Jack and I were sitting in out dorm room chatting away, beginning to get acquainted since we'd both arrived the day before and were still getting settled in. We'd gone to the cafeteria together for lunch and were getting the room arranged to our desires. It was actually considered a suite having two rooms with a bath. Originally it was designed for two students, each having their own room, but supposedly because of a lack of money, they hadn't built a new dorm in years. Now one room had two beds and two desks and two armoires, and the other had one bed, one desk, one armoire plus a love seat, a coffee table, and an easy chair. It might be called a suite, but it was still going to be pretty cozy for three, but not having to go down the hall for a shower was a real plus. Since our third roommate had not arrived yet, Jack and I talked it over and decided to be generous and take the double room and leave him with the single. But maybe we weren't so generous, since that person could not go to sleep while someone was in the so-called lounge area. I intended to do a lot of reading while sitting in that easy chair.

Jack seemed to be a pretty good guy and I thought we'd get along fine. He was from Saginaw and was studying pharmacy while I came all the way from Buffalo New York, but that was because my dad was an alumnus and wanted me to attend here as well. I was on general studies because I hadn't decided what to major in yet. Neither of us was on a scholarship or anything, but we both were going to try out for the swim team. Jack's high school team had made the state finals last year, and my team had been pretty good and besides, I loved swimming and to be totally honest, I loved trotting around in my speedo and showing off my cool bod too. I didn't just swim, I worked out at the gym too and if I say so myself I had a real tight muscled body. I was one of the hottest and most popular guys in my high school, and I was almost an all 'A' student as well: 3.7 GPA.

Jack said he checked the records and our third roommate was a jock; here on a wrestling scholarship. We hoped he'd be as easy going as we were so we could maybe all hang around together. Let me tell you as much as we pretend to be tough, being a freshman in College and away from home for the first time is a pretty scary thing.

'These are the skinniest damn closets I've ever seen' I said to Jack trying to squeeze my clothes into the armoire. There were two armoires', two beds, two desks, and two chairs in the room and there was not a hell of a lot of room left over. Each had drawers down one side and a rod to hang clothes on the other, plus one big drawer at the bottom. 'I don't know how they expect us to get everything in here.'

'I noticed there is some kind of slide out box under the beds' Jack said 'so I guess you put some of your stuff under there.'

'Oh. I didn't notice that. I guess that'll work. I think everything should fit. The advisor told me our suitcases go in the storeroom in the basement so I may just leave a few things I don't need right now in my suitcase. Hopefully I can get to it later if I need to.'

Jack gave a laugh. 'It looks like you brought everything you own. I don't think you'll need all that stuff, so you might consider sending some of it home later on.'

'Well maybe; we'll see how it goes. Perhaps I did get carried away' I laughed. Once we had everything put away we went into the lounge area.

'This is kind of neat' Jack said. 'This will give our roommate his own room, but I wonder how he'll feel about sharing it with this sitting area. We'll have to set up some kind of schedule of when we can sit in here and when he wants to sleep.'

'yeah' I said 'we'll probably have to set up a schedule. I wonder where he is anyway. Tomorrow morning is orientation so he's got to get here today.' And just as I said that, the door opened and in swept our roommate. Actually, two guys came in. Or should I say two and a half. The first guy was enormous; not more than five foot ten or eleven but I swear to god he was almost as wide as he was tall. He was wearing a black T-shirt and black jeans but he was almost bursting out of them in every direction. I'd never seen shoulders that wide or a chest that massive on anybody before. And his arms. Christ his arms. I didn't know muscles came that big. I loved hot muscle guys kinda like myself, but this guy was so big he was scary. You'd piss your pants if he even looked at you funny. I felt a lurch in both my stomach and my crotch. I'm not sure whether it was fear or lust, or maybe both.

The second guy was a cute blond about my size. Maybe 5'8' and about 150 pounds. He looked like he had a nice build. I was so overwhelmed by the first guy that I hardly noticed the blond at first. But on second glance I saw that he was beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. While the big guy was undoubtedly handsome with the body of a god, the blond guy was spectacular and he definitely caused a stir in my pants. I was most definitely partial to pretty-boy blonds, and since I'm always a top, this guy looked like my perfect type. He was almost too perfect in fact, and was probably way out of my league.

'Which one of you's Jack' the big guy asked.

'Ahhh... That's me' answered Jack.

'Pack up. You're moving upstairs to room 32.'

'Want?' Jack said in surprise. 'They told me to come here to 21.'

'Well that's changed. You're now in room 32, so pack up.' The big guy walked over and opened the door to the bathroom and peeked in. Then he opened the door between the rooms and looked in there as well. 'Yeah Perry. This is the layout. So move this bed and armoire into this other room and that'll be our bedroom. Then put all three desks in here' he said as he turned around. 'Then check with the senior advisor and tell him we need another easy chair in here.'

Jack and I were sitting there speechless as this guy took charge. Talk about arrogant. Then he turned to me. 'What's your name' he asked me.

'Ahhh... I'm J-j-jeff' I answered with a gulp. Shit, this guy had me intimidated already. He made me nervous just by looking at me. This guy was totally awesome.

'Okay Jeff. You help Perry get this place organized. I'm gonna go work out' he said stepping out into the hall.

'Ahhh... s-s-sure' I answered with a quiver in my voice.

'Perry' the big guy said. 'Get all my stuff up here and put away before I get back. And make sure we've got towels cause I want to try out the shower.'

'Yes sir Colt' the blond answered as the big guy walked away.

'What the hell' Jack and I both said at the same time.

'Here's your transfer papers Jack' Perry said handing a residence form to Jack. 'You'll have to move fast because I've got to get everything put away before Colt gets back, and his stuff is still downstairs at the entrance.

'What the fuck is going on?' jack said angrily as he looked at the transfer form. 'I know I was assigned to this room. I'm going to go over there to the housing office and find out what the hell's going on.'

'Please man. Don't do that' said Perry. 'You'll get me into a lot of trouble. Colt wants this place ready and I've got less than two hours to do it.'

'But this is my room' Jack shouted.

'You gotta understand Jack that Colt wanted this done, and the senior floor advisor went along with him. You can check with him if you want. Colt always gets what he wants man. So please, don't fight it. Just go. Maybe Jeff can help you. I gotta go get Colt's stuff.' With that, he went out and headed down the hall.

'I don't believe this' Jack said in amazement. 'I don't fuckin believe this.'

'Never mind Jack. Let's get you moved. You're probably lucky because this guy looks like the roommate from hell anyway.' I helped Jack put his clothes back into his suitcases, and take them upstairs. As we were going out, Perry came in with a couple cases and started putting things away.

After helping Jack for a while, I came back down and saw that Perry had moved the two desks out of the double room and crammed them into the lounge area.

