Have you ever been in a place that was very quiet? So quiet that when you hold your breath the only sound you hear is the beating of you heart? Outer space is quiet like that. The smallest of sounds can seem so loud. Some people might find silence like that a little too quiet but I love it. No horns from cars that echo off of buildings. No Neighbors fighting next door to you. Just utter silence.

I'm stationed at the Gemini Space Station for the next six months and already I can tell I'm going to be just fine. Back in San Diego I was pilot for the Navy. Flying has been my passion ever since I was a kid. I figured why not do what I love for and do it for the military. When I learned that I was chosen to go to the Gemini I was excited. Going into outer space was a dream come true. While I'm here at the space station my task, along with my group is to learn the pattern of meteor showers. This will be great because I'll be learning something that's very mysterious. As I'm exiting the shuttle shortly after arriving to the Gemini the bridge is made of plexiglass and all around me I see nothing but stars. It's so beautiful. When you're on earth you can't see as many stars because of all the light from towns and cities but up here the stars are endless. I walk across the bridge not watching where I'm walking and I run into what seems like a wall. I drop my bag from the impact, bounce back and in front of me stands a tall broad shouldered man. His uniform looked like it's cutting off the circulation to his arms. "Watch your step newbee!" He says with a deep baritone voice. "Excuse me Lieutenant." I tell him. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going". I reach down to pick up my bag, as I'm coming back up I take a quick glance at this man. His shoes are flawlessly shined, and his pants are perfectly creased. "Just make sure it doesn't happen again" he tells me and walks away. I turn around, checking him out as his round muscular ass sways side to side. I turn back around and head into the base to get directions to my barracks. On the outside wall there are some windows that look like mirrors and they're impossible to see through from where I'm entering. When I get inside I see to my left a female officer. "Is this your first time here?" She asks me. "Yes ma'am, it's my first day." I tell her. She smiles and says. "Well then let me introduce myself. I'm Officer Nicole McKenzie but you can call me Nicole." Feeling a little confused I ask "why don't I have to address you by your rank?" She says "captains orders are that we call each other by our first names. It's his way of making us feel comfortable". I couldn't argue with that. "Oh, that's pretty cool" I tell her. "What's your name?" she asked me. "My name is Timothy Michaels, uh who was that big guy I bumped into?" She looks out the window "That is Brandon Jensen. He can be kind of intimidating but he's harmless." Yeah he is intimidating." I say as I stare at him from the window. "Ok" Nicole says as she giggles. "If you've had enough eye candy for the day, I can show you where you'll be staying". I blush, clear my throat and say "Yeah ok, that'll be great." "This way" She says. As we walk I keep my eyes on the ground. "So tell me Timothy, how do you think you'll handle being out here for so long?" Nicole asks me. I think for a moment and say. "I should be ok, I've been looking forward to coming out here and working hard." She tells me "You'll fit right in then, we have nothing but hard workers here." We finally get to my barrack and I'm expecting to see beds together in one big room like they are on a regular base. These barracks however are single rooms. The two adjacent sides of the room are actual walls made of thick steel. Looking towards the back of the room, that wall is all plexiglass, which is mirrored from the outside. That made me happy cause whenever I have the urge to jack off, no one can see inside.

