I was in my second year of college, dead broke and looking at the tuition due date looming at me in less than a week, $500 short of making it. It had always been a struggle, but with no help from home and getting laid off from my part time job, I had pretty well figured out that this was my last semester, unless I could come up with the

$500 before they tossed me out.

I was sitting in the coffee shop, feeling sorry for myself when the fellow sitting at the next table, a neat guy about my own age, asked me why I was so blue. I looked up and saw his concern, not realizing I had misery written all over me. He sat down and listened as I told my tale of woe and looked genuinely concerned. When I was finished, he smiled and said that he had had the same problems, but found a way out that had been paying for his college costs for almost two years.

My head snapped up when he said that and I looked at him anxiously, wondering if he held the answer to my problem. "How can I get in on that," I asked?

He drew close to me and whispered softly. " It isn't for anybody, you have to be special and you have to be willing to do some things, some sexual things, that you may be uncomfortable with...But you can earn your $500 in just one night, if you play your cards right" He sat back and smiled again.

I was hooked. I needed the money so badly and any kind of sex would be better than beating my meat, wishing I had someplace else, any place else, to shoot my load besides my sink.

"What kind of sex," I asked in a whisper?

"Man to man sex, good hot sex, easy sex, stay in college, pay your bills

sex," He replied. "You can't make that kind of money banging some chick."

My mind raced. I wasn't a stranger to male-to-male sex. I My face was beet red as I looked into his smiling eyes.

"I'm game," I finally whispered. "Can you hook me up in time?"

"Oh yeah, baby, I sure can. Let's go to my place and make a phone call."

Six hours later, I was knocking at a door at the Hilton Hotel, my heart pounding. A big guy in gym sweats and a tank top quickly opened it. I literally gasped out loud. He was obviously a weight lifter, six feet 5 or taller, with monster arms and muscles. He was probably 30 years old, blonde hair and grinning from ear to ear. I noticed that he wore a wedding ring. I guessed he was not getting what he really wanted at home.

"Come right on in, sweet thing," He said as he waved me in.... and in some sort of hypnotic move, I stepped in as he shut the door behind me.

I stepped into the center of the room and saw the bedspread was off the bed and a number of bottles and jars on the bed stand next to it.

He came up behind me and put his massive arms around me, his hands on my breasts, then down to my cock, exploring. He turned me around and held me out at arms length.

"Oh, baby, you are a smoothie and a nice cut party size cock, too." He started to undress me and I stood there, both frightened and excited as he stripped my clothes from me, caressing my body as he did. Finally I was naked and in spite of my fear, my cock was hard and standing straight out.

Then he quickly stepped out of his few pieces of clothes and stood there, his powerful body and giant muscles quivering. I must of looked shocked at the size of his cock, which had to be 10 inches or more of hard rock, with balls hanging heavy from him.

"Look at it, baby, because it is going to be your best friend tonight.

Get on your knees pussy mouth and suck it." His hand reached out to my shoulder and pushed me to my knees in front of his cock. I looked at it as he pushed it to my mouth. It was drooling cum.

I opened my mouth and tried to suck. I was barely able to get the head of his cock to fit in. His hand was now at the back of my head and he pulled me onto his cock roughly and ground it into my mouth. I panicked as he rammed it in and began to gag, but his grip on my head was like a death grip and he held me firmly against his grinding cock as he plunged it into me. I gagged and fought against him as he rammed it into me. He made a final lunge, slamming it down through my throat, until more than half his cock was inside.

"Relax, cuntlips, breathe through your nose...breathe for me, sweet boyslut," he crooned as he held me fast. " You are going to learn to take it all before the night is over, my little fratboy cocksucker "

I forced myself to relax and breathe, finding that as I did, more cock slid in. He held me there for at least five minutes, always keeping the pressure on and finally, he grunted as he slammed it home ,his balls slapping my chin. I was at an odd angle to his cock, I suppose so that it would fit down my throat.

He reached over the table and grabbed what turned out to be a digital camera and snapped several up close pictures of me with is cock embedded to the balls and then began to hump into me, sliding about half his cock length in and out, holding me now with two hands, face fucking me, groaning and grinding his cock into my mouth.. My mouth and jaw were aching from being held open so wide and for so long, but I lost all thought as that as I was being thrown around by this fuck machine as he felt his cum rising up in him..