'What'er ya doin man?' I asked. 'These won't fit in here.'

'I'm obeying orders is what I'm doing' he snapped as he pushed a chair out of the way. 'Now help me get this bed into the other room.' He pulled the mattress off the bed and dragged it through the doorway.

'That ain't gonna fit' I said as I followed him. 'There's no room for three beds in here.'

'Yes there is' Perry said as he dropped the mattress on my bed. 'Colt already checked it out. There's plenty of room now that I've got the desks out.'

'So are you guys a couple, huh?' I asked brazenly.

'Well... yeah. I suppose you could say that.'

'That's really cool; three gay guys in one room.'

'Yeah. Sure' he said giving me a dirty look. 'Now help me get this bed in here.'

'He didn't bother introducing himself, but obviously his name is Colt. And Jesus, he's really a big guy isn't he?'

'Actually his real name is Colby Logan, but if you value your life you won't ever call him anything but Colt.'

'You called him sir when he was here' I said. 'What is he, your boss? I thought he was freshman just like us' I asked as we dragged the bed into the other room.

'He is a freshman, but have you even looked at him?' he said with disgust. 'Let me tell you, if Colt tells you to do something, you jump to it and you call him sir and you thank him for it and then you kiss his ass if he wants. When Colt talks, you listen.'

'Hell, I can see he's a giant. I'm not blind, and there's no way I'm gonna mess with him' I said. 'But I hope he doesn't expect me to call him sir?'

'You'll call him whatever he wants you to call him if you know what's good for you. He'll let you know what he wants soon enough' Perry answered.

'Well, this is looking pretty damn weird, you doin whatever that guy tells you' I remarked. 'And if he's as big a bully as it seems, I'm not staying in this room.'

'You'll do what you're told Jeff. Just like I do.'

'Well, that's bullshit' I answered in disgust as we finished moving the bed.

'Jeff. Could you do me a favor? Would you got down to the store room at the end of the hall and get some towels? I haven't had a chance yet.' So I went and got some towels and put them on one of the desks. Perry had got things mostly organized and was now making the beds as I sat down with a magazine.

I'd barely sat down when Colt walked in. His wife beater and blue gym shorts were soaking wet from sweat, and he looked even more massive than when he was here before. The incredible ridges between his deltoids and his biceps were astonishing; like nothing I'd ever seen before. And now pumped from the gym and glistening with sweat those arms were unbelievable. And the rest of him; the chest, the tiny waist, the massive thighs were almost more than I could comprehend. I couldn't help but gasp aloud in amazement and again a got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, and my cock jerked. Hell, I was terrified of him, but I think I was in love with him as well. And my cock didn't know what to do: grow in desire or shrivel up in fear. Jesus, looking like that, who wouldn't be afraid of him. And he was not just huge, because when I was finally able to pull my eyes away from his incredible body, I noticed he was very handsome as well, with perfect masculine features. Totally stunning in the most virile way and one hundred and ten percent macho male. And even though his muscles were gigantic, they were in perfect proportion to his hunky body. He was one magnificent chunk of muscle. And right now he was totally pumped from his workout which took my breath away. I don't know if he heard me gasp but he ignored me as he dropped his gym bag on the floor and headed into the bathroom.

I suddenly began to realize why Petty called him sir and did his bidding. You definitely didn't want to get on this guy's wrong side. Who in the hell would dare refuse him anything? I got a weak feeling in my groin as I thought of him having sex. Hell yes he was gorgeous, but I was a top and I knew this guy could turn me into a pretzel in a second if he wanted to. I was a top, but not in a million years was this guy a bottom.

'Perry. Where's my god damn towel' I heard him shout.

Perry literally leaped through the door and grabbed a towel from the stack on the desk and rushed into the bathroom.

'I told you to put towels in here.'

'I'm sorry sir' I heard Perry whisper. 'I didn't have a chance to.....'

'Just leave it' I heard Colt snap.

'Yes sir' Perry answered. As he closed the bathroom door he looked over at me and shrugged his shoulders with a sheepish look on his face. I was shocked. Wow! He was really under that guy's control. Stepping over towards me he picked up the gym bag and took it into the other room.

'What the fuck is going on?' I mumbled aloud to myself. I left the room and went upstairs to see what Jack was up to. I was actually getting a little frightened. That guy was a hell of a turn on, but I don't get fucked, and I certainly didn't want to become somebody's slave. But actually, just thinking about doing him gave me chills of excitement. Hell; top or not, I'd blow him in a minute if I had the chance.

Jack had finished unpacking again, so he and I went exploring around the campus and then had dinner together.

I arrived back at the room about three hours later. As I entered the room I saw Colt sitting on the sofa reading a magazine wearing only a pair of jockey shorts which gave me an instant hard on. Jesus was he huge. Huge and dazzling. Every inch of him was hard bulging muscle, and I could easily see why he was on a wrestling scholarship. I couldn't imagine anyone ever overpowering all that muscle. I was into complete sensory overload.

There was another easy chair in the room now, making it into a nice lounge. The three desks were side by side against the back wall. Perry was setting at the middle one, also wearing only jockey shorts, and was writing something. Both of them were wonderful to look at, but I hoped they did not plan to sit around in their underwear all the time. I'm no prude, but we might want to have friends in some time, and it'd be nice if they were wearing clothes. And besides, both of them were stunning and if I had a hard on all the time it was going to be embarrassing.

'Hi guys' I said trying to be friendly. Colt nodded his head at me and Perry said hi. I opened the door and peaked into the other room. All three beds and armoire's were there and it seemed to be a good set up. I'm not sure how I was going to be able to sleep with these two spectacular creatures in the room with me, but I suppose I'd figure it out.

'So. You guys get everything set up the way you wanted it?' I asked as I turned back.

'Yeah. I think this is going to work' Colt answered. 'Perry's got things pretty well organized. You doing anything tonight?' This was only the second time Colt had spoken to me, and again I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Perry was obviously his servant or maybe even his slave, and I was terrified of what he might want from me. And I had no doubt he'd get whatever he wanted.

'Ahhh... yeah. Ahhh... C-c-colt' I stuttered. Shit; he had me so intimidated I couldn't even talk without stammering. 'J-J-Jack and I are going to the movies' I answered. 'I ahhh... I just... I just stopped by to get my jacket.'

'Okay. We'll get better acquainted tomorrow' he said as he glanced at me. My growing cock went instantly soft in trepidation from that cool look of superiority on his face. I actually felt my knees shaking.

'Okay. G-g-great' I answered and my voice broke, ending in a squeak. Talk about embarrassed. If he hadn't already guessed it, he now knew I was terrorized by him. And 'getting acquainted'? I'm not sure what that meant, but I figured I wasn't going to be for my benefit.

