It was another normal weekend with one exception, the wife was visiting her parents for a week and I was dropping her off at the airport. After our goodbyes, I left the airport and headed straight for the adult store to buy some things while she was gone. I arrived at The Love Store about 20 minutes later and walked in. After finding the perfect lingerie, a black/pink one piece top with spaghetti straps, garters and thigh highs attached I moved on towards the toys. In the toy section I picked up a prostate massager, a curved butt plug, some anal lube and finally some condoms. I checked out and made my way home to have a little pre-game fun with myself.

As soon as I got home I took a shower, shaved my pussy and clit, douched and put on my new lingerie. After taking a few pictures I put in the new curved butt plug, tied up my clit with some rope and took some more pictures. I stayed dressed up and plugged for hours while I posted an ad on Craigslist and played on my favorite online chat site. I had phone sex with about 10 men and still had not received a response on my ad, so I decided to do some more phone but this time I would really fuck myself with the wife's purple 8" realistic dildo. Barely playing with my clit while fucking myself and having phone sex I came twice in my pink panties then cleaned up.

The next day I checked my email and had received 3 responses to my ad. Only one had followed my instructions and responded correctly but I looked at all 3 of them before discarding the ones that didn't read my ad. The one that responded right was an older white married man, 5-7, 160lbs, 7"cut and wanted me to come over and be his slut. I quickly emailed back and within a few hours was headed to his place. Once I arrived he let me in the house and told me he was nervous because he had a roommate that was supposed to be home soon and didn't want to get caught. I really hate flakes and left his place as quick as I got there. Really pissed off now I went back home, used Mr. Purple again and came like a shooting star.

I went to work Monday morning and thought that Wednesday couldn't be here quick enough since I took Thursday and Friday off for some more me time. Finally Wednesday came and when I got home I dressed up again and started playing. I updated my Craigslist ad and added another one to cover both M4M sections in the personals. Later that night I received several responses but the one that caught my eye was an email from Jamal, a 42 y/o black man with a 9" thick cock. I couldn't resist since I had never been with a black man so I emailed back. We went back and forth trying to figure a place to meet since his girlfriend was at his place most of the time. I finally told him it didn't matter if he fucked me in an alley so long as he made me his bitch.

It was about an hour before I got another response which told me to meet him at a local suites/hotel near Henderson in the morning because his girlfriend would be out for an hour or so. I was so excited the rest of the night, I played without cumming for several hours and went to bed. Waking up the next morning I took a shower and made sure I was still smooth for his BBC, then got dressed, plugged my pussy and left the house. I arrived at the location about 20 minutes later and emailed him to let him know I was there. He came out to the parking lot and had me follow him to his room. After seeing him I was a little worried, he was about 5-10, dreadlocks with one of those Jamaican type hats on. Oh well I thought, too late to turn around now so I followed him to his room.

Once inside he took a look at me and told me to strip. I removed my shirt, shoes and pants while Jamal stood there and watched. Jamal removed his shoes and pants and led me to the bedroom, lowering me to my knees in from of him he had me pull his underwear down. Out popped his beautiful big black cock that even limp was bigger than mine hard. I took what I could in my mouth and felt as his monster filled my mouth and stretched my lips with every growing inch. When he was hard I could barely fit his head in my mouth he was so huge. Jamal took control from this point and pulled his cock from my mouth slapping me in the face with it while calling me names then making me lick and suck his balls as he rubbed his cock all over my forehead and slapped me a little more. His cock felt like a 10 pound weight as he slapped me and dropped it on my face, it was easily 10 times the weight of mine and twice as thick.

He pulled away from and looked down admiring his slut on his knees. I whimpered and begged for another taste of his manhood when he grabbed my arms and lifted me up pushing me on the bed. He pulled my panties to the side and laughed at my tiny clit then slapped his cock against me. He reached for my hand and had me rub his cock against my clit and laughed some more as his cock even half hard engulfed mine. I begged him some more for another taste when he took me by the back of my head and pulled me down. I laid down on my stomach and gobbled up as much of his tasty cock until I gagged covering his monster with my spit. He flipped me on my back then proceeded to throat fucking me with his balls slapping my forehead with each thrust. As he continued fucking my face he bent over and fucked my tight pussy with the plug that was still in me. This went on for only a few minutes when he removed his cock again rubbing it over my face as I tried so desperately to take it back in my mouth.

