(based off true events)

I had just left the swimming pool, my body glistening with water. While i didn’t have a raging 6 pack, my 18 year old body was nicely toned, with a flat stomach and a round, plump ass. It was time to go home. My parents were out, so my uncle was called to pick me up. My towel was on the beach chair that i was earlier sitting on, resulting in a nice, golden brown tan throughout my body. I quickly dried myself off and wrapped the towel across my lower half, over my bathing suit. I hauled my bikini bag over my shoulder and ran to my uncles car, my ass bouncing up and down with every pace. 

As i entered the car to be driven home, my uncle greeted me with a warm smile. He was in his late 40’s, had hair all over, happily married to a 30 year old blonde bombshell, and had 3 kids. I had always dreamed of his beefy bear body ramming against my twink ass. As he changed the gear to drive we started to head off. We lived very nearby each other, only about 5 or so houses down. With his eyes on the road, he asked if I would like to come over so he could cook for us. I almost jumped at the opportunity, as we were going to be home alone together. I played it off casually, as to not give any hints, and said sure. “Alright, you go home and shower while i start prepping the food.” The rest of the car ride was in silence, my top half still exposed. I would often notice my uncles eyes turn to look at my body, but I thought nothing of it. We arrived at my house, and i jumped out of the car after thanking him for the ride. 

I was ecstatic, telling myself to shower as fast as I can, in order to be reunited with my sexy uncle. I grabbed a clean towel and headed off to the bathroom. After i turned on the water and jumped in, I gave myself an enema, as i liked to do often in order to stay clean. I unscrewed the shower head off of the shower, and directed the water flow into my tight asshole. As i pushed the water out of my ass, my cock started to get hard. It was around 6 inches, nothing special, but my impeccable ass made up for that. After i was all clean, inside and out, i turned off the water and dried myself. I headed off to my room to find something to wear. I decided on a pair of tight shorts that showed off my gigantic ass, which was sure to grab my uncles attention, and a tank top that framed my body perfectly. 

I ran out the door and across the street for about 20 seconds, until i arrived at my destination. As i raised my hand to knock on the door, it was opened by my uncle. He explained that he knew that i had arrived, as he has cameras inside and outside of the house, which i already knew. Was he staring at the cameras, waiting for me? I dismissed the thought and entered the house. He had started on the pasta he was making, and told me to have a seat on the couch. “You can pick what channel you want to watch,” he told me. As i turned on the tv and he started to leave to go to the kitchen, i noticed a slight bulge in his baggy pants. I don’t think he was wearing underwear, and that turned me on. I tried to not show any signs of it though. 

When he yelled from the kitchen that the food was ready, i ran to the kitchen, as i was hungry and ready to see him again. It was already plated, and we sat at the dinner table, eating silently. As i was eating my pasta, a few tomato sauce covered noodles fell onto my white tank top. My uncle moved instantly. “Don’t worry, i’ve got that” he said as he brought a tissue from the box to my chest. He removed the noodle and tried to get rid of the sauce, but he was rubbing it in more. His big, masculine hands lingered over my chest for a few seconds too long, not that i was complaining. “Oops, i think i made it worse” he told me. “You can wear one of my shirts, if you’d like?” I agreed, as I was covered in pasta sauce. As i walked next to him going to his bedroom, i noticed the outline of a 5 or so inch flaccid penis flopping against the fabric of his pants. I was getting hard, and my pants were tight, so i put my hands over my crotch until we reached the bedroom. He strolled into his walk in closet, as i waited outside the door of the bedroom. He brought back a shirt that looked too big for me. I took it anyways because no one else in the house was a similar age/build to me. As i put it over my neck, i noticed that it smelled like him. Musky and manly, yet sweet and clean. We both returned to the living room to watch tv, when he told me he was going to take a nap on the couch for about a half hour, and i could go to his son’s room to play on his Xbox if i wanted to. I got up to leave, and went to my cousins room.

 After about a half hour of playing on the Xbox, i went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. On my way there, i peered into the living room, to see him still sleeping, with a huge bulge in his pants. This gave me an idea, as i crept to his room. I walked into his closet and saw a pile of dirty laundry on the floor. Among the shirts and pants, i found a pair of his dirty underwear. Jackpot. They smelled amazing, and the scent almost made me cum then and there. I headed to the bathroom to have some more fun with his red boxer briefs. As i closed the door behind me, i laid on my back, with the underwear on my face, and started to rip off my shorts. My tight shorts hugged my boner. As i took them off, my erect penis jumped up. I started to stroke it. The pleasure was immeasurable, i felt like i was in heaven.