I didn't get back until almost midnight and found Perry dozing on the love seat. He opened his eyes as I walked in. 'You better get to bed Perry' I said. 'We've got be up for breakfast at seven in the morning.'

'It's okay Jeff. Colt wants me to sleep out here tonight.'

'What the fuck for?' I asked. 'He won't let you sleep in your own bed?'

'Hold it down Jeff. He'll hear you' he whispered. 'But it's okay. I don't mind.'

'Perry' I asked. 'Does this have something to do with that towel thing this afternoon?'

Perry looked embarrassed as he answered. 'Ahhh.... Well.... Maybe. Colt likes things to be perfect and I've been messin up a lot lately so he was pretty pissed. I had to promise never to forget his towel again' he said glancing over at his desk. I walked over and saw several pages with scribbling. Taking a closer look I saw the same sentence was written over and over again: 'I will never forget to put a clean towel in the bathroom for you again'. It looked like there were half a dozen pages there.

'I don't believe this shit' I said loudly. 'You're scared to death of that a-hole aren't you?' I said with a quiver in my voice. This was really scary, but it was also making me angry. Who did Colt think he was? Perry was a cute kid; hell, he was a gorgeous kid, and it wasn't fair that he had to wait on Colt hand and foot.

'Jeff. Please don't' Perry pleaded softly. 'Please.' We both looked up when the door to the other room opened and Colt stood there in the nude. He literally took my breath away. Again. He was incredible. Enormous muscles bulging even when he was totally relaxed and a cock; an awe inspiring cock dangling down between his legs.

'Perry' he said. 'I'm about to turn the light out and go to sleep so I don't want to hear any noise. Jeff. You and me'll have a talk tomorrow. If you're going to bed, get in here so we can turn out the light.' Colt turned and went back to bed leaving the door open.

'What the fuck' I said, but I was no fool and I barely whispered it in Perry's ear. Perry put his finger to his lips in a shushing motion and leaned over and turned off the lamp. The room was now full dark with only the light coming from the other room. I'm not totally stupid and I was not about to get Colt pissed, so I scurried into the bedroom, stripped, turned out the light and climbed it. I felt a shiver shoot up my spine as I thought about what it meant to 'get acquainted' with Colt. Tomorrow. I'd find out tomorrow.

When I awoke, I opened one eye and saw that it was light in the room so it must be morning. Something woke me up so I looked around and saw that Perry had just entered the room. I stretched and yawned and rolled over but Perry didn't even look in my direction. His Jockey shorts had disappeared and he was now totally nude, and wow, was he ever a cutie. Nice chiseled pectorals and rippling abdominals; sculptured shoulders and particularly large biceps. He was built bigger than a swimmer; more like a gymnast with tight hard muscles. However, no gymnast had bulging thighs like his. He was really built, and almost as big as me. The only reason I hadn't noticed it yesterday was because Colt was so massive and Perry looked like a midget next to him. But Perry had him in the face. A beautiful baby face, with blond bangs and slightly darker eyebrows. His long eyelashes were amazing, and gave him a maybe a slight feminine look which made him really gorgeous. And his green eyes were startling. So much so that I wondered if he wore green contact lenses. All in all, Perry was one of the most beautiful young men I'd ever seen. And he had an ass that wouldn't quit. Wow, did he have a pretty ass. I couldn't help but get hard from seeing him, but I knew he was way out of my league. With his looks he could have anybody he wanted, and it was obvious he was already taken anyway.

I watched as he got on his knees next to the bed where Colt was still asleep. Getting right up to Colt's ear he started whispering something very softly. It was just a soft murmer, so I couldn't hear what he was saying, but he kept at it for a minute or so. Then I heard a kiss. Getting up on one elbow so I could see, I saw that Perry had pulled the sheet down uncovering Colt's chest and was kissing his massive pectoral muscle. Colt still hadn't moved, so Perry kept up his whispering in between his kisses. Then I clearly heard what he was saying, and was totally shocked. He was saying: 'Wake up Master. Wake up Master.'

Master? He's calling him Master? Whatthefuck?

It didn't look like Colt was going to wake up anytime soon, but Perry kept going; whispering 'Master' and kissing his chest. Evidently this was some kind of ritual, because I noticed that Perry had has hands clasped behind his back. The only thing touching Colt's chest was his lips.

Then I saw Colt open his eyes. He yawned once, and then and rustled his hand through Perry's hair. 'Okay, I'm awake' he said. 'Get my shower ready.'

'Yes Master' Perry answered as he got up and left the room. I heard the shower start as Colt got out of bed and immediately starting doing pushups at a speed I couldn't believe. In mere seconds he did twenty pushups and then stood up. Seeing him totally naked again made my jaw drop in amazement. He was absolutely magnificent. He was beyond huge. He was a Hercules; an Atlas; a Greek god. He glanced over and saw me gaping with my mouth hanging open.

'Close your mouth or you'll catch flies' he growled as he left the room. Shit, what did I do? Was he annoyed just because I was looking at him? Obviously I was going to have to be very careful around him. I knew he could turn me inside out with one hand if he took a mind to, so I definitely didn't want to get on his wrong side.

But this whole situation was too weird for words. Perry called him Master. So, did that mean he was Colt's slave?

I could pretty much understand why they were together. Perry was probably the most beautiful boy/man I'd ever seen, and Colt. .. Well, Colt was a brawny giant. A Colossus; a muscle god. Presumably with all that muscle and his arrogant attitude, Colt simply took what he wanted, and he'd obviously picked Perry, the most gorgeous guy around. While Perry was absolutely beautiful, Colt was a virile macho man. A giant muscle god and his beautiful boy. What a pair; Hercules and Adonis. But it was beginning to look to me like Master and Slave. Beginning to, hell. They WERE Master and Slave. There was no doubt in my mind that Colt was not the 'colt' in this situation. He was definitely the 'stallion' here and Perry was the 'colt' or maybe even the 'filly''.

When I got out of my shower Colt and Perry were already gone. I met up with Jack and we went to orientation together. After all morning and half the afternoon, they finally released us at about 2:00 PM. They gave us a ton of paperwork to do, and even more stuff to read so I went back to my room. It was about half an hour before Perry came in.

'Hey Perry. How's it goin. They gave us a ton of paperwork didn't they?' I said with a laugh.

We chatted for a bit and he told me Colt had gone to the gym to workout and would be back later. We both got busy filling out all the papers.

We were still sitting at our desks an hour or so later when Colt came in. I got this leaden feeling in the pit of my stomach, and a catch in my throat just like every time I saw him. He was so fuckin huge! I couldn't get over his size. Yes he was hot, but we hadn't had our 'get acquainted' talk yet and he had me scared shitless. As he dropped his gym bag and went into the bathroom Perry picked it up and went into the other room closing the door. Only a minute or so went by before the bathroom door opened and Colt stepped back into the room.