"Oh, Fuck, baby, fuckingpussycuntmouthboy, Fuckingcuntmouthwhore, fuckboy, fuck, fuck,fuuuuuuuuck," he shouted as he rammed his cock deep into me, bucking and moaning as the cum burst loose, deep into my very being, hot firehot cum bursting down into me.... It welled up inside me and he slowly pulled his cock out, with one smooth move and it exploded all over my face and eyes as he shot cum all over me.

I grabbed his cock at the base with both hands and held on as I felt burst after burst of his cum spray me, from my hair to my breasts.

Finally, it stopped and he let out a great sigh..

"Lick me clean, cumslut. Lick it all off my cock and balls, faggotboy."

He lay back on the bed and spread his legs for me. I was somehow on some other plane of existence and went to work at it eagerly, greedily licking his semi-hard rod from top to bottom and working my tongue around it, then lapping up the cum from his balls.

"Suck some more, babycunt, jerk me off," he moaned from the bed. I stroked his cock and licked and sucked on the massive head until it was back to its rigid self again. "That's a good fucktoy," he said as he stood up from the bed and grabbed me around the waist throwing me back onto the bed. He walked over to the nightstand and took a jar from it and bent over me turning me so my ass was in the air. He scooped a handful of what turned out to be some sort of gel and immediately pressed it against my asshole.

I cried out in pain and he shoved several fingers roughly into my tight virgin hole, scooping more gel and fingerfucking me as he pushed more and more gel into me. I cried in such pain as he rammed into me, grinding deeper and deeper into me.

"Oh sweet cunthole, sweetfuckboy, my babypussyass, tight, tightcunthole for my veryown" he crooned as heworked me over, my muscles loosening under his frantic efforts.

Some how in the midst of all he was doing, he had reached over to the table and grabbed what I soon learned was a life size dildoe and quickly removed his fingers and firmly shoved the head that fat rubber cock into my chute. I was writhing in pain and then suddenly he slapped my bare ass with his hand and I jerked up from the sharp pain, and fought against him.

"Shut the fuck up, you bitchwhore, or I will beat your ass bloody," He hissed at me, giving me another loud slap that was harder than the first.

The pain was so severe that I didn't even object as he rammed full length of the dildoe into me. All I could do was lay there and grunt now as he fucked me with it, sliding it the full length in and out with each stroke. I didn't realize it but I had shot a load of my own cum all over myself.

Now he roughly jerked the dildoe out and spun me onto my back. "Get ready toget fucked, pussyboy. Get ready to get my cock into your belly,"

he smiled and he spread my legs wide and leaned over me, lifting me up so my asshole was even with his cock, oozing cum again as he pressed it against my wide open for business lovechute. 'Yes, babycunt, get ready for my big cock," he whispered.

I let out a long screaming moan as he pressed it into me, the head popping quickly in past the well-worked sphincter muscles. He held it there looking at me looking up at him and then to his fat, hard cock buried just a few inches into my ass. He rotated it around for a moment or two and then grabbed my legs, lifting them up over his shoulders. It was just my ass and his cock now and with a powerful lunge he slammed it into me, burying it to the balls. I let out a long continuous grunt as his huge cock penetrated the depths of my being. Then I looked up into his eyes and saw the wildness, the untamed passion etched across his face, his eyes burning coals of fire now as he began to truly fuck me. I felt hot fluids running down my legs, not realizing it was my own blood, as he ripped into me, tearing into my virginity

He swung into me again and again with piston speed, his body slapping against my ass as he pounded cock into my puss hole.

His eyes were shut as he picked up the pace, moaning as he became lost in his fucking. "Oh, babyboy, oh sweetcuntboy, oh fuck, oh whoreboy, pussycunt, oh baby," he crooned as he pounded into me. His muscles rippled across his body as he developed a rhythm to his thrusts. "Oh you fucking whoreslut, take this baby, take it all," he cried out as he slammed his cock full stroke into me, again and again. I was grunting loudly now, gasping for breath as he brutally attacked my boycunt with his massives strength. I could feel his cock deep insode my belly each time he bottomed out..

