Today during wrestling, we were on the mats. After warm-ups we usually got with a partner to practice a new move or take-down. This was the day that I got paired with this guy who looked really buff. He was short, but was much stronger than I was. He seemed very nervous around everyone, so naturally I tried to make him feel welcome. Our buff, daddy coach was explaining something that we were to follow while we sat in a circle, me sitting next to David. We got up and went to the edge of the mat where we got ready to learn this new technique. The first part was where he had to get on all fours.

"Do you want to go first or me?" I asked.

"I-I guess I will.." he replied. He got down on all fours and I positioned myself how we were taught. I put my right leg down and my left leg on its toes with my knee pointing at his ass. My right arm grabbed his right arm to feel David's solid muscular arm. I felt like he was flexing it, but I couldn't be sure. My left arm went around his waist and rested against his stomach which he was definitely flexing. A solid core that was defined with an obvious 6-pack. I loved this man's body. His hairy, muscular legs bent and me behind him. His heart raced with me touching him. I remained there for a moment, shocked.

"Welp, okay then.. lets get on with this new move, haha.." I said trying to make this not awkward. He stood up following the orders the coach explained. He ended up where he should have been, his back leaning heavily against my pecks with my arms outstretched around him. His heart beat even faster now. He turned around and his faced was all red from blushing. That got me all hot.

"I don't think I did it right." said David.

"Isn't that why we are practicing?" I said with a smile.

He smiled back and we stared into each others eyes for a split second before he looked away and blushed even more. He then got back on the ground and we ran through the move again.

"My turn," I said. I got into position and felt his hand rub up and down my arm trying to find the right place to grip, or that is what he wanted me to think. Then he nervously put his hand on my stomach and felt my abs. He didn't press into my stomach like he should have which told me he was insecure. He did not want it to be awkward in his mind. Nobody else in the room cared, but this man, David, was insecure about himself to the point where he didn't want to really touch another man.

"Hey man, it's fine. Just get the placement down." I said to reassure him.

"Uhh, okay." said David in reply.

I ran through the move making sure to put extra pressure when I leaned against him. I didn't pay much attention to it, but his nipples were hard on his dense pecks. I really wanted to see his naked in a time other than the locker room. His body was truly beautiful unclothed. He seems to be almost solid muscle. It is strange to believe that he has so much emotion bottled up with him in that closet.

We ran through the moves a couple more times.

"Okay guys, we are done for today, good work, roll up the mats and get outta here." said the coach.

Me and David were in a hurry because the bell ran just after that so we didn't change out of our athletics clothes. We ran in unison, side by side, until we reached a corner. We turned it and there was nobody. Everyone was far away walking on a different path the the buses. 

"That was a bit crazy, I thought we would be late!" I said.

"Y-yeah.." replied David. For a man like that, I find it hard to believe he would be so nervous.

"David" I said, "What is going on?"

"What do you mean? Nothing.. I-" he was saying just before I cut him off with a kiss that he returned. I pressed in into a door  kept us even more hidden. I ran a hand down his body to his hard cock. He breathed heavily.

"I love your body." I said

He didn't say a word, but replied by bending down on his knees and removing my pants. He was also surprised to see that my cock was already hard. 

"I have never done this before." David admitted.

"That is okay, I am 'kind of' new to this too." I lied. I put my hand on the back of his head guiding him and he put my cock head in his warm mouth. He was careful not to use teeth, thank God. He fortunately though, used his tongue. I got a rush that made me push on his head and he went further and further. He bobbed on my cock for a minute before standing up.

"I didn't know you were gay." he said.

"You learn how to hide it." I replied.

"How do you know I was gay?" He asked.

"The next time you wrestle, try not to blush at me or flex your body when I touch you. Also your heart was racing the entire time." I explained. I kissed his one more time and then ran off to my bus.

The next day we were in the weight room. We weren't partners this day. He kept making quick glances at me that anyone can notice if they pay attention. I didn't glance at him. After school again, we had more time to get to the buses. I turned the same corner as the day before and stood shocked to see him already there. 

"I need to talk to you" he said.

"Alright, go ahead." I replied.

"You are actually gay?" he questioned.

"Yep." I answered without expression. He leaned in closer to me and grabbed my shirt to throw me into the door. I turned and he went down on me. By the time my pants were down, my cock sprang up in full rigidity. He sucked for a minute while grabbing my hairy legs to pull him back and forth. I had almost cum, but he stopped just before. He stripped naked and aimed his ass at me. What a sight.

"Fuck me, please. I can't bare to wait any longer." He said.

"Oh yeah, here it comes." I said as I slowly put my cock in his tight ass. I grabbed his shoulders and ran a hand down this muscular, defined back. I humped my cock into him back and forth. He moaned softly so nobody could hear.

"You like cock a lot, huh?" I asked.

"I have been hiding this secret for so long. I am just so happy that you are gay too." He explained. My cock hardened and I almost came, but I pulled out and he came down on me and I let it burst into his mouth. I groaned, spurting mountains into this boy. He swallowed.

"Damn that is so good. It is like a warm batch of egg-drop soup" he said (I will never forgot that description because I feel the same way, lol.) 

"Egg-drop soup is so delicious. Warm, "kind of" slimy, and very tasty," I said. I went down on him this time knowing exactly how to please him. I sucked and sucked using my tongue and even got him to moan a few times. To my surprise he came easily.

I stood to kiss him. We both used tongue and butterflies flew in me. I loved him a lot. After we finished kissing, I realized that I tasted some of my cum. He saved some! Don't worry he got the same treat back.

We finished and ran off to our buses. Each day forward we would either make out, or have some fun in that spot. Eventually we exchanged numbers and took it to our bedrooms. 


Unshaven Guy


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