He was standing there in the nude, totally relaxed, leaning against the door rubbing his hair with a towel. I couldn't help but look and stare at his massive muscles. Enormous shoulders sloping down to a tiny waist which was hard to believe on someone so big. But my eyes were drawn to the 'thing' hanging from his middle; the python-like prick, cut and thick even though it was completely soft. I glanced down at the bulging thighs and calves, but my eyes were drawn back to the center of gravity: his dangling prick.

'Never seen a guy's meat before Jeff?'

I was stunned and tried to look away. 'Ahhh.... s-s-sorry Colt. I..... I.... Ahhh.... Sorry' I mumbled pulling my eyes away.

'So, what do you think?' he asked.

'Ahhh.... Wha.... Ahhh.... W-w-what.... Colt?' I sputtered as I looked at him again, completely embarrassed and intimidated.

'I said: what'daya think? You turned on to my muscles or my big rooster?' he laughed. 'Or maybe both.'

He walked over to me with a smile, pulled my chair around facing him and gave me three quick easy slaps to the cheek. He had my whole body visibly shaking as he gently slapped me.

'Guess my body really turns you on hey?'

His slaps didn't hurt but nobody does that to a guy. But he did it. I guess he was letting me know he was in control, as if I didn't already know it. I gulped and began to sweat. I was hot, and I was afraid, and I was embarrassed by his nakedness, and I was frightened by his brazenness. And I was terrified of what he was going to do next.

'Ahhh.... p-p-please Colt.... d-d-don't....' I mumbled.

He reached forward and tussled my hair. 'You wanna blow me Jeff?' he said as he then reached down and flipped his cock a couple times. My cock jumped like a jackrabbit and started to grow and I felt a shot of fear shoot through my body. 'Tell me man. You want it?' I was mesmerized by his cock which was now almost right in my face, but I also knew Colt was grinning down at me. And I was hard. I knew instantly that he was going to dominate me and make me his submissive wimp and I was trembling in fear. And desire.

'I just came from the gym baby, just so you could see my sweaty body' he said with a laugh. 'Yeah. I'll bet sweaty muscles really turn you on.' My arms were limp at my sides, and my hard prick was trying to force its' way out of my pants as he stepped up close.

Grabbing me by a handful of hair, he pulled me to me feet and grinning broadly said 'you're gonna be my boy Jeff, just like Perry.' With that he pushed my head down and mashed my face into his massive sweaty pecs. 'Lick' was all he said.

And I licked. And he was sweaty. And I was as hot with desire as I'd ever been in my entire life. I suddenly realized I wanted to worship this god. As fearful as I was, I knew he was a god, and I knew he deserved total devotion from me and he was going to get it.

'This is not for you Jeff' he said giving my hair a jerk. 'This is for me. Concentrate on what you're doing and get me hot.' I immediately understood what he meant. I was as turned on as I've ever been, but the fear factor clicked in as he made it clear I had to concentrate on his needs and not my own. And I knew I was going to do my damnedest to make this good for him. He still had his hand in my hair and was directing my movements as I licked and slobbered all over the massive shelf of his pecs. He was letting me worship, but his hand in my hair made it clear he was in control.

Then he got a better grip on my hair and started to pull on it; hard. 'Ooooohhh' I groaned softly as it started to hurt.

'You like a little pain do you Jeff?' Colt questioned as he pulled harder. 'You a bit of a masochist, are you?' I could only groan in reply, because he was still mashing my face against his sweaty chest. 'I think so Jeff' he said as he pulled my face back from his chest and just looked me in the eye for a moment. Then he hit me.....hard.... with his open hand.... and I screamed.

'Yeeeaaaoooh' I yelled as tears instantly started streaming from my eyes. It felt like he'd taken the skin right off my cheek. He just held me there by the hair as I looked at him in shock.

'You're gonna love this Jeff. I know it' he grinned. 'Now kiss my hand' he said as he pushed his open palm into my face. 'Kiss it.' I was crying and still in shock as I realized that he wanted me to kiss the hand he's just hit me with. 'Don't make me repeat myself Jeff' he growled. 'DO IT.'

Hell, I ain't no fool. I kissed his hand. 'Yeah boy. I knew it from the first time I saw you. Oh yeah. A little pain will just make it more exciting for you. You'll love having a real man slapping you around' he laughed, 'and lucky you, that's the way I like it.' Still holding my hair, he pulled me back against his chest and roughly, and I mean really rough, dragged my face back and forth over his muscled pecs smearing his sweat all over my face and jamming my nose against that steel hard flesh.

'Okay Jeff. End of lesson one' he said as he let go of me. 'You do what I want and you take what I give you. Now get down there and blow me.' I moved my head back from his chest and just looked at him. He put his hands on his hips, and looked like the most egotistical human being I'd ever seen. And justifiably so. He was a god. Tears were still streaming down my cheeks and I was sniffling as I saw that look of superiority on his face. It wasn't really a grin, but just a look of total confidence and conceit. He knew I was going to blow him; and I knew it too as I slowly sank to my knees before him.

His hands were still on his hips and he didn't move as he waited for me. Oh yeah. He already knew I was totally under his power, and would do anything he wanted. And besides, deep down underneath the fear I wanted to do it; I wanted to worship that incredible body; I wanted to suck that big cock. And I hoped that would keep him from hitting me again. I leaned forward and took it into my mouth. Even as a top I'd given a few blow jobs over the years, but this one was a whole different dimension from what I'd sucked before. Even partially hard, like he was now, Colt was huge.

'I know you won't be able to handle it Jeff' Colt said softly. 'Not yet anyway. But you'll try really hard won't you?' I thought he was big to begin with, but as I started sucking on it, it kept growing. I could barely get my mouth around it, and I only had just the tip in my mouth. I must have been doing something right however, because it kept growing and growing. Then I felt him put his hand behind my head and push. A couple more inches of the monster slid into my mouth and I choked a little. But I could still handle it and I was sucking it like mad. Finally it seemed to stop growing but shit, it felt like I had a god damn beer can in my mouth. There was no way I could handle this cock. Hell, nobody could handle anything this big.

Then he grabbed my hair with both hands and jammed the monster into me. I tried to scream but it only came out as a grunt as he crammed it into my throat. He only held it there for only three or four seconds but I thought I was going to die. When he jerked me back, snot was coming from my nose, my eyes were watering, and I was coughing and choking. He didn't give me more than a second to get a quick breath before he jammed it back in again. He held it for a good ten seconds this time, and when he let me go I just fell back onto the floor, gasping and crying and choking and trying not to lose my lunch.

