"One of my conditions for internship is that you keep your grades up!" Maddie insisted. I'd been making straight 'A's, but lately slipped a grade!. "I know you can do better!"

We were in Walt's office. I would study there when he had to work late. Unfortunately, I'd been spending too much time taking dictation, or more precisely, taking his huge dick up my ass! Unfortunately, Maddie knew this! She then proceeded to chew out Walt for letting me have my way! I would study in the firm's library, or at home until I could show I could keep my grades up! Walt and I agreed.

The next night she came to our apartment. She saw that I usually sat next to Walt when I studied. She asked what was wrong with the study Walt built for me! I showed her the study.

"Hmmph!" She snorted. "Walt's good, but you're a better designer!" I love that room! Walt put a lot of love into it!

Maddie asked, "what changes would you make? This room is wasted if you won't use it!"

I looked over imploringly at Walt, but he only shrugged. "I'd remove the shelves by the windows and put a desk and table there."

Maddie said, "do it!" I looked at Walt and he shrugged okay.

"Since you'll still study in the front room, what will you do differently?" She asked.

"Study at the table." And when she looked piercingly, I said "and not sit on Walt's lap to study."

She smiled and left.

A few days later, two men from Walt's crew arrived with a desk and table. It was a beautiful small roll top from his firm! It wasn't being used. He must have noticed me drooling over it! The note said, " I don't think I can bend you over this one!"

Once I pulled my grades back up, and showed I would keep them there, I was allowed to study in Walt's office. I would show him my grades and he would bend me over his desk for dictation before we went home.

I spent more time in my study. Walt would often read his paper and sit quietly observing me. I worked harder and still had Walt's company. He would bring me coffee when I needed a break. He was very proud of my accomplishments and encouraged me often.

One Friday, I had studied late finishing an important paper. This night, I was wearing one of his old work shirts. I had removed my panties before Walt came home. He was in my big easy chair, about to fall asleep. I sat on his lap and kissed him. I like my chair, but I love his lap! He unbuttoned my shirt and cupped a breast.

"You haven't fucked me in here yet," I purred. I straddled him and finished unbuttoning the shirt. He now had full access to my breasts. I raised up slightly to allow him to suck them. He ran his hand down my back and cupped my ass cheeks. I held his head close, encouraging him to enjoy me. Tingles run down my spine when he lightly flicks his tongue across a nipple. He gently kisses and bites them.

I stood in my chair and placed my cock against his lips. I held onto his head as he slowly sucked me until I came. I was still hard, so I commanded him to be still. I did something I'd never done before. I held his head and fucked his mouth. He was very good and let me fuck him nearly twenty minutes before I came again. I held his head close, forcing him to swallow.

I stood before him and removed my shirt, wearing only my large glasses.

I removed his cock from his pants. His flagpole was at full attention. "Your turn," I said, lowering my mouth.

He stopped me turned me around and plopped my ass down onto his cock. The head popped in before I knew it. I screamed in pain! I had never hurt this bad! Walt immediately pushed me off. He kept apologizing while I lay there crying.

I turned around and started swinging wildly! Her grabbed my wrists but I fought him until he let go. I stood there glaring at him and breathing hard.

He started to follow when I stomped out the room, but I turned around and pointed at the chair. "STAY!!!" I commanded.

I returned with some lube and covered his now deflated cock. I kept stroking it until he was hard again! Walt was really confused at this point. I straddled him with his cock against my asshole.

I grabbed his face and glared at him. Through gritted teeth, I said, "Don't you EVER push me off again, if I don't tell you to. If you would really look in my eyes, you would see my pain go away. You would see the pleasure you give me! Now, grab my hips and FUCK ME!"

I rested my hands on his chest, ready to push away if the pain was too much!. I glared at poor Walt as he pulled me down. I moaned in pain when the head popped in. I stared in his eyes as I slid down his shaft. I rode him until the pain melted away. Walt could see my glazed expression as the pleasure took over. I was soon smiling at Walt, breathing heavily.

"See?" I asked. "I don't hurt right now. I feel very good!" I rode him, savoring his huge cock buried deep in my aching ass.

I pushed off and had him stand behind me. I bent over and grabbed the arms of my chair. I wiggled my ass invitingly. He grabbed my hips and drove it balls deep into me. I didn't yelp.

"Like that, Walt, just like that!" I exclaimed as he hammered my sore ass. He moved his hands to my waist and fucked me mercilessly. I was having the time of my life! I was being pounded balls deep by a thick eleven inch cock! My breasts and cock were swinging with each powerful thrust! I came, spraying my chair and the floor with my cum. Still Walt kept pounding. I was beginning to yelp when he hit the end of my chute. He pushed me up against my bookcase and fucked me standing. My feet barely touched the floor as he thrust up into me. He managed to fuck me an hour before he finished. His cum pushed out around his cock and ran down my legs.

He carried me to our room, me still impaled on his throbbing monster! I was helpless as he threw my face down on our bed. He held my wrists above my head as he began grinding into me again! My bottom rolled with his thrusts as I tried to match his movements.

Suddenly, things went sour. Walt was breathing very hard and his face was getting red. He looked near passing out! He'd never fucked me this hard for this long!

"Walt! Please stop!" I screamed, suddenly frightened for him. "Oh, Walt, Please! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please stop!!"

He rolled off me and lay there, breathing hard. Exhaustion showing in his eyes.

I lay on his shoulder sobbing. "Please, Walt, I'm so sorry! Please!" I cried over and over.

"Will you please shut up and let me rest?" he growled. I looked over to see him smiling, very tired. "You know you can be a real bitch sometimes, don't you?"

"I suppose I am, but I'm a bitch in heat. And I'm YOUR bitch in heat." I replied softly, still very worried about him.

