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Sex. Love. And Studying: Jared's Story

Chapter 1

Jared shivered uncontrollably, his pace quickening as he made his way up

the winding road that lead to his school campus. The cold wintry blast was

unexpected, covering much of the village with a fast thickening layer of

snow, and ensuring the streets were devoid of people. He was careful to

stay away from the patches of sidewalk illuminated by streetlamps, keeping

to the shadows instead on the very off chance he was discovered by someone

from school. But who would be out and about at this ungodly hour anyway?

Other than him, that is.

It was forbidden for students at St. Joseph Boy's College to leave school

grounds. The only exception were Saturdays when they were allowed to visit

the village, and even then, there were set hours when they were allowed


And today was not a Saturday. And the hour was late. Very late.

This was one thing he despised about boarding school; not being able to

come and go as he pleased. He couldn't be any happier turning seventeen

and finally starting his senior year, nominated as a prefect even, which

made it a bit easier for him to move around.

He glanced at his wristwatch. It was almost 5am in the morning. Time had

passed too quickly; he had not realized the moment he had drifted off


He blamed it all on Branson.

A smile crossed his face at the thought of him. He was still recovering

from another all night fuckfest with Branson, and he was already counting

down the hours until he saw him next. But the more nights he spent at

Branson's flat, the harder it was for him to evade the persistent questions

as to why he never spent the night over. Branson found it odd that he

always left before dawn.

Tonight was the first time he made the mistake of falling asleep. So

comfortable in Branson's arms, he didn't realize the moment he had drifted

off. And now he was rushing back to his campus in the early hours of the

morning before people noticed him gone, every part of his body protesting

at him for leaving the comfort of a warm place to brave the freezing


A sudden cold blast of wind brought Jared back to the present. Beginning

to feel worn down from the walk and extreme cold, he looked up to ascertain

how close he was to the campus, and finally saw the spires of St. Joseph's

looming eerily in the distance, barely discernible in the darkness.

He never felt happier in his life seeing the familiar turn off that lead up

to the school gates. But instead of approaching the entrance, he made a

turn and followed an off-road path through a grove until he made it to an

obscure corner at the outskirts of the school grounds. He climbed the

stone wall that ran the perimeter of the campus, and as discreetly as he

could, made his way through the Bellevue Gardens, past the frozen lake, and

up a small sloping hill that lead to the southern courtyard. The Fisher

Building was thankfully shrouded in darkness; he could see no lit windows,

which meant he still had time to make it to his dorm before people

awakened. He climbed the window at the rear of the Fisher Building he had

left unlocked, then quietly crept down the corridor towards his dorm room.

Just when he thought he was safe from prying eyes, out of nowhere, a pair

of hands grabbed him from behind, sending a jolt of fear down his spine.


He turned around and looked up at the young and handsome face of

Mr. Daniels, the English instructor, who also served as one of their

dormitory supervisors.

"Oh, Mr. Daniels! It's you," he said, his heart thumping uncomfortably

against his rib cage. "You scared me."

Piercing blue eyes peered at him over thin rimmed spectacles. "And so you

should be. I don't need to remind you that students are not allowed to be

outside their dorms at this hour."

Jared tried to calm his fast beating heart. "Sorry sir, what I meant

was... for a moment there I thought I was going to be murdered. I'm

relieved to see it's you." But no sooner had his heart slowed beating from

being spooked, it start quickening again, gazing into Mr. Daniel's eyes.

He had been crushing on Mr. Daniels since he first saw him, but he knew

there was nothing he could do about his feelings, nor would anything good

could come of it. Never mind the fact that there could be absolutely

nothing sexual between a student and teacher, but this one in particular

was also straight. A beautiful woman, who was obviously his girlfriend,

visited him every few months up at school. He was so besotted with

Mr. Daniels that he had planned elaborate scenarios in his head where

Pretty Miss Blonde (which was what everyone at school called her) would die

and Mr. Daniels would seek solace in the arms of a student. Specifically


He couldn't help but sigh at the thought of Mr. Daniels in his arms.

Dreams were certainly free.

