morning during church was a good time to suck cock. I was amazing how many guys snuck by to get their cock sucked while their wife and kids were in church. I was so cock crazy that I sucked every cock that was stuck through the glory hole and swallowed every load of cum that I could suck out of them.

A few months later a guy in the next booth at the XXX Video-store ran out of tokens right in the middle of sucking my cock. Instead of going and getting more tokens, he gave me a half price coupon and told me that if I’d meet him in the movie theater down the street that he’d finish me off. I'd never been there before and was curious about the place. Since things were a little slow that night, when I ran out of tokens I decided to take the guy up on his offer.

The movie theater was a dark dingy little place. I was still extremely naïve back in those days so you can imagine how embarrassed I was to be buying a ticket and entering such a sleazy porno theater. As I moved down the darkened aisle trying to find a seat, I felt like everyone in the theater was looking at me and knew that I was a ’queer’ and that I was there to suck cocks. When I sat down, I looked behind me and saw a guy playing with his cock. When he caught me looking at him I was so embarrassed that I scrunched down in my seat so no one could see  

In a few minutes I felt someone sit down beside me. Without turning my head I glanced over and saw it was the guy from the XXX Video-store. As I sat there like a statue staring at the screen, he reached over, un-zipped my pants, took my cock out, and started stroking it. Instead of sucking me off, he jacked me off. After he made me cum, I looked around and discovered that several guys had moved over and was watching him jack me off. With a beet red face, I leaped up and fled the theater. On the way home I vowed that I never go back there, I’d stick with the XXX Video-store where no one could see me.     

My vow didn’t last long. After I thought about the situation, I realized that sure everybody in the place knew that I was a queer and that I was there to suck cock. I also realized that there was nothing to be ashamed of, because that was why they were there too.  They were there either to suck a cock themselves or to get their cock sucked.

It took a couple of visits, but once I got the hang of the movie theater I had a blast. Once my eyes were adjusted to the dark, I’d slowly walk down the aisle and check out the other moviegoers. If I saw a guy that had his cock out playing with it, I’d set down beside him. If he didn’t want to play, he’d tell me the seat was saved and I’d move on. 

If the guy kept playing with himself after I sat down, I lay my hand on his thigh. If he didn’t flinch I’d grab his cock and start jacking him off. From here several things could happen. Unless the guy signaled me that he wanted more, I’d just jack him off. 

There were several different ways they could signal me that they wanted their cock sucked. It could be as simple as spreading their legs wider to give me better access. This was a marginal signal and occasionally misread. If I misread it, when I leaned over to put my face in their lap they would push my head away. 

The most common was spreading their legs wide and putting their arm on the back of my seat. From the back of the seat, they would raise their hand up and sometimes, not so gently push on the back of my head. Some guys actually grabbed my hair and forced my face into their laps. These guys were usually the most fun to suck off.   

There were certain times that were better than others, too.  For instance, all the guys with vans and company uniforms showed up at the viewing boots with glory holes every afternoon from 1 to 2. Maybe it was the earth smell and taste of honest sweat, but whatever the reason I’ve always had a thing about sucking working guy’s cock. 

About two blocks from the movie theater and the viewing boots there was a topless club that closed at 2. I use to drop into the topless club between 11 and 12 to scope the crowd out.  I’d spot likely candidates that I was pretty sure weren’t going to go home and get fucked, and then when they left I would follow them to the adult bookstore with the glory holes. When we got to the bookstore and the guys were buying tokens, they often waited while I was buying mine so they could be sure that I knew which booth they went in. I sucked a lot of cock like that. 

As soon as the topless club closed all the rest of horny guys that weren’t going to get fucked when they got home would go to the movies. After I discovered the movie theater, I’d be there waiting. The guys were so horny when they got there that they’d came through the door un-zipping their pants. Often at that time of the night I’d be the only one there sucking cocks so it wasn’t unusual for me to suck 5 or 6 cocks in the next hour.

There was an aisle down front on the left away from the door that afforded a little more privacy and where the space between the row of seats in front of it was extra wide, giving me ample room to kneel down between a guy’s legs. When a horny guy would come in from the topless bar, I’d get him down front to that row. For some reason guys have a thing about group sex, because while I was sucking off the first guy, the others that came in would line up and waiting their turn. Often guys that wouldn’t let me suck their cock earlier, would get excited watching me sucking off the topless crowd that they’d get in line too. 

And that’s my story about how I sucked my first black cock and became a cocksucker…and liked it…

The end



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