"I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this! I'm travelling tomorrow and would be up a creek without my phone." I was so relieved. My crap phone finally died. Along with probably everything on it. Maybe that was a good thing since it was being filled up with such incriminating photos. The boss would probably toss me out on my ear if he ever found out.

"Not a problem, I'm managing this store for a friend while he is on vacation. We are closing up but I will wait for you. My name is Jeff." Jeff. My guardian angel!

It was about 8:30 when I pulled into the store. The normal lights were off but there was a car in the lot. I walked up to the door and knocked. A handsome guy walked out from the back toward me. He had a nice smile.

"I'm sorry, we are closed!" he said.

"Are you Jeff?"

"Oh hey! There you are, I was just about to give up on you!"

"I am so sorry, it is so cool of you to stay late for me. I am seriously in your debt!" I was serious, I'd walk hot coals before going on a trip without my phone.

"We'll let's see what we have!"

I handed over my phone like I was handing over my first born. "Be gentle," I said and he chuckled. Five years ago, I would have laughed if someone told me I'd be so consumed over a piece of technology, especially something my mom could use to call me at a moment's notice.

"I'm going in the back, you can come with me. Probably best so we don't attract further customers." The back of the store is not nearly as flashy as the front. I'd imagine Disney World to be much the same. A work bench ran along the wall with all sorts of tools and gadgets, phone carcases spread everywhere. A mass of battery chargers were blinking. There was a register like the ones I saw as I walked in and a card table near the back exit that I assumed was for breaks. It was like a nerd's wet dream.

"So tell me the story." As he plugged the phone into a device similar to what I remembered checked the emissions on my car, I relived the horror of texting while walking, tripping only to see the phone skidding across the driveway. Never came back on. I was just about to confirm my date for the evening. Now I have no way of contacting him. Never really did get his name.

"Obviously happens all the time right? I know better than to walk and text but I have things to do!"

"Of course, too bad your dick wasn't watching where you were going!" Oh! That was bold. "I mean since you were trying to hook up."

"That bastard! It's all his fault!" I said looking at the front of my pants.

"Ha!! So it is dead but we should be able to get your stuff off it and move it to a new model. I can get you a new phone, but you are still in contract. It is going to cost you. But if you don't tell anyone, I can put you on a refurbished phone for free. They are just as good since the factory scrutinizes them more." That killer smile again! That's going to get me in trouble.

He plugged the phone into another device and I started to see my contacts come through on the screen. He walked over to a shelf and retrieved a white box. "This is the phone only, your old charger and cables will work on it." He then approached the register and started typing things in.

As his back was to me, I was checking him out. I was taller than him but not by much. Broad shoulders and khakis that were obscenely stretched over an amazing ass. He turned around but not before my eyes moved up. I was caught! Dammit!

The gizmo with my old phone started chirping. "The machine prompts us before pulling your photos. Just in case the replacement phone doesn't have enough memory to hold them all. Do you want those moved over as well? The new phone actually has more space and a better camera."

"That would be awesome, thank you!" And he clicked on a button. All of the sudden I see a picture of my dog on the screen, some sort of slide show started. My life for the last year came across the screen at a painfully slow pace. Crap, this is not going to be good.

"It is going to take a bit to copy them all off." I couldn't move. It was like waiting for an inevitable train wreck. I discovered a few months ago the joys of that camera. First it was sly snaps of hotties I was on the shuttle with or at the gym. Then I got a little more bold and asked for dick shots of guys I'd blown (who knew most were cool with that!!) The last couple of weeks I'd hand them the phone as they were fucking me. One guy figured out how to make the think do video. It was all very incriminating, and very terminable offenses.

I could sense him behind me, me still fixed on the screen when pictures of random penises started appearing on the screen. "Oh," I hear. I'm mortified and frozen. "Gasp!" is the next thing I hear as a shot with cum oozes down a lovely dark and uncut dick. Props for mexapixels, you could see every freckle on that dick.

"Shut it off, shut it off!!" I yelped, knowing the damage was done.

"No, I need to see this," said. I'm certain I could hear him breathe. Picture after picture kept my heart racing. Any idiot would know that they were of intimate moments I had been in. Very incriminating that there were such a variety of cocks. "How long did you say you had that phone?" I now felt his breath on my neck.

An a picture of me appeared, looking over my shoulder at my naked ass. Shit. And another of me leaning over spreading my own cheeks, a knuckle in my ass. And a picture of someone's pubes up against my ass, dick obviously inside me. Next image of my asshole gaping open and red.

"Damn, nice." I turned and saw his eyes hungry, his tongue touching the top of his lip. His hand firmly on his crotch. I caught my breath.

As if it couldn't get any awkward, I heard, "Oh yeah baby, take it. Take it deep. Oooh, fuck me, harder." Apparently the transfer stumbled onto a video of me being fucked proper in one of the bathroom stalls at a club a few weeks ago.

I looked down and saw a small spot beginning on the front of his pants. I licked my lips and sunk to my knees.

"Ohhhh!" he said as I slid down his zipper. His underwear was bright red with white stitching. My tongue instantly on te growing wet spot. He smelled awesome, musky but clean. I looked up and his eyes were locked on mine, his mouth open.

"This must not happen to you much, eh?" I said with an evil grin.