He smiled. "Let me sleep. you can be in heat tomorrow!"

As he fell asleep, I lay there thankful I had such a lover!


The next morning, I let Walt sleep in. He's normally an early riser, but he was exhausted. I checked on him around nine and my darling was still sleeping. At eleven, I became concerned! He never slept that late before!

"Walt?" I asked, "Are you okay? Would you like to eat"

He opened one eye and growled, "No, I don't want to fuck!", and rolled over falling asleep again.

I crawled into bed with him and snuggled. I didn't sleep but lay there worrying. Walt is nearly fifty, twenty years older than I.

I must have fallen asleep. The next thing I knew, Walt was kissing my cheek. "Wake up, sleepyhead. Can't sleep all day."

"Walt, it's 7:30" "So?" "PM", I replied.

"Wow! Why didn't you wake me?" "You growled at me and said you didn't want to fuck me!"

"Didn't you get enough last night?" "I asked if you wanted to eat."

He lay there a moment. "Oh." Then a moment later, "I'm hungry, now!"

I started to get up, but he pulled me back to bed. "No. Hungry for you!" He smiled.

He rolled me onto my stomach and spread my legs. I soon felt his tongue probing my asshole. I felt bad because I hadn't taken a shower earlier, but he didn't seem to mind. His strong arms held me open, holding me close. He licked around my rim and nibbled my cheeks. His tongue slid in side and flicked around. I'd like to say I was tight, but after last night, I was pretty loose. If he chose to fuck me, he'd slide in with little trouble.

I enjoy having him eat my ass. Previous lovers would do it, but not for long. Walt and Stephanie were the only ones who were willing to eat me for long periods. Walt liked going down on me, making me squirm in delight. He would often spend an hour or more eating my ass!

Walt's oral fixation was nearly as strong as mine! He would spend long periods eating his ex-wife, hoping she would loosen up enough for him to fuck her. She enjoyed his tongue, but hated his huge cock! Once Walt got used to the idea my sex organs were different, he would gladly explore my body with his mouth.

I got up to fix a late supper, but Walt was asleep before I could even put my shirt on. I just climbed back in bed.


The next morning, I woke to find Walt already up. I smelled coffee and stumbled into the kitchen. Walt started laughing. I hadn't brushed my hair and I looked a mess. I stuck my tongue out at him and walked back to our room with an exaggerated sway to my hips. After my shower, Walt lay on the bed and watched me brush my hair. He seems to enjoy the little domestic routines I do.

Walt suggested a drive in the country. We stopped at a little place for breakfast and bought a picnic lunch. Walt proceeded to drive up into the mountains. I was wearing one of my summer dresses. Since they are very short, he gets to see a lot of leg. He often drives with a hand on my thigh.

He was lightly stroking the inside of my thigh. I was ready for him to fuck me! We drove up to a secluded state park. It was unusually empty for this time of year. Walt found an area towards the back and we walked to a little meadow. He grabbed a blanket from the back of his SUV and followed me. I walked with a little sway to my hips. I know how to walk to entice a man and Walt often tells me he likes watching me walk. I could feel his eyes on my ass.

After lunch, we lay back and watched clouds. I rolled over and kissed him, then lay back. Walt reached over and unbuttoned my dress. He unhooked my bra and played with my breasts. He soon reached under my dress and stroked my cock while sucking a nipple. I raised my bottom enough to slide my dress up. I felt a moist finger working my asshole, lubing my and loosening me.

Walt climbed on top and I guided his huge cock into my waiting ass.

"I'm pretty sore, today. Please be gentle," I asked.

I gasped a little as he slowly slid in. I could feel that baseball head as it travelled the length of my channel, finally hitting the end. Even though I was sore, I didn't hurt as much as I thought I would. I smiled at Walt letting him know I was okay. We had never fucked fully clothed before. I'm always naked, even if he isn't. The novel sensation felt wonderful.

Walt fucked me with slow, deep thrusts. He prefers this to rough. He is such a gentle man. He still hadn't recovered from the other night and was rapidly tiring.

"Walt, honey, I'm getting pretty sore. Would you mind.....?"

He smiled and rolled off. We kissed a while and packed our basket. We were half way to the car when it started raining. We ran back to the SUV and climbed in the back. I was shivering with the cold. My wet dress clung to me. Walt was staring at me with unconcealed lust! I undressed and wrapped myself in another blanket. Walt held me until I warmed up.

"Walt, I want you to fuck me"

"Aren't you too sore?" He asked.

"Maybe a little," I smiled. "This is nice, though. And I really want you in my ass!"

I was still lubed, and he slid in easily. We'd never fucked in his car before. His warm body and the sound of the rain relaxed me. The pleasure of his cock in me outweighed what little pain I was feeling. He managed to thrust shallower, and not hit the end of my chute. I arched my bottom up to match his thrusts. My breathing grew shallow as I surrendered to the wonderful sensations. I can't get enough cock, I will probably wear Walt out!

Walt managed to fuck me on and off for over an hour. He was tiring again and apologized.

"I'm satisfied," I smiled. I held him close until the rain stopped.

I had to wear one of his shirts home. We picked up a couple of burgers and ate in his car.


I was naked and stretched sinuously before him. I slowly walked to him and sat on his lap. He picked me up and carried me into my study. He had me kneel on my easy chair and rest my head on the back. He licked my asshole a few minutes, then grabbed some lube and worked his fingers into my ass. Soon, I felt my asshole being stretched open. I gasped as the head slid in. He grabbed my hips and started thrusting into me.

"Angie, would you mind if I fucked you hard this time?" he asked. (Music to my ears!)

"Please do!"

I smiled at the thought that I was in for a serious pounding!

I think I like my new study!


Angie K


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