The first time I saw Dade was at Cross Country tryouts. He stuck out like a mastiff in a pack of greyhounds. Where we were all long legged lean running machines, he looked like a linebacker. Tall, broad shouldered, heavy muscled arms and legs. And one of the biggest butts I'd ever seen on a muscled white guy. I could hear a few snide remarks buzzing through the group. I just shrugged, I knew never to judge a book by it's cover. Some of those big linebackers could move like lightning.

Some of those guys must have been shocked when Dade made the team and they didn't. While not particularly fast, he seemed to have inexhaustible stamina. Too many guys haven't learned to reserve some energy for the end of the race, and lose out when they flag. Dade bulled through and put out enough extra speed at the end to make in impression on Coach.

Hitting the showers with Dade was a treat for me. I always liked the big boys. He was no disappointment there either. His short cropped red-blonde hair was repeated with a small patch between his big pecs, a circle around each nipple and a thin trail to his pubic patch. A pale length of around four inches, with a fat pink head overhung a pair of lowhanging lopsided balls.

Then there was that magnificent butt. His relatively small waist made it look like a big round shelf someone had just thrown up. There was a slight line of hair peeking out from his deep crevice, like cave animals afraid to come into the light. When he bent over to wash his legs, it was all I could do not to pop a wood right then and there. Even though I was out, I kept a low profile in the locker room. Enough of the guys were uneasy with me seeing them naked as it was. Dade didn't seem uneasy, but could be he didn't know yet.

Turned out I was about to get to know Dade a whole lot better. My best girlfreind Leah and her roommate Maria came to our first meet. I swear Dade and Leah took one look at each other and the sparks flew. Soon she took to hanging out at practice, supposedly to see me, but her eyes never strayed far from Dade. His seemed to always find her. Can't blame him, Leah was a model quality beauty. Long legged willowly, perfect face, enormous green eyes. I had a few twinges of jealousy, both because Leah was paying attention to Dade and vice versa. Soon there was that first date and suddenly Dade was a part of my life, beyond the team and a few great fantasies. At first Dade was a bit awkward around me, not having been in close contact with a gay man before. When some time went by and I never hit on him, or even made suggestive comments, he began to relax around me. Oh, I wanted to, but no way, I was going to risk hurting Leah. So I kept my fantasies, my hands, and as much as possible my eyes to myself. Soon, Dade, seemed to forget about my being gay, and except for a couple of tense encounters with some homophobes, wasn't often reminded of the fact. Unfortunealty the more time I spent around Dade, the more he wound himself into my heart. He was the nicest, sweetest most caring man I had ever met in my life. There were times I almost hated Leah, but since she was the nicest, sweetest, most caring woman I'd ever met, I couldn't hate her for more than a moment.

We stayed freinds through College, graduated and went our seperate ways. I went to their wedding, kept in touch, visited once in a while. But like most people whose lives are on diffrent paths we drifted a ways apart.

Then word came that Leah had ovarian cancer. I went to give moral support when I could and kept in constant contact via phone and e-mail. I watched them both become haggard from the strain.

Then she went into remission and life began to return to normal.

Then came that late night phone call. The cancer had come back with a vengeance and just like that Leah was gone.

I got my boss to give me an early vacation and

drove right to their home town. Dade was so glad to see me it was heart wrenching. I spent the next few days helping him deal with funeral arrangements,and his and Leah's family. I fielded phone calls, made meals, etc. I also just quietly provided shoulders for tears. I could see having Leah's family stay at the house was hard on Dade, but I couldn't do anything about that. At least his parents were staying with freinds. And I got to leave every night and go back to my hotel. Dade was stuck there with grieving parents.

Then the funeral was over, the reception was over, and Leah was truly gone. I went back to my hotel, shed some private tears and got ready to get on with life. Til my cell rang.

Dade was calling from the hotel bar and wanted some company. The last thing I wanted right then was to deal with his grief, but that's what freinds do, so I cleaned up a bit and went down to meet him.