I start unpacking all my belongings, get comfortable and hop in the shower. As the hot water beats down on my skin I run my fingers through my hair. The steam in the bathroom gets my blood running fast. Grabbing the bar of soap I began soaping my chest slowly, spreading soap down to my shaft and balls. The soap lathers quickly and my dick starts to get hard. Softly I stroke my shaft while rubbing my stomach with my other hand. I kneel down and lay in the tub, water splashing from the top of my head down to my lower chest. I can feel blood pumping through my dick as it throbs. Speeding up my stroke I concentrate on the head of my cock, the sensation I feel as my body tenses is overwhelming. Suddenly I burst with the first shot so powerful it hits my hair and forehead. A second shot blasts my lips and I lick it off as three more shots squirt onto my stomach and run down each side of me. My hand is covered in cum and I can't resist licking every drop from my fingers. My body convulses as the orgasm gradually ends. Feeling relaxed I rinse off get out of the shower and lay in the bed falling into a deep sleep. When I wake up in the morning I get my self together and head out to my station. Nicole is waiting for me when I get to my station. "Good morning Timothy." She says. "I hope you got enough sleep because we have a lot to do today." I smile and say "I sure did, lets get the day started." Sitting at my computer I monitor my radar, looking for any unusual movement that could be caused by meteors. I happen to look up and across the room is Brandon walking slowly in my direction making sure everyone is in top of their jobs. He walks past my desk and I look him in the eyes. He looks back at me briefly, looks away and looks back to see if I'm still looking at him. When he notices that I still am I say "How are you doing?" "Fine thanks, how's it going over here?" He asks me with a tone that suggests I'm doing nothing. "It's going good" I tell him. "Not too much action happening on my screen." The entire time he looks at me he shows no expression. Trying to make conversation I ask him where he's from originally. "I'm from Baltimore." He says. "Baltimore huh? That's nice. How long have you been here at the Gemini?" I ask him. Surprised I'm asking him questions he hesitantly answers "About a year now, why do you ask?" Feeling like I'm getting to personal with him I change my tone to a shy one and answer "Just trying to make friendly conversation, if we're going to be working in the same place for a while I'd like to get to know the people I'm working with." A small grin forms on his face and he says "Ok, that's fair enough, but working hours aren't for getting to know your coworkers." He walks away leaving me feeling kind of confused. Did I say something wrong that upset him? I didn't know how to feel so I just let it go and continued my work. My shift was long and I learned so much throughout the day. I shut off my computer, clear my desk and meet up with Nicole and get a few handbooks from her to study over the night. Back in my barrack the silence is perfect. I can read each section in peace and I soak up a ton of information. Then I get a knock at my door. Thinking it was Nicole I walk to the door with my eyes in the handbook, open the door and without looking to see who was there I say "Hey what's up Nicole?" I look up and Brandon is standing in my doorway wearing a jogging suit that's zipped halfway up. Underneath the jacket I can see a white tank top and the dark brown hair from his chest is showing. It's such a sexy sight to see, him standing there with his hot muscular body in front of me.

I want to reach my hands out and rub his chest. "Oh..... Brandon what's up? What are you doing here?" I ask him in a surprised way. He says, "It's part of my job to make sure that you're adjusting fine. Are you adjusting fine?" He asks me. "Yeah I'm ok, just going over some work stuff and keeping myself busy." I tell him. He looks down at my feet and says "Hmm ok that's good." He looks into my eyes for about five seconds leans back and looks to his left then to his right as if he's making sure no one is around then looks back at me. I thought it was a little strange but didn't pay it much mind." You're Timothy, right?" He says. "Yes". I respond. "Ok Timothy, well I don't want to keep you from your work for too long so I'll be on my way." He turns around to leave "Wait, I don't really know anyone here except Nicole, and I'd like to know if you'd want to show me around the Gemini. Of course after work hours." I tell him. "Sure, why not? That would be a good idea." He tells me. I smile and say, "Cool, how about tomorrow?" I ask. "Tomorrow sounds good." He says. When he leaves I close the door feeling happy and excited. I think to myself, this guy is sort of mysterious and hard to read. Most guys I can tell if they're curious but he was difficult to figure out. I was determined to find out, to know if I could get to know him on a more personal level. So I decided that I would test my luck and see how far I could get with him.

