I love to golf, go on vacation and have fun, especially with the ladies. The company I did contracting work for, hired a new sales woman. Her name is Vanessa and she was just beautiful. 5'4, 100 lbs, long brown hair, full lips, great tight body. I knew who she was, but she didn't know who I was, she only had heard about me and the great work I did.

After 2 months,she finally called me to tell me she had a job for me to look at and price, so I met her at the site. She looked so sexy with her suit style outfit. Not only was I scoping out the job but I was checking her out as well. It didn't take long before I gave her my price and she landed the job. Soon we were doing a lot of projects together.

Through our conversations, I found out she liked to play golf and told her so did I. She asked if I'd be interested in playing with her sometime. I started to laugh and I said Id play with you anytime! She is a member at a course in NJ and said if I wanted to, we could play on Saturday and I said I will see you there.

I get to the course early so I can hit some balls before we go out and there is Vanessa, short skirt, beautiful muscular looking legs, hair in a ponytail, looking gorgeous! I finally get to play golf with a sexy woman, that's what I am thinking!

We were having a great time, BS-ing about work, what we like to do and finding out about each other. I wouldn't let her win, I am too competitive but she liked that. If she beast me, she beats me. We finish the round and I tell her, that was a lot of fun. She asks me if I want to get a bite to eat and have a drink and I says absolutely! We hop in her car since she knows the area and off we go.

I am into Vanessa big time but I am not letting her know. Vanessa asks me about my personal life, I tell her I am single and just having fun and she answers back that she is the same way. We are laughing having a great time and she excuses herself to go to the bathroom. She gets up, kisses me on the cheek and says, I'll be right back, don't go anywhere. Yea, like I am going to leave!

Our waitress comes over and I order another round. Vanessa comes back just as the waitress is bringing our drinks. Vanessa says, you don't have to get me drunk, I like you, you are fun! So, that is what the kiss was for! I excuse myself but this time, I go to Vanessa, grab her face and kiss her smack on the lips and said I'll be right back, don't you go anywhere!

I come back to the table and Vanessa paid the bill. She says let's go and grabs my hand and we head outside to her car. Once we are inside, she tells me, listen, I like you but you need to know something about me, I say ok? This gorgeous woman tells me, she is a transsexual! I look at her, those legs, that face and say no way! She then asks me, are you upset? I tell her, actually, I am kind of turned on! Vanessa says, would you like to do something about that? Yes, I grab her and pull her over onto my lap and start kissing her. Long, deep kisses, my cock is rock hard. I tell her I thought about you the first day I saw you but I didn't work at the place, so I didn't bother. Vanessa said, that is why I liked you, you weren't like the a holes that work at the place always hitting on me. I said, I may have been one of them if I worked there.

I tell Vanessa I want to explore your whole body right now! really she said? YES! With that, she hops off of me into the drivers seat and she takes me to her place.

Once we are inside, we are all over each other. Again, she says are you sure? I look at her and start unbuttoning her shirt, when all the buttons are undone, I said, yes! I run my fingers over her boobs, lightly, which makes her quiver. i start kissing her neck, then working my way down to her breasts. She reaches behind and unhooks her bra and my mouth and tongue start working on her nipples. I slide my hands down to her skirt and I pull it down to her ankles and she steps out of it. I take her hands and put them on her nipples and tell her to play with them while I kiss my way down her stomach. I slowly kiss and lick my way to her belly button, then I lean back and grab the sides of her panties and pull them down to her ankles as she steps out of those.

I am now looking at this gorgeous womans cock. My heart is pounding, I look up at Vanessa and she says go ahead! I lick around her balls, feeling the softness against my face, then continue to lick to the head of her cock. Once I am at the end, I suck it into my mouth. It's so hot and warm, while I start to suck it, I can start to feel it getting bigger in my mouth. I am so into sucking my first cock. Vanessa asks me if I like it and I say I do! Her cock get to its full 7" and I am like a cock pro, amazed that I am not even gagging. I tell Vanessa, I want to feel you cum in my mouth. No sooner do I say that, then she grabs the back of my head and I am tasting her cum. She grabs me and we start kissing. She tells me she hasn't been that turned on in so long. She drops to her knees and proceeds to give me the best blow job I have ever had! I have a nice 8" and she was going to town on it. I told her I am close to cumming and she just kept on sucking until I blew a huge load in her mouth.

I looked at Vanessa and said that was so fucking hot! She asked me if that was really my first time sucking a cock and I told her yes. She asked if I liked it, I said yes, she said would I like to do that with her again and I said yes. Then she asked, have you ever done anal? To someone yes, to me, no. Would you like to? Hell, I just sucked my first cock and loved it why not! She got out some lube and I bent over the sofa end. I could feel the lube dripping between my cheeks, then I feel a finger working in and out, I am going crazy. I tell Vanessa, squirt a bunch in my hand. She does that and I reach behind and lube up her cock. I grab her cock and guide it to my hole and tell her to fuck me.

I can feel her hands on my hips and her lubed up cock slowly working its way in. Once the head is in, I found myself pushing her cock into my ass. Before long, she is balls deep into me, I am reaching back and puling her into me. She tells me she is going to cum again, and I say cum, baby! With that, she fills my ass with her warm cum. She stays in that position until she slips out. I'm sore, turn over and she gets on top of me and we kiss for a long time!

I tell her that she is incredible and she asks me to spend the rest of the weekend if I'd like. Well, we spent that weekend doing everything under the sun! We are now dating and I can now say, I love Transsexuals!!



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