'My sister is two years younger than my twenty-six years. Clay, her husband, is my age and hot as hell.

As you can guess from that statement, I'm gay and have been since I was seventeen. When Sue and Clay started dating, I loved just being around him. Being a jock in high school and working out two to three times a week, I was extremely muscular and gave no indication that I was gay.

Sue and Clay married shortly after her high school graduation. Things were great between them for a while and I envied her being able to sleep next to him at night.

However, about four years into their marriage, when we had family gatherings, I noticed things were slightly strained between them. After about another year, I asked Clay straight out if they were having problems.

"Mark, I don't know that the fuck is going on. She's lost interest in sex and only lets me have it about once a month. I've tried to talk with her but she refuses to discuss it. I'm at a loss."

"Clay, is there a chance that she might be seeing someone else? From what I've been told that's the way it starts when they are."

"I just don't know. Maybe."

"Clay, I think of you as a brother and I don't want to see you hurt. I'm going to see what I can find out."

"Thanks," he said. "Good or bad, let me know."

"I will," I told him.

Later, I called a close friend of mine that was a private detective and owned his own company. He was also an occasional sex partner.

I called him and when he answered, I said, "Jake, I need a favor."

"Name it, buddy," he said.

I told him about Sue ad Clay and what was going on and told him that if there was any charge to let me know.

"Hey, for you, I'll do it free. If she's cheating, it shouldn't take me long to find out."

He asked where she worked and I told him she worked as a nurse at the hospital from seven in the morning until three in the afternoon and with Clay out of town a couple of nights a week on business she had the opportunity.

He asked me what nights Clay was out of town and I told him Tuesdays and Thursdays. He said as soon as he had anything, he'd call me.

Three weeks passed before Jake called me. It was a Saturday morning and he asked if I was busy that evening. I said no and asked if he had anything for me.

"Don't I always?" he asked as he laughed.

"Smart ass. I meant about Sue."

"Man, do I. I'll be over about seven."

"I'll have the beer good and cold."

"See you then," he said.

Jake arrived just before seven and when he came in we kissed hello as I groped his cock. He quickly was groping mine.

I had know Jake for about five years and met him one night in a gay bar. He was married and he and his wife were both bisexual and played separately as well as together. I had met her and she know Jake and I were sucking and fucking each other. She didn't mind at all.

I led him to my bedroom and soon we were both nude and making out in my bed. Soon, we were in a hot sixty-nine hungrily sucking each others cocks. When we both climaxed, we eagerly devoured each others loads.

As we headed back to the living room I asked, "What's Pam up to tonight?"

"She's got one of her girlfriends over tonight. Right now they probably have their tongues buried in each others cunt."

"So, can you spend the night?"

"Sure. No problem."

"Great," I said. "What did you find out about Sue?"

"You want the stills first or the videos?"

"Stills, but how the fuck did you get videos?"

"My secret," he said with a laugh, then began telling me.

"The first night after we talked and Clay was out of town, I waited to see if she left. She did about seven and I followed her to a hotel downtown. She picked up a guy out front and went to a bar. I got some stills then went back to her house and picked the lock and installed mini-cams in the living room and bedroom."

"Damn, your sneaky."

I looked through the stills as he explained when and where they were taken. They showed Sue and a guy who he had learned was James Turner, a doctor at the hospital.

Then he slipped a DVD into the player and started it. Seconds later we were watching Sue and her man kissing and making out in the living room before going to the bedroom. During the length of the video, we watched Sue and the doctor sixty-nine, and fuck. She would suck him off and when he was ready he would tell her he wanted to watch her eat it. He'd pull back and shoot into her open mouth. Then when they fucked, sometimes he'd fuck her in her cunt and sometimes in her ass. If he fucked her in her cunt, he'd eat her out as soon as he pulled out and she'd go wild. On a couple of occasions, the doctor would bring another guy with him and they would both have sex with Sue. Jake never could find out who he was.

"Damn it to hell! I never dreamed my sister was like that. Clay definitely needs to see this. Do you mind if i invite him over before you leave tomorrow?"

"No, not at all. I'd like to meet him."

"Jake, there is just one thing. He has no idea that I'm gay and for now I want to keep it that way. Okay?"

"No problem. You know I can play the straight roll quite well."

"I know," I replied.

I quickly called Clay and asked him to come over Sunday and watch a ball game. He quickly agreed and said he'd be there.

"He knows we have something," I said.


"I told him that when I found out anything, I'd call and invite him to come over to watch a ball game. That was our code."

"Damn, you should be working for me. You're slick."

