My sister met a guy through one of her friends and he was coming over, I thought nothing more of it then another date. I was only 12, my sister was 17 and he was 23. His name was Jason but everyone called him jay. He came over and just chilled out on the couch watching TV. I was only 12 and not even into puberty yet but I could tell if someone was good looking or not, and jay was not. He was plain looking, kinda nerdy. In a full description he was 6ft medium weight, short brown hair, the military spike type, and nice. He had a polite attitude and they ended up staying together. It wasn't until I was 15 that I really thought about him sexually, I knew I was gay but he just didn't seem to cross my mind. I was out in my backyard taking a piss like all guys do and he stuck his head out my window and saw my dick, he smiled but pretended like he didn't see. I wasn't ashamed that he saw. Then when I was 16 I spent the night at their apartment, my sister was out shopping with her friend, and me and jay didn't talk much so I was watching TV and he was upstairs, I went to go to the bathroom and without knocking I opened the door, he happened to be taking a shit and his goods were all out in the open it was a super quick peek so I didnt get to remember it like I wanted, but it was more so thick then long. I apologized and ran downstairs to jack off, and I thought about him and spewed cum everywhere. That was our last encounter until I was freshly 18. Jay and my sister broke up just a month or two before this but they had a son together so we were all still friends. My sister was working so she asked me to go pick up her son from jays apartment. I got there and walked in and there was jay standing nude in the kitchen,

'uhh, wheres ryan(their son)' I said

'oh your mom picked him about 5 minutes ago dude' jay said

'oh sorry then' I said with a laugh trying not to make it obvious I was getting hard from staring at his thick cock

'well im gonna go' I said turning

'yo you got a nice ass johnny' he said to me

I smiled and said thanks.

'you into sucking cock?' he asked

'i,ve never really done it' I said

'well what better time then the present' he said

so I dropped to my knee's and started sucking I must have been doing something right because he was grabbing the back of my head and moaning and he pushed my head harder on his rod. Finally after a good 5 minutes he cummed all through my mouth without warning, I kinda pulled away as he was cumming and it got all over my chin. He pulled my to my feet and kissed me and licked his own cum of my chin, which made me so hard I almost bursted.

'will you suck mine' I asked

'sorry dude, I dont suck, but eh ill fuck ya' he said

'i gotta be to work in 5 but what if I come over tonight at like 10:30?' I said

'sure, be here, and pick up some lube on the way'

he said

I went to work and the whole time I was hard, I dont think my cock ever went down that whole time. Finally the clock struck 10, I darted out, went to the store and picked up the biggest bottle of lube I could find.

I got to jays and didnt even bother ringing the door bell, I just walked in and sure enough he was sitting on the couch naked, with a hard dick and all his glory. He took my hand and walked me to the bedroom. He slowly took my shirt off then pants, and then slowly removed my boxers, on the way down he licked my cock. I was about to erupt then.

'im not gonna lie, I ,ve never been fucked' I said

'dont worry, but im not gonna lie, I aint gentle' he said

so now I was kinda nervous.

I got on the bed, laying on my back, he actually kissed me first which kinda surprised me and then he lifted my legs onto his shoulders, and after rubbing a whole buncha lube on his dick he put it in my ass. I yelled in pain but he leaned over me and kissed me sliding his tongue in and outta my mouth. I could feel his cock slamming harder and harder and he wasnt going slow. It hurt like a bitch. I was almost to tears and he just kept raming I was jerking my cock and spewing everywhere all over. He was sucking and biting on my neck which felt so good. Then after awhile his dick in my ass started to feel good, and I was thrusting as he was and it felt like heaven. After a good 10 minutes he said 'im about to blow my fucking load' and he did, it felt like 3 minutes of lava flowing into my ass. Then he pulled out which kinda hurt and to my surprise he went down and licked his juice outta my ass, it felt fucking fantastic, when he was down he just layed next to me and said, 'dude your fucking better then your sister'.



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