I guess I took long enough for Dade to do some serious drinking before I got there. He was at least one sheet to the wind. I'm not a big drinker and I knew Dade wasn't either, but under the circumstances, I kept my mouth shut. If Dade needed a few drinks to dull his pain, then so be it. So I made my drinks last while I watched my friend get smashed. At one point I snagged his keys, so he wouldn't be able to drive his car. Unfortuneatly, I managed to get enough alcohol in my system, that I knew I wasn't going to drive him home either. Finally when he was showing signs that he might be falling down drunk, I made a decision. I dialed his house, where Leah's parents were staying to let them know, Dade was in no condition to get home and that I was going to bunk him down in my room for the night. I got him up and steered him to my room. Once inside, I went to my luggage, got some aspirin and water and made him drink as much as he could. I figured a brutal hangover on top of everything else happening in his life was too cruel. Then I told him to get undressed and go to bed. He gave me a drunken leer, so out of character, I was taken aback. ' Just cuz I'm drunk, don't think you are going to have your way with me' I was so totally nonplussed I just stood there with my mouth hanging open, speechless. He started guffawing so hard he wobbled. ' You should see your face!' I grabbed a pillow and whopped him with it. ' Just shuck the jeans smartass, I'll try to keep my lust to my self!' I went to the bathroom.

When I came out Dade was sprawled facedown across the bed ,passed out. At least he'd gotten his jeans open and halfway down his ass before he dropped. I sighed and went to pull off his shoes and pull them the rest of the way off. I was surprised he didn't stir, because it took some tugging to get them past those meaty thighs. Man he was heavy. Then I stood back to admire the view. His shirt was rucked up, showing his muscled lower back. His jockeys were rucked down showing the top half of that big round ass. I actually considered for a moment pulling his jockeys off too. Okay, I know his wife and my friend was just buried, and I shouldn't have nasty thoughts, but hey, I wasn't dead and neither was my libido. With a sigh I settled for pulling his legs over so he didn't take up the whole bed and if maybe my hands ran down those legs a little, what can I say.

I crawled into the narrow space left and tried to sleep. Actually it was pretty easy, it was a long hard tiring day and the booze helped alot.

I woke to Dade's big arm across my chest and his face nuzzling into my neck. One of those big meaty thighs was across my pelvis and I could feel something hard pressed into my hip. He was muttering something, I tried to squirm away, but his grip tightened. Then his words began to make some sense, only they didn't! ' C'mon Leah honey, get out your dick. I need it bad, don't make me beg for it!' His hand slid down my body and ran across my very hard dick. ' MMM baby, you bought a new big one for me' Huh, what the fuck was he talking about. Leah bought a new dick for him, that just didn't make sense. Suddenly he flipped over and started grinding his big ass against my hip. ' C'mon baby, don't tease me, Pull it out, and give it to me. ' Suddenly, things began to click in my fuzzy brain. Little Leah must have a strapon dildo that she used on Dade. My mind boggled.

Meanwhile Dade's big paw was fumbling under my shorts, trying to pry out my dick. In his drunken stupor, he was dreaming I was Leah, and that my dick was her strapon. He wanted Leah to fuck his ass! It was too much! I shook him calling his name, trying to wake him up. Finally blearily his eyes cracked open and he peered over his shoulder at me. Then I felt his hand jerk away from my dick as his whole body jerked across the bed.

' Oh shit, I thought you were Leah and....' Some remnant of his dream must have stuck with him as he went really pale. ' Oh shit, God, what did I say? What did I do?' ' It's alright Dade, you didn't really do anything, except grab my dick.' I lied. Then tears started leaking down his face. ' Leah's gone, and noone else is going to understand me, what I want and need!'

At that time he buried his face in his pillow and shook the bed with great shuddering sobs. I tenatively rested my hand on his shoulder, at a loss, not knowing what to say. Especially sice my imagination, kept playing pictures of Leah ramming a strapon betwen those glorious ass cheeks. Wade flipped towrds me at my touch and buried his face against my neck and chest, bawling into the mass of hair there. I got an arm under him and over him and just held him as he cried. It was a good long, needed cry, and it felt so good holding his big body next to mine. It felt so natural to run my hands up and down his back, trying to soothe him. After a while, the sobs tapered off. Dade started running his hands across my chest and stomach. ' I always liked all this hair on you, Rusty, wish I had hair like this.' He muttered. I wasn't sure where we were going, but I didn't have the strength to stop him. His hands strayed down to cup my rigid hardon. ' Always wanted to do that too, but knew you'd never go for it!' ' You're right, I'd never do anything to hurt Leah, and I don't poach married men!' ' Leah and I discussed trying to have a threeway with you, but she said it would be too much like screwing her brother, guessed you'd feel the same way!' Now, Leah's ghost entered the situation. I felt dirty and guilty, yet I knew I wasn't going to be able to stop myself. I'd wanted this man too long. ' I was talking about Leah fucking me, wasn't I?' Dade blurted out. Numbly I nodded. ' I guess I can't really wrap my mind around it. You're telling me, she used a dildo on you?' ' Yeah, Leah got me turned on to having things in my ass and now sometimes I just need something up my ass, because it feels so good. I've never actually had a guy fuck me, because it would feel like cheating.' His hand continued to stroke my cock through my shorts.