Stepping away again he said he was ready to fuck my tight pussy. I grabbed a condom and some lube I brought and proceeded to put on the condom. Unfortunately the condom I bought was too small to fit his huge cock and I only covered his head when the condom broke. Frustrated I quickly removed the condom and lubed his cock and then my pussy. On all fours he lined up to my tight hole, that hasn't been fucked by a real cock in years, and started pushing the head in. Once the head finally popped in, I gave a high pitch moan and he began moving farther inside me. It felt like he was ripping me in two when he just stopped and started pumping a little. I asked if he was all in to which he replied "Your fucking tight bitch, I am only able to get half way in." I reached back and spread my cheeks for him and pleaded to give me more, I needed to feel every thick inch of his cock in me.

He pushed and pushed but didn't want to ruin me so he left it half in and just pumped like that for a few minutes trying to loosen me up. I kept my hands on my cheeks in hopes to alleviate some pain which after a while was successful. Once the pain had subsided I relaxed and removed my hands, no sooner than I removed them he started spanking my cheeks. First the left, then the right, spanking me harder and harder. I moaned and cried as he continued his beating on my ass cheeks and my tight pussy until he finally stopped moving but kept spanking. He asked me if I wanted his cock and again I begged him to give it to me. I guess he was a little tired of moving his hips and told me it was my turn to work for it.

That said, I began bouncing my ass on his cock while playing with his balls each time I could reach. I could tell he really liked watching me work for it as he continued spanking me and giving a few light manly moans. I worked his cock for all it was worth when he abruptly pulled out and slapped my now gaping hole with his cock, teasing me like a bitch in heat. I rocked my ass up and down then back and forth searching for his manly meat to penetrate my pussy again but was unsuccessful. He slapped me a few more times then told me to crawl to the end of the bed.

Once at the edge I greedily reached my mouth for his fat black meat which finally met with my lips. I cleaned his cock of my pussy juices and rubbed him all over my face. I enjoyed the feeling of this black cock as it laid on my face and relished in the taste of this magnificent marvel of a real man. Cleaning him took forever with the length and girth of his cock but after I was finished it was time for him to take another crack at my pussy.

This time I laid down on my back, pulled my panties to the side and as he leaned down I grabbed his cock and guided it towards my hungry hole. As the tip of his member touched me I tried moving my ass to get him in quicker but seems I was still really tight and he could barely get the head in. I reached for the lube and poured a big handful onto his cock making sure he was really slippery then we tried again. This time his head popped right in and felt like heaven as he continued pushing deeper into my craving cunt. Although he still wasn't able to get the entire length in me he did get a little bit more in this time and as he started to fuck me I could feel his big low hanging balls slapping my ass. He continued railing me like a mad man with his thick meat for another 15 minutes or so until he pulled out again.

This time I quickly got on my knees and started cleaning his sloppy cock of all the lube and pussy juices I left on him. After cleaning him again he pulled me to sit at the edge of the bed and had me service his cock even more. He reached down and pulled my panties aside revealing my lil clit rock hard and gave a couple of tugs then released my straining clit from his hands. I need to cum so badly but he wouldn't let me as it was my place to serve his needs and not the other way around. I kept sucking and stroking his thick cock until he was finally about to cum. He allowed me to stroke him until he shot a huge load, spurt after spurt shooting from his huge cock slit all over my tiny clit, bathing in his sweet manly juices. I licked and sucked the remainder from his cock and as I was about to play with myself he pushed my hands away and told me to get dressed and do that on my own time.

I did as ordered and placed the butt plug back in its rightful place, put on my pants, shirt and shoes then walked out the door. On the drive home I played with my cum soaked clit and would lick my fingers each time I pulled out of my pants. When I got home, I ran upstairs, undressed and got Mr. Purple back out. I fucked myself senseless and came 2 times in my already soaked panties cleaning up as much as possible. A few hours later I went fast asleep and woke up the next morning feeling sticky and even hornier than the day prior. I can't wait to get another big, thick, juicy cock and lots of thick warm cum.



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