I was really hot to trot tonight. I'd had a late workout at the gym and was feeling totally energized. Pumping my muscles and watching myself in the mirror turned me on so much that I usually couldn't help but get a quick blow job from one of the guys in the gym shower. But not today. Today I was looking for something new. Somebody really muscular and very masculine looking. I wanted somebody who was my perfect type; big and handsome; the bigger the better. Somebody just waiting for me to train them and show them what it takes to worship a god. It had been weeks since I'd had a really perfect one, and I deserved a guy like that once in a while. After all, if I do say myself, I'm gods gift to gay muscledom. Six foot three inches tall, two hundred sixty-three pounds, seven percent body fat, muscles that were literally astonishing, and a face that was to die for. Hell, I was so damn perfect that the guys would line up wishing I would even look at them, or even better, allow them to get on their knees for me. I had a phone list that would allow me to have dozens of guys knocking at me door in minutes hoping to kiss my ass if I wanted it. But tonight I wanted something new, and really special.

At the gym the guys couldn't keep their eyes off of my spectacular body, but then again, neither could I. Most guys tried to look away when I caught them looking, but the fact is they had their eyes glued to my muscular perfection. Either that or had their eyes glued to the unbelievable bulge in my workout shorts. My shorts were not particularly tight but how the hell do you hide a cock that is nine and a half inches long and really big around? I always wore a jock to hold it in, but even when it was mostly soft it still made quite an impression on the guys. I didn't so much see envy in their eyes as much as dejection. My magnificent muscular body and my stunningly beautiful face with the arrogance to go with it, almost drove them into despair. A lot of the ones really into body building simply left the gym in shame when I arrived because I made them look like runts by comparison.

Anyway, I was looking for something hot tonight. I knew I was gay, but gay or straight didn't mean much to me since my favorite past time was fucking hot muscular 'straight looking' guys. I liked 'em really butch. I didn't generally go to the park where the cruising was going on because that really wasn't my thing to be groping around in the dark and not being able to see what you were getting. Hell, I didn't want just anybody suckin my cock. I could get a blow job in a minute if I wanted to bother calling someone on my phone list. I had an over abundance of cocksuckers hanging around, but when looking for something new I did my cruising out in the light where I could get a good look at what I was getting. I simply walked around town where there were people, usually near the hotels, until I found the guy I wanted, and then took him. I was twenty-three years old, or at least that's what I told everybody. If I'd been honest and told them I was nineteen, they'd never have believed me with my incredible muscled body. I liked guys between twenty or so and maybe thirty-five as long as they had hot muscular bodies and were really attractive. There were few things better than looking down at a really pretty face with my prick in his mouth.

Obviously I had to talk a guy up first in order to get him into some secluded place, but once I get him there he was mine. I admit I've always been somewhat of a bully. I was a wrestler and a boxer in high school and I was the bully that beat up on the bullies, because I was always the biggest guy around. Nobody could stand up to me.

So I loved beating guys up. And of course I loved fucking. Put the two together, and as you can imagine, I had some really good times. My usual game was to pick up a guy that met my tastes and get him out of the public eye; then I'd slam him around until he was cooperative, and then fuck him. Once I was done working them over, they were pretty much happy to do anything I wanted them to do. Well, maybe not happy, but it was amazing how cooperative a guy could be after you beat the shit out of him and threaten to do worse. I liked big guys but I wanted them to be completely submissive and compliant, ready and willing to take anything I could give. And it usually took me only fifteen minutes or so to get them that way, but let me tell you, having a totally groveling muscle man at your feet begging you to have your way with him was pretty damn terrific.

I was drawing a lot more attention on the street than I liked tonight but there wasn't a lot I could do about it. With my enormous muscles and handsome face I stuck out like a sore thumb. I was wearing denim jeans and jacket and tonight I was even wearing a shirt; a white T-shirt. But even the shirt couldn't hide my massive pectoral muscles that were showing through the open jacket.