But it didn't hurt to look, as his eyes appreciatively took in Mr. Daniels

gorgeous features; from his square jaw that could chisel granite, high

cheekbones, slanted eyebrows that contrasted heavily to his warm piercing

blue eyes, to his wide delectable mouth that was currently pursed with

disapproval. His crew cut sandy blonde hair was gelled back in perpetual

neatness, something Jared often fantasized about; what would he look like

in the mornings without all that gel on? In fact, what did he look like

behind all those sensible yet dull clothing? He could never remember a

time when he saw Mr. Daniels wearing anything other than a sleeveless

turtleneck over a crisp ironed shirt, with matching black Dockers and

loafers. Even now, at the crack of dawn, Mr. Daniels was wearing exactly

that. But for reasons unknown to him, he found Mr. Daniels whole

aesthetics to be such a turn on. Then again, Mr. Daniels was such a

heartthrob he probably looked just as good wearing a sack of potatoes.

Dammit, why do you have to be so hot?

"Relief aside, what do you have to say for yourself? I know you've been

sneaking out," Mr. Daniels prompted, snapping him out of his current train

of thought.

He grimaced, beginning to fidget uncomfortably. For the life of him, he

couldn't think of good a excuse. Before he could think of something to

say, Mr. Daniels spoke again.

"Not exactly what I'd expect from our school leadership. You're supposed

to lead by example, and sneaking out late at night and returning at the

early hours of dawn, for the past week no less, is not a very good


He paled. How did Mr. Daniels know he'd been sneaking out all week? He was

so careful with his movements after hours. It doesn't matter, he told

himself; he knows! And if he knows, he's going to report him to the

Principal. Or even worse, get his parents involved. And that's the last

thing he needed, was to hear from his exceptionally strict, and easily

aggravated parents.

"H-How did you k-know--?"

"How I know is the least of your worries, Jared," replied Mr Daniels, in a

very serious tone. Jared knew he was in for some serious shit.

"Mr. Daniels, sir, I can't begin to apologize for my behaviour --"

Mr. Daniels raised an eyebrow, trying to suppress a smile that suddenly

began tugging at the corners of his mouth. Being one of the new additions

to the staff, and only graduating two years prior with his degree in

English Literature from Cambridge, he still couldn't get used to being

referred to as 'sir'. Every time he heard it, he had to stifle an insane

urge to laugh aloud.

"Settle down, you're not in trouble," Mr Daniels interrupted, holding up a

hand to shush him. His face relaxed, and whatever stern expression he had

on was soon replaced by a grin. Chuckling, he reached out and patted Jared

on the shoulder.

Jared felt a prickle of awareness shoot down his arm, spreading a peculiar

warmness to the rest of his body.


"I used to be your age too, not so long ago I might add," Mr. Daniels said.

"I know what it's like not having the freedom you want at your age. You're

not a kid anymore, I believe you're old enough to make your own decisions.

Just try not to stay out too late next time --"

Jared, who was preparing for a telling off, looked at him in confusion.

Mr. Daniels continued, "-- and when you're out, I trust you're being

responsible. Use protection with the ladies, 'kay? Now go change out of

your wet clothes before you freeze to death." And with that, he spun on

his heels and strode off. Jared stared after him as he disappeared around

the corner.

That was unexpected.

He slipped into his dorm room before anybody else noticed him awake.

What just happened, he wondered. Granted, he's never had any trouble with

Mr. Daniels before. In fact, other than being outright brilliant, he was

also a very fair instructor. But being fair didn't mean he necessarily let

anybody off the hook easily. Quite the contrary. He'd known many

instances where Mr. Daniels had reported students for way smaller

infractions, so it made him wonder why he let him go without any


Don't over-think it. The man just did you a massive favour, why are you

even questioning it?

But he couldn't help but feel there was more to Mr. Daniels actions than

met the eye, he just couldn't put his finger on it.

He shed his wet clothes and dried off, and soon caught sight of his naked

body in the mirror. He was over six feet tall, with a developing man's

muscled body; solid arms that flexed in all its sinewy glory, a wide chest

that tapered down to a thin stomach beginning to bulge with abs, and with

large muscled thighs that was testament to his physical prowess on the

track field. But his face betrayed his age; despite his angular jaw,

straight nose, and deep set brown eyes, his skin was baby soft and smooth,

a trait that gave away his youth.