'Perry' I heard him yell, and the door immediately opened and Perry scurried in from the other room. He'd obviously been waiting next to the door, probably with his ear pressed against it. He instantly started stripping and in only seconds was totally naked, and as I was trying to regain control of myself I saw him get on his knees and take Colt's enormous cock in his mouth. Hell, he didn't just take it; he swallowed it. I was astonished that this guy could actually take all that cock in his mouth. He started jacking his head back and forth, banging his nose into Colt's crotch and cramming that monster into his throat with each thrust. He was incredible.

Taking hold of his head and holding him against his crotch, Colt backed over to a chair dragging Perry along with him. Sitting down, he just relaxed as Perry went to town on his cock.

'Look and learn' Colt said to me. I'd almost recovered by now and just watched as Perry licked and sucked and worshiped that giant bludgeon, literally strangling himself on it. I heard him choke occasionally but that didn't even slow him down as he went on and on, forcing that monster into his throat. I just sat there watching in awe. To take that kind of self-inflicted pounding, Perry's throat must have been made of steel.

'This is how you suck a cock' Colt said as he looked me in the eye. 'You'll soon learn.' He let Perry go at it for a while longer and then pushed him away and stood up. 'On your knees' he said as he stepped over in front of me.

'P-P-Please C-C-Colt' I said in total terror as I started crying again. 'P-P-Please d-d-don't' I pleaded. I was still sitting on the floor and was terrified that he was going to try to force that monster down my throat again.

'Get on your god damn knees' he growled as he started jerking his prick hard and fast. Reaching down he grabbed my hair and yanked me up to my knees getting a scream from me. Holding me up in front of him he started shooting his cum into my face. 'Open your mouth' he yelled at me as he jerked my hair and shot another load. I did as I was told and the next shot went directly into my mouth. He was in the throes of sexual excitement and as he kept shooting, he was jerking my whole body around like a rag doll with his hold on my hair as his cum splattered into my face and mouth, into my hair and onto his hand.

Then, as he began to cool down, he let go of my hair and started smearing his cum all over my face, coating my eyes and lips and even pushing it up my nose. 'Lick that cum off my hand boy' he finally said. 'Lick it clean.' He said it softly, but there was no question that it was an order to be instantly obeyed. I started licking his hand and sucking his fingers and kept at it until I had lapped up every bit of his cum.

Finally Colt grabbed me by the chin and pulled my face up so he was looking me in the eye. 'You did good Jeff' he said. 'Maybe you'll learn quick after all. We'll see. But I want you to understand that you will learn or you will be punished. I definitely believe in punishment as Perry can tell you. Now you go shower and clean up and we'll go to dinner together.'

Before we left the room and under threat of severe punishment, Colt ordered me to not say one single word until we got back. He said this was part of my training in learning how to obey. And although I wasn't happy about it, I knew it was a lot safer to do what he told me. Colt and Perry carries on a lively conversation over dinner but I kept my mouth shut. Colt even ordered for me at the restaurant.

Colt was in a good mood when we got back to our rooms. He had Perry laughing about something, but I was depressed and I was really scared of what was going to happen next. I knew he had plans for me and from what he'd said, I knew he was planning to punish me some more, and my cheek still hurt from the last time.

'Okay Jeff. You do catch on pretty quick' Colt said. 'Now strip. You too Perry.' I hesitated for a moment but got the idea as Perry started tearing his clothes off. 'Down to the buff' he said.

'Now me' he said. I just looked at him, not really understanding what he wanted. 'Get over here and undress me' he barked. As I stepped over to him he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me to the floor. 'My shoes' he said, sounding angry. I untied and removed his shoes, and after a quick glance up at him, removed the socks as well. 'My pants' he said, and I rose up on my knees and undid his belt and pants and pulled them down and off. As I looked up at him, he slipped out of his shirt. 'My shorts' he said and I grabbed his jockey's and pulled them down. That giant python was still there completely soft and dangling down, but now looking totally sinister to me.

Colt walked over to one of the easy chairs, sat down and snapping his fingers at me, pointed to the floor in front of him. That was clear enough and I got on my knees at his feet. Again he looked so formidable, a muscled giant, that I felt totally weak and puny in front of him. He was obviously going to make me obey, and I began to see that this was my only choice. A giant like him had to be in charge, and guys like me had to do his bidding whether we liked it or not.

Colt slid slightly forward in the chair with his knees touching my shoulders on either side. 'Take my cock in your mouth and look at me' he directed. 'Don't suck.' I did as he ordered. 'Hands behind your back.'

'If you get me hard I'm going to punish you. You just hold my cock in your mouth. Got it? Nod your head.' I nodded my head. 'Now understand that Perry is well trained. He fucks up sometimes, but I've trained him well and he tries hard. Don't you Perry?'

'Yes Master' Perry answered. 'I do.'

'Perry lived across the street from me for years,' Colt said 'and I taught him how to service me back when we were juniors in high school. So he's had lots of experience. Now you. You're going to have to learn really quick, and if you don't it's going to be very painful for you.' He gave me a couple light slaps on the cheek. 'But I think you'll do fine' he said giving me a smile. 'I picked you because you're cute and you have a nice body, and you look good next to Perry with your black hair and dark complexion. You're also smart so I'll bet you're a quick learner.' That's the first time I heard that he had 'picked me'. Maybe I should feel honored, but right now, sitting there with his cock in my mouth, I was cowering in fear and totally submissive.

'Now the first thing you have to know is that anything that happens in this room stays in this room. Nothing is ever mentioned outside. Nod if you understand that.' I nodded. 'I told you not to suck' he snapped. 'If you get me hard you're going to be hurting.' I had a lot of saliva in my mouth and was trying to swallow it and didn't realize I was sucking him. I stopped swallowing and just let the saliva build up.

'Perry has the same teachers for Math and Biology as I do, and you have the same teachers for English and History. That's another reason I picked you' he chuckled. 'You guys are going to do my homework for me. I'll check it after you do it, but I'm going to be too busy with my workouts and stuff to do it myself. Got that?' I was surprised but what the hell could I do. I nodded my head. 'Good boy' he said and patted me on the cheek a couple times again.

'Now I'm not going to waste a lot of time training you. You'll just have to learn on the fly, but if you keep your eye on Perry and do what he does, you should be able to catch on. I don't have a hell of a lot of patience with slow learners so you'd better catch on quick.'

'Everything clear so far?' he asked and I nodded my head. He just stared into my eyes for a couple minutes without saying anything making me very nervous. Finally he smiled. 'You really do look cute down there with my cock in your mouth' he laughed. I like your black hair and your olive skin. You're going to look great down there next to Perry.'