I'd been wandering around a couple of the main hotels for half an hour or so but it was still early; about ten o-clock. So far I hadn't seen anything worth my time, but then I saw a guy coming out of the Hilton who looked like a likely prospect. I could see right away he was husky and even from a distance I could see he was devilishly handsome. His tie was loosened, his dress shirt was open at the collar and he was holding his suit jacket over his shoulder. He looked like a young executive and was definitely hunky and butch. He was really my type.

He was walking in my direction and I gave him the eye as we passed and he gave me a once over as well. I stopped and turned around, but he kept going. I'd noticed he was wearing a name tag that said Nolan on it, so he was evidently here for a conference or something. I turned around and started following him. He had given me a good look as he went by and I was not the kind of guy people forgot once they see me, so he was bound to notice me following him. That meant I had to make my move quickly before it became too obvious.

As I began to catch up with him I noticed the cut of his suit showed a real fine ass and his dress shirt was surprisingly tight; showing big shoulders and definite stretching at the biceps. Those arms looked amazing and I felt my cock jump in my pants as I imagined grabbing them and holding on while I fucked him. Oh man, I was getting hot. He looked to be almost six feet, probably four inches shorter than me. He was definitely husky: probably one hundred ninety pounds of solid muscle but still sixty or eighty pounds lighter than me. Wow. He was even hotter than I originally thought and I wanted him bad. If I could get him I already knew this was going to be a night to remember.

'Excuse me' I said as I caught up with him. 'Are you with the small business convention at the Hilton?'

'No, I'm not' he said as he stopped and turned to me. 'Sorry.' I gave him a big smile which I knew made my whole face light up, and he couldn't help but smile back.

'Oh sorry' I said. 'I have a friend coming to that convention but I couldn't remember which hotel it was at.'

'No, sorry' he said. 'I'm here with the purchasing managers group.'

'So, what's up?' I asked. 'You going out on the town?'

'No, not really' he answered. 'I'm just tired of meetings and wanted to get away for some fresh air before bed. The meetings start again early tomorrow morning.'

'Well good. We'll just walk together for a bit then' I said. 'My names Porter' I said as I stuck out my hand.

'Nolan' he said as we shook. 'Glad to meet you.'

I squeezed his hand harder than necessary just to let him know my strength. Then I took his suit coat from him, put my arm around him with my hand on his shoulder and started walking again. He was forced to turn and walk along beside me, and just that quick I knew he was aware that I was in charge. As we walked I held him close so we were just touching. He said nothing about my taking his jacket, and at first he tried to pull away from me but I kept him close and he gave up. I was waiting for him to say something about my hand on his shoulder, but I think he was too embarrassed to even say anything. My obvious dominance had him intimidated already. I got him talking about the convention as we walked a block or two and then I turned a corner heading away from the main drag.

I knew every dark corner of the town where I could work a guy over, and we were only a couple blocks from one of my favorites so I kept him talking and walking. Finally, as I turned him into what was obviously a dark alley, he stopped.

'Hey! What's this?' he said and I dropped his jacket and slammed him in the solar plexus. He bent over groaning and holding his stomach. I grabbed his shoulders, pushed him against the wall and gave him a hard right and left to the stomach again. He screamed in pain leaning over, but I was surprised he was still on his feet. So I grabbed him by the hair, jerked up hard, and gave him a really hard right to the jaw. Now he went down.

I pulled my handcuffs from my back pocket and pushing him onto his stomach, cuffed his hands behind his back. I then pulled him back to his feet. I hadn't knocked him out, but he was moaning and groaning and I know he wasn't seeing straight. I grabbed his tie and pulled the knot tight against his throat, and then pulling up on it with my left hand dragged him up on his tip toes while partially strangling him. I was lifting his 190 pounds almost completely off the ground with the strength of my left arm pulling up on his tie. I couldn't help but smile at my strength and the ease with which I was handling him. Then I slammed my right into his stomach again. And then again.