It was his voice that threw people off. Deep and rich, his serious tone

commanded attention and respect, making him sound older and wiser than his

mere seventeen years.

He hopped into bed and pulled the duvet over him, his mind drifting to the

events of the past hour.

He wondered if it would be wise to sneak out again to see Branson. Being a

teenager meant he was horny all the time, and fucking was on his mind every

minute of the day. But finally losing his virginity, and experiencing the

sheer MAGIC that was sex, he knew he would go crazy if he didn't get his

fill again soon. And even though Saturday was only a few days away when he

could see Branson again without getting into trouble, it might as well have

been a lifetime away. He wasn't sure he could last that long.

In any case, just because Mr. Daniels was okay with his sneaking out,

didn't mean he had to take advantage of the situation. Especially since

Mr. Daniels wasn't the only dorm supervisor.

As if he needed anymore to add on to his current dilemma, his mobile

vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out and saw a message from Branson.

He felt his cock stir.

'Hey babe, hd fn 2nite. Luvd that fat cock up my ass. Nxt tym u shld let me

fuk u, u'll luv it too."

He smiled and fired off a quick reply:

'I'll fink abt it. Hv a good night sexy... Wats left of it neway.'

Something else that was forbidden on campus. Mobile phones. He switched

his off and put it away.

Spending time with Branson was exciting. He had only experimented with a

few boys before, mostly mutual jerk offs with blow jobs far and few in

between. Branson was the first man he had ever gone all the way with. He

thought back to that first moment when he had slipped his cock into

Branson's hole, the shivers of pleasure that emanated from the tip of his

dick to the rest of his body was pure bliss.

Branson was a student at the local university whom he had met recently. On

the previous Saturday morning, Jared was meant to meet up with a friend at

a cafe in the village. He had already spent at least half an hour waiting

when his friend texted he couldn't make it. Feeling a bit let down, he

ordered a cup of steaming hot coffee and sat by the window, sipping it

tentatively while casting his eyes around the half empty cafe. It was then

he noticed a man in the far corner of the room, a pencil poised

thoughtfully in his mouth while pouring over textbooks.

He studied him for a few minutes; the man, who looked like he was in his

early to late twenties, was effortlessly attractive in a somewhat nerdy


And he was drawn to those who had an intellectual appeal to them. He

didn't know what he hoped to achieve, but he picked up his coffee, and

walked over.

"Hey, mind if I sit?"

Normally Branson would be annoyed if someone bothered him while he was in

the middle of studying. He didn't care much for conversation with people

he didn't know either, but he was taken aback when he looked up and saw an

exceptionally good looking boy hovering over him. He was immediately drawn


"Sure thing," he replied unsteadily, removing his bag from the adjacent


"Sorry to be random, I'm Jared. You looked like you needed a break... so,

uh, thought I'd come over and say hi," Jared said, replacing the empty


Branson laughed, more than was possibly necessary. "Uh, thanks I guess?" He

shyly scratched the back of his head. "Yeah, I have a paper due next week.

Just started on it and I'm already getting a headache," he said, reaching

across the table with his hand outstretched. "I'm Branson by the way."

Jared nodded and took Branson's hand, "Nice to meet you." He slowly let go.

"So what do you study if you don't mind my asking?"

"I'm doing a conjoint, Law and Computer Science. I know, weird

combination," Branson sighed. "Can't wait to get both over and done with.

How about you?"

"Oh, a bit of this and a bit of that," Jared replied evasively. "Haven't

really decided what to settle on yet."

"Ahh, so you're a first year," Branson said, making the assumption Jared

was in university.

Jared didn't correct him.

They spoke for a few minutes, with Branson hanging onto every word Jared

spoke. He felt waves of warmness wash over him listening to Jared's deep

voice, a warmness that spread to every part of his body.

At the same time, he tried to subtly take in every exquisite feature of

this gorgeous human being.