Jake spent the night and we sucked each other one after the other, before later fucking each other. Sunday, we started the day with a sixty-nine then ate breakfast as we waited for Clay.

Clay arrived early, about eleven, and I introduced him to Jake.

"Is it good or bad?" Clay asked.

"Bud, she's cheating big time," I said.

We showed him the stills and as he looked at them he said, "Fuck, man, that's Dr. Turner. He's married."

"Wait until you see the DVD," I said.

"DVD? How'd you get a DVD?"

Jake told him and as he watched al he could say over and over was 'Holy shit!'. Then when he saw the doctor and a second guy fucking her, one in her ass and the other in her cunt, he said, "That bitch. She never would blow me or let me near her ass." Then after a moment he asked, "Can I have that video?"

"Sure," Jake said. "I have other copies if she goes crazy and destroys it."

"Good," Clay said.

Jake left and Clay and I talked for a long while. He was having trouble believing what he had seen. as he looked at the DVD a second time, I noticed a bulge in his crotch grow and soon he was fully boned. After watching the DVD a second time, he sat still until his boner went away.

Mid afternoon he left with the video and said he was going to get to the bottom of things. I stopped him and suggested he wait until Tuesday night. I told him to cancel his Wednesday appointments and stay in town and catch her in action. He liked the idea.

On Tuesday, he supposedly left town but came to my place and waited until almost dark before staking out his place. About eight, he called me and said, "Dr. Turner just arrived. I'm going to give them a while."

I waited anxiously for him to call or come back by. Finally, close to eleven, he knocked on my door. As I let him in I asked, "Well, what happened?"

He began telling me that he parked down the street and waited. He said that the doctor arrived soon and went in. He told me he pulled his car up in front of the house and waited.

"When I saw he living room light go out, I got out of the car and went through the gate into the back yard. They were already nude and in bed and she was between his legs licking his dick like it was an ice cream cone. I watched a few minutes then went back to the front door. I eased in and put the DVD in the player and got it ready. Then when I heard her moaning, i knew he was fucking her. I walked in on them and said 'You two having fun?' They nearly shit right there. Before the could answer, I told them I needed to see both of them in the living room."

"Did the say anything when they walked into the room?"

"I didn't give them a chance. She had her robe on and he had a towel around him since his clothes were in the living room. I had started the DVD and when they came in I simply told them not to saw anything and just watch. When it was over, i simply said, 'If you want to fuck other guys go ahead, but don't get mad at me when I start cheating. And if you ever try to discredit me in any way, both the hospital board and Dr. Turner's wife will get a copy of this DVD. I then left and came over here. As I walked out, they were just looking at each other."

"Where you going to stay tonight?" I asked.

"Oh, I'll get a motel room somewhere for the night."

"Clay, you're welcome to stay here if you want. The only thing is, the sofa is not very comfortable, but if you want to you can use the other half of my bed. It's not being used tonight."

"Hey, I don't mind. I really don't want to be alone tonight."

"Then it's settled. You're staying here, but there is one more thing. I always sleep nude."

Laughing, he said, "So do I."

"Well, then since we're in agreement, you ready to get some sleep?"

"Yea. I feel drained."

We went to the bedroom and casually both stripped. It was the first time i had seen Clay nude and he was even hotter that I had thought. I knew I had to get in bed quick and cover up before he saw my growing cock.

The next morning, the alarm went off and I awoke to find Clay spooned behind me, his arm over me. I loved it but when he awoke, he jumped and moved away, apologizing.

"Hey, bud, no need to apologize. I kind of liked it." He just smiled.

As we dressed, I asked, "You going to find you some cunt to fuck for relief?"

"I don't know. I might."

"Well, tonight, if you want to tell her you've got a date and are not sure what time you will be home. Then come over here and visit me. Let her think you're fucking a girl friend."

"I like that idea,"he said.

Shortly after seven, he knocked on my door. I let him in and we had dinner and a few beers. He had more than me and I was afraid for him to drive home. I insisted he stay the night.

We undressed and as we lay in bed, he began talking about needing to find some whore because he was horny as hell.

"Hey, bro, you don't need to pay for it. If you really need to get off that bad, I can take care of that problem."

Looking over at me he said, "What? How?"

I eased under the covers and out of sight and immediately swallowed his soft cock.

"MOTHER FUCK!" he exclaimed loudly.

Then throwing the covers back, he looked at me and said, "Damn, Mark, you do that?"

I paused just long enough to say, "Yes, I do," then returned to sucking his stiffening cock. Soon, Clay was rolling his head back and forth on the pillow and moaning continuously. He let out a big "OH FUCK!" as his cock exploded into my mouth. I collected all of his huge load and as he watched I swallowed.