And then once more, as hard as I could. I was definitely rearranging his intestines. I found from experience that softening a guy up at the very beginning usually made him more amenable later on, without much need of further instruction. He was now gurgling, clearly strangling, and his eyes had moved up into his head, so I let him down a little and loosened the tie. As I let go he fell to his knees gasping desperately for breath and coughing uncontrollably.

I gave him a few seconds before I grabbed the tie and pulled him back to his feet. He was really out of it and I had to hold him up, so I gave him a minute or so to recover. Hell, if I was going to beat him up, I wanted him to be aware that I was doing it.

'You still with me man?' I asked. He didn't say anything but at least he looked at me kinda bleary eyed, and seemed to recognize that I was holding him up. Pulling his tie tight I again pulled him up on his tip toes strangling him and gave him a hard right to the sternum, another just below the ribs, and finally a powerful one to the jaw, and I let him fall again. This time he didn't move.

So okay. I told you I was a bully, and I told you I liked beating guys up. I've had plenty of practice doing this to guys, so I knew that so far I hadn't done any permanent damage to him. But I was pretty sure I'd now gotten him into the right frame of mind so when I started giving orders he'd be amenable to my desires.

When he finally began to recover I grabbed him by the collar and dragged him to his feet. He was kind of wobbly but was able to stand now. Pushing him against the wall, I ripped the dress shirt open popping all the buttons. He was wearing a wife beater, so I ripped that open as well. And, just as I suspected, he was really built. Bulging pecs and ridged abs; this guy spent a lot of time in a gym. He was also really good looking, and probably about thirty years old. He was beautiful.

I dragged him down the alley through the gate into the back yard. I knew this area well, and had used this little courtyard behind this doctors office before. It had a couple wooden benches along a walkway and was surrounded by offices that were closed at night. A perfect place for a hot fuck.

Holding him up with my big hand gripping his neck, I looked him in the eye. 'Hey Doogie. You still with me?' He finally focused his eyes and looked at the big grin on my face. I wanted him to know I was having fun.

'Please man' he moaned softly. 'Please man. Don't.'

Holding his neck with one hand I slapped his face with the other and he yelped. 'You don't call me man, Doogie. You call me sir. Now try again.'

'Oh man.....' he moaned. 'Please.' I slapped him again harder.

'Sir' I said.

'Sir' he whispered.

'Good boy Doogie' I said as I patted his cheek and continued grinning. 'You're catching on already.'

'Now listen to me Doogie' I said as I held him just inches away and looked him in the eye. 'I'm out for a hot fuck tonight and I picked you. All you have to do is pay attention and do what you're told and everything will be okay' I said as I started squeezing his neck and he started choking. 'You listening to me Doogie? Huh?' Squeezing his neck I gave his head a hard shake. 'You hear me Doogie?'

'Yes sir' he croaked. I let go of his neck, grabbed his hair, gave it a good jerk and again held him eye to eye.

'I tell you to do something Doogie, you jump. And you jump fast. Otherwise it's going to be very painful for you. Got it?' I asked as I jerked his hair again.

'Yes sir' he said hoarsely.

'Get on your knees' I said and waited. He hesitated, trying to clear in his mind what was happening to him and what he had to do. I let him have another left to the solar plexus and a hard right to the jaw and he was down again. I gave him thirty seconds or so to recover, and then dragged him back to his feet.

'You with me again Doogie?' I asked holding him close by the hair. 'Answer me man.'

'Yes sir' he whispered. 'Please sir. Please.... don't.'

'Doogie. I love kicking your ass' I said with a big grin, and I leaned forward and gave him a peck on the lips. 'Look at me Doogie' I ordered. 'This is fun for me and I can keep it up all night.'

'Now, let's try again' I said softly. 'I tell you to do something, you jump and you jump fast. Got it?' I said jerking his hair again.

'Yes sir' he mumbled in reply.

'Get on your knees' I said and he immediately dropped to his knees. So far so good.

'Stand up' I ordered, and he struggled back to his feet, which was difficult with his hands cuffed behind his back.

