So for the guys who want to know I had a hot and heavy night last night. It consisted of me, my friend, his friend, and my friends friends boyfriend. We all got drunk in my apartment last weekend and my friend found my huge collection of gay porn. So we all sit down and start to watch when my friend wips out his nicely hard cock and starts to jerk off right there on my couch. We all looked at him and and stated to do it too.

So we all start to jerk off, then one thing lead to another and we all start to suck each other off but i say 'Dont Cum' because I wanted o try a Fuck Train. So we all started to lick each others ass out, to get it ready for are cocks. Once that was done my friend mounted me while mounted his friend and him his boyfriend. We were in each other and all pumped in senque. This Bliss when on for 10 min. It felt so Good. But it felt much better when we all started to cum in each others ass. My friend cummed in me first. Then his friend but that didnt stop them. I was last. I had a hot load in my ass and the shot an even hotter load into his ass. We keep going for a few more minutes. Finally we all stoped and fell to the floor. We all got up, and with the exclusion of my firend, we all had hot, sticky cum flowing out of are asses.

My friend decited to get down and lick up his own cum out of my ass. And with that we started a Cum Swapping Train. That night will be on of my best sexual experences i will ever have. It was so hot and felt so good. I think i will make that a regular activity. We all will get together and do it.



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