I began dating a girl I met online about 3 years after my divorce. She was a tall, thin, redheaded beauty. Her tits were only a mouthful, but her nipples were perfect and big. Her oriole's were about the size of silver dollars, and her nipples were about a half inch in diameter and protruded about a half inch when hard, which was most of the time, and she loved wearing jewelry on them and showing them off. We got to know each other mostly by email for the first two weeks, but I fell in love with her instantly on our first date. She wore a practically see-through, tight red shirt which complimented her red hair beautifully, but more importantly, clad her big nipples so nicely, you could even see the butterfly nipple rings dangling below them. I should have worn darker jeans that day because when we got up to leave, which was only after two drinks :), I had a clearly visible wet spot from my ready to explode erection spewing precum like Mount St. Helens. She noticed it immediately and didn't hesitate to let everyone know what her intentions were. She said in a bar voice, not a whisper, that "she wanted to hurry up and get to her place so I could leak that warm juice on her tongue instead of wasting it in my underwear." We walked to her car with our hands on eachother's asses. As we stood in front of her open car door necking furiously, she unbuckled and unzipped my pants. I thought she was just gonna feel me up a little, but instead, as she sat down in her car and yanked my pants and underwear right down to my ankles. My dripping hard cock sprung out right in her face and she began lapping it like a dripping ice-cream cone on a hot day. She stopped just before I exploded, and just looked up and smiled at me. As I bent over to pull my pants up, she hiked up her little white skirt and took off her white see through panties. As I buckled up she turned them inside out, smelled them, then gave them a long slow lick. I bent down to kiss her one more time. After the kiss she pushed the panties into my mouth and said follow me. When we got to her house she pulled into the garage, and I pulled in behind her. As I was pulling in, my headlights lit up the inside of the garage. I pulled in slowly as I saw her get out of the car completely naked, not even her bright red high heels. As I continued to slowly pull in the driveway, she walked slowly to back of the car, leaned up on it and spread her legs wide. Her thick red pussy hair looked like a burning fire against her pure white skin in my headlights. She had mentioned she is a bit of an exhibitionist in our emails, but this was right up my ally. I almost came just getting out of my car. Using her middle finger she motioned to me to come to her. I got out and dove right into that soaked pussy. She came in seconds and soaked my face. She undressed me as we stood the necking in the driveway. We stood there for the whole neighborhood to see, although it was 2 in the morning, and sucked each others nipples, and necked until finally she got down on her knees. I knew, well I think we both knew, I wouldn't last very long, and as soon as she started to push a finger up my asshole, I gagged her with the biggest load of cum I'd shot in a long time. She stood up and we shared a nice long French kiss with her mouth full of my warm cum. It wasn't the first time I've tasted my own cum, but it was the first time a woman ever did this to me. The garage was not attached to the house, so we closed the door, and strolled naked in each others arms to the front door where she kept a key under the flower pot. By the time we got into the house I was rock hard again, and I knew this was going to be an awesome sexual relationship if nothing else.

Over time we eventually exposed our sexual likes, dislikes, fantasies, etc.. to each other. Being naked and exhibitionism was immediately our first shared kink, and we indulged regularly. We both liked surfing porn and both enjoyed just about everything but illegal or pain. Web cams were just coming out, so we were very active on one of the first adult web cam sites. She knew I liked having my asshole reamed an fingered and eventually we worked up to going to a make your own dildo kit we found on line. We made a dildo of my cock, and she would frequently fuck me on cam with it. Was kind of fun being fucked by my own cock. One day the topic came up of if I'd ever considered being fucked with a real cock, or if I wanted to suck someone off. I said I did, but didn't really know how to go about it, and was leery about meeting someone on line or whatever, so I never acted on it. She didn't push it much because she was a little concerned because after being married for 4 years and 2 kids, she found out her husband was gay, and he divorced her to be with another guy. But, over time the porn we were watching was getting to be more gay and bi stuff.

