My Wrestling Coach

You know how you always get nervous no matter what on the first day of school? Well, that is exactly how I was; a nervous wreck. I was sitting on the bus that morning wondering who I would meet in my classes, if anyone would find out that I was gay, if I should tell anyone that I am gay or if my teachers would be nice.

 I went to my athletics class and found out that I had one sexy coach. He was hairy and did the workouts with us. The real treat was when this one super hairy, muscly daddy came in the room. He was the wrestling coach, so we didn't see him often because he did not teach our class. Finally the second semester came and I switched one of my classes to Health. Luck was on my side when I found out that this "daddy of my dreams" was also my teacher. This specific teacher happened to also be the wrestling coach. Lucky enough for me, he chose me to be his favorite to pick on. Always liking the Steelers football team, I had to tell everyone when we shared that information. Him liking the Broncos, we immediately clashed. I just happened to be wearing orange shoes for some reason that day which just gave him even more to his advantage. I apparently really grew on him because it went to the point where he put his hand on my shoulder often. That was after he realized I was one of the best students he ever got. I had straight-A's throughout high-school getting above 95 on every semester average for all 4 years.

 One day he took me outside in the hallway during a video that the class was watching. This didn't strike me as odd for any reason because I had just been really sick for an entire week, so I assumed he was going to talk to me about something I had missed. The look in his eye told me something else when we stepped outside because the lights were dimmed due to the video. I glanced over my shoulder to see his massive silhouette block my view of the screen. We exited the room and we lingered outside the door for a moment until he said, " You know I have been really thinking that you would be great in wrestling."

 I dumbly replied with an "uhhhh." I stared down at his massive calf muscles that were coated in a thick brush of blonde hair. I looked up his muscly body to his mammoth biceps and to his handsome face. "This is definitely something to think about," I said.

 "I can arrange everything for you, and if you parents need any information, I will get it," he said as if he would do anything to get me on the team. "Are you in any extracurricular activities?" He asked before I was able to say anything.

 "Nope," I answered quickly. 

"You should really try and join wrestling. You may not be great during your first year, but it is a lot of fun and I think you should try it out," he explained." 

Thinking about the words that came from that deep voice of his, I replied with "Okay, I will try it out." I grinned as he beamed back at me. That made me feel amazing just by making him happy.

 "You are so solid that I think you would do amazing in wrestling," He said as he lead me back into the room. He once again set his hand on my shoulder and I think I felt a little squeeze just before he slid his hand down my back and to my ass. Then he spanked me softly which got me all hot and hard. I couldn't stop grinning the rest of the class.

 I was put into wrestling the very next week. Although it was late into the year, I could still learn things before the next year. Because everyone already had their uniforms, Coach led me to his private office where he asked me, "How big are you?" Which was followed by a heavy breath. From the sound of his voice it seemed like he was really thinking about my cock size.

 "Do you mean my height?" I asked in return.

 "Sorry, I meant what size clothes do you think you may need," he answered.

 "I may be medium or large," I said.

 "Why don't you undress and we can check which one fits you better," he instructed. I did as I was told and he stared as I undressed. I had no idea that my nipples were hard until I had taken off my shirt. When I took off my shorts, the underwear I was wearing pressed tightly against my cock which left a large bulge for the coach to see. I noticed he was breathing heavily at the sight of my body.

 "You have an amazing body," said the coach in remark to my almost naked, muscular build. I was also very hairy for my age which drew his attention down to my thick, very hairy quads. He walked over to me and passed me while trying not to make his staring obvious. He reached for a medium outfit and then walked in front of me. "Here," he said as he handed me the clothes. He did so by pressing the outfit to my chest and running his thumb over my hard nipple. I took that as a sign as well as my chance to do something about this unbearable attraction to him. I grabbed his arm, letting the clothes drop to the floor. I brought my left arm around his back pressing his strong body against mine. I looked up into his deep blue eyes as he stared back into my almost gray eyes.

 "You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen," he remarked. 

"I love your eyes as well!" I said in return. We embraces further with a kiss. My lips against his hot lips. He was so forceful and strong I just fell in love right away. His tongue forced its way into my mouth and our tongues met. A rush went through me and I kissed more passionately. We made out for a minute until I undressed him, slowly. I loved the sight of his body. He was so big and muscular. He had enormous pecks followed by a defined 8-pack that led down his V-shaped body to a massive cock. His cock was already hard when I unzipped his jeans and removed his boxers. I pressed my body against his licking and sucking at his already hard nipples. He then picked me up and carried me over to his desk where he sat in his chair. I knelt to the level of his cock and looked from his handsome face to his cock and back. Grabbing his cock, I stoked it for a few seconds before inhaling as much as I could. I never really had much of a gag reflex, but this cock was so big that I couldn't breathe. I bobbed up and down masterfully using my tongue and making him moan. He put his hand on the back of my head, notifying me to keep going deeper. I got half way down his cock and  just kept taking more and more. Finally I took it all after about 5 minutes of sucking. The hair from his balls tickled me as his cock filled my throat. I continued sucking until he made me stop.

 "You almost made me cum, boy!" He said in an excited tone. I stared up at him and then went up to kiss him some more. We traded places and he started to suck me. He was amazing. The best cock-sucking coach ever. He was so good that he could take most of my cock from the very beginning. I moaned and stared down as he looked up into my eyes. My cock hardened to a stiffness that I didn't think was possible. It was like iron in his warm mouth. I almost came, but he stopped just before as if he knew just when to stop. 

"Now lets have some fun. Get on the desk," he commanded. I followed his orders and got on the desk as he raised my legs above me and squeezed some lube onto his dick. He rubbed it on before slowly impaling me on his prong. It was so big that I almost couldn't take it at first. The repeated motion of his humping into me made me used to his cock and another inch slide in further. This happened until all of it was in. Finally he came, spurting massive loads of cum deep into me. He grunted with each spurt and managed about 6 grunts. I was full of his hot cum that now leaked out of my full ass. He rubbed his hands over my hairy legs and up my chest and back down.

 I got up and we embraced to feel each other's warmth. I buried my face into his muscular body. We then looked into each other's eyes again and kissed, using tongue as always. We slowly got dressed because we couldn't keep our hands off each other.

 When we got back to the gym, I was wearing my new wrestling clothes. I had decided upon a medium which was still slightly small. Now that me and the coach were having sex, my life had gotten a whole lot more interesting until I had to leave to go into the Air Force. I had taken ROTC for a few years in school, and I loved it. I guess life had a lot in store, and it still does.


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