When i was 18 i moved in with my 35 year-old uncle. My uncle was hot and i had always fantasized about him fucking me. I had seen him naked once when we went swimming together. He was changing and i caught sight of his cock. I had to be at least 6 inches soft and he had the hugest balls i'd ever seen. My uncle jason is 6'3, 129 pounds and sexy. He has black hair and blue green eyes and a black beard.

Well when i turned 18 my uncle divoreced from his wife and he wanted me to move in with him to help pay bills. My first night jason bought us beer and we decided to kick back and watch movies. We were watching brokeback mountain and i could tell my uncle was drunk so i decided to make my move.

"so jason would you ever do that with a man?" i asked him looking him in the eye.

"well i guess if it was the right guy and i was horny enough, maybe. Why do you ask?"

Instead of answering i reached across the couch and let my hand rest on his dick. I couldnt help but notice it hardend at my touch.

"when was the last time you had a blowjob?" i asked.

"your aunt never like sucking cock so its been awhile."

I started unzipping his pants and i was suprised to see his dick bounce out. It had to be at least 9inches hard and a big pink mushroom head was oozing pre-cum.

I leaned over and licked the head of his dick and when he started moaning i felt my 7 inch cock spring to life.

Before i knew uncle jason was fucking my mouth and i was loving the way his cock slid down my throat. I knew he was ready to cum when he grabbed the back of my head and held his cock im my mouth. I felt loads of cum fly down my thraot and i started sucking his cock making sure to every last drop.

Jason pulled his cock out of my mouth and sat down. I wasnt done with his cock so i pulled my pants off and sat down right on his cock. I wasnt expecting the pain i felt but uncle jason wasnt letting me get up now. I held me down and finally i started to bounce up and down.

"oh yeah take this cock," i heard jason moaning in my ear. He stopped me and still with his cock in my ass he carried me to the floor. He started fucking me and i was screaming with the pleasure of it.

"oh yeah take this dick. You know you like. Tell me how much you like it." he commanded.

"oh i love it uncle, just keep fucking me and dont ever stop!"

I felt my cock start twicthing i moaned as i shot my laod into the carpet and i felt jason's cock shoot load after load into my ass. He fell on top of me and we layed there for a couple minutes and then to my supirse jason wanted to take it the bedroom.



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