He tried to be nonchalant, and not stare too much but he couldn't help but

be entranced by those sensual lips that begged to be kissed, a solid clean

cut jaw he wanted to reach out and caress, and deep brown eyes one could

get lost in. His dark hair was also ruffled, and it took everything in his

willpower not to reach out and run his hands through it. His eyes strayed

down Jared's frame, and even under the thick t-shirt and loose fitting

jeans, he could tell this kid had a tight muscled body. He felt his cock

stiffen uncomfortably.

Jared's lips curved into a smile; he didn't have much experience sexually,

but it sure as hell felt like he was being checked out. What are the

chances this guy was gay?

Could he be this lucky? Chatting up someone who was not only good looking,

but who also possibly batted for the same team?

Maybe I do have a gaydar.

You could never be too sure, though. He decided to test him out.

Branson was in the middle of a sentence when he cut in. "Excuse me for a

sec, I need to take a piss," he said in a tone that suggested otherwise. He

stood up, adjusted his crotch subtly enough that Branson noticed, and

walked off towards the bathroom.

The message wasn't lost on Branson. Nor did he didn't hesitate. Shoving

his books into his bag, he waited for about minute, then stood up and

followed Jared.

Jared was standing by the farthest urinal, his back facing the door.

Branson nervously approached him, starting to feel unsure. Maybe he

misread Jared's intentions?

He chose the urinal next to Jared, their shoulders mere inches from each

other. "I guess I needed to chuck a piss too," he ventured lamely.

Jared smiled at him, and without saying a word, bumped his shoulder ever so

slightly against his.

Whatever doubt Branson had dissipated when he realized that Jared had long

finished pissing, yet was still standing by the urinal. He, too, finished

and found himself standing there as well, his cock beginning to grow in his

hand. Not able to wait any longer, with eyes diverted and heart beginning

to pump nervously, he reached out and cautiously found his way towards

Jared's dick. He didn't expect it to be rock solid. He wrapped his hand

around the thick pulsating member, feeling the blood and heat throbbing in

his palm. He gulped audibly. Jared's size was intimidating!

Jared moaned as Branson slowly began pumping his cock.

"You like that?" Branson said, gaining confidence, stroking Jared's velvety

textured manhood back and forth.

"Yeah, that feels amazing," Jared replied breathlessly, beginning to feel

the euphoria build up within him. "Don't stop..."

Branson started jerking his own cock, his eyes carefully trained on

Jared. Seeing the bliss etched on Jared's face was making him extremely


"Maybe we should get out of here," Branson whispered. He wanted to take

Jared somewhere where he could rip his clothes off and do unimaginable

things to him.

But Jared was too forgone at that stage, he wanted Branson then and there.

"Let's go in here," he said, pulling Branson into the closest bathroom

stall. No sooner had Branson closed the door behind him when Jared's mouth

claimed his in a hungry frenzy, his hands freely running all over his body.

"You're fucking hot," Branson choked out in the middle of their passionate

kissing. Jared laughed, not so much at Branson's compliment, but more at

the absurdity of his day -- his only plan was coffee with a friend, but

instead, he was now hooking up with a guy he only met moments earlier.

Branson dropped down to his knees, and pulled Jared's jeans to his ankles.

Jared's cock sprang forth in all its masculine glory, fully erect, its

sheer size even more prominent up close. "You're huge, man. I don't even

know if I can get my mouth around that thing," Branson said, looking up and

connecting eyes with Jared.

"You won't know until you give it a go," Jared replied cheekily. He held

onto the back of Branson's head and guided him towards his cock, already

beginning to drip pre-cum in anticipation.

Branson immediately closed around Jared's sensitive cockhead, teasing at

the already leaking lilt, and sending Jared close to the edge.

"Dude... yeah, just like that." Jared pushed more of his length into

Branson's mouth, and Branson let him willingly, slowly at first, until all

of Jared's dick was buried at the back of his throat.