'Now I'm going to remove those cuffs' I said as I pulled him around and took them off. 'I like to have my punk boys submitting to me willingly without restraint. That definitely makes it more fun. Now get on your knees.' He immediately dropped down to his knees in front of me.

'See those dirty boots I'm wearing? Kiss 'em' I ordered. He hesitated for a moment and I reached down and gave him a very hard open handed slap to the side of the head almost knocking him completely over. 'Kiss 'em' I ordered again. He bent down and kissed each boot.

Grabbing him by the hair, I backed to the closest bench dragging him with me and sat down. 'Take my boots off' I directed. Finally getting it through his head that he had to obey, he pulled my boots off.

'Kiss my feet Doogie' I directed. He glanced at me, and when I showed him my clenched fist he bent down and kissed each of my stocking feet. 'You're doing good Doogie. Now take my socks off.' He obeyed and pulled them off. 'Kiss 'em again Doogie. But this time I want a big wet sloppy kiss with lots of tongue. Do it babe.' Without even hesitating this time he bent down and kissed my feet and gave them a lick. Oh yeah. He was really getting with the program. 'Do it some more Doogie. Lot's of saliva, and lick 'em all over.' He did what he was told and licked my feet, moving from one to the other and then back again. We'd been at it for fifteen minutes or so now but I knew he wasn't completely ready to fuck yet. It was definitely too soon and as he was beginning to recover he was probably trying to get up the nerve to fight me. But I was hot and my cock was hard and I couldn't wait much longer.

Standing up, I grabbed his hair again forcing him to his feet, and then slammed him in the sternum once more. I'd already hit him a number of times in the solar plexus but his abs were so muscled I don't think I had hurt him that much. It was hard to say if I was really hurting him since he was so solid and muscular. So I gave him a left and a right and then another left as hard as I could and let him fall to the ground. He just lay there without moving, but I could see he was conscious. Now I was ready to fuck and he looked to me like he was ready also. And man was I ever ready. My cock was totally turned on to this handsome muscle man and was trying to tear its way out of my pants..

'On your feet Doogie' I said as I grabbed him by the hair again and dragged him up. As he got on his feet I grabbed and arm and twisted it behind his back and started to put on some pressure.

'Almost ready Doogie' I said as I put on more pressure. He let out a yell as I twisted the arm and pulled him back against me with my cock pressed against his ass. 'Tell me you're going to be a good boy Doogie. Tell me you're going to do what you're told. Com'on tell me.'

'Yes sir. Whatever you want' he mumbled. Keeping the pressure on his arm, I grabbed his other arm and pulled it around and pushed his hand into my crotch and held it there.

'See what I got for you Doogie' I snickered. 'Feel that cock man? Oh yeah, big muscleman's cock hot and hard just for you.' I held his hand there forcing him to feel my enormous sex pistol. 'Now tell me again you're going to be a good and do what you're told. Say exactly that. You'll be a good boy and do what I tell you.'

'Please sir' he moaned through the pain in his arm. 'I'll be good and do what I'm told. Please sir. You're breaking my arm.'

'Say it the way I told you' I growled and jerked his arm hard'

'Yeeaaaoooh. Please, please' he screamed. 'I'll be a good boy. Please, I'll be a good boy and do what you tell me.'

'That's the way' I said with a laugh as I let go of him. 'Good boy. Now strip. Down to the buff' I ordered. He removed his torn shirts, then kicked off his shoes, and reached down and pulled his pants off. As he stood and reached for his Jockey shorts I grabbed him by the shoulders and jerked him around. Grabbing his shorts I ripped the seat out of them, pulled him back against me, and pushed my still covered crotch into his ass crack. Holding him tight with my hands gripping his bulging pecs I humped his ass half a dozen times. God, those big bulging pecs felt good. 'So fuckin hot' I said as I bit his neck probably giving him a hickey. Stepping back I ripped the shorts off him and let them fall to the ground.

