It was a hot dry mid summers day, and once again I found myself standing half naked, wearing only my briefs as I had forgot my bathers about to dive into my best mates pool. This wasn't unusual we were completely comfortable with each other, it was only us home. Both of his parents had left for the weekend so we were completely alone. We were both 16 years old at the time. My friend was wearing his board shorts in the pool, they were a bit to small so I could see a well defined package, he was well hung from what I could tell and he had a body to die for, tanned, not very muscle, like a basketball player, well that's exactly what he is actually. I was staring at him in the pool, watching his glide through the water, he looked up and saw me looking at him, and then looked down to my crotch, where to my embarrassment I was sporting a huge boner, and I was wearing nothing but my briefs. We looked at each other for a few moments, he was just staring at it eventually he looked away and I dived in to the pool to hide my hard on. I was so embarrassed and confused, I had never even looked at a guy before, but suddenly I was sporting a huge boner for my best mate. I couldn't believe it.

We just sort of swam for a while, shooting some hoops on his floating basketball ring until suddenly he had an idea, and told me to close my eyes and count to ten so we could play Marco Polo...By this time I had completely forgotten about my boner before hand, but still I couldn't get the thought of him, his tight ass and bulge out of my head. I yelled out Marco, he soon replied polo, we went on like this for a while until eventually I had him cornered, still with my eyes shut I reached out to catch him and grabbed something hard, yet soft, I opened my eyes and saw him standing there completely naked, with my hand on his dick. It was about 6 or 7 inches from what I could tell through the water.

I was a bit surprised and let go straight away, he was a bit embarrassed and quickly found his board shorts and began to cover himself up again. At this point I told him to stop and take it off again, as he let go of his board shorts and let them sink to the bottom of the pool, I pulled off my briefs to reveal my 6 inch circumcised cock. He looked down at my cock in the water, it was hard as hell. I was so confused right now, never in my life had I thought about another guy before yet now all I could think about was James, my best mate, the guy I had done all this amazing stuff with, even slept in the same bed many times on sleepovers...It suddenly occurred to me that James was gay, come to think about it he had never had a girl friend and he was one of the hottest guys in school, and whenever we slept in the same bed when I woke up he was always spooning with me, him the big spoon. I had never even considered the possibility before, and yet all those times we slept together he was gay.

He really was my best mate and I loved him, I felt this uncontrollable desire and I had to have him, I looked up from my thoughts to see James staring at me, worried that I might freak out. He leant towards me and kissed me on the lips, it was amazing, I kissed him back and we were soon in the most passionate kiss I could imagine, our tongues entwined, my hands were on his back, I slowly moved them down, lower onto his firm sculpted ass, he did the same with me. We both decided it would be best if we got out of the pool so we could make out easier, he climbed up the ladder first, wriggling that firm sculpted ass of his in my face as I climbed up behind him. We went inside and upstairs into his bedroom, by the time I got there he was lying there, spread still completely naked across his double bed. I ran and jumped on top of him and we continued our passionate embrace.

While all this was going on I felt like I was going to explode, as he was on the bottom I broke the kiss and moved down to his chest, and began to suck on his nipples, this drove him insane, so I kept moving down lower and lower to his belly button, there was a very faint snail trail of blond hair leading down to a small bush of pubes, apart from that he barely had any hair. I kissed his lower stomach and then I came to the head of his penis, I kissed it, and then moved further down to his balls and began to suck on them. He was begging me to just suck his cock, but I teased him a little longer, his balls tasted slightly salty like the pool. Eventually when I thought he could take it no longer I licked the tip of his cock, and tasted his shiny pre-cum, it tasted completely different to anything I had ever had, but I liked it. I tried to suck the whole of his uncircumcised cock, all 7 inches of it in one go but I couldn't, I choked as the head of his penis tickled my throat, slowly I relaxed my throat and took his whole throbbing penis into my mouth. He was moaning like crazy and I could tell he was enjoying it, then all of a sudden he stopped moaning, he held his breath and I felt all his muscles tense up. I felt him orgasm uncontrollably, he shot a huge load of thick creamy cum in my mouth, I liked its salty taste and I tried to swallow all of it. Some leaked out back onto the head of his penis. Wanting more of his come I liked his sensitive piss slit, this drove him insane and he continued to shoot another few volleys into my waiting mouth. I cleaned up the rest of his cum, rubbing my tongue on his fore skin.

After I had done this he told me that he had loved me for a very long time and wanted to do this to me so badly for so long, I was lost in the moment, completely in love with him, he was my best mate after all. James told me he was going to do something to me and that it might hurt at first but that I would really enjoy it. He has me spread my legs apart and he went put his face in my ass and started licking my hole, it felt awesome, I felt like I was going to explode, then all of a sudden he stuck his finger up there. It felt weird and painful at first but then I began to relax, he stuck another two in there until my hole was wide open, he walked away, leaving my bear ass exposed and returned with some Vaseline, he rubbed it on his dick which despite shooting the mother of all loads was hard again. He lubed him self up good then slowly eased his hard cock into me, it was the most painful thing I had ever felt then all of a sudden the pain just eased and it started to feel really good. He started moving his cock in and out slowly and then getting faster...It felt awesome, I was jacking off while he was doing this , close to cumming, then I felt his dick harden inside me and he shot his load, I felt the warm liquid fill my insides while he writher in pleasure, I shot at the same time, covering my chest in cum.

Slowly he took his penis out of my ass then began to lick the cum of my chest, it felt amazing, he sucked on my nipples then on my circumcised cock to clean off the last bits of my salty cum. He moved up and kissed me, I could taste my cum on my best mates lips, and I liked it. I will never forget that day, it was the start of the greatest friendship I will ever have.




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