We're standing in the middle of a fully blossomed field, staring into these eyes that are soft and comforting yet unfamiliar. "Who is this person I'm standing with?" I think to myself. Questions run through my mind, who is it? Why are we here? Why do I feel warm, yet nervous right now? I look over at the stranger and see unfamiliar soft light brown eyes beaming at me. As we stare into each others eyes, I lean in for a kiss. The strangers lips are just inches from mine......

*Beep!* *Beep!* *Beep!*

As the morning light breaks through my curtain illuminating my room, I look around and put my alarm on snooze and close my eyes remembering my dream, staring at that face, those warm unfamiliar eyes. Those big soft lips that I was just so close to tasting. While trying to bring my dream back my alarm goes off waking me from my dream. Again. Before I know it, my cock is as hard as rock standing at it's full 8 1/2" length. I give it a couple slow strokes then I stop remembering I have Amanda. My girlfriend of a year and a half. Amanda's 18, 5'6", deep green eyes with brown hair and blonde tips that curl just above her tits.

My name is Tyler James. I'm 18, 5'11" tall, 180 lbs, short black hair that I keep spiked up, a dark tan with icy blue eyes. I play rugby for my high school. Secretly I'm bi, no one knows except for my best mate's, David and Isaac, they've really been there for me when I needed them the most. David's the shortest and the smartest one out of us who stands at 5'7" tall, about 150 lbs. He has brown eyes and dirty blonde hair that he keeps under a beanie. Isaac is the tallest, being 6'1", 195 lbs of pure muscle, he has black eyes with a dark brown faux-hawk. We've been best friends since we were 5.

I head down stairs and see my mum at the table eating breakfast. I go over to her and give her a quick morning kiss before grabbing a toast and heading back up stairs. Today's the day that the guys and I have been waiting for. We're finally seniors at school! As I grab my things for school today my phone goes off. I look at the screen and see that David's calling me.

"Hey bro, what's up? You ready for today?" I say to him, I can hear him telling someone to be quiet and with a few muffled words he comes back to the phone with a big sigh. "Hey man, yeah I'm pumped, this is what we've been waiting all last year for this, haven't we? I just hope Isaac can get up and ready in time." I look at the time and see that it's 7:30. "Yeah we have, I'm not too sure about Isaac though." I say making David giggle. "Hey Dave, I'll be at yours to pick you up at 8, just gonna get ready." "Ok dude, I'll see you then."

I walk downstairs and back into the kitchen to find mum and dad at the table having their usual morning chats. Mum and dad look at me. "You're nervous, I can tell. It'll be all right Ty. Just think of it as any other day at school." my dad tells me, I give a small smile and slightly nodding my head in agreement. Mom and dad both tell about their first day as a senior, of course back then it wasn't as stressful. They didn't have so much to worry about. After eating my breakfast I head outside and get into my big red cherokee jeep I like to call Clifford - like the big red dog.

I get to David's house just after 8, park outside his house and toot the horn for him to hurry up. Once he's in the car we head over to Isaac's house and pick him up at 8:15. The car ride to school was quiet and not all that interesting, barely small talk. I guess we're all as nervous as each other. I pull up to the car park at school and we head over to have a little catch up with some of our other friends. I see Amanda with her friends, I slowly walk in her direction and we meet half way. I have a big cheesy grin on my face due to the fact I haven't seen her about 6 weeks. I pick Amanda up and give her a kiss. The kiss is suddenly broken short because the first bell rings letting us know that we need to get to our form classes. David, Isaac, Amanda and I walk to our form classes, David and Isaac are in the same form class, I'm in the room next to theirs and Amanda is on the other side of their class.

As my class is settling down in their seats the teacher gets our attention. We all look at the front of the room and see that we have a new student. She introduces him to the class. His name is Levi. As I'm looking at him I notice he's about 5'8", has a nice lean body type, light brown skin. I can't see his hair because he's wearing a beanie, his lips look soft and full, his eye's are a light brown. While I'm looking at his eyes I realise that they're staring back at me. I start to blush from embarrassment. He's walking towards me and stops at the desk in front me and looks at me I give him a faint and freeze as soon he sits down. His eyes look like the ones that belong to the stranger in my dream. I think I'm being silly because it was only a dream so I snap out of my little day dream. As the bell rings signalling we've got 5 minutes to get to our next class I take my time to leave as usual and notice Levi standing there with his schedule in his hand while his other hand's scratching he head.

"Hey dude, I'm Tyler." I say walking over to him with my hand extended out.

"Hey" he says coldly. Hearing how cold he is, I know he's definitely not the guy from my dreams. I try and talk to him since he's the new kid and won't know where to go. "What class do you have first?" He just stares at me and hands me his schedule. First he's got Math, then Drama, Computers, P.E and last period he's got English. Cool, we're in 3 of the same classes today, maybe we can talk and get him to let his guard down a bit.

"Hey, I've got Science first, your Math class is the next block over from where I'm going. I'll walk you." I ask him rather than volunteering. All he does is stare nod his head. On our way there I want to ask questions or have a little conversation at least, but I'm too scared that he might shut me out. As we get closer to his class I say "This is your class, Mr Robertson isn't all that bad as he seems when you first meet him. For your next class with Ms Rogers, you head this way and turn right at that class there." "Thanks." he replies with a smile that looks genuine. As I turn around to walk to my class Levi yells out to me. "Hey Tyler, do you think you can show me around school at interview?" he asks with a shy grin on his face. It makes me laugh inside that a smile creeps on to my face and I reply with an eager "Sure!"

My first 2 classes went by fast, nothing interesting happened. As usual we spent the periods talking about what we done in the holidays. The bell goes off signalling it's interval. I rush over to Levi's class because interval lasts for 20 minutes. On the way there I see Amanda and she tags along with me. As we near Levi's class I can see him standing there searching for me. It looks like he's smiling when he sees me, but when I get closer to him I can see he's frowning, like he was when it was just him and I in our form class. I start to wonder.... "Hey, Levi, c'mon dude. We'll show you around. Oh, and this is my girlfriend, Amanda." When I introduced Amanda she took my hand in hers, stood on her tiptoes and gave me a quick kiss. "Hi!" She waved cheerfully at him. "Hey." He said just as coldly as he done our form class. I really start to wonder why he was smiling before, and now he's gone to being cold... Amanda... He must put his guard back up when he's around people he doesn't know. It all makes sense. While I'm in deep thought I hadn't realised we were already walking and Amanda was doing all the talking. I could see that Levi was listening carefully to her but for some reason he wasn't letting his guard down.

Just before the bell rang we dropped Amanda off at her class. She gave me deep kiss before we left, I forgot Levi was standing there so I broke the kiss. We head over to our Computer class together. I got to know Levi a bit more. He's originally from Kamo, he has a brother and sister - he's the middle child, he moved here with his parents because his parents were transferred down here. He's into a lot of stuff that I'm in to, he's really down to earth and easy to talk to and really funny, and he's gay. Something inside me tells me I need to be closer to him. Be there for him. To protect him...


Tai Banger

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