The next day I'm at my desk finishing up my observation of possible meteor showers in the area. Brandon is making his usual round in my section. Hoping that he'll speak to me when he walks by I pretend to not see him and find something to organize on my desk. When I look up Brandon has already passed my desk and didn't say a word. Did he not want to talk to me? Maybe he forgot about showing me around the base. You're over reacting Timothy. Just wait until later, let him come to you, I think to myself. When I finish my research for the day I go back to my barrack feeling worn out from such a long day. I get to my door and there stands Brandon leaning against the wall with his back towards me. "What are you doing here?" I ask him pretending I'd forgotten. He turns around and says, "I was hoping you still wanted me to show you around, unless you have other plans?" "No, not at all." I tell him in a surprised voice. "Let me go inside and change, and I'll be right out." "Take your time." He tells me. I slam the door get undressed and take a quick shower. I throw on some jeans forgetting to put on underwear, finished getting dressed and head out. Brandon begins showing me all around the pace station. He tells me everything there is to know about the Gemini, explaining the differences between a Military base on earth and a space station. While he's talking to me I listen to his voice and discretely watch his gestures. Some of the movements Brandon makes when he talks tell me that beneath this rock exterior of his is a big muscular bear that desires to be touched in a way that only another man can do. With those thoughts in mind I'm curious to know if I can get persuade him into doing something, so I play it cool. "I can see you know your job pretty well." I tell him. "You must get a little stressed sometimes with all this information, don't you?" I ask.

