It was my 18th birthday and we were all at my sister's house. The women were in the kitchen discussing my sister's wedding the following Friday and us guys were in the living room watching a movie and drinking. Being that my mom was there my future brother-in-law Ed and his brother Roy kept sneaking me shots of tequilla and beers. Before I knew it, I was out cold. I woke up around two in the morning lying next to Roy who's shirtless body instantly turned me on. I reached over and started to pinch his nipples to see if he'd react. After a few minutes of no response I started to slide my hand down his body to that beautiful bulge in his shorts. To my surprise, Roy's cock was hard as rock. I started to rub it softly and when he didn't budge I started to squeeze it harder. I got hornier and brave and undid his button and zipper to find that Roy was commando giving me much easier access. I pulled out his big beautiful cock and started to stroke it. I was really into what i was doing when I heard 'is that all you're going to do?' I looked up to see Ed standing in the hall watching me stroke his brother's cock. I looked down at Roy to see his hands under his head and a huge smile on his face. I stuttered as I tried to apologize. Ed put his finger to his lips telling me to be quiet while he walked up to me and undid his own shorts. I reached up for his meat and started to stroke these two beautiful cocks as I realized that my eight year fantasy was about to come true. I got up on my knees not really knowing what to do, but I was determined. I licked the pre-cum off of Ed's swollen cockhead and loved the taste. I swallowed as much of his cock as I could and got used to sucking dick quick realizing that it was my future brother-in-laws cock that I was sucking while his brother was wanking off next to us. I was really at it now when Roy started to undo my shorts. I adjusted so that he could take them off, but never stopped sucking on Ed's cock. I soon felt Roy's tongue on my asshole and moaned making my throat vibrate on Ed's cock sending him into orgasm. I swallowed as much as I could, but Ed's load was so big that it started dripping out the corners of my mouth. Roy caught the leaking cum in his hand as Ed moved to the sofa where he could sit and I'd still be on my knees with my butt at the perfect position for Roy to have his way with me. Ed never lost his hard-on so I started sucking on his tool again when I felt Roy lube my asshole with his brother's seed. I swallowed Ed's cock and kept it deep in my throat to keep from screaming because the pain of Roy's cock entering my virgin ass was almost unbearable. The pain quickly turned to pleasure as Roy's cock hit that spot of pure bliss. I sucked Ed's cock to Roy's rythm and I was in heaven. I grabbed hold of my own cock and started jacking it to the rythm when both Ed and Roy's breathing became more rigid. I was putting out my best effort for both brother's when Roy abandoned my asshole and sat next to his brother. I took both cock heads into my mouth right when they both shot their loads in my hot mouth at the exact same moment I blew my load all over the floor beneath me. I swallowed all that they had to offer me, looked up at them both spent and satisfied as they turned to each other and said 'it worked' as they laughed and told me that it was all in their plan. That was the beginning of a beautiful FWB realtionship that we, til today, still take advantge of.




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