Seeing a new gym opened close by. I decided to take a walk to see what they had to offer. it was a nice sunny day. Midafternoon in Johannesburg Alberton. You can see the building has just been renovated and the fresh paint on the walls as you walk into the gym. It is fairly busy for a newly opened place. Made my way to the front entrance of the building, sliding doors open as soon as you get close to the door, and an automated voice that greats you as you walk in. Before I walked to the reception, I looked around first.

There he was standing. Like it was meant for me to feast my eyes on. In the corner of the room, stood this tall husky figure. Firm legs tight jeans, strong frame. Wearing a black vest, tanned of complexion, 5 o'clock shave, dark hair, hazel eyes and a gorgeous smile. That left me drooling at this marvel of a man. I found myself walking towards him, enthralled by the idea of having a conversation with him.

"sorry do you work here?"

"yes! I'm the maintenance technician, what can I do you for?" He looked at me from head to toe with a smirk.

"could you be so kind and direct me to the restroom, slowly walked away hoping that I would have made that all important first impression...

Heading back to the gym the following morning early. While trying to figure out a routine. The idea of him walking by seemed rather enticing. Hoping for that glimpse of his strong presence. I shook my head and got onto the treadmill. All I could think about is him standing in the corner, whilst listening to my music. I finished up and ready to leave. Making my way to the front door, Mr. Handyman stopped me dead in my tracks, and proceeded to have a chat.

"Are you leaving already?"

Rather mesmerizing by his voice, I managed to reply.

"Hi! Yes I have to go to work. I take it you only coming in now?"

"Yes! On a Monday I start at 8 am."

"nice to know, well I can't stand and chat, I hope we can catch up again sometime, maybe over coffee?"

With a wink and a smile. "Okay! Have a nice day." My heart beat racing. It felt as if I could feel my heart sitting in my throat as the rush of excitement intensified, as I walked away and out the door.

The next day instead of going through the front door, I walked around. A interesting image creeping into my mind, and I thought I should perhaps take a closer look. While looking through the window a deep voice startled me.

"What are you doing?"

"uhm! I was just curious!"

He frowned at me, and raised his eyebrow and asked.

"Do you want to get a better view inside?" With the door squeaking. " would you like some coffee?"

"I better get going!" My heart raising again.

"come on, you are here already, have a cup of coffee and then you can leave?" "sure" While he makes the coffee we had a little uncomfortable conversation, not knowing what could happen next.

My eyes glazed around. By the halve erect bulge pushing out of his jeans. I bit my lip and forced to contain myself. Mr. handyman standing with his arms crossed, looking at me. " Do you want to see?" His hands unfolded, moves down to his jeans and started to unbutton it.

I walk towards him. Placing my one hand on the back of his neck. I leaned in and kissed him. Seeing what his reaction was. He took both his hands and placed it on my ass, and pulled me closer to him. While making out. I feel Mr. handyman's erect bulge pushing up against my erection rubbing it together simultaneously. His tongue moves gently in my mouth, the way he kisses, is something that I would have wanted it to be. Full of passion but with a little bit of roughness to it to. I slide my hand down his neck, chest, pinching his nipples, moved my hand down his rock hard abs, till I feel the outline of his jeans. Moving my hand slowly over his erection, to unzip his jeans and pulling it down just enough for his cock to pop out.

As his cock popped out, I pushed his jeans down a little more. Now I can see his rock-hard cock, and his hanging balls in the back. Playing with his balls, rolling it in my hand. Making his dick jumped. When it jumped for the second time I leaned forward and slide it in my mouth. Started sucking him I play with his balls. His hands surrounded my head and followed my motion. His eyes closed and dropped is head backwards. I pulled my head away from his cock. With a firm hold stroking his head I leaned back in and rolled my tongue between his dickhead and foreskin. Him pushing my head deeper down his cock all I hear is a heavy breathing as he enjoys how I suck his cock. Uhhh! Soft moaning and groaning. I suck faster. While his cock is deep in my mouth, I try and decompose the air in my mouth, to make it more tighter and slide it deep down my throat.

"uhhh!" "uhhh!" Mr. handyman still holding my head with both hands still, fucking my mouth faster and deeper. Pounding my throat hard, he stops after a few minutes he pushes his cock back in deeper, and holding it there, till he feels I started to gagging. Removing his hands and placing it on his hips. He continues to fuck my mouth. "uhhh" " yes! Shit boy you know how to suck dick." while him saying that, he closes my nose and pushes his dick deeper down, and keep it there.

By the looks of things he likes gagging on his cock. I pulled my head away from his hard shaft, and stroking it. I make my way to those delicious hanging balls. Licking it at first, sucking on his one nut, and I opened my mouth and put both of them in my mouth and sucking on it, whilst I'm stroking his head. Louder moaning and groaning, deeper breaths in and out. Rolling his balls in my mouth gently sucking on them. I removed my hand from his shaft and feel his balls pulled tight. I removed my head from his balls and I continued to suck him off again. Moving up and down on his manhood, sucking it and moving deep to his base. Holding my head there, and me gagging. I felt the pipe in his shaft going hard and a warm sensation burst down my throat, while gagging. His whole body shivers. His cock jumps in my mouth, and let me chock on it.

Pulling my head back and sucking the last bit of cum, not swallowing it. I leaned back and so that I can jerk myself off. I spat the cum that was in my mouth onto my hard cock, and jerked off with his cum. Mr. Handyman looked down to see what I was doing, and he just stared at me. Before I bust a nut, I stood up and stand next to him, he took his arm and put it around my neck. He leaned in and kissed me. "uhhh" "yes" "yes" I shoot my load on his legs. I rest my head on the fold of his shoulder, trying to catch my breath. The other hand took my chin and pulled my lips towards his, and kissed me. Smiling at me, with a comment. " damn boy! You suck much better than my girlfriend."

To be continued......



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