'Okay Doogie. Now me. Strip me babe' I ordered as I slipped out of the denim jacket. He grabbed my T-shirt and pulled it over my head. Then unbuckling my belt and undoing my pants he pulled them down and off. Before he could get up I put my hands on his shoulders, holding him there and pushed my jock covered crotch into his face.

And he just took it without comment. This was great. I usually had to whip a guys ass again at this point before I could get him to cooperate. But not this time. This guy was really tamed. I rubbed my hard cock against his face and the feeling was glorious. And watching his handsome face was absolutely heaven.

'Kiss it Doogie. Kiss my hard prick. Nice big wet kiss.' He hesitated. 'Don't piss me off now Doogie. Get your mouth on my cock before I decide to whip your ass some more.' With that he started kissing my jock covered prick. With no further direction he kissed it over and over. 'Get it wet babe' I directed. 'Make those wet kisses and let me feel you suckin it.' Developing lots of saliva, he started kissing and sucking my cock, drenching the jock with his spit.

'Now for the real treat babe. Pull 'em down. Pull that jock off.' I heard him sigh, evidently giving into the inevitable and pulled my jock strap down and off. As he raised back up I pulled his head into my crotch again. 'Lots of saliva babe. Kiss it and suck it.' My cock was standing straight up in his face against his nose and my balls were in front of his mouth so as I held him there he had no choice but to lick and suck my balls. I began to gently hump my cock into his face as he worked on my balls.

God, I loved being a dominant stud. A dominant muscular stud bigger and more powerful and more demanding than any of the guys around me. Taking a straight looking muscle man and turning him into my cock loving worshiper and using him for my pleasure was beyond awesome. It was totally fabulous and made me so hot I could hardly stand it. If you ain't had a gorgeous muscle man of your own, you don't even know what really hot sex is all about. Having my own personal worshiper who I trained specifically to do my bidding was incredibly exciting. In fact, in my mind it wasn't even rape anymore. At this point they would do anything I wanted them to do, and they would do it willingly. They would not only do what I wanted willingly, but they were anxious to do it. There was nothing better than a hot guy being totally obedient and offering his body and soul to me for my pleasure.

Nolan was now trained to obey, but the training wasn't entirely over, because I had to show him how to take my cock. And taking my cock was not an easy proposition. Taking my cock required total attention to my needs, and I demanded complete concentration and devotion as I controlled the action and got my rocks off. You would think that it would hardly seem to be worth all the training to show guys how to service me, but I assure you the end result of screwing a guy while he busted his ass to satisfy me was nothing less than phenomenal. Really good sex was definitely worth getting the guy totally focused and submissive; ready to take any pain or punishment to enthusiastically give me the attention I required.

I stopped humping and pulled back slightly. 'Okay baby. Start licking my cock. Worship it baby. Show me how much you want it.' I now took hold of my cock and started rubbing it around his face as he started licking it. I was so fuckin excited that his tongue felt like electric charges shooting through me. And as I told you: I was fuckin huge. I knew this guy was impressed, because everybody was impressed when they saw my sex tool.

'Look at me Doogie' I ordered as I watched him licking. He looked up with tears showing in his eyes and a look of total defeat. I took hold of his head with both hands forcing his face straight up, and giving him a big smile I coughed up a wad of saliva and spit it into his face. I pulled his face against my cock smearing the spit around his face, and then pulled him face upwards again.

'Thank me Doogie' I said. 'Thank me for spitting on you.' I waited a few seconds and then yelled: 'Do it!'

'Thank you' he whispered.


'Thank you sir.' Still grinning at him, I gathered some more saliva and let it drop into his face, admired it for a minute, and then pulled him back into my crotch and smeared at around again.

I knew he was now ready. 'Okay baby. Cocksuckin time' I said as I pushed my thumb between his lips forcing his mouth open. 'Take me Doogie. Let's see what you can do.' I pushed a couple inches of cock into his mouth. 'Work on it Doogie. Show me you know how to give a blow job.' And he actually wasn't bad. Using lots of saliva he started sucking it with a slight jacking motion and licking it with his tongue. Maybe he wasn't a beginner after all. I just let him go at it for quite a while; maybe ten minutes or so. It felt pretty good, but even better I loved watching him; his handsome face bobbing back and forth with my enormous cock sticking out forcing his mouth open wide. He was fuckin gorgeous.

