I had spent a few days with a buddy and was on my way home. I was almost home when I got stranded in this small town after failing to get a lift. It started to rain, the only place I could get into from the rain was a bar. I’m Harry I’m gay. 21 years old, I look younger. Blonde hair, Hazel eyes, 120lbs, 5’ 6" tall, slim swimmers body. 

The warm smoky atmosphere hit me as I pushed open the bar door. I tried not to make eye contact with anyone as I made my way to the bar. From the corner of my eyes I could see guys playing pool, they were shouting and cursing as they were bending and swaying their bodies over the pool tables. The place was crowded. Empty and partly full bottles and glasses littered the tables. It was a testosterone laden; alcohol intoxicated male dominated atmosphere.

There were several guys leaning up against the bar, the way they looked at me made me feel anxious and intimidated.  The barmen gave me an indifferent look as I asked for a beer. "You don’t look old enough to be in here boy, you have any identification?"  In a nervous voice I replied, "yeah". It’s a constant humiliation having to prove I’m 21 years old. I showed him my student identity card. He looked at it then at me and grinned as he handed it back. "To me you look only to be 16 years old." I just pulled a face and put it back in my pocket.

Looking 16 and wearing skinny blue jeans, white T-shirt and my college jacket made me stand out. It was not long before two guys came up to the bar and stood either side of me. "We don’t get beautiful cute sexy boys like you in here", said one of the guys as he looked directly into my eyes and licked his lips. The other guy reached out behind me and stroked his hand slowly down my back and over my butt as he said, "gorgeous sexy body!" The barmen had an anxious look on his face, but didn’t say or do anything. They continued to tease me getting more tactile and sexually verbal. I could smell the alcohol on the guys warm breath as he said close up to my face. "Nice hard butt, like to fuck that raw an empty my balls into you, you like that? I fill you with my juices." "Yeah while you suck my dick", said the other guy. I repeatedly pushed them away and told them to fuck off. That only encouraged them to sexually taunt me more.  I was shit scared. Some guys glanced towards us now and then. They were too engrossed in doing their own stuff and drinking. No help would come from them.

Suddenly I heard. "Leave him alone." It was repeated more loudly and assertively. "I said leave him alone." They looked in the direction the voice came from and immediately let go of me. A tall muscular guy approached them. "Now fuck off." He said as he pushed them away from me. They soon scurried off. "You all right boy?"  "Y-yeahh", I replied, feeling shaken and scared. "Here boy", said the barmen as he shoved a bottle of beer towards me. "It’s on the house".  "Thanks".  I was nearly in tears as I downed several mouthfuls of beer, it had been the most frightening experience I had ever lived through. I was thinking they were going to beat me up or rape me! My heart was racing pumping adrenaline through my veins. 

"You from this area?"  "No", I said. He laughed as he said "didn’t think so we don’t get college boys in here."  "I’m Elliot", he said. I started to relax, Elliot appeared to be a nice guy.  Elliot was about 40ish 6’ plus about 230lbs, broad shoulders muscular build. Dark tanned skin. He had his hair in a ponytail. Elliot radiated a calm with his most gorgeous green eyes and a perfect smile. Shivers of delight were running up and down my spine. "They should not have done that, trying to scare the shit out of you, they got too rough". Elliot said 

"Why are you in these parts"?  "I was on my way home and my lift dropped me here, I was hoping to get a lift from here, no luck, then it started to rain". "So where are you heading"?  I told him. "Some way yet then," he said. "Yeah". "Folk don’t give lifts so easy now especially when it’s getting dark". "Yeah I know from experience". "Dangerous a boy like you hitch hiking this late. I live a few blocks away your welcome to stay the night." 

I took him up on his offer and we started to walk the short distance to Elliot’s house.  On the way he told me he had been a boxer in his younger days. "Women and drink got the better of me, I went through a bad period in my life doing bad stuff.  Now I’m a personal trainer and work in security. The work and the money keep me out of trouble. I’m respected in the area. No one messes with me! Here we are", he said pointing at his house with a smile on his face.  Elliot’s house was in an area that had known better times.

When we went in he closed the door behind us. I suddenly felt tense and nervous. "You want a drink? Whisky or coffee or both". he said with a smile. "Whisky please" I said with a smile. I thought it would help calm my nerves. We chatted for awhile, which gave me the chance to check him out more. He was such a gorgeous looking guy a fitti and hotti. He had the largest bulge in his pants I’d ever seen. I felt stirrings in my groin.

"Come", he said as he crooked a finger at me to follow "Let me show you my bed".  We walked into his bedroom. "What you think, is it bigger enough for both of us or do you want me to make a bed in another room for you? You decide", he said. "Looks big enough for two to me". He had a big grin across his face when he said, "good." He stripped down to his boxers. His body was in good shape; he sure knows how to take care of himself. He was not freakishly muscled but well toned. "I need to use the bathroom".  "Feel free, it’s just over the hallway". When I came out the bathroom I caught the musk smell of his body as he brushed by me on his way to the bathroom.  I was just stripping down to my boxers when Elliot came out of the bathroom. He seemed to be in a fixed gaze standing there looking at me. He shook himself out of the gaze and smiled at me as he pulled the ponytail holder off and let his hair fall loosely to his shoulders. Wow!!  with his hair down he looked even more gorgeous.

