I'm a senior in college now but this happened a few years ago when I was a freshman. I was living at home going to a near by college to save on tuition cost. My sister who is two years younger than I am was dating a guy a year above her and a year behind me. We've known each other from just living in the same area but didn't become good friends until he started dating my sister. He would always ride with us home being that I had to pick up my sister anyway because she hated the bus.

We started hanging out even when she wasn't around and talked about everything. We started getting more playful with each other, hitting the others ass and wrestling. My sister saw this and didn't think anything of it because most of the guys played around like this. I didn't think anything of it either thinking we were just becoming best buds. 

It wasn't until he was leaving one day from our house and my sister was giving him a kiss and I walked by and jokingly said where is my kiss, laughed and kept walking to go to the kitchen. My sister then comes in asking if he could get a ride to his house because it was starting to rain which is something I normally did whenever he needed. I take him home and when we pull up to his house he says thanks and proceeded to lean over and kiss me on the cheek and wink in the same joking manner. 

The next day as he was getting ready to leave my sister goes downstairs and he stops in my room. I'm standing at my closet putting away clothes when he comes in and tells me he is leaving which he never does and proceeds to wrap his arms around me and kiss me on my lips. I stand there lost, not wanting this but not totally against it either. I feel his tongue push through and finding its way to mine. I started to feel turned on but as quickly as it started it was over and he ran down the stairs, said bye to my sister and was out the door. 

I didn't see him the next day and all I could think about was this kiss that my sister's boyfriend laid on me. When I asked my sister why he didn't come over, she said he had a group project to work on. The next day was Friday and I didn't have class so I tried to get the thought of the kiss out of my head so I made plans to go out. I went out with friends and had a great time. I am heading back home when I get a text from him asking if we can talk before I go home. I say where because it is one o'clock in the morning. He says he was out also and that my sister asked if he went to the same place I did because I was out also and that is how he knows I wasn't home yet. I tell him to meet me in the grocery store parking lot that was about 3 minutes from our house. I ask who's car he was driving so I knew which one to look for. 

When he arrived he got out of his car and hoped into my tahoe. He pushed the arm rest up and slid across the seat so that our thighs were touching. Grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into his. Soon I was reclining the seat to allow us more room to make out. Then he started removing my shirt and sucking on my neck. I have a million things running through my head like what would my family think, my sister would be hurt, what if someone catches us, is this just a one time deal, what if i enjoy it, am I gay now? All these bad things in my head but I'm powerless to stop it because my other head is starting to get hard from the feeling of him. 

I can't resist and I move my hand down toward his shaft, feeling it stiff as I rub through his pants. He takes them down and I go down on him. I have him in my month and I love the feeling, him sliding in and out while breathing hard and moaning. He had this musk that wasn't a dirty musk but intoxicating and made me want him more. I started to taste his precum and he pulls out and starts going down on me. I'm in heaven and I start grabbing the back of his head and forcing him down. I lose it and let go in his mouth letting him have every ounce I had. Then he pulls my body down to where he can be on top of me and face fuck me. Its incredible and he has me gagging until he bust deep in my throat. I had tears in my eyes by how forceful he face fucked me. I pull myself up and he starts kissing me again. By this time the clock says 2:10am and I tell him we need to go home. He says to come over to his house tomorrow after his mom is gone. I say won't my sister be there and he says that he'll find a way to make sure we are alone.




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