"Feel better?" I asked as I lay back next to him.

"Fuck yea! That's the first time I've had someone go all the way and the first time from a guy. Fuck, Mark, that was better than Sue's cunt has ever been."

"Clay, none of the family knows about me except you. But anytime you're in need, I'll be glad to take care of you."

"Hell, after the way that felt, you may regret saying that."

"Never!" I replied.

The next morning, Clay looked at me and began saying,"Uh, Mark, I uh was.."

"You want another bow job?"

Smiling, he said, "Yea. I'm more sober now."

I quickly got between his legs and again sucked his cock dry and swallowed.

he smiled at me and said,"That was just as good as I thought it was last night."

"Anytime," I said.

Clay moved his things into their spare bedroom and when he was out of town he would have me drive by his house to see if the doctors car was ever there. It was almost every night Clay was gone. If his wasn't, another was.

Clay began coming over to my place almost every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night telling Sue he was going out. Once he was at my place, I'd usually suck two loads out of him before he went home. Often on Friday, he would spend the night.

This went on for about three or four months. Then, one Friday night we went to the bedroom for me to suck him and as we lay down, he suddenly turned to me and kissed me, soon offering his tongue. I quickly accepted and offered mine.

After a hot tongue swapping kiss I asked, "What the fuck brought that on?"

Laying on his side, his head propped up on his hand he began telling me his story.

"Ever since you started blowing me, I've become more and more curious about man sex. So the last couple of weeks when I've been out of town, I've been going to gay bars in the towns I'm in observing the action. I saw many guys kissing and realized that a kiss is a kiss regardless if it's with a woman or another man. I wanted to try it but only with you."

"I'm honored," I said.

"I've also gone to adult video stores and watched gay movies to see just what guys do together. Mark, I want to try it. Do you mind if I experiment on you?"

"Not at all," I said.

He smiled and quickly kissed me again then began kissing down my nude body, gently sucking my nips before going lower. Soon, I felt him licking and sucking my balls. Then to my shocked surprise, he lifted my legs and began licking and tongue fucking my ass. After a moment, he stopped and moved to my cock and began sucking me. I was in a fog, my wildest dream actually coming true. Soon, I warned him that my climax was near. he continued sucking and I quicklt exploded and filled his mouth with my cum. He collected it all and looked up at me and swallowed. He came back up next to me and we kissed passionately.

After the kiss, he asked, "Well, how'd I do?"

"Are you sure that was your first time?"

"I swear to you it was."

"Well, you did a fantastic job. I loved it all."

"You know what's crazy?" he asked. "I loved it also. For some reason it just seemed natural."

"I'm glad you feel that way. Now let me show you what it all feels like."

I did the same to him and as I did he moaned frequently. Before long I was swallowing hos load. We kissed again and afterward, he said, "I love kissing but never found a woman that got into it like we do."

"Most men love tongue kissing and swapping spit, unlike a woman."

We cuddled together and later he got between my legs and sucked me off again. After swallowing, he smiled and said, "I lie the salty sweet taste of cum. I thought it would be gross but I like it."

"So do I."

I sucked him off again before going to sleep. Then on Saturday morning, he looked at me and said, "Mark, fuck me, please."

I explained what he would experience and he didn't care. He wanted to get fucked.

I obliged and was soon slowly sliding in and out of his ass, seeing the pain in his face. After a while he said the pain was gone and it was feeling awesome. I gradually picked up speed and soon climaxed up his ass. As I did, he loudly said how awesome it felt to feel my cum shoot up his ass.

I then had him fuck me and his was fantastic. As he fucked my ass I looked at him and said, "Clay, if you fucked Sue like this she was a fool to give it up. You can fuck me anytime you want."

He soon filled my ass saying my ass and mouth were both ten times better than her cunt.

Clay spent the entire weekend with me and had me fuck him a total of six times and we had many sixty-nines. Late Sunday afternoon as he left, he said, "I haven't been this sexually drained in years. I love the feeling."

"I feel the same way," I said.

After he left and I looked back over the weekend and couldn't believe what had taken place. My years of patience had paid off thanks to Sue and her cheating ways.

On Monday afternoon, Jake called my cell phone saying he needed to see me. I told him to come by that night. "Have Clay there," he said.

"Okay, but why?"

"You'll see."

I called Clay and he was there when Jake arrived. After letting him in we all got a beer and I asked, "Okay, Jake, what's going on?"

