One hot summer day my father and I were in the hay mow stacking hay and as we were waiting for the next load of hay we began to wrestle around and he pinned me down on a bale of hay and looked me in the face and said I could fuck you right here and I said I dare you to. Then the next load of hay showed up and he said you're lucky the hay saved your ass So we finished stacking the next load and then we were done for the day as I was walking out of the mow I bent over to wipe the hay off my pants and he came up behind me grabbed my hips and started dry humping me. After a min I said are you done yet and he said I haven't even started, Your lucky again I am beat and couldn't do anything right now This was the summer of my 17th birthday my father who was 36 at the time. We were alone one night at the house mom was gone shopping with the girls and It was just him and I there we were watching a movie and I got up to get a drink and I bent down to pull up my socks and he jumped up off the couch and grabbed me by the hips and said I am ready now and you aren't getting out of it this time are you ready and I said hell ya and we ran upstairs to my bedroom and it wasn't long and we were both naked with raging hard on he said is this the first time you have been fuck and I said hell ya and he said this might hurt a bit he said get on your bed on all fours Now my dad had a cock that was about 9.5 x 6.5 and I am about the same. so I knew it was going to hurt I got ready and it wasn't long before he wiped a gob of lube on my ass and then was trying to put his very large cock inside of me, He said you might not be man enough to take this here piece of man meat I said don't worry I can handle it then he began to penetrate me with that monster. It hurt like hell but I wasn't going to tell him so I buried my face in the pillow and as tears ran down my face I refused to say a word he continued to shove that big basted in me until he was balls deep in me. And then he began to thrust in and out of me and by the time he had been in me 5 minutes I really began to like it by the time he came inside me I was moaning and wanting him to not stop it felt great when he was done dumping his load inside me. He got up and headed for the bathroom to wash up and went back to the living room to watch the movie I laid there trembling with cum running out my ass I got up and went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up and went down stairs also he said so you are a man aren't you and I said yes I am and I have one sore ass to prove it and he laugh. The next day we were in the hay mow again to put hay out to feed and I said to him well I guess it's your time to see if you're a real man and he said I am. As he dropped his pants to his ankles and bent over a bale of hay it wasn't long and I was rock hard so I walked over to him and spit on his ass and spit on my cock and began to stick it to him I heard him whimpered a bit but I had no mercy on him I went for it and buried all I had as deep as I could in him. When I was finished fucking him like crazy I dumped my load deep in his ass I pulled out and wiped off the cum and put it back in my pants he stood up pulled up his pants and I said to him It looks like you're a man too and I laugh and he said to me man I can feel like I have been fucked by a bear So from that point on we fucked whenever we could we were together And I said to him I really enjoyed being with him and I love my dad very much. He smiled at me and said that's my boy and I said and your my dad and I am dam proud of it We even got were we gave each other head man could he suck a cock and he was pretty happy with what I did too We became very close I love my father very much and I would not trade what happened for nothing My dad had a cock that was about 9.5 x 6.5 and I am about the same. My father died of a heart attack about 10 years ago I really miss him very much. I lived with a women for a while after I left home but it wasn't long and I knew that wasn't the life I wanted I started dating guys and I found a guy that I fell in love with and I have been very happy ever since I am so glad everything happened just as it did . If anything like this ever happened to you I would really like to know how it came about and what you thought of it. I often get turned on when I read stories of father and son having fun together. Thanks for reading




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