Branson's gag reflex kicked in and he tried to pull back, but Jared's hands

tightly held onto the back of his head, holding him in place. Wanting to

breathe, and with his nostrils nestled in Jared's pubes, he inhaled deeply,

and the smell of fresh soap enveloped his senses. His throat relaxed, and

guided by Jared's hands, he began sucking, his head moving in sensual back

and forth motions.

Shivers of insane pleasure wracked Jared's body, as he consciously tried to

hold back from cumming. He dug his nails into Branson's scalp, while in

turn, Branson held on to his ass cheeks, massaging them, and running his

hands up and down his muscled back.

They were soon disrupted when someone entered the bathroom singing, and

began pissing noisily in the next stall. Branson didn't stop right away,

but instead, slowly let Jared's dick flop out of his mouth, and just as

slowly, left quiet trails of kisses up along Jared's washboard hard

stomach, until he was standing back up.

"I don't usually do this, I'm not sure what's come over me." Branson

whispered, breathing heavily into Jared's ear.

"Me neither."

"Keen to come to my place?" Branson asked, as they both straightened up

upon hearing the bathroom empty again. "Or else we could go to yours if

you prefer."

"No, your place is fine." There was no chance he'd be able to sneak Branson

up to his room. Nor did he think it would be wise to tell him that he was

still in college.

It wasn't a long walk. As it turned out, Branson's flat was conveniently

just around the corner from the cafe. "Wait here, I just need to check if

my flatmate is home." Branson already knew his flatmate wouldn't be

around, not that it mattered since his flatmate knew he was gay and didn't

have any trouble with him bringing guys home. No, he wanted an excuse to

quickly pop into his room to clean it as best he could before bringing

Jared inside. After throwing all his clothes that littered his floor into

the closet, and straightening up his bed as best he could, he ran back

outside to grab Jared before he changed his mind and left. He was relieved

to find Jared standing in the same spot he left him.

"Sorry about that," Branson said, leading Jared inside.

Jared smiled shyly and didn't say anything. His eyes took in the small

flat; the place was, in a word, messy. Surfaces were covered with all

manner of books and papers, the floor barely navigable with random bits and

pieces, and the kitchen overflowing with unwashed dishes that looked like

they'd been there for weeks, if not months.

Branson cringed inwardly, and made a mental note to clean. He wanted

nothing more than for the floor to open up and swallow him whole. How

embarrassing, bringing a hot guy home to this filth, he thought to himself.

"My room's just here," he said, nodding down the direction of the hallway.

He wanted to get Jared away from the embarrassment that was the rest of his

flat as quickly as possible.

Branson's room was slightly better.

But what Branson didn't know was how fascinated Jared was. Virtually

growing up in boarding school, being neat and clean was something they

drilled into him. Being in an environment where you made your own

decisions, and in this case choose to live in present conditions, was such

a foreign concept to Jared. It was strangely appealing to him.

A manly musk hung in the air, and Jared inhaled deeply, beginning to

harden again. It was the smell of stale sweat, and dirty socks, mixed with

something else inherently masculine his nose couldn't identify. He was

extremely turned on; he wasn't exactly sure why, but there was something

unsettlingly sexy about being in an unkempt room of a university stud. He

sat down on the edge of Branson's bed, and patted the empty spot next to

him, indicating for Branson to sit.

"I, uh... I'm sorry about the mess," Branson said.

"Doesn't bother me at all," Jared replied smiling. He wasn't sure he could

wait any longer, his hard dick painfully looking for release. Without

saying another word, he reached over and grabbed Branson's hand, and guided

it to his throbbing cock. Branson's eyes widened.

"I see you're already raring to go," Branson laughed nervously. He was

once again awestruck at how massive Jared's member was.

Jared slowly leaned in and planted a soft kiss on Branson's lips.

Branson responded, leaning in closer himself, and returned the kiss, gently

plying Jared's lips open with his tongue.

Their tongues danced in each other's mouths, slowly at first, until the

urgency began to take over. Jared reached out and took off Branson's

clothes, throwing them in a pile on the floor. He then pushed Branson flat

on the bed and straddled him, his eyes hungrily taking in the masculine

sight in front of him, before his head dived and took one of Branson's

nipples in his mouth.