"God no, not ever."

I stared nipping at the white seam savoring every flavor I could get. "Unbuckle your belt." He nodded silently.

"Jesus your ass is tight, fuck yeah!" was on the video.

As his pants slid to the floor, I wrapped my hands around the back and slid them underneath his underwear cupping his ass forcing his crotch deeper into my nose and mouth. His ass was tight. I leaned back to check the goods packed into those sexy briefs. His dick, still covered, was steel hard pointing at his hip just below the waistband. The spot was gone, replaced by a larger saliva spot. He tasted awesome! His balls hung low, heavy.

"It has been so long for me," he said. I was looking forward to resetting his clock! I slowly pulled down the briefs with a gasp. Beautiful cut dick, seven inches long. That alone would wreck my ass but it was the girth that caused me concern. Unshaven and musky. Delicious!! I circled my hand (barely) around his dick and dived into his balls licking every wrinkle savoring the manly flavors on my tongue. My hand still firmly on his ass, I felt him flex and saw through one eye his dick bouncing up. He was staring down at me as a drop of precum dripped onto my cheek. Fuck.

"Take my load you fuck," the video continued. I giggled with embarrassment as I pulled his dick down and licked the tip. Our eyes met as I slowly swallowed his cock down to the root. He emitted a groan as I slowly released him, my tongue pressed tight against the underside. I repeated, my eyes never leaving his. His dick at the back of my throat again, I turned my head and slowly retreated my tongue dragging across new flesh. Over and over again, picking up speed the head of his dick catching on the back of my throat. I knew he could feel every movement. I pulled away again scraping the sensitive skin with my teeth before slamming him back into my throat. It was like it belonged there!

The hand on his ass slowly parted his cheeks and I found his pucker. I rubbed against it every time his dick his the back of my throat. With my other hand, I expertly undid my belt and slid my zipper down making as much noise as possible to lower my pants to the knees I was on. I looked up at him again to see his glassy eyes still looking at me. I removed his dick from my mouth and slowly replaced two of my fingers and sucked on them with dramatic flair. He loved it. I pulled my glistening fingers from my mouth and returned to his beautiful dick but made sure he could see that my hand was in the back of my underwear. He could only imagine the two fingers sinking into my own ass. I was fucking myself in rhythm to my sucking. It was awesome.

My fingers were stretching me open, preparing me for the onslaught I was hoping would come. "Jesus, he wants another dick in him dude! Come in here and fuck him. I got him loosened up for you!" on the video. He was fixed on the screen now.

I heard him moan, I didn't want him to cum just yet. I had other things in mind.

"Jeff, I need you. Please, please say you want to fuck me. Please, I need you inside of me."

"Fuck ya." He grabbed my by the hair and pulled me up, my pants slid down to the floor. I held onto him as he kicked off his shoes and then his pants. "Take your shoes off!" I did and got out of my slacks but he stopped me when I started to lower my underwear. "No, those stay on. Come here." He still had his hand gripped onto the back of my hair and man handled me to the work bench. I was completely in his control. At the bench, he pushed me back onto my knees and said, "I don't have any lube. If you want this inside of you, you had best get it wet." Jesus. My mouth instantly full of saliva!!

"Yes freak, suck my dick. Get it ready so I can slide into you!" He didn't have to tell me twice, I was on him. When he thought he was sufficiently wet, he pulled me back up and leaned me on the bench my hands above along my sides. He took his hands and grabbed my ass hard, there will be bruises there later. He pinched the fabric with both hands and ripped a hole in my underwear exposing my hole.

"Yeah!" His hands still on my ass spreading them apart, I could feel his dick line up with my hole. The side of my face on the bench I looked at him as he couched up spit that hit my asshole with precision. In one swoop he was inside me balls deep. Jesus Christ, I could not contain my screams. He grabbed my hands and restrained them behind my back as he forced me to be fucked into the bench.

"Cum is just leaking out him him!" I looked up and saw the camera focus on my brutalized ass on the video screen.

His technique curled my toes. Pulling completely out, angling his dick to stab at my prostrate sinking all the way inside of me before repeating the process. Over, and over. I could feel moisture from his sweat on my ass through the ruined underwear.

"I'm close!" He snarled through gritted teeth. He pulled harder on my arms arching my back into him forcing my face into the bench. That bastard couldn't care less that I was getting splinters in my face and I loved him for it!

"Jesus, I'm cumming!!! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!!" I could feel his dick expand and his body quake as he unloaded what must have been ten ropes of cum into my ass. "Oh fuck."

He slowly slid out of me, the vacuum he had created made wet pop noise when his dick head was finally out. Without ceremony, he walked over to the register to claim my new phone. I raised my pants and slid my shoes on quickly. I already felt his juice leaking down my leg. As his back was to me, I checked out his tight ass one more time before quickly reaching down to collect the hot red underwear with the white stitching and stuffed them into my pocket.

He turned and walked toward me with the phone in his hand.

"Get out of my store. You better hope I just keep a copy of your pictures and videos for myself you fucking whore." Evil grin on his face. He slapped the phone into my hand with a business card.

I heard him say "Have a nice day, thank you for choosing AT&T" with a chuckle as I walked through the dark store and out into the parking lot.



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