My first BBC

Dwight and were chatting on line when I asked him what he was packing. He said 9 inches long and a girth of 4 inches at the top and going up to 5 inches near the base. I told him that it would be an honor if he would allow me to give him a blowjob. He gave me his address and I headed right over.

When Dwight let me in I saw that he was in later 20s. He told me that he was half Cuban and half Afro-American. And I wasn't surprised that a guy hung like him was only about 5-foot 7.

Smiling in anticipation, he took me into the bedroom. First he kicked off his Hush Puppies. Then he unbuttoned his shirt, took it off and put it on a chair. Next he unbuckle his belt and unbutton and unzip his Dockers and let them fall to the floor. As I admired him, I went down on my knees.

Hooking my thumbs in the waist band of his panties, I slid them down his legs. And there he stood completely nude. And there it was sticking out from a thick bush of black kinky pubic hair. Black as coal and curving upward with a dark, mushroom-shaped head and a little oozing slit that glistened with clear fluid.

Dwight hadn't mention that he was uncircumcised.

Taking it by the base, I put my tongue between the foreskin and the head slowly ran my in a circle under the skin. As he hardened and the foreskin pulled back, I worked his big head into my mouth. I'd finally got the monster fully in my mouth when he started pumping that cock in and out of my mouth. It wasn't long before it was hitting the back of my throat.

I pulled my mouth off, took a big gulp of air, swallowed and went back on that monster. I felt the head started to enter my throat so I started swallowing. Dwight said, "You're doing good. You're just about half way there."

I mouth fucked that cock for a little while and then Dwight gestured toward the bed, and I knew just what he wanted. I practically jumped to my feet and over to the bed. Not saying a word, Dwight reached out and I let him move me to where he wanted. I ended up with my feet up by the pillows, on my back with my head hanging over the foot of the bed.

He stepped to me, almost but not quite straddling my face so that his balls rested on my forehead and his thick, fat black cock rested on my lips and nose. "Now I'm going to fuck that pretty mouth good," he chuckled as he lifted his hips a little and guided the head to my mouth.

I moaned, "Uuuuuuuuuum," and my nostrils flared as his cock filled me.

I felt him ease forward slowly and gently, pushing on in even when I gagged a little. But I noticed in this position the sensation soon passed and Dwight was able to keep going until I felt his balls on my nose. He couldn't believe that I had managed to get all of his monster cock down my throat.

He leaned forward over me, his hands on the bed on either side of my hips, and my hands rose instinctively to his chest, finding his nipples and toying with them. "Oh yeah, that's a good slut" he moaned.

Rocking his hips slowly, Dwight started to fuck me deep and long. I was so turned on I thought I'd pass out, this black god using my mouth the way I'd used my wife's pussy countless times. He was fucking my face slow at first, but every 4th or 5th stroke letting the pace quicken a little. The only discomfort I felt was in my jaws and lips stretching around the thickness of his cock, but I barely noticed as he just kept fucking and fucking and fucking.

My fingers clamped lightly on his nipples, at first anyway. I soon noticed that the harder I pinched the faster Dwight fucked, and god I loved it. When I started twisting them, he pounded my slut mouth like a jackhammer, his balls slapping and bouncing off my eyes and nose as he used me for his pleasure. My thoughts were broken only momentarily when he growled, "You ready for my cum, slut?" I did my best to nod, but I think he got the message because I felt his balls draw up tight and his thrusts became shorter and harder. His spit-slicked cock seemed to grow and throb even more.

His dick started to pulsate and then he cried out, "Ooooh god yesss," as I felt him to start to erupt. I pulled back so that only the head was past my lips, me sucking like a greedy bitch as his thick, hot seed erupted into my mouth and across my tongue. So much hotter, so much thicker, so much sweeter than his pre-cum -- so delicious. I tried and tried to swallow it all, but inevitably some of it leaked out around the sides of my lips and trickled over my cheeks.

With a final shiver Dwight withdraw letting me savoy the taste and texture of his cum. I laid there with my jaws slightly sore, my stomach full of his cum.

I licked him clean and then we lay there and talked. He told me, "It's been a good while since anyone has given me that hell of a good blowjob. Especially a white man."

I noticed that he was getting hard again. That's when I asked him if I could mount him, he replied, "Only after I suck your cock."

Dwight started opening my jeans and I let him strip me naked. I'm slim and smooth chested with a nice 7 inch cut cock. He just engulfed the thing and gave me one hell of a blowjob. We went at it for about 15 minutes before my cockhead enlarged and I started to give him my load right in his mouth. When I cummed I though he was going too sucking my nuts right out of my sack. I cummed volumes and he swallowed it all.

When he finished Dwight learned back and I took his cock in my hand. Once more, I felt his hardness as I slid my fingers slowly and gently around it. His dick felt so solid and yet soft to the touch at the same time. All I wanted to do was take it in my mouth, but instead I straddled him. Staring into his eyes I lowered my ass aligning the tip of that big monster to my ass-hole.

I wiggled my ass against the head slowly allowing it to enter me. I felt the head press against my sphincters. I relaxed and put a little pressure on it. That's when Dwight slipped in about halfway. I started to pump myself up and down on his cock, each down stroke going deeper and deeper. I wiggled my hips a little as I eased up and down, letting his natural lubrication mingle with the residual cum on my cock to make it slick. Finally, with a shuddered and groaned I pushed down and took it all the way inside me.

I waited until I was comfortable with him in me, I said, "I want you to fuck me good."

Well let me tell you Dwight he did give me the fucking of my life and when he cummed my ass started cumin also.

I laid on top of him and just let his cock slip out of me.

That was the best 4 hours that I've had in a good while. And I plan to return next week for more.

The end...



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