Branson cried out in pain as Jared rolled one of his nipples between his

teeth, wetting it with spit, before giving his pain reprieve by engulfing

his nipple with his mouth and soft tongue. He then did the same with

Branson's other nipple, while running his hands through his hair. Branson

lay there writhing in pleasure, his eyes rapt with attention, taking in the

sight of this gorgeous human being worshipping his chest.

But it wasn't enough for Branson. He wanted more. So he pushed Jared

back, and undressed him in return, his eyes unmoving and wide at attention,

taking in every little detail of this God's body. His room was flooded

with natural light from his nearby window, the afternoon glow highlighting

all the ridges of Jared's hard pecs and abs. His hands went on a roving

mission, feeling all the hard places of Jared's body, until he once again

grabbed hold of Jared's cock.

"Your turn," Branson whispered, pushing Jared off of him until he lay on

his back. He then rolled onto Jared, their bodies lying in unison

together, as he began rubbing his hard on against Jared.

Their lips met again while their bodies touched and familiarized themselves

with each other.

Branson began to feel a burning emptiness inside him, one he knew all too

well, so he whispered into Jared's ear, "I want you to fuck me. "

Jared didn't need to be told twice. He disengaged himself and got up,

positioning himself behind Branson and pulling him towards his way, until

Branson was on all fours with his round bubble butt in his face. He left

trails of kisses along Branson's back, until he reached his butt, and then

tentatively licked along the divide. A moan of pleasure escaped Branson's


Jared, encouraged, then pulled Branson's ass cheeks apart, and earnestly

began licking in between until his tongue found its mark; Branson's tight

pink hole. His tongue began stabbing at it, alternating between soft

licks, and hard violent rimming.

"Oh, my God! Please... please don't stop," Branson begged, not daring to

touch his own throbbing cock in fear of cumming too soon. He wanted to

milk every moment as much as he possibly could.

Although Jared was a novice to lovemaking, he had read enough to know what

to do. He spat on one of his fingers, and gently pushed against Branson's


Another moan escaped Branson's lips.

He pushed in and out, until he could feel Branson getting used to it. He

then spat on two fingers, and probed again. He did the same thing, until

he was on his third finger. It was now or never.

"Do you have a condom?" Jared asked sheepishly.

"Shit... that totally slipped my mind," Branson replied, reaching into his

bedside table and pulling out both a condom and lube. "Here you go, man."

"Or maybe you can put it on for me. That'd be hot."

Branson smiled. Yes. Yes, it would be hot indeed.

He turned around and began sucking Jared's monstrosity of a cock while both

his hands urgently ripping the condom packet open. He wasn't sure how he'd

get Jared's cock inside him, but in the heat of the moment, it didn't

matter -- all he wanted was to have this man inside him, no matter what it


"There you go." The condom was a tight fit. Branson smiled and kissed

Jared before turning around on all fours again.

Jared lubed up his cock as well as Branson's hole. Whatever easing his

fingers did earlier to Branson's hole was useless, he was far too big. It

took some patience, and serious relaxing, for his cock to finally break

past the tight barrier.

They both moaned aloud. Jared particularly revelled in the moment. He

was, for all intents and purposes, not a virgin anymore. In his

excitement, he began pumping his cock into Branson, beginning to get lost

in the spikes of pleasure that snaked its way from the tip of his wood, to

every part of his body.

Branson's hole was on fire, the pain almost unbearable, yet, at the same

time sending shivers of magic to the rest of his body as well. He bit his

lip and took it like a man, until finally, the pain began to subside and he

feel nothing but pure unadulterated bliss.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard!" He called out. Jared gladly obliged, and picked

up the pace, ramming hard and repeatedly into Branson's hole, his hands

grasping each side of Branson tightly.

"Do you like that, huh? Do you like my cock buried inside you?" Jared

asked, sweat beginning to drip from his forehead.

Branson was a sucker for dirty talk. He could cum hands free just hearing

a hot man's voice taking charge, and saying nasty to things to him. "Yeah,

fuck that boy pussy," he responded. "Fuck it nice and hard..."