'Now, about the homework' he said. 'Every afternoon when I get back from my workout I want my homework right here on my desk.' He slapped the corner of his desk. 'That'll give me time to check it out so we can make changes if we need too. Now I ain't no dummy here Jeff. I could do this stuff myself but there's no sense in my wasting my time when I've got you to do it. Okay now. You got all that?' I nodded my head again.

'Okay. End of lesson for tonight' he said as he pushed my head back away from his crotch. 'You can't have me tonight. You'll have to suck me off another time' he laughed. 'Let's go to bed.'

The next afternoon I was sitting at my desk when Perry came in. I had already written two history essays; one for Colt and one for me but I hadn't printed them yet. I was still working on the English assignments. Perry said hi and put some papers on Colt's desk.

'Jeff' he asked. 'Where's Colts homework?'

'I'm working on it Perry. I've just got to finish up this English assignment and print the history and I'm done.'

'You'd better hurry. Colt told you to have it done before he gets back from the gym.'

'I know that. But I met Jack in the quad and I got back late. I'm almost done.' And as I said that, Colt came into the room. He was wearing a clean white T-shirt and sweats so he'd obviously showered at the gym. Again, I was astonished at his amazing body. He looked more like a god every time I saw him. He dropped his gym bag and sat at his desk. Perry grabbed the bag and took it into the other room.

'Ahhh.... Colt.... ' I started to say.

'Shut up' he ordered. And I shut up. He sat down at his desk and looked at the papers Perry had put there.

After a couple minutes he finally spoke. 'Get over here Jeff' he said. I got up and walked over to him, shaking with fear. Shit, what was he going to do? 'On your knees' he ordered.

'Ahhh... Colt?' I questioned as I sank to my knees.

'You speak again I'll tape your mouth shut. Now get under my desk' he said as he rolled his chair back. I gave him a questioning look, not quite understanding what he wanted. 'Get under my fuckin desk' he growled and cuffed me on the side of my head. I crawled under his desk. He rolled his chair back forcing me to squirm back tight against the wall and twist sideways. It was very uncomfortable, but I tried not to move as he started surfing the internet or something. I didn't dare say a word and he didn't say anything for at least ten minutes.

'Did you get my English homework done' he asked suddenly. It took me a moment to finally realize he was talking to me.

'Ahhh... not quite C-c-colt' I trembled. 'I ahhh... I haven't qui...' Colt slid back his chair, reached in and grabbed me by the collar, dragged me out and hit me with his open hand. I howled in pain as I flew back and hit my head against the desk. He pushed me back under the desk and rolled his chair back forcing me back against the wall again. I was whimpering and tears were flowing as I put my hand to my stinging face. I didn't say anything and he didn't say anything for about ten more minutes. I was so uncomfortable that my muscles were beginning to cramp from being jammed under his desk.

'From now on you'll have it done before I get back' he said calmly. I didn't say anything until he barked at me. 'Answer me!'

'Ahhh... y-y-yes C-c-colt' I answered with trepidation.

'Call me Master' he growled at me.

'Y-y-yes sir. Errr... y-y-yes... M-m-master' I answered.

'How about History?'

'Ahhh... p-p-please Colt. Please sir.... P-p-pleeeease... Colt. I'm... I'm sorry' I whimpered in fear. Again he slid his chair back and dragged me out. I ducked my head and put my hands up to protect my face. He just held me by the collar, choking me.

'Remove..... your.....hands' he said slowly and softly. I was terrified but I had no choice but to drop my hands. 'Look at me' he ordered. I raised my head and looked at him with tears dripping down my face. Raising his hand, he hit me again, hard. I screamed in pain. He crammed me back under his desk, this time kicking me with his foot. I was crying as he rolled his chair back in and forced me against the wall again. 'You 'will' call me Master' he said softly.

'Y-y-yes M-m-master' I whimpered through my tears. Colt continued doing something with his computer for the longest time; probably a half hour or so. Finally he rolled the chair back and stood up.

'Get out here' he said. I gingerly crawled out from under the desk but stayed on my knees. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back so I was looking him in the eye. 'Now we have an understanding don't we?'

Y-y-y-yess... Sir. Ahhh... M-m-master' I stuttered fearfully.

'Yes, I think we do Jeff. Now, I know you and me are going to get along fine, but you've just got to learn your place, and get it through your thick skull that I am your Master now and you're just here to serve me' he said patiently. 'I won't hit you again because I don't want to mark that pretty face. But there are other ways to punish you and I'll use them until you begin to understand. Got it Jeff?'

'Y-y-yesss... M-m-master' I blubbered.

'Good. And from now on you call me Master in private, and Sir the rest of the time just like Perry does.'

'Y-y-yes Master.'

'Good. Now I'm going out with some friends' he said to me. 'I'll be back in a couple hours. You be on your knees with my finished homework in your hands when I get back. Got it?' he said giving my hair a jerk.

'Y-y-yesss... Master' I said as he then walked out of the room, leaving the door open. Perry got up from his desk and closed the door quietly. I was still on my knees crying and in shock when Perry came over and crouched down putting his arm around me.

'It's alright Jeff' he said softly. 'I tried to warn you but you had to experience this for yourself. You gotta pay attention and do what he says Jeff. He doesn't put up with any shit, and if you don't watch out you're going to get hurt real bad.'

'But what did I do?' I cried.

'It's what you didn't do, you fool. You've gotta do whatever he tells you to do, and do it quick. And you try to guess what he wants the rest of the time so he doesn't get pissed. I can tell you getting him pissed ain't healthy.'

Finishing the English assignment was not a big deal since I was almost done. When I finished two copies of it I printed out the two history essays. When I was done Perry came over and looked at it. 'That ain't going to do it Jeff. You gotta either type it or try to copy his handwriting. And it can't be the same as yours. Here's a paper he wrote' he said as he put a page in front of me. 'And you'd better hurry up if you're going to get it done before he gets back.'

'Okay Perry. Thanks' I said as I started again. The English assignment was question and answer on a form so I made a few changes from my copy and tried to match Colt's handwriting. When I finally finished I asked Perry to take another look, and he said it was okay.

A while later I was listening to my ipod and reading one of my text books, when Perry put his hand on my shoulder. 'Ahhh... Jeff. You'd better get ready.'

'Ahhh... what? Ready for what?'

'Jeff. You gotta listen. Colt said he wanted you on your knees with his homework in your hands. And he meant it Jeff. You either get down on your knees right now, or get ready so you can get down there in two seconds before he gets the door open. I'm serious man. If you're not on your knees when he gets here you're going to get seriously battered. Colt demands total obedience and you do exactly what he says. Exactly. Colt expects you to be perfect and if you're not you're going to be sorry.'

'Well hell, what am I supposed to do?' I said. 'I can't stay on my knees for an hour.'

'It's safer Jeff' Perry answered. 'It's a whole lot safer.'