' I understand if this makes you feel uncomfortable and you want me to stop. It's just that you were always like a part of us, and it doesn't feel like I'm cheating on her memory with you.' ' I don't know what to feel anymore, Dade, just that I have always wanted you since the first time I saw you!' He leaned over to kiss me gently on the lips. ' I know I'm still a little drunk, but would you fuck me Rusty? In a way it would almost be like Leah was with me.' He groped my dick and chuckled, ' Although, her toy wasn't nearly this big, and that's a little scary too!'

I was so conflicted. Would this put a strain on our relationship? Would he wake up in the morning and be ashamed and hate me? Yet, I so wanted to fuck him! Finally I nodded. He sighed and fished my dick out of my shorts. ' Never done this with a real dick either' He breathed as he bent to run his tongue over the head of my cock. I let him slurp for a while but knew I wouldn't be able to last long and pulled him off.

' You can't do that if you want me to fuck you Dade, I'm just too keyed up!' He nodded, then rolled face down hooked his fingers in his jockeys, arched his hips and pealed them down. I got up from the bed and fumbled through my shaving kit for lube. Dade was grinding his hips into the bed, his ass crevice opening and closing.

I crawled up the bed between his wide flung legs.

He had his dick and balls stuck down and out so I could see them. I grabbed a cheek with each hand and pulled them apart. There nestled between the mountains, hidden in the vally,surrounded by sparse hair, was a pulsing pink slit that just seemed to be begging to tasted. I dove in and Dade nearly went crazy. ' God, Oh God, no one's ever licked my ass before!' he moaned. I spent a good long time slurping at that quivering hole. Dade started pushing his ass against my face. He moaned, and muttered things like ' Shit that feels so good' and a lot of ' OH GOD's.

Then he was begging to get fucked, only he also begged Leah a couple of times. It didn't matter to me at that point. I just wanted to sink my dick in that pink hole and feel Dade's ass swallow me deep. I slathered on the lube and squirted some up Dade's pucker. I intended to go slow, but when Dade felt my cock against his hole he bucked up against it and buried it to the hilt.

We both froze for a moment. Dade to adjust to something bigger up his ass than he was used to, and me just reveling in the sight of my dick buried deep in those massive cheeks. Just the sight, was almost enough to make me shoot.

After, a bit Dade started moving his hips, moaning at the feel of my deeply buried tool, stirring in his gut. I pulled out a little and slowly sank back in. Dade groaned and pushed back. ' Fuck me Rusty, fuck me hard!' I began to pump, my groin smacking into that big ass and setting those cheeks to quivering. Dade met every thrust. I was too far gone to mind when he drunkenly gasped out Leah's name a time or two.

Then suddenly he was groaning out, ' Oh God, oh Hell, I'm gonna come I'm gonna come!' I could feel his body jerk under me, and his ass was clenching hard around my dick. A few more strokes and I rammed deep inside him and let loose.

After what felt like wave after wave of come shot into him, I finally collapsed on his big broad sweaty bqck, still buried to the hilt in his ass. As we lay there gasping, sweat gluing my body to his, my doubts began to resurface. What was this going to do to our freindship? I made to pull out, but Dade's big mitts came around to hold me in place. ' Not yet, Rusty, leave it in please, it feels so good in there.' After a bit he said sheepishly. ' Leah used to fall asleep on my back, with the dildo still stuck up my ass. You almost feel like her now, and I need to feel like she's here. Do you mind?'

I didn't quite know how to respond, but finally I just stretched out over him and relaxed. Only he kept moving his ass under me and soon my relaxing tool came back to life. Soon I was drilling into him again. Dade loved it, I guess I one upped Leah there.

Dade woke up all cuddly the next morning, and we pretty much spent the rest of my stay holed up in my hotel room. There were a lot of tears over Leah, but somehow we were both healing already. He comes to visit me pretty regularly, and we both get what we need. I know that he's still basically straight and someday he'll meet another woman. I just hope she can give him what Leah and I both did.




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