But all this build up had made me going crazy and I wanted to fuck. 'Hands behind your back' I directed as I put my left hand on my hip, and got a good handful of hair with my right and started pulling his face back and forth forcing my cock into his mouth. I stood perfectly still as I dragged his head back and forth, gradually pushing my cock in deeper and deeper. I was hot and knew I could cum at anytime, but I forced my self to hold back and extend the pleasure as long as possible. Besides I wanted his throat. Deep throat fucking was one of my favorite activities, especially if it was a virgin who had to be forced. I spent a good ten minutes of dragging his head back and forth slowly enjoying the feeling of his wet mouth, and the look on his handsome face. Then, without any warning, I jerked him in hard and rammed my crotch forward forcing all nine plus inches deep into his gullet. I stayed for only a couple seconds and pulled him back coughing and choking. I gave him five or six seconds to recover and then did it again, going in deep. And then I did it again. Each time he came up coughing and choking. On the fourth penetration however I held him in tight and jacked my crotch hard into his face a couple times, smashing his nose into my crotch hairs and cramming my cock in as far as it could possibly go. It was so hot that I actually screamed in pleasure.

As I jerked his head back he was whining and gasping and coughing frantically. Still holding his hair with my right hand, I took my cock in my left, jerked it three times and started to shoot. The build up to my ejaculation had been so fantastic that I was screaming with delight and my whole body was shuddering and jerking around and I was dragging Nolan by the hair along with me as I shot wad after wad of cum into his face and hair. The intensity of my ejaculation was beyond belief. I came and came and came as I held Nolan's face in the line of fire and got him with every shot.

When I finally began to come down from my sexual high I saw that Nolan was still panting madly, but seemed to be getting his breath back. With my hand still in his hair, I pulled him into my crotch and jacked against him a few times smearing my cum all over his face and all over my crotch.

Finally I sat back down on the bench with a sigh and pulled Nolan's head up so I could look him in the eye. 'Beautiful baby. Beautiful' I said as I grinned at him. He was covered with cum and spit and sweat with his hair plastered to his forehead, looking totally bedraggled. I noticed that his prick looked to be hard as a rock but I wasn't particularly surprised. With my body and my looks and my controlling personality, any guy would be turned on to have me use 'em. Hell, who wouldn't want to be used by me, an absolute god? I was doing this guy a favor: giving him the most exciting time of his life; something he would remember to his dying day, so of course he was totally turned on.

And the funny thing was, as much as I loved beating the crap out of a guy to get my rocks off, I was amazed to find that most of them loved it as much or even more than I did. They wanted me to hurt them and fuck them, and usually felt honored to have me do it. You wouldn't believe the number of guys I'd slapped around and fucked who thanked me afterwards and wanted to do it again. And hell, as much as I loved takin a virgin, if the guy was hot enough I was sometimes willing to give him a second go around. Shit, that was what life was all about anyway: having the greatest sex with the most gorgeous guys as often as possible. Hell, this hunk in front of me might be in pain right now, but he'd probably thank me too before I was done.

Giving him a big smile I said: 'you were wonderful Doogie. Now clean off my cock. Lick it clean babe.' I finally let go of his hair, gave him a light slap on the back of his head, and he leaned forward and started licking. 'Look at me babe' I ordered. He looked up at my grinning face and I went wild with desire. Shit, I loved this. Seeing a good looking muscle guy like this; totally wasted and disheveled, covered with sweat and spit and cum, with tears in his eyes and a look of submission on his face, being forced to lap up my cum. What an incredible turn on.

Leaning back on the bench and relaxing, I pulled Nolan's face into my crotch. 'Keep licking Doogie. Lick my crotch clean.' He kept licking as I relaxed in total contentment for ten or fifteen minutes.