'How about we lock the door, so we'll have to open it for him' I asked as I stepped over to the door.

'Don't you dare Jeff' Perry exclaimed with shock. 'He'd kill us if that door is locked. Don't you touch it.' As I set back down at my desk, I put my ipod away, and put Colt's finished homework within reach and started reading again. Every time I heard someone in the hall I grabbed the papers and dropped to my knees. That happened four times before our door finally opened and Colt entered the room. I was on my knees in front of my desk holding his homework in front of me like a waiter with a tray.

Colt dropped his jacket on the floor and headed into the bathroom. Perry immediately picked it up and went the other room to hang it up. He was back at his desk in seconds. I wondered if I should stay on my knees, and tried to catch Perry's eye, but he wouldn't look at me. I decided it was safer to stay where I was for a while.

Colt came back into the room and sat at his desk and turned his chair towards me. He didn't say anything for a couple minutes, but I was still facing the door and was afraid to move. And I started to sweat.

'Face me' he ordered and I turned. 'Bow your head.' I bowed

'Thank me for teaching you how to show respect.' It took a minute for me to comprehend what he said and what I should do. He wanted me to thank him for whipping my butt? Really? Then he cleared his throat, and I knew I was in trouble.

'Ahhh. .. yes s-sir. Errr... yes M-m-m-master. Ahhh... thank you ahhh... M-master' I stuttered. I actually shivered as he just stared at me for a couple minutes.

'You answer quicker next time' he snapped and I gasped in relief knowing I had just escaped some kind of punishment. Then he pointed at his feet and snapped his fingers. Staying on my knees, I crawled over to him and held out the homework. He took the history paper and I just waited, still holding the English paper out to him while he read the essay. When he finished he took the English paper and read it. 'Okay. That'll do. Get back to your desk.' I scurried to my desk

'Perry' he said, and in less than two seconds Perry was on his knees in front of him.

'Yes Master' Perry whispered.

'Get me comfortable' he said to Perry. Perry untied his shoes and slipped them off, and then the socks. Then, bending down, he gave each foot a kiss. Shit, he was a slave. He was actually kissing Colt's feet. Then raising back up, Perry hesitated for a moment. 'Everything' Colt said as he raised his butt up slightly. Perry grabbed both the sweats and a jockstrap and pulled both of them down and off. Colt's prick flopped out looking as enormous as ever. Perry stood up and pulled Colt's shirt over his head and then sank back down to his knees.

Colt slid his butt slightly forward on the chair, and reaching down took his still soft cock and pulled it up. Without any comment or instruction, Perry leaned in, pressed his face against the crotch and started licking Colt's balls. I'd had more than my share of blow jobs over the years but nobody'd ever treated me like this. Perry was so well trained that he instinctively knew what Colt wanted; when to kiss his feet and when to lick his balls and who knew what else, without Colt saying a word. This really was slavery.

I looked up at Colt and he gave me a smile. 'This is what a little training will do' he said. He kept playing with his cock as Perry busily slobbered all over his balls, and all the time he was smiling at me. And hell, I'm not totally stupid. I knew damn well he was going to force me to do the same thing whether I liked it or not.

'Now Jeff' he said casually as Perry continued working his balls. 'I said I wasn't going spend a lot of time training you, and I meant it. But I don't want to have to keep kicking the shit out of you either. You're going to have to catch on quicker. You hear me?'

'Y-y-yes... M-m-master' I answered with a quiver in my voice. Hey, I knew my place now. He was going to find me to be the most obedient guy in the universe. I'd do anything to keep from getting slammed by him again.

'Okay, let's see' he said. 'Both of you strip. Dance for me and make it sexy.' I wasn't quite sure what that meant, but I was sweating and fearful as I stood up. Perry stood up next to me and started dancing. I watched him and basically copied his movements, as he pulled up his shirt showing his abs, and did he ever have beautiful abs: sharp ridges just like a washboard. He rubbed his hands over the ridges as he twisted his body and shook his butt. Doing some kind of slow dance step raising his arms above his head he moved in a circle sticking out his butt, and then pulled his shirt up showing off his pecs. Rubbing his hands over his shapely chest he continued dancing and finally pulled his shirt up and off. I continued watching him and did exactly the same things that he was doing. Kicking his shoes off, he danced in a circle again and then undid his jeans and slowly pulled down the zipper. I saw Colt was looking and I saw his dick start to grow. Hell, mine was already hard from watching Perry. He was gorgeous to begin with, but now acting so sexy as he slowly pulled his pants down inch by inch. I was totally turned on and Perry was showing a big bulge in his jockey shorts as well.

As we continued I saw that Colt had taken hold of his dick and was beginning to play with it. We had removed our pants and we were now rubbing our hands over our bodies, from our shoulders, down over our chests and stomachs to our jockeys.

As we both pulled off our shorts, Perry slowly extended his right foot, raising his leg and grasping it, and as I looked on in astonishment, continued to raise it until it was pointed straight at the ceiling. And then even more amazing, he seemed to float backwards onto his hands, and as he leaned back and pushed his leg forward, he slowly lifted the other leg off the floor so one was now pointed back and the other forward in a perfect scissors with him standing on his hands. It was breathtaking; an incredible gymnastic feat in slow motion.

He held the pose for a moment before he drew his legs together pointing straight up, and then slowly bent his knees and keeping perfect balance, brought his thighs up tight against his chest. Colt stepped forward and grabbed him with a hand on each side of his waist, and lifted him up smoothly as if he were no more than a feather. He kept lifting until he finally had him pressed at full extension above his head, and their lips met. One facing up and the other facing down, they kissed. They did it so gracefully and with such ease that it was truly magnificent and I knew they must have done this before. This show of strength and athletic ability by the two of them was probably the most erotic and wonderful exhibition I had ever seen.

As they kissed, I heard Perry mumble. 'I love you Master' he said in barely a whisper.

'I love you too baby' Colt whispered back.

Wow. They were lovers for god's sake. I suddenly realized this put a whole different light on the two of them. I don't know why I hadn't suspected it sooner. I suppose that just because they were dominant and submissive didn't mean that they couldn't love each other. I just hadn't considered it. But where did that leave me? Was Colt making me into his slave or was I supposed to be his second lover?

I had not moved a muscle since Perry had started his incredible acrobatic performance and I now watched as Colt gently lowered him down to the floor.

As he let go of Perry, Colt stepped back and sat in one of the easy chairs. Then snapping his fingers he pointed to the floor in front of him. Both Perry and I got on our knees and crawled over to him. Colt reached forward and grabbed each of us by the neck and just looked.

