My grandparents had brought me up. My mum died when I was five from drug and alcohol abuse. My dad has alcohol problems. From time to time he tries to control his drinking habits, so far not successfully.

My dad now lives in a trailer with my uncle. They have managed to stay out of trouble and pay the bills for about a year. Both Take casual work when they need and feel in the mood.

I was a few weeks from starting university. I thought it would be a nice idea to go and stay with my dad for a week and hopefully get to know him some more.

I'm Todd 18 years old 120lbs 5' 8" tall. Gay and out to my folk and friends.

My dad is 38 years old 145lbs 5' 10" tall, my uncle is 36 years old 140lbs 5' 8" tall.

There was no luxury in the trailer everything was well used and worn. Dad had just split with his latest girlfriend and by the look of the inside of the trailer she had no cleaning skills. Both my dad and uncle could not see what a shit hole they were living in. The smell of the place took me a while to get used too. Being brothers there was no need for any privacy.

They fed and slept in what was a very cramped trailer. So cramped that I ended up having to share a bed with my dad. I sleep naked at my grandparents. A feeling of embarrassment came over me when it was time to strip for bed, I left my briefs on. My dad and uncle stripped naked. Wow they both had fit looking bodies due to doing manual work. A good part of their wages (when they had any) went on booze.

I lay back to back in bed with my dad. I could feel the warmth of his body radiating through me. I looked over to my uncle's bed, in the dim light I could just make out part of his naked back and ass cheeks that were exposed. Fuck I was feeling horny. My dad was breathing heavy making me think he was asleep I moved my hand down to my hardening cock I needed to jack off. I slowly stroked the shaft of my cock enjoying the sensation that was shooting through my body from my head to my toes as I got nearer to ejaculation. All of a sudden my cock started to shoot. I tried hard to stifle my moaning and control my shuddering as best I could. Some of my hot juices shot into my hand, the rest onto my naked chest.

Just then my dad rolled over. I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck. Had he heard me? I felt his hand stroking my back, his other hand moved inside my briefs and massaged my buttocks. My stomach muscles tightened, panic, buzzing in my ears. Then his hands moved to my chest moving down to my stomach. He was fondling my scrotum and cock. Sending shivers down my spine. Lick your cum off the palm of my hand he whispered into my ear as he moved his hand over my face.

I couldn't stop my cock from swelling as my dad continued to fondle me. "You don't need to have these on," he said as he pulled my briefs off. He positioned himself so his cock and balls were dangling over my face. His ball sack hanged low between spread hairy thighs. His musky manliness was so intoxicating. He looked down at me and said, "you want to suck it?" I took his swelling cock in my hand. I gently stroked his cock then licked the shaft up to the tip. He moaned as I slipped the head into my mouth. I sucked on the head while flipping it with my tongue. I took it out my mouth so I could take a more detailed look at it. Veins ran down the now rock hard cock. My guess was that it was at least 8" long. It was too thick to get the palm of my hand and fingers all the way round it. Wow it was some awesome cock.

He continued to moan as I slid it into my mouth and slowly took it deeper down my throat. He started to take control and gently thrust it deeper into my gullet making me gag. Now and then he would pull it all the way out so I could inhale. My dad's pre-cum that was being expelled into the back of my throat tasted wonderful. My dad was using his hips to gently fuck my face, now and then penetrating my throat and holding so my throat got used to his big thick cock. Then he would penetrate deeper trying all the time to get me to take his full length. I had one hand on his belly ready to push him off if I could not breathe. I stroked his ass with my other hand.

He continued to fuck my face slowly penetrating as deep as I could take him then pulling nearly all the way out. He moaned out loud as he threw his head back and stretched his body. I suddenly felt a strong jet of cum hit the back of my throat making me pull back. Stream after stream of hot delicious cum filled my mouth and throat as he thrust deep down into my gullet. His juices were spilling out the corner of my lips it seemed to keep cuming and cuming I didn't want it to stop eventually it did I continued to suck on his cock as it softened.

He then pulled it out my mouth and looked over to my uncle. My uncle had heard the noise we were making and had turned to look to see what was going on. "You want to join us?" My dad asked. "Hell yeah", my uncle said in an excited tone of voice as he came over to us. My dad moved aside as my uncle with a grin on his face climbed on the bed and roughly took hold of my head as he fed me his flaccid cock. His hairy ball sack was brushing over my face. "Suck it boy take it deep" he said. I could feel it swelling in my mouth as it penetrated my throat. My uncle was rougher with me.