Of course I couldn't just stop at this point, even though I'd just had the most intense ejaculation I'd had in weeks. I had a lot of time and energy invested in this guy, and I wasn't about to let him get away with only one ejaculation, no matter how satisfying. Besides he was my perfect type; very handsome and totally muscled, and I didn't know when I'd be getting another one like him. He definitely was going to provide me with a lot more pleasure before I let him go.

I checked my crotch and it seemed he'd done pretty well at licking it clean. I stood and pulled him to his feet. 'We ain't done yet Doogie. You ready for more?' I said as I grabbed him by the neck and holding him close so I could look him in the eye.

'Please man....' he started to say.

'What?' I said as I gave his head a jerk.

'Please sir. No more. Please' he pleaded. And this is the part I always enjoyed. He knew I could do anything I wanted with him, and was resigned to it, but thought he could talk me out of it by begging. 'I can't take any more sir.'

My grin got even bigger as I leaned forward and gave him a peck on the lips. Having a guy, a big guy, begging me not to hurt him was such an incredible turn on that I felt my almost soft cock begin to grow again.

'You want me to fuck you Doogie? You want me to give it to you up the ass?' I said with a laugh, totally enjoying myself. 'Tell me you want it Doogie.'

'Oh please sir' he croaked because I'd started squeezing his neck. 'Please don't sir. Please don't. I'll do whatever you want sir. Please sir.'

'Of course you'll do whatever I want Doogie' I laughed. 'You'll do it and love it' I said as I put my massive arm behind my head showing my armpit, with my bicep bulging magnificently. I let go of his neck, put my hand behind his head, and pulled him in. 'Worship my armpit Doogie. Lick all that sweat out of there.' And he really went at it. I was impressed because he seemed to be really putting his soul into it. He probably thought if he did a good job I wouldn't fuck him, but he'd learn better pretty damn quick.

Beating him up and forcing him to suck me had really got me going and I was dripping with sweat, but he was doing a hell of a job lapping it up. After a few minutes I pulled his face down to my chest and let him lick it for a while, moving him from one bulging pec into the deep indentation between and then to the other, making him lick up every bit of sweat on the way. When I raised my other arm he buried his face into the armpit without me saying a word. See, I told you it wasn't rape. He wanted to do this, and was doing one hell of a good job of it too.

After I'd had enough, I sat back down on the bench and pulled him down forcing him over my lap. I gave his ass a couple medium hard slaps getting a yelp from him and then spit on my hand. He whimpered aloud but didn't say anything as I started rubbing the spit against his hole. He knew I was going to fuck his ass and he was now resigned to it. Using lots of spit, I gradually eased one finger and then two into his tight ass hole giving him an occasional slap, so his cheeks were just beginning to turn pink. Shit. A big handsome muscle man with a tight little hole. This was going to be fabulous.

Finally, I dumped him off my lap, grabbed him by the hair, and pulled him back up to my crotch. 'Get me ready Doogie' I ordered as I forced his mouth open with my thumb and pushed my cock inside. He was totally obedient now and started sucking and licking it as it began to grow. I put my hands behind my head, leaned back, and just let him go at it, enjoying the feeling of his mouth and tongue as I began to grow towards my full nine and a half inches. 'Get it wet baby' I murmured after a while. 'Lots of saliva.'

Then I pushed him away onto his back on the grass and lifting his legs onto my shoulders, took aim with my big pole and starting pushing. He didn't actually yell but he moaned and groaned and cried and whimpered as I forced his tight hole to stretch enormously around my hard as steel bludgeon as I crammed it into him. I went slow and easy, and even hesitated a couple times as I continued forcing my fuck stick into the tiny hole.