'My pretty boys' he said. 'My cute little boy toys. Perry, you were right. He's going to work out just fine. The two of you together are gorgeous. Go ahead, kiss him' he said as he turned our heads to face each other. Interesting. So Perry had picked me as well. He wanted me to be his lover's slave. Really? It was going to take a while for me to make sense out of this. Perry was my perfect type and I'd have taken him as my lover in a minute, but that wasn't what was happening. Perry evidently loved Colt enough that he was willing to not only be his slave, but to bring me in as an additional worshiper.

Perry gave me a quick kiss; backed off, and then a longer spit-exchanging kiss. I could imagine what Colt was seeing, because Perry and I were both hunky muscle boys and very good looking, but otherwise total opposites. His platinum blond hair and translucent skin were ravishing and my jet black hair and dark complexion must have been stunning in comparison. And out of the corner of my eye I could see that Colt was grinning. Oh yeah, he liked what he saw.

'Pick up my jockstrap' he said. It was lying there where Perry had dropped it, so I picked it up and looked at him. 'Put it on your head' he said and I just stared at him. He continued to shock me, but it didn't take me more than a few seconds to realize I had to do it, and I slipped the jock over my head. He reached down and manipulated it so that the pouch was in front, and then pushed most of it into my mouth.

Then he grabbed me by the chin and gave my head a jerk. 'The important thing Jeff is that you do whatever I tell you to do, and you jump to it so I don't have to punish you. You got that?' I nodded my head. Shit, this guy was scary.

'You wear my jockstrap on your head tonight so you can smell me all night and I want to see it there in the morning. Okay?'

Okay? He was asking me? Like hell he was. I nodded my head yes. 'Good. Take it off for now, but I want it back there before you go to bed.' I took it off and put it aside.

'Perry. Grease up' he said and Perry jumped up and went into the bathroom. He was back in seconds with a jar of cream in his hand.

Grabbing the jar of cream he laid on his back and raising his legs, rolled up onto his neck and shoulders curling into a ball, bringing his knees almost to the floor beside his head with his ass sticking straight up in the air. Then he started smearing the cream on his tiny pucker. He was still trying to be sexy as he stuck a finger in and wiggled it around. Eventually he stuck two fingers in and then three.

Colt got up from the chair and went over to the love seat and lay back, stretching himself across it as much as possible. 'Okay slave boy' was all he said. Perry went over to Colt and climbed on. Facing Colt's face and aligning his ass over the prodigious, still hard, nine inch prick, he started to gradually sit down on it.

He'd obviously done this before because he was making quite a production of it as he moved his ass down slightly, shifted from side to side and back and forth, then up and back down again, gradually sinking the immense shaft deeper and deeper into his ass. I hoped he was well greased because I knew that bludgeon forcing its' way into him was completely dry. Having done it may times or not, I could see by the look on his face it was hurting. He had his eyes open and was looking Colt in the eye as he groaned and forced his ass down on the prick. There was something else about the way he was looking at Colt and after their previous exhibition; I now recognized that it must have been a look of love. Perry was doing this for his lover and Master. He continued looking Colt in the eye which seemed to be a requirement, so Colt could see both the pain and the love as he got his cock ravished. Although they were lovers, it was becoming clear in my mind that Colt was a bit of a sadist. There was no doubt that Perry was suffering and Colt was enjoying watching him.

'That's it slave boy' he crooned. 'Work my cock with that hot little ass' he said as he reached around and slapped Perry's ass; hard.

Perry yelped and spoke. 'Thank you Master' he gasped. Hell; he even had to thank Colt for hitting him.

He wasn't quite all the way down on Colt's cock yet but he was making quite a production of it; wiggling his ass around as he ground it down on the massive rod.

Colt slapped him again and got another yelp and I could see his red handprint on Perry's ass. Shit; he was really hitting him hard. He really was a sadist. Perry yelped again but then thanked him.

'I'm there Master' Perry finally gasped. 'Oh shit. I'm there.'

'Go to it babe. Fuck yourself silly' Colt said with a big grin on his face, and Perry started to slowly lift himself up and down on the monster in his ass. Very, very slowly at first, and he was moaning softly as he moved. Just a low hum, letting us know that he was still hurting. Or maybe; just maybe, those were sounds of pleasure.

Me! I was stunned. I could see the sweat dripping down Perry's face and chest and I figured he was trying hard not to scream. That monster stuck up his ass was huge and I couldn't believe he could even take it. If anybody in this world was a masochist it was him because he was doing all the work, and it was obviously agonizing for him.

'Ohhh... ohhh... ohhh' he moaned and again I couldn't tell if that was from pain or pleasure or some combination of the two. Having your ass stretched out to receive that humongous cannon had to hurt like hell. Evidently servicing Colt always came with a certain amount of pain attached, either from working the enormous cock or getting slapped around by Colt himself.

And then Perry started to bounce on it.

Then Colt reached up and slapped Perry's face. Hot hard but probably hard enough to sting. 'Oh yeah baby. work that hot ass' he murmured. Then he slapped Perry again on the other side. 'Feels good baby' he said 'but start humping.' And, damned if he didn't slap him again. Perry moaned, and started moving his ass up and down quicker, as well as twisting it around. He now had his eyes closed with his face aiming towards the ceiling as he contined going faster.

And I couldn't believe it when Colt slapped him again. 'Go slave boy. Go' he exhorted. And Perry started slamming his ass down hard and fast against Colt's crotch. He was now grunting each time the big pole hammered into him and I could see the sweat dripping down his body. Then, finally, I could see Colt's chest begin to move as he started panting. He must have been getting close.

Continueing to be a total sadist, Colt reached up and grabbed Perry by the hair, jerking it and causing Perry to squeal, and he started ramming his crotch up to meet each downward thrust of Perry's ass. With each thrust I could see he jerked Perry's hair getting a yelp from him each time.

And then Perry started screaming. 'Oh Yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!' and for the first time I took note that his cock was hard as a rock and throbbing; and damned if he didn't start shooting.

'Ahhhhhhhh Master' he screamed as his first shot fired just past Colt's face. Colt was still yanking on his hair and slamming into his ass as Perry shot a second and a third time onto Colt's massive chest.

And then Colt howled. 'Oooooh Shhhiiiiiit' he yelled as he grabbed both of Perry's shoulders and holding him tight, slammed his crotch into his ass three or four more times. Perry was still shooting onto Colt's chest as Colt started firing into his ass.

And believe it or not, I started shooting. I was so enthralled in watching them that I had barely realized that I'd started jerking myself off. But it was no damn wonder, because I'd never seen anything so erotic in my life, and I joined into their chorus of yelling as I shot my cum across the floor.

Colt finally settled down and pulled Perry down on his chest and started kissing him. I finally finished cuming and just sat there panting and holding on to my still dripping cock.

Then Colt looked over at me. 'Way to go babe' he said. 'I think you're going to fit in just fine.'

To Be Continued........................



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