It was two years since my dad died and my mom was finally moving on. She got married last week and was planning on going with my step dad Daniel to hawai for vacation. It's good they were getting out. But they had to leave me with my younger stepbrother. Things weren't that good with us. No problems like arguements but just akwardness, like we have nothing to talk about. We were getting over it in the past month since they moved in we talk like brothers now it happened so quickly and now we tell each other everything. Well almost everything. I'm hissing my biggest secret from him and well the rest of my family.... I'm gay. I know you don't feel it's a big deal but to me it's the biggest. My new stepfather is so religous and has gotten my mother in it. Although me and Chris (stepbro) don't attend. I guess he's not a big fan either. Well I'm 19 and he's 18 just recent for that matter and from the second I layedy eyes on him I fell in love. He was wearing a nice tight t-shirt that complimented his abs perfectly and khaki shorts that showed his butt off so well. His hair is curly light brown and his eyes are hazel. Everything went so well. It looks like he works out but not too much. Enough to get muscles and keep in shape but not to big or anything.

'emergency contacts on the fridge. I left plenty of money for you and your brother to survive for the month but just incase here's my credit card.' I gave her a look sideways but I wouldn't deny shopping money.

'mom everything is going to be okay. I promise to call every other day. Chris and I will be fine. Go before you guys miss your flight. Bye mom bye Daniel.'

'see you kiddo.' Daniel said smiling and waving goodbye.

'bye pops, bye Jessica' said Chris right next to me also waving goodbye'

Then they drove off and left us two standing there waving.

'wanna bite to eat then hit the pool' I said yo Chris when we got inside.

'Yeah that'd be great I'll order'

30mjns later it arrived and we sat down and started watching tv while we ate pepperonni slice pzza and beer. Yeah we not old enough to drink but Daniel always has and mom said she would prefer for us to drink here then go to some random party and get wasted and something bad happen on the way back. We rested for 10 do we wouldn't catch a cramp. We went up to our room and I got undressed and put on a speedo I like the way it showed me off. Chris got undressed slowly always turned away from me. Even though we were close o guess he was still shy. I didn't know why he had a great body. I grabbed a towel and threw it over my shoulder and Chris followed.

'bet I could do more laps then you' I knew he could win he was on the school swimming team and was #1 at that.

'so sure your willing to place a bet?'

'what's the bet? Money?'

'you gotta do whatever the other person wants you to do?'

'anything the other person wants?' this could be interesting.

'anything' he said with a smile and a wink.

We both started out good but as I thought he had me beat. The only way I got him yo stop was to jump right in front of him.

'ha I won' he said blasting a smile.

'yeah damn your good' I said still trying to catch my breath. So what's the damage, what do I have to do?'

'umm your going to have to think about it but you will have my answer by the end of the day.'

was he going to make me do something humiliating or something I wanted to do for a long time. Go down on his dick which I still haven't gotten a good look at. One time I caught him shaving. I know what your thinking oh wow a lot of guy shave but im talking about his dick and nut sack. It turned me on so bad I probably cummed 3 to 4 times that night. But as soon as he saw the door opening he covered himself as best he could. He gave me an embarrased face but after I talked with him and said it's no bog deal that I've done it and do it occasionly he felt better.

I also caught him jerking off once. He was out in the open. Well kind of. He was in our room and the door was closed but bot locked. And if you thought he was upset about bring caught shaving hid pubes well he was blubbering when he saw me. It was akward but all I told Him was that everyone needs to do it every once in awhile and that he didn't have tk be ashamed of it. He gave me a fake smile and he said that everything was okay. Then I told him that if he wanted to anytime that it wouldn't bother me if he jerked off right in front of me and he listened because that same night I heard him jerking off and when I asked what he was doing he said 'listening to your advice bro' and he continued I started jerking off when I started hearing him moan and grunt which got me all worked up. He always waited till the lights were off though.

His parents were overprotective and because they were so religous he hardly knew about any sex things. He hasn't even hone on a real date. After his mom ran away with some young guy she was having an affair with he was crushed and horribly sad. His dad told me when he came here that this was the first time he smiled in years.

Night time came and still nothing about what I was going to have to do. I got my bed ready to sleep in when I hear 'oh no you don't'

I turn around and there's Chris standing at the door with his arms crossed smiling.

'what? I'm getting ready for bed'

'well cause you lost the bet I don't wanna sleep alone tonight.' now he looked a little more scared but still looked a little brave.

Hopefully things could get interesting. 'sure bro but why?'

he a little teae eyed and said 'when my mom was around she use to stay with me during nights just to make sure I was okay. And I miss those days.'

I went over and gave him a hug I felt bad got him. 'sure but you don't have to waste your bet on that I woudlve done it anyway'

'for real fine but I need more time to think'

After a week I could control my homers sleeping next to him and it didn't feel akward any more.