"Well, after my surveillance for you there was something about the doctor that didn't sit right with me. I found out that the other guy in the previous videos is an intern at the hospital. They just seemed to buddy-buddy if you know what I mean. I took it on myself to check it out. Here's what I found."

He handed us some still pictures of the doctor and the intern kissing in the stair wells of the hospital and put a DVD in the player. In the video, which Jake took through a window at the interns apartment, showed the two of them in bed kissing, sucking and fucking each other.

"Guys, you doctor is bi. He seems to like sex with both men and women."

"I'll be damned," Clay said. "Can I have this one?"

"Sure," Jake said.

"I just want some extra insurance," Clay added.

Jake and I couldn't believe what we had seen. It was a total shock to us. But later Clay laughed and said, "That was almost as good as watching a video at the bookstores."

"You nut," I said laughing.

Things continued between Clay and I and we grew extra close. Then it happened.

One Friday night, as we lay cuddled in bed, Clay said, "I never ever dreamed it would happen, but I've fallen in love with a man and that's man is you. Mark, I love you so much."

"Clay, you don't know how much hearing you say that means to me. I love you, too, with all my heart." We kissed then made love.

Saturday morning, Clay said he was going to face Sue and tell her but he promised not to mention me at all.

He returned about noon and I asked how it went.

"I got there just as some guy was leaving. I went in and told her I wanted to talk to her. We sat in the living room and I told her I had fallen in love with someone else and wanted a divorce. She asked me who she was. I told her straight out it wasn't a she it was a he. She went ballistic. She said if was going to divorce her for another man she would see my boss knew and she didn't care what I did."

"What are you going to do?"

"I've already done it. I called my boss as soon as I left and told him generally that I had asked for a divorce and she said she was going to call him and tell him I was gay in order to get me fired and ruin me. He said that even if it was true he didn't care and not to worry about my job and that he would handle her."

We found out that she did indeed call his boss but he told her not to call again or he would file harassment charges against her. She began calling all their friends, trying to turn them against him. He did what he had to do.

He filed for divorce, giving his lawyer a copy of the first DVD and the still photos. Then he did what he had promised. He sent a copy of the first DVD to the hospital board and to Turner's wife. Before long all hell was breaking loose.

She agreed to take only her personal belongings in the divorce, leaving the house and cars to Clay. She had resigned her position and planned to move out of town.

As she was packing, Clay and I stopped by the house. When we went in, she stopped and said curtly, "I'll be out tonight." Then seeing me, she said "Hi Mark. I assume you know about Clay?"

Clay spoke up saying, "Mark is the man I told you about. We're lovers."

"What? You left me for my own brother? Unfucking real!"

"Hey," he said, "you're not the only one that likes it in the ass. So do I. And Mark is better in bed than you ever were."

Looking at me, she said, "Wait until I tell Mom and Dad."

"They already know. We stopped by their place and had a long talk with them this morning. They know all about you and the doctor and the intern."

"You bastard!" she exclaimed.

"Sue, there is something you should know about your precious doctor," Clay said.

He put the second DVD into the player and started it. She watched, her mouth hanging open.

I told you what I'd do if you tried to discredit me in any way. As you know, the hosital board and turner's wife received a copy of the first video taken at our house. This morning I sent each one copy of this video."

"I never dreamed you'd stoop so low," she said.

"I warned you. It's all your fault." With that we turned and left the house.

The next morning we returned to the house and changed all the locks. On the living room wall she had used spray paint and spelled out the work 'Queer!' Looking at it Clay laughed and said, "I never did like the color of this room anyway."

I knew a gay orderly at the hosital and I called him and asked for the latest scoop.

"Man, the shit is hitting the fan at this place. From what I've heard, the board received a video from an unknown source showing Dr. Turner and an intern in bed together. Both have been suspended, pending an investigation. I also heard

Turner's wife also got a copy and has kicked him out of the house."

"Damn," I said. "They have no idea who sent the video?"

"No, none at all."

"Well, keep me posted," I said.

We repainted the interior of the house and moved in together as a couple. We followed the events of the doctor and his wife took him to the cleaners, getting almost everything he had. he agreed to her demands to keep the details as quiet as possible. The intern was forced to change his career choice and the doctor lost his hospital privileges. The board referred both of them to the state medical board for investigation.

As for Clay and I, we're as happy as can be. He did finally confess to his boss that he was gay and his boss smiled and said simply "So what?"

It turned out that the boss's son was gay and the boss was very gay friendly.

We finally invited Jake to the house and confessed to him about our relationship telling him tht we were already having sex when he showed us the video of the doctor and the intern.

And yes, we did invite him to stay the night and the three of us had a great evening.

The End



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