He was unable to control the overwhelming surge of excitement racing through his body. In no time his cock was rock hard dripping precum into my gullet. The whole of his body shuddered as his cock throbbed in my throat. I felt a strong jet of cum squirt down my gullet making me attempt to pull away, as I did he pulled the head of his cock out of my throat and held it in my mouth. My mouth soon filled with his sperm juices. I was trying to swallow it all as it filled my mouth but a little spilled out onto the corners of my mouth and down my nostrils. I continued sucking on his cock until it softened. He pulled his cock out my mouth and wiped it across my face, he looked down at me and gave me an evil grin.

While my uncle was fucking my face and feeding me his juice my dad lifted my legs up and spread them apart. He pressed them down on my chest causing my ass to rise up and expose my hole. I heard him suck in air through his teeth as he said with wide open eyes " Look at that tight hole," as he ran his fingers along my ass crack making me shudder.

He gently spread my ass cheeks and licked and lightly bit my inner cheeks, then slowly licked down my scrotum. An overwhelming sensation shot though my body has he sucked my balls into his mouth and sucked hard on them. I could feel his teeth scraping my ball sack, After sucking my balls for awhile he started to lick my hole with the tip of his tongue. Stimulating my sensitive nerves on the rim of my hole as he moved his tongue quickly back and forth. He then used the top of his coarse tongue to lick my entire hole several times. Then he stretched my hole open with his fingers so he could penetrate me deeper with his tongue. He darted his tongue deeper as he licked and sucked my hole. The sensation was overwhelming. I was near to climax when he diverted his attention to my cock sucking the whole of my cock into his mouth. Sucking hard on it until I shot my load into his mouth. There was a look of pleasure and satisfaction on his face as he stretched my hole open and spat a mixture of his saliva and my cum into my hole. Working it deep into my hole with his fingers to lubricate me ready for them both to fuck me. I just hoped he was enjoying the experience as much as I am

My dad told me to kneel with my back to him. He grabbed me by the waist and lifted me up a little running his hands all over my stomach, my chest, my neck and then my face. Kissing my cheek and shoulder, the nape of my neck and down my spine. My uncle knelt in front of me licking my chest and sucking my nipples. Then he French kissed me tasting his and my dads juices in my mouth. My dad positioned me on all fours. Then aligned his cock with my hole and slowly fed me his cock inch by inch. He bottomed out and held himself deep within me, enjoying the sensation of having his cock deep in my warm tight hole.

He started thrusting up and down inside my gut slowly at first. Soon he was fucking me hard and kissing me harder, neither of us saying a word. My uncle looked on stroking his hard cock waiting his turn. My dad grunted, moaned, purred, and hugged me tight. I could feel his teeth digging into my shoulder as his body convulsed. His cock throbbed in my gut as his juice shot deep into me. I felt a sudden warm sensation deep in my gut. He held me for a few minutes while he emptied the last drops of juice into me. I felt his cum leaking out of me as he pulled out and looked at my uncle and said, "he's all yours."

My uncle climbed on me as he did he brought his hand hard down on my butt making me scream out as a stinging pain shot through my entire body. Again my uncle was rougher with me grabbing me by the neck and leaning into me and pressing hard against my hole. His rough thrusting soon made my sphincter open up. He was pushing forward with so much force that his bushy pubic hairs slammed hard against my butt as the whole length of his hard cock slid all the way into me. The sudden searing pain made me scream out.

My uncle was holding me firmly with one arm around my waist and the other around my neck. For awhile he worked his hips back and forth in a frenzy, until he slowed the pace. He started to grind his groin hard against my butt holding for brief moments, before pulling all the way out then thrusting all the way back in. With each forceful thrust my body contorted and I yelped out. I was experiencing extreme pleasure. My yelping and body movement made him more and more excited. He was sweating profusely. As he inhaled and exhaled I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck.

He started biting and sucking my shoulders and neck. I heard him moan out loud as he held me tight. I could feel his warm juices squirting with force deep into me as he rammed hard into me. "Like when we used to fuck his mum, she enjoyed us both fucking her same time," he said. (It was much later I realised what he had said, THEY BOTH FUCKED MY MUM!! If so who is my real dad?) My uncle eventually pulled his cock out of me. They both knelt in front of me and told me to lick their cocks clean.

My uncle yawned and stretched then went back to his bed. My dad got into his bed and lay on his back. "Come on boy lets see you fuck yaself on my cock" he said as he lay there holding his hard cock for me to impale myself on and self fuck. He lay there swigging whisky out a bottle while I thrust up and down on his cock. "Thrust down harder boy make me shoot my load" I could see cum juice covering the shaft of his cock as I lifted up and thrust down. When he shot his load cum spurted out my well-fucked ass.

My dad pushed me off him and told me to go and get fucked by my uncle. My uncle roughly fucked me for as long as he could before he fell off to sleep. By the time I got back into bed with my dad he was asleep. They fucked me every day I was with them. I had succeeded in achieving the ultimate pleasure I had craved for with my dad and uncle. I've made arrangements to visit them as many times as I can.



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