'I wanna ask you something' Chris said coming up to me right after I took a shower. I finished drying myself and wrapped the towel around my waist. 'well actually it's a game if you don't mind.'

'sure no problem. What's the game?'

'a question game.'

I was a little scared of where this was going. 'you don't have to use this game as an excuse to ask me anything you could.'

he blushed a little and gave me a weak smile. 'well I... I've been having some feelings and I know it isn't normal but I csmtfo anything about it. They're too strong and I'm scared of what you, dad, or mom might think, especially you' he tried to say under his breath but I heard it in a whisper.

'what is it? I promise I won't judge' I think I know where he was going but j wanted him to say it.

'I can't... It's not normal and I know I should just forget it'

'no you could tell me what it is' I said grabbing his hand.

'I think... I'm... I think I have feelings for you' he looked down and began to cry softly. He looked like an angel so innocent. It was quiet for a couple minutes just the occasional whimprrs that came out of Chris' mouth.

'Chris look at me.' he didn't move. ' I went to grab his face and he flinched. ' dong worry I won't hit you, Chris look at me please.' he looked up. 'there's nothing wrong with the feelings your having. People like different things and it's okay and it disentangle matter if it isn't normal, if it makes you happy then be who you want to be'

'so you don't feel the same huh?' he lowered his head again' I lifted it this time and kissed him softly on the lips. ' did I say that?'

'does this mean you like me too?'

'I more than like you I love you Chris, so much. In do happy in your first. The one to take your virginity and teach you everything.

This time he came in for the kiss and goton top. Again he had me beat I had to push him away for air.

'that was great really.'

'let's do more things'

i pushed him back and slipped off my towell and his shorts down on the flor the I grabbed his sick and he grabbed mine.

'u love the way your hand feels on my dick'

'shh talk later, just enjoy now'

I felt him breathing faster so I let hid dick go.

'why'd you stop?'

'cause we're not done so you can't cum yet.'

I started kissing his neck. I grabbed his skirt and threw it off of him. I went down and started sucking his nipples. They instantly got stiff and he moaned loud. He was about yo say something so I put my index finger on his lips and said shh. I made my way down to dick and that's when his legs started bucking. He started to jump up and down. It was hard to stay on him with him going crazy and I felt him getting close so I got off.

'no please I need to cum. Please just finish.'

so I went back down and when he unloaded his man juice it was overflow. I did my best to keep from ang going to waste but I couldn't keep up. The little that fell out I licked it up. His cum tasted delicious.

'does that taste good?'

'yes you taste really good'

'can I try' I thought he meant he wanted his cum so I lucked done up and the frenched him.' mmmm that does taste good but I meant yours'

'oh sure go ahead but watch the teeth'

I thought it was going to be impossible for him to get my dick in his mouth but he dud and to my surprise he even derpthroated me'

'are you sure your knew at this cause your pretty good' it was his turn to cover my mouth. He was really good he had me close so fast.

'I'm bout to shoot, get ready cause here I cum'. I started shooting my load down his throat. Mg biggest ever and he managed yo get most of it. Like i did to him he licked up whatever got on pubescent and sack. I was still rock hard.

'wow that was fantastic really Chris that was amazing. But now how bout we try something else. '

'sure I'm up for anything. '

I layed him down on his back and stuck mg fingers in his mouth. 'suck on my fingers for a sec' when I thought they had enough of his saliva on them I pushed jn two fingers. With little difficulty. He moaned and twitched and u felt his ass walls throbbing and when he was loose enough I went down and started licking his hole. He twitched and jumped around.

'keep doing that'

I gave a muffled (wasn't planning on it) but I doubt he heard it when he was ready I spit on my cock and said 'get ready, this mag hurt a little but you will feel a lot of pleasure' he sucked in some air and I pushed like crazy to get the knob of my dick in but he wouldn't budge. 'don't resist it's gonna make it more painful' 'k' was all I heard. So I hit ip s little and pushed. Not having a good standing point I slipped and pushed in all 9inches.

'ahh shot that hurts like a mother fucker'

' sorry' after a few minutes he started moaning and said okay fuck me now. So I gave him what he wanted I started slow and lovingly. I was taking his cherry and it felt great. Come on now fick me hard. Ohh jod this feels great please up faster, faster, faster and he started pushing up which made me sksm into him and I heard the slapping sound my nuts were making hitting his ass. I grabbed his dick and started to jerk him off. I fucked him for hours slowing down when necessary not to come and then I couldn't take if I went as fast and as hard ad I could jerking him off and me fickjng him that I shot a bigger load then the last rind. I don't even know where it was cunning from but I really didn't care.

'wow Chris you were fantastic. ' I said out if breath.

'you too. That was the best experience I ever had.

We fell asleep on each other that night.

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