For 15 brutal minutes he pounded frantically into me until I became numb to the pain and found myself arching up into him taking his cock as deep as I could, crying out to him,. "Oh fuck me, please fuck me, hurt me please hurt me deep with your fat cock, fuck me, please....fuuuuuuck me" I had crossed some line and was begging for more cock as his rigid ten inches filled me with heat and lust, again and again.

Suddenly my cock was spurting cum again all over the two of us, as I cried out, "Oh yes, yes, fuck me harder, give me more, cock, cock, cock it into me cock me fuck my cunt, please fuck me harder."

He arched into me and groaned in pain as his cock stiffened inside me and grew even bigger. The hot lava began to flood my hole, burning red hot cum in massive jolts ripped into me and he was like a man gone insane slamming into me until he finally collapsed on top of my broken body.

We lay there for a good ten minutes before he moved, turning so that he was on his back and I was laying on top of him, his still hard cock inside me, cum oozing out and mingling with my blood. I sat up, impaled on his cock. I smiled down on him. "Let me do the work this time," I whispered and began sliding my body up and down his shaft, my pussyhole now broken in and loving its new role in life. wanting his cock all the way inside, needing it more than ever.

I lifted up so that the head of his cock was the only part inside my now loose, drooling cunthole and slammed down, burying it to his balls.

He smiled up at me, arching against me. Again and again I buried it to the hilt, grinding against him. As I sat on his balls, I discovered that it felt great to rock against him and soon was swinging all over the place with his cock deep inside me..

"That's a good little slutboy, ride my big pony, baby, ride my pony, oh yes, babywhore, ride it good," he chanted, keeping time with my wild ride.

Suddenly, he pulled me down to him, our faces touching and his mouth sought mine, his tongue going deep into me soul, as he arched his cock into my thrusts. We stayed that way, his breasts ripples of power against my own. His hands explored my body, my ass and then my own cock, hard again for the third time, as he stroked it, burying it in his massive hand. I exploded cum almost immediately, this time across his breasts and onto his face. He smeared it around and then stood up from the bed, holding me impaled on his cock, my arms around his neck.

He spun me around and pushed me into the bed, face down in the covers, my ass up in the air, skewered on his cock.

Like a raging bull, he fucked me without mercy, without talking, with a brutal energy, deep stroking into me, pounding into me with his tireless cock, his mammoth beast of a pole raping my sore and cum filled hole. His hands gripped my hips tightly as he beat me into the bed. I was grunting and crying now continuously. I was broken and beaten and I knew that I had no control over my body.

I lay there taking all he had to give me and yet the tingling ache he was creating inside my being craved more of it, more cock, more pain, more of his beautiful body, crushing wildly into me... craving more of the pain and pressure, the grunting sounds coming out of me with each ramming of his whole body against me, his hands digging into my hips a he pounded me.

I lost track of time place, enthralled, spellbound, waiting for the moment he would cry out and give me more of his heat, more of his cum, his very essence and then it came quickly, detonating inside me, exploding, making me gasp and cry now with joy and relief as he poured his love into me....

Finally, he stopped his spasms of release and dropped me to the bed, popping out of my ass loudly and walked into the bathroom. I lay there, finger fucking my hole as he showered, feeling the cum bubbling out and onto my balls, down my legs. I took my cummy wet hand out of my hole and began to stroke my cock, feeling smug and sated with love... I saw the deep bruise marks on my hips were he had held me and knew they would be there a long time.

He finally came out of the bathroom, his marvelous naked body glowing and came over to me. "Get up and get dressed. Don't use the bathroom, I want my love juices running down your legs as you leave this place.

Give me your phone number, pussywhore. You have a lot of lessons yet to learn and I need to break you into a few new things, my sweet cunthole. You were a good pussyslut today.. You are going to get better at whoring for me in a hurry."

He quickly dressed and as he walked me to the door, handed me 6 crisp one hundred dollar bills. "This is your `fee' plus a bonus, sweet thing. You are a great little fuck and I want you back next week for a new adventure in becoming my slutwhore. "

By the time I hit the street, his cum was running down my legs inside my levis and my body hurt with every step, every muscle inmy body cried out in pain but his money was in my wallet and I had found a new me, a new being that had been buried inside but now that it had come out, could never go back in... My cock was growing again as I thought of his massive cock so deep inside me, his cum exploding into me.

I was already looking forward to the next visit, not knowing that today was just the tip of a very exciting new life as a college slutwhore.

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