He stood beside me, watching the actions on the screen intently. I moved my arms and my elbow accidentally hit his crotch. It was hard. 'Oh sorry dude,' I apologized because i hadn't plan on doing so.

'Shhh man! Look at her boobs!' Gerard didn't seem to mind. He was too engrossed with the porn actress's breast. His obliviousness made me harder. I spent the next five minutes watching the porn and eying Gerard's crotch. The porn ended and i caught him looking at me. I knew what he wanted. Alex had told me all about it. But I'm still not quite sure and it was already pretty awkward between us so i looked away.

I felt Gerard's hand creeping towards my back. I stood up, turned around and started nibbling his neck. I could feel his erection against mine. My ass was being groped hardly by him. I moved down towards his hard nipple and lapped it up, biting gently on his left nipple then to his right. He let out a moaned. The hard-on in his board short was bursting to be let free so I laid him on the bed and began untying on the strings. I tossed his shorts off and he was just down to his plaid boxers. His hard-on slipped out of the boxers front slit. I began kissing his muscled abs and tracing his happy trail with my tongue. 'Ah...dude...that's...ah...' he moaned.

He sat up and pushed me under him. He was on top off me and the sight was to behold. Pap! I spanked his ass. He groaned deeply. He was staring at my cherry lips. I pulled him down and we kissed, sucking each other lips and saliva. His hands were caressing my whole body, especially my ass. What is it with this guy and my ass? He started to unbuttoned my jeans until I'm down to my boxer briefs.

'Damn Ty, I'm sorry! I don't know what I'm doing. We can stop...' He didn't get to finish his sentence as my lips locked onto his once again. Its too good of an opportunity to let it go. I mean, this is the captain of the soccer team for Pete sake!

'Hey, relax,' I said. 'I know what you're up to so just enjoy it.' With that, I yanked off his boxers and took in his hard member in my mouth. Ah... the 'thing' that I've been dying to suck, after Alex's of course, was finally in my mouth. I'll make sure he won't be disappointed. When I let go of his cock, he was leaking with pre-cum like an open tap. I stuck my tongue into his pee hole and he go 'Ahhh...ahhh...hhhss...sss...ahh...'

I sucked his cock again going clockwise, anti-clockwise, up, down, up, down all the while tickling and licking his low-hanged balls. Without warning, he shot out a total of 4 loads of his warm cum till it hit my throat as I frantically trying to drink it all down. Mmm ... the taste of his cum was bitter-sweet. Gerard was still hard and he could barely hold on to go again. He grumbled desperately to me, 'I want you! I want to be inside you! I've always love your ass Ty!'

Ah so that explained his obsession with my ass. I smiled at him.

I pulled down my boxer briefs and went down on all four. He was teasing my ass by rubbing his cock head against the opening of my asshole. With a single thrust, he had his whole dick up in my ass. I groaned in between pain and pleasure. Gerard began to slow down and fucked me slowly. I could feel every inch of his cock in me. I moved my ass to the rate he was going. He picked up his paced. Without realizing, I was moaning with pleasure as so does he. The thumping of his thigh against my ass made my hips to shake, following his tempo. I can't hold on anymore. I reached around him and squeezed his butt cheeks, digging my fingernails in and pushing my ass deeper into his groin.

'Fuck! I'm cumming!' I announced and I shot my load off and it made a mess on the bed. Gerard was still in his throes and I yelled 'Yeah! Oh fuck me Gerard! Mmm! YES!' He came a few seconds later and I could feel his cum shooting in me and dripping down the back of my legs as he slid out his cum-covered dick.

I laid on my back as he towered over me, getting into the 69 position. I latched onto his thighs as he slid his cock into my mouth. He began licking my cock, deep-throating me. I followed what he was doing to me on his own. He came once again in my mouth, not so much this time.

Panting heavily, he dropped beside me on the bed and said, 'So you know about me?'

I nodded, still breathless from the intense orgasm. 'Alex told me.'

'Bastard,' he said jokingly. 'Say, how do you feel about the three of us...'

But that's another story, another time.



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