One day I got to her house and got naked as usual. She wasn't feeling good that day (her period), so she didn't get naked with me, but she had bought a new tv for the sun porch and she asked me to set it up. It was a nice warm summer day, and the sunroom was screened in, so you couldn't really see in to well, especially during the day, so I didn't think twice about going out there naked even though neighbors were cutting grass and stuff all around. The tv had a built-in DVD player, so I asked her if she had one so I could test it. She brought one out that she had picked up when she got the tv, and said I'd like this one as she handed it to me. It was a compilation of lots of gay/bi blowjobs, cumshots, anal fucking, etc... It didn't take me long to get hard and start dripping precum all over the place. She brought me a beer and sat next to me and slowly stroked me and played with my nipples as we watched. After a few beers and a couple of shots of JD, I was getting really horny, especially sitting out there practically out in the open jerking off. She brought me another beer and had the KY lube with her. She moved a chair in front of the tv, and helped me up and bent me over it. She lubed up my ass and started fingering me and stroking my cock. I was really getting into it, rubbing my nipples and getting close to cumming, when a naked guy came walking in with a beer in his hand and an already hard wet cock. She stopped stroking me and pulled her fingers out of my asshole, and wiped her hands off as she introduced me to her ex husband. I was surprised but excited as hell. I stood up and shook his hand. We had a resemblance to each other, about 6'4, same approximate build, 7 inch erect penis', but he was dark haired, a bit hairy, no glasses, where as I am blonde, glasses and completely clean shaven. Her and I had started shaving each other completely (well, not my arms or legs), but everything else, chest, stomach, and all pubic hair. I liked it, and I loved her clean bare pussy, but I have to admit, it was difficult for me to shave off that beautiful red bush the first time. She then explained to me that she had planned this because she knew I was curious and wanted to help me. She also admitted that the thought of it has gotten her excited, and she's really enjoying seeing me standing there naked about to have sex with another man. He made the first move and came close to me and started gently rubbing my nipples and kissing my neck, as our slippery dicks rubbed against each other. My right hand found it's way down to our cocks as I started stroking us both together, gently rolling his nipple with my thumb and forefinger of my other hand. After a couple of minutes, she came up behind me, and gently put pressure on my shoulders to push me down to my knees. Once there, she asked "do you mind" as she gently bent her ex's dick down to my lips. She told me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue a little. She then pulled back on the head of his dick a little and a big drop of precum dripped onto my tongue. I took it in my mouth, and she asked me if it tasted good. I just smiled. She then bent his dick towards me and put it in my mouth. It didn't take me long to get going, licking his shaft and balls, she moved behind him and reached around and put my hands on his ass. Then she bent over to me and said close your eyes. So I did. A minute later she whispered in my ear that there was one catch to all this. I opened my eyes and was again surprised to see another naked guy with his hard cock right next to my face. Her ex then explained that this was his partner and that they only get with another guy together. He was a little shorter, dark hair, pretty muscular, and also clean shaven like me. His dick was a little thicker than ours. I then took it into my mouth and could feel it instantly gorging with blood to a massive hardness and totally filling my mouth. As I was sucking him, the ex got down and started licking my nipples and sucking my cock. After a few minutes I was getting close to cumming, so I slowly stood up and backed away a little. His partner then got on his knees and began sucking us. She came up behind us and gently turned our heads towards each other and pushed us to kiss. We frenched furiously as we fondled each others nipples. His partner stood up and joined us. She cleared out the chairs and brought out a lounge chair. She folded the backrest back a little and folded the leg part flat. She then stacked a bunch of the other chair cushions on to raise it to fucking height. She then moved me into position and sat me down. All three of them adjusted me, and the guys held my legs back over my head while she lubed up my asshole real good. She assured me there was no need for condoms and not to worry. She said "take if from me" that a naked cock felt 100 times better than one having a condom on it. She explained how the condom keeps you from feeling the warmth, the velvetiness, and the all the veins of the naked penis. She said it also prevents feeling the back of the cock head as it folds and straightens upon penetration and removal. She guaranteed me it would also feel 1000 better then the rubber one we've been using, even though it was my own. She was already up to three fingers in me by the time she was done explaining, so she pulled out, put on a little more lube and moved to hold my leg while her ex got ready to mount me. He gently started pushing his precum soaked penis head against my puckered anus, but I was so ready, he just slid right in up to his balls. She gasped as she saw it go in but she could tell immediately as she looked at my face that I was in heaven. He then pulled all the way out again, and I almost went through the roof in ecstasy. His cock had just the right upward curvature to it that it was perfect for hitting my g-spot. Once he found it that's where he stayed and I was soon shooting cum all the way up to my face. I wasn't having an orgasm yet, he was just milking me. She then motioned his partner that she would hold my legs. He started licking my cum off me and kissing me, and then put his cock in my mouth. It was awesome, especially with her standing there watching. My cock was harder and bigger than I'd ever seen it before and the cum was just flowing out of the pee hole like never before. She began wiping it up and wiping on my mouth as I fervently sucked his partners penis. He then pulled out and she rubbed my cum on his balls for me to suck off. Her ex's pace picked up for about a minute as I drifted off to oblivion and then suddenly he and his partner switched places. Her ex came around and put his cock in my mouth at the same time his partners somewhat larger cock hit my g-spot again. I hadn't even given it a thought that the cock in my mouth had just been in my ass as I sucked and licked it. My cock was spurting milky white strands of cum all over me as her ex finally let go and dumped a gallon of warm thick cum down my throat and then on my face. He was licking it off and we were frenching until his partner finally pulled out and came around the other side. I sucked him furiously for about 20 seconds until he exploded, both in my mouth and then on our faces. They then adjusted me again so my legs were farther over my head. Her ex lapped up my asshole while his partner stroked me off into my mouth. They kept going even after I came and the "hurts so good" sensation got so intense that I literally blasted myself again with even a bigger load than the first time I think, and then I started peeing on myself. On my chest, in my face, I couldn't help it, I was in oblivion. I laid there for some time recuperating. She finally came over to me and start licking up my cum and kissing me, and she said they're leaving now, I was too weak to get up, we just kind of yelled our goodbyes to each other and they left. She came back in and started sucking my cock again, I came again in about ten minutes. We sat and drank and talked about it for about 2 hours before I finally got the strength back to get up and shower all the cum and piss off of me. We did this 2 more times during the time we were together, and 1 more time with another friend of theirs. She always just stayed dressed and watched which was a real turn on for me.

We were together for about 4 years. Unfortunately, the company she worked for here closed. She did get promoted, but had to move a couple of cities away for the job. We tried to keep it together until possibly some other circumstances would change and we could be together again, but over time, we drifted apart.

Sad ending, but I do owe my enjoyment now to her. I am between girlfriends at this time, but I do have a couple of good friends now that I can turn to with benefits.




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