 My hands were moving up and down my cock and i was breathing heavily as the doorknob started to jiggle. “You almost done there?” my uncle asked. Startled, I replied “Yes, one second.” as i started to stand up, i folded the underwear and stashed it in my pocket. I flushed the toilet to make it seem like i wasn’t doing anything suspicious and i left to see my uncle standing outside. He asked me to follow him to his bedroom. After we arrived, he lead me to his closet. “My laundry pile wasn’t like this when i got you that shirt.” I stared at him, then at the floor, extremely nervous. “Have you been in here while i was asleep?” I didn’t know how to answer. “Your pockets were empty when you arrived” his hands reached for my pocket and pulled out his dirty underwear. He stared at his boxers, then looked up at me. “I noticed you staring at my cock all day, i’m not an idiot.” I was in shock. “You’re such a faggot. You’re even built like a faggot. Your ass looks so fat in those shorts.” I couldn’t believe my ears. Was i dreaming? “I’ll show that boy ass what i think of you invading my privacy.” 

His big hands gripped my ass through my shorts, squeezing hard. “Fuck yeah, boy. Your ass is so fucking juicy.” Thank God i did that enema. He took off my shirt, and started feeling my body. I couldn’t believe that this man was my straight uncle, the same one i was with an hour ago. “Time to see it once and for all.” he said as he removed my shorts. My hard cock bounced up, free from the fabric holding it down. “So you are enjoying this” he told me. He ripped off his clothes at the speed of light, revealing his beefy, hairy, daddy body. The only thing on was his underwear, and his raging cock almost ripped through them. “You like what you see?” he asked me. In awe, all i managed to get out was a “yes.” “Call me daddy, you’re my slut now” he told me. I pinched myself to see if i was dreaming. Did i wake up? No. “Take off my underwear, bitch.” “yes, daddy” i said. I almost jumped at the opportunity. I kneeled down and slowly slid his underwear down, until his 9 inch throbbing cock almost slapped me. It was love at first sight. “Suck it boy.” he commanded. I started to wrap my plump, virgin lips around his monster, as he exhaled loudly. It was almost too thick to fit in my mouth. Regardless, i bobbed my head up and down on his cock, only able to fit about 3 inches in my mouth. After about 5 minutes of this, he sighed and shoved my face into his pubes. His entire cock was in my throat. I wanted to gag, but i was being held down. “Breathe through your nose.” my uncle told me. He paused a minute while i regained my breath, his cock still down my throat, then started thrusting in and out of my skull slowly. I loved being used by him. My tight throat hugged and stroked his beefy cock, and he moaned for 5 minutes while i sucked him before he ripped his dick out of my throat. It burned like hell, and my uncle slapped me with his penis. He picked me up with ease and threw me on the bed. “My wife doesn’t suck my dick like that. You’re a good faggot.” it was music to my ears. I rubbed my hands up and down his hairy body. It was bliss, i couldn’t get enough. “She doesn’t fuck like this either.” he shoved me down and turned me around into the doggy style position. 

His tongue invaded my ass, and i jumped, only to be pulled back down. His tongue felt so good in my tight asshole, his mouth lubricating his soon to be fuck buddy. After several minutes of him licking and spitting in my asshole, he stood up and spit on his dick. “You ready for this, boy?” he asked me. “Yes: I replied. He smacked my ass so hard as to leave a red hand print. “Yes what?” he asked me. “Yes, daddy” i replied. The tip of his erect cock circled my asshole, relaxing me and getting me ready to be used. With no warning, he jabbed all 9 inches of his cock into my virgin ass. I screamed, it burned like hell. His hands clasped over my mouth, muffling the screams. “Suck my fingers, boy,” i was instructed. As he kept thrusting in and out of my ass, tears streaming down my face, his index finger in my mouth, i started to feel pleasure. Soon, my crying turned into moaning, and i was begging him to go harder and faster. He took his hands off my hips and started pinching his nipples, his head tilted back. A moan escaped his mouth, and it made me so horny. After only ten minutes of him fucking my ass, he told me he was going to cum. His dick ripped out of my ass, and he turned me around shoved the head of his penis into my mouth. I sucked him so hard, practically giving him a hickey, until ropes of his hot, sticky cum shot down my throat. It felt so good. 

He flipped me over and sucked my dick for only around 20 seconds until i came in his mouth. It was amazing. “I love you, boy.” he whispered. “I love you too, daddy.” he lay next to me, and cradled me in his arms. I could feel his body hair against my smooth skin. “This won’t be the last time this happens.” he whispers into my ear. A shiver went down my spine. I turned around and kissed the man who was once my uncle, but now was my dominating daddy. 

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