9:30 it was raining grey cold sky and naked trees I hate this weather and what do I really hate is going to college in this weather but what makes me feel good that I will see Mr. Robert the history teacher he is a tall athletic white man in his mid forties beautiful black short hair and two gorges green eyes I closed my apartment door opened my umbrella and start running under the rain Mr. Robert class was my first to this day and I don't want to be late.

The class starts at 9:55 and its already 10:00 I reached the classroom I was sinking in my wet clothes I knocked the class door, Mr. Robert deep voice asked to come in, I stepped inside the room the students starts to laugh I didn't care I went straight to my chair, Mr. Robert looked at me again and asked me to see him after class.

The class end and the students went to their other classes Jim my friend asked me to go with him to the library to study for tomorrow's exam I told him that Mr. Robert want to see me, he asked me if I know why I answered that maybe he wants me because I was late this morning, Jim's cell phone rang it was Natasha his girlfriend she is waiting him in the library he ran to her, Mr. Robert was setting on his table reading some book I walked down to his table I was looking everywhere he looked me straight and said:' you maybe asking yourself why I asked you to stay?' I moved my head as a yes he smiled, put his book a side then said 'I asked you to stay not for the reasons you are thinking about'. I looked at him and asked him what reasons? He smiled again crossed his hands and legs and said' 'I am talking about your delay every day '. My face turned red and I smiled then I answered I don't sleep at night I have a problem in sleeping so I just sleep the couple of hours after than sin rise and these are not enough so I have some troubles in waking up and dress and everything, Mr. Robert smiled again and said 'listen Marc its not an excuse I myself don't sleep at night and stay awake tell 6 at the morning but I come at time. I was curious about the reason that makes him awake all night so I asked him why. He said 'there are no particular reason just watching videos on the net, listing to music or reading some boring stuff'. I smiled, he asked me why I smiled I answered because it's almost the same things that makes me busy tell morning.

Mr. Robert changed the way he was sitting in to somehow more comfortable position and asked me what kind of music I listen to I didn't think I just said 'I love rap music' he made that funny move with his eye brows and continued nothing personally but I hate this kind of music I thinks its for gangs and drug dealers 'I laughed and said no it's not at least it's a good chance to see fine guys.

He looked at me and said 'what do you mean fine guys'? I tried to change the subject but he insisted to explain so I did, I took a deep breath and told him that I love looking at guys muscular hot bodies , he reached his hand to my shoulder and asked me again ' do you work out?' I said no, he replied 'I play basketball and swimming and every Sunday I got to the gym, you should go you will so fine bodies', and he took his bag and left the room.

I felt so stupid I went to the bathroom and jerked off as I took out the negative power then went back to classes.

At the next morning I waked up early so I will not be late to Mr. Robert's class I went on time he was sitting on his chair reading a book while the students were writing a popup exam. I found an empty chair sit on it and start answering the exam's questions.

I finished and gave the paper to Mr. Robert he corrected it for me, I took the paper I gout it's very good for me, there was a note on the paper 'see me after class in my office'.

I wondered why he wants me but I didn't think about it too much after class I went to his office, we shacked hands he asked me if Imp enjoying his class or not I said yes of course he was happy I can tell from his eyes. He stood up and said to me: I brought you here today to see my wall pictures', Wall pictures!! Is he crazy why he wants to show me a wall pictures but when I start looking at him my dick starts to stand up. Pictures for Hot sexy naked men covering the wall, I looked at him in surprise and he said' I also like to look at good bodies', he cam close to me from behind he reached his hand bad touched my nipples I felt an electronic shock touched my body, he bent down and whispered to my ear 'do you wane look at my body?' I didn't know what to do it was a dream coming true I turned at him and said yes.

He went to the door and close it then he cam back to me and said while looking at my eyes and holding my head into his big hands' have you ever been fucked before?' I said no I still a virgin, he smiled, he asked again: 'if you don't want to do this you can go as nothing happened' I hold his hand and said no I want to be fucked by you. Quickly he start kissing me I was like a toy in his hands he was kissing me, licking biting my lips and sucking my tongue, I moved my hands on his muscular body my dick was standing up and his too I can feel it under his pant warm and wet, he made me strip and he took his clothes of too when I saw his huge hairy 11 inch cut cock with the big hairy balls I couldn't understand I thought I was imaging this. He ordered me with is thick voice' Suck it son' he pushed my head face to I opened my moth and started sucking it deep in my through as a whore it was wet and smelly in a hot way I kept sucking until he loaded his white thick gum inside my mouth and I swallowed it all , he was so happy I laid on my back he gapped my legs left them in the air spit some saliva on my hole and then told me to put something in my mouth so I will not scream , I bite my t-shirt he insert his thick big iron cock inside my little tiny titer ass I felt like someone stapped my heart with a knife I screamed but the shirt hold my voice I was crying with tears and he was banging my ass without listing to my tears or looking at me. 20 minutes passed I stopped crying and started enjoying his bid cock inside my ass, he continued banging me until he gummed inside me then he pissed on me and told me that he will give me A+ in his class, I dressed and went out from his office my ass is hurting me a lot but the good news that I tasted my teacher's cock.





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