Just before he got into bed he pulled his boxers off, revealing his large fat cock and hairy balls. Now it was my turn to inhale deeply and stare. I knew I was looking where I should not, I just could not take my eyes off his enormous cock. He sat down on the edge of the bed with his legs apart and pulled me towards him so that I stood between his muscular hairy legs. I could feel my cock swelling and my body was trembling as he ran his hands slowly down my back. "We don’t need to waste time do we?" He said as he gazed into my eyes. I could not speak I just nodded my head from side to side. "I don’t think you need to have these on," he said as he ran his fingers inside the waistband of my boxers and pulled them down to my feet. My cock sprung up as it was released from its confinement in my boxers. I stepped out of my boxers. He stroked his hands slowly over my hips, butt and thighs. "Yeah you have a delicious gorgeous sexy body. Just like the guys said in the bar."  He licked and kissed my naked belly and chest, up to my nipples. Nibbling and sucking each one individually. It was an intense overwhelming and surreal moment. My heart was racing causing me to inhale and exhale rapidly. I was so excited that my body trembled uncontrollably and copious amounts of precum dripped out my pee slit. 

I reached out and started to stroke his fat warm heavy cock. "Kiss it", he said. I got down on my knees and kissed and licked it. Then I started to suck it, taking most of it deep down my throat. It quickly started to swell making me gag. It was only semi-hard. My lips were almost fully stretched as he slowly slid it as deep as I could take it down my throat. I stroked his hairy muscular legs slowly with my hands; making him sigh deeply. I slid my lips up and down the shaft of his now rock hard cock. I looked up at him he had a smile on his face as he said, "my cock feels good and looks good in your mouth."  I could taste his precum in my mouth as he tried to get me to take it deeper. Now and then he would pull it all the way out to let me breath. His cock was dripping with a mixture of my saliva and his precum. Tears were in my eyes The more he worked on my throat the more my throat muscles relaxed, enabling him to penetrate my throat deeper. 

I felt his hand on my hard cock he was going to milk me as he face fucked me.  I was near to coming I could not hold back any longer, I gave out a muffled moan as my whole body convulsed.  Squirt after squirt of cum shot into the palm of his hand.  I felt his hand slide along my ass crack. His fat finger circled my hole before penetrating me. I inhale deeply as he continued to face fuck me and lubed my hole ready for him to fuck me. My hole was warm and tight as he continued to finger fuck me. With one finger then two, loosening me up a little so I could take his enormous cock up my ass. I was experiencing a feeling of ecstasy   

He was near to cuming as he held my head firmly between his hands and face-fucked me more vigorously. "Aaaawwwwwwww I’m going to cum," he shouted as he thrust harder with his hips. I was struggling to breathe and started pushing with my hands against his thighs. A strong jet of cum hit the back of my throat filling my mouth spilling out the corners of my mouth and down my nostrils, making me gasp for air. I managed to pull away. The next jet of cum struck me hard in the face, partly blinding me. Elliot held his cock and shoved it in my mouth. Several more powerful jets of cum shot into my mouth spilling out my mouth and running down my chin. I swallowed as much as I could. Elliot fell back onto the bed he was breathing heavily. I stroked his thighs and licked and sucked his cock until it was limp. I could hear him sighing with delight. He raised his legs and rolled further onto the bed.

Elliot lay on his back. I knelt between his legs and sucked on his limp cock until it was hard. He told me to lie on my back. He was on his knees leaning over me lifting my legs so they rested on his shoulders. He leaned into me so my ass raised up more, making it better for his cock to line up with my hole so he could penetrate me more easily. He reached over and scooped some cum juice off my face and smeared it over the shaft of his cock. Then leaned forward and kissed me. 

Penetrating my hole was not going to be easy my hole was tight his cock was enormous. I knew I would feel pain before the pleasure. He was gentle with me and took his time trying to make it as less painful as possible. It took a while before my hole opened up allowing the head of his cock to penetrate me.  For a brief moment it felt like the wind had been knocked out of me as the head suddenly slipped in.  I threw my head back and gave out a loud groan. I could see the look of concern on Elliot’s face as he looked down at me. He leaned forward and stroked his hands through my hair and kissed me "you ok babe"?  "Yeah I’m ok your cock feels fantastic inside me. Fuck me! Fuck me!"  "I will babe, I’ll fuck you good".  He continued to kiss me as he gently thrust his cock deeper into me. I could feel it sliding deeper into my gut. Pain had already given way to an overwhelming feeling of pleasure. He was sweating as he used more force to open up my sphincter. I was moaning with each thrust. Elliot was sighing and grunting. I enjoyed stroking my hands over his muscular back and hard ass cheeks. I could see his ass cheeks relax and tense as he slowly fucked me. His cock was all the way into me to the hilt. Elliot was licking and biting my neck and shoulders as he ran his fingers through my hair and stroked the sides of my face. Gradually he started to fuck me more vigorously as he began to lose control, just prior to climaxing. This was a surreal moment having Elliot thrust into me with all the power of his body. He gave out a loud moan as I felt his cock throbbing inside me delivering his live sperm deep in me. He made sure I got every last drop of his sperm juice. We lay there kissing and cuddling until we fell off to sleep

His cock swelling inside my gut woke me in the morning. Elliot wrapped his powerful arms around me and kissed and cuddled me as he once again slowly fucked me. I was in no hurry to get home. I stayed a few days then Elliot drove me home.  My parents instantly liked Elliot and thought he was a good influence on me a roll model. He comes and stays with us occasionally. My parents make a fuss of him and always say, "we hope Harry gets some of your good in him". I do but they don’t know Elliot fucks me. I like it best when Elliot collects me from home and I spend a few days with him.  



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