He stops walking, turns to and places his hand on my shoulder and says. "You have no idea how overwhelming my job is. I don't get much sleep because my mind is constantly on over drive with making sure everyone is on top of their jobs, nit to mention having to do my own." Brandon started opening up to me. He was venting all of his frustrations out to me. I had him right where I wanted him. As he continues talking to me I give him all of my attention I don't think he's realized I've walked us back towards my barrack. I wasn't expecting to here him run his mouth so much but it was all part of the plan, to get him to feel comfortable with me. When we get to my room he's still talking and I interrupt him. "Would you like to come inside for a while? Just to relax for a bit?" He doesn't think twice before he says. "Hell yeah, do you have anything to drink?" "Uh, yeah I do." I tell him. "Why don't you come inside and make yourself at home and I'll get you something to drink." We go inside and he takes a seat on a chair I have next to my closet. "Brandon, so tell me what do you do to get rid of all that stress and frustration after a long day?" I ask. "I work out all the time, you don't get muscles like these just by sitting around." He tells me as he flexes his arms and chest. Anxious to see him shirtless I say "How about you take off that shirt and let me see what killing yourself in the gym does." He looks at me funny and says ".... I guess that's cool." He stands up and uses both hands to raise his shirt up and lift it over his head. His body is amazing, with a chest that's bulky and covered in light brown curly hair. The upper part of his washboard abs have no hair but just below, around his naval is a thin bush of hair that trails down into his pants. I try to visualize the way his cock looks bundled in his underwear. Then I wondered if he was wearing boxers, and if so I can picture his balls resting on the inner part of his thigh. In awe I saw "Wow you don't mess around when it comes to working out do you?" Felling proud of his body he says "No way man, when it comes to pumping iron I do it till it hurts." Immediately I envision him pounding my ass making me his little bitch. Feeling I could talk him into something I say "I have a way to relax you, if you're up for it?" He gives me a look of uncertainty and asks. "What did you have in mind?" "It's very simple." I explain to him. I've been told that I'm very good with my hands and I would like to give you a massage." Without hesitation he says "Ok look, I'm not gay and I don't feel to comfortable with a guy touching me like that." I smile and say "Let's try this, sit back in that chair relax and take a deep breath." He does so. "Now I want you to close your eyes and clear your mind. I'm going to start and if at all you feel uncomfortable don't hesitate to tell me to stop and I'll stop, ok?" "O, ok." He says. I stand behind the chair and softly place my hands on his shoulders. I gently caress his shoulders and feel him start to sweat. "You feel kind of tense on your shoulders." I tell him. He doesn't respond but I continue with my thumbs going in small circles on his upper back and my fingers from each hand rubbing between is neck and shoulders. Brandon lets out a sigh of relief and says. "You really are good with you hands." Convinced that he's pleased , I tell him "I'd like you to lay on the bed for me on your stomach, I can do much more than with you in this chair if you wouldn't mind." He gets up and goes to lie on the bed. My dick has gotten hard just from touching him. I don't want to scare him with my boner so I adjust my dick in my pants and stand on the side of the bed and continue to massage him. Slowly I make my way up and down his back for a good 15 minutes. I gradually move my hands down careful not to touch his butt and begin massaging the back of his thighs. As he lets out a moan of enjoyment he says. "No one has ever touched me this way before. I could lay here all day." "I wouldn't mind if you did." I say under my breath. "What was that?" He said. I clear my throat and say "Oh nothing." Continuing down his legs I get to his feet. Take off his shoes and start rubbing the bottom of each foot, on at a time. After five minutes pulls his feet away from, turns over and looks at me with a look of lust I've never seen before. Quickly he begins unbuttoning his pants, pulls them down to his ankles along with his underwear, grabs my hands pulling me down to my knees and between his legs. "I want you to suck my cock." Happy but surprised I say nothing. I grasp the shaft of his cock and place my tongue on the head of his dick. I can feel his dick throbbing as pre cum oozes onto my taste buds. My lips wrap slowly around his dick welcoming it into my mouth and down my throat. "Fuck yeah, take it all the way down." He tells me as his right hand grabs the back of my head forcing his dick into my mouth. The feel of his hand on the back of my head makes me much more horny. My bower briefs are soaked pre cum and it's beginning to run down my leg. Coming up for breath I ask. "Have you ever had you dick sucked this way before?" He raises hi head off the bed and says. "UGH FUCK DUDE, no ones ever given me head like this before, ever." Happy that he's enjoying me I say, "when you're about to cum, don't hold back. I want to feel it shoot down my throat." I continue to suck on his dick as he holds my head and thrusts his pelvis up and down fucking my mouth. "I cum like a geyser, I hope you're ready." He tells. Trying to hold his orgasm to the last second. 'OH fuck I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum. OH SHIT" He yells out. His pelvis stops moving. One of his hands is on the back of my head and the other tightly grabs my right wrist. The explosion of cum that hits the back of my throat catches me buy surprise. I pull my head up and Brandon grabs his dick, stroking it as he shoots my face with the rest of his warm thick load. That turns me on so much that I cum without having to touch myself. A minute passes and Brandon says. "I don't feel like I'm finished." My body feels relaxed but I want to see what else he has in store. "Really?" I ask. "OK, hold on a second and don't move." I tell him. When I first arrived here I remember seeing a green button on my wall that's meant to turn of the gravity. I go and press the button and almost instantly we start to float in mid air. I make my way back towards the bed area to see Brandon floating just in front of me with his dick still rock hard. "Close your eyes and try not to move." I tell him. He closes his eyes and I struggle to get to a bag I have. I pull out a bottle of lube, covering his shaft then spread some all over and inside my tight fuck hole. While both of us are floating I position my self on top of him. Grabbing his dick I slide it inside of me. He opens his eyes to see what's happening. "Damn this is tight." He moans as he starts to pump my ass. The feeling of his cock inside me is incredible. Not much time goes by before he says. "I'm about to cum again." I pick myself off of him positioning my face close to his dick. "You must really enjoy cum in you mouth don't you?" He asks. "Hell yeah." I tell him. With no gravity a long stream of cum shoots out towards my face and floats in the air. I thrust my body forward to catch his load in my mouth and to my surprise Brandon moves himself towards me kissing me with his cum in my mouth. Our tongues wrestle with sperm between them.

"That was the best experience I've ever had." He tells me as he dresses himself. "Please Timothy, don't tell anyone about this. I have a reputation to uphold." "Your secret is safe with me, but under one condition." I tell him. "Whenever you feel horny I'll be here." He laughs and says. "I can definitely do that, this was better than any girl I've been with." My confidence jumps through the roof. I didn't expect a meteor shower like Brandon had given me. I was looking forward to the rest of my six months here at the Gemini Space Station.



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