When I was finally half way in I stopped and let him adjust for a couple minutes. He was still breathing hard and sobbing as I started a gradual in and out motion, slowly sinking my nine and a half inches deeper into his ass with each push. Jesus Christ did that feel good. That tight feeling on my cock was absolutely awesome, and knowing I was raping his virgin ass made it indescribable. He was still whimpering and crying and gasping for breath as I got in deeper, but I think the worst was probably over, and he could perhaps start enjoying it pretty soon. Hell, I know I was. My cock was giving me spasms of delight. Forcing a blow job was great, but there was absolutely nothing like raping a tight ass.

'Look at me Doogie' I ordered and he opened his eyes and looked at me. 'Keep your eyes open babe. I want you watching while I screw your tight little ass' I said as I grinned at him. I couldn't help the grin, because watching this muscle man under me, totally under my control and looking so forlorn was wonderful. And the feeling of my cock in has ass as I began to speed up was sending shivers of excitement throughout my body.

And damned if his cock wasn't hard and dripping. This little fucker was a real masochist, totally turned on to me kicking his ass and fucking him.

Everything was fabulous except I was always on an ego trip and I wanted something more. As much as I loved overpowering and fucking a guy, humiliating him while I was doing it was like frosting on a cake. So, with my cock deep into his ass I stopped and just held it there. I still had him looking me in the eye, but now there was a look of surprise. Continuing to grin at him, I grabbed him by the hair, jerked hard, and gave him a vicious open handed slap to the face. He yelped in pain.

'Tell me you love it baby' I ordered. 'Tell me you love being fucked and dominated by a god.' Holding his hair I hit him again. 'Say it baby. Tell me you love it.' I had him whimpering and crying now, and I found it tremendously exciting. I owned him. He belonged to me. And I could get anything from him that I wanted. Anything!

'You better say it pretty damn quick babe' I growled. 'I'm about to start kicking your ass all over again. Now say you love having me fuck you' I demanded. 'NOW'

'Please man. Please. Anything you want. Please.'

'You will fuckin well call me Sir and you will tell me you love me fuckin your ass' I said as I held my clenched fist in his face. It seems that I finally got his attention because now he started jabbering.

'Yes sir. Yes sir. Yes sir. Please sir' he yelled all in one quick breath. 'I love you fucking me sir. Oh god; please, anything you want sir. Please.' Oh yeah. That was what I wanted. Total subservience and dedicated submission.

'Good boy. I like that. Now say it again' I ordered. 'Tell me how much you love having me fuck you.'

'Please sir. I love having you fuck me.'

'Again' I said with a laugh. Shit, I loved this.

'I love having you fuck me sir.'

'Oh yeah. Doogie. That's what I like' I said as I reached down, grabbed his hard cock, squeezed it, and jerked it painfully a few times. This guy was really into pain, because just that quick he started shooting. I ignored his moaning and shuddering as he started cuming and I now started to fuck him hard, speeding up and really reaming out his ass. He shot all over himself as I now started going really fast, rammin into his ass as hard as I could as I felt my cock reaching it's peak. 'Oh shit' I screamed as I started to blast my cum into him.

It was exhilarating and incredibly wonderful. Nolan was screeching as I yanked viciously on his hair, totally out of control in the throes of ecstasy. Absolutely the most fulfilling and exciting fuck I'd had for ages.

Finally, with his legs still on my shoulders, I flopped down on top of him as my cock finished shooting. I just lay on top of him for a couple minutes as I felt my cock begin to soften. When it finally popped out of his ass I pushed his legs off my shoulders and rolled over on my back.

Neither one of us even moved for about fifteen minutes.

Finally he spoke. 'Doogie?'

'It was either that or bitch or punk, and I like doogie better' I said with a laugh.

'Okay, doogie it is.' He replied. 'That was five hundred dollars, right?'

'Yep. Five hundred.' He reached over to his pants, pulled out a money clip, pealed off five one hundred dollar bills and handed them to me. Then he pealed off two more and handed them over as well.

'Here's a two hundred dollar tip for giving me the most incredibly exciting time of my entire life. You were absolutely amazing.' I laughed at that. Hell, seven hundred dollars for a couple hours of great fucking. That was pretty damn wonderful.



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