Jared became insane with wanton lust. Without warning, he pulled out,

grabbed hold of Branson and flipped him over until he was lying on his


"Better watch what you say, or I'll make you regret it," Jared spoke in a

low tone, his eyes filled with burning need.

"I doubt it."

Jared hiked both Branson's legs over his shoulders, and found his way once

again to Branson's hole.

Branson winced again in pain. This time, Jared had hit his prostate. He

mentally prepared himself for the next stab, fully knowing he wouldn't last

long in this position.

Their eyes bore into each other as they began moving in rhythm, with

Jared's cock finding its mark over and over again. Sweat began leaking

from every crevice of his body, dripping all over Branson. They were both

a sweaty mess.

Branson was right. He tried to withhold it, but he couldn't -- Jared was

positioned exactly right to hit his prostate continually. He finally shut

his eyes and decided to give in.

Their breaths began to shallow, and the room thickened with the heat and

the smell of sweaty sex. This was home stretch.

"Dude... dude... I'm... I'm going to cum," Branson moaned almost

nonsensically. "Please... please make me cum... fuck me hard boy..."

Jared rammed into him even harder than before, he too, feeling the need to


Branson's body began to shiver, and he lost control. Without even touching

himself, an explosion issued from the tip of his dick, and strings of thick

juicy cum splattered all over his body, some even hitting his face. "Fuck

yeah! Oh my God, fuck yeah!" He screamed, his orgasm wracking his entire


But Jared wasn't done. He continued to pump furiously, even more turned on

at the sight of this guy covered in sweat and cum. He leaned low, and

licked up some of the man juices, and began making out with Branson.

Finally, when he couldn't take it anymore, he too shut his eyes and

screamed out, "I'm cumming! Fuck, I'm cumming!" He succumbed to the

explosion of orgasmic pleasure, lost in the moment and never wanting it to

end. For a few seconds, he was transported to another world. A world of

pure, and intense magic. He had cummed a million times before, but never

like this. How was this even possible? How can such magic exist in the

world, he asked himself mentally, as he slowly, ever so slowly, was brought

back to earth.

He opened his eyes and was met by Branson's smiling face. Everything came

back into focus as he became aware once again of his surroundings. He

slowly pulled out, his cock still fully erect.

"Wow... that was... that was amazing," Jared ventured, collapsing on top of


"Dude, you have no idea... that was the most intense orgasm I've had.


"Me too, that was a whole other experience," Jared agreed. "We should do

this more often."

"You won't hear any complaints from me," Branson replied laughing.

They got up and cleaned themselves. Jared was in the middle of putting on

his clothes when Branson stopped him. "I know this sounds weird... but

could I keep your boxers? For, uh, keepsakes."

"Sure, why not?" Jared replied easily as he took off his boxers and tossed

it to Branson. He was deeply turned on, but mostly flattered, that someone

would want to keep one of his dirty underwear.

"Thanks. But I'm being serious though... that was probably the most

memorable fuck I've had," Branson said almost shyly.

"Trust me, it was more memorable for me than it was for you."

"I sure hope so," Branson replied.

"Anyway, I should probably get going," said Jared.

A flash of disappointment crossed Branson's face. He had a sinking feeling

he probably wouldn't see this guy again. But his disappointment was


"Maybe we should exchange numbers? I'd love to meet up again... if you're

keen, of course." said Jared.

Branson tried to temper the excitement welling up within him. "Yes, that'd

be great."

As soon as they exchanged numbers, they kissed passionately before Jared

finally left.

Jared had then snuck out and spent every evening that week at Branson's


He relished the opportunity to explore his sexuality, especially from

someone older who knew what they were doing, very much unlike the few boys

he had experimented with at St. Joseph's. But even Branson, who was five

years older and more experienced than him, wasn't prepared at how

passionate and hungry Jared was when it came to sex. He soon found that he

had an insatiable appetite for fucking.

Lying in his bed in his dorm room, and reliving the events of the past

week, was beginning to turn Jared on again, even after his sex marathon

with Branson earlier. But, when his hand found his cock, and he began to

jerk off, it wasn't Branson's face that filled his imagination. It was

Mr. Daniels.




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