This happened my first year at University.

I just finished writing my theatre history exam and was headed back to my dorm. I wanted to jerk off to some gay porn and smoke a big joint. I found out I was bisexual when I sucked off my best friend's brother, Daren in my bedroom. ("my first cock" story) . In truth, I sucked him off multiple times and I was able to take him in my ass, but he didn't really fuck me although I wanted him to. It had been months since I had sucked Daren's cock and took him in my ass, because I moved away when school started. Today I would have to fantasize about him with a copy of playgirl or a video. When I opened the dorm door my plans changed, someone was in the shower.

There were four us living together; me, I am an actor, fit and a bit twinkish. I have dirty blond hair and green eyes. I have a thick, cut, 7inch cock that I keep nicely trimmed. Don was a law nerd, who looked like he grew up in the mountains where you can marry your cousin. He had greasy, dandify hair, a face full of acne and wore his pants up to his navel. Steve was a fat oaf in general studies. They were both less than attractive and I was not interested in either of them. Thorsten however, was another matter. He was the stud of the bunch, a forestry major and buff. Very much like Micheal Angelo's David.

"I hoped Thorsten was in the shower". I wanted to get a look at his hard body in a towel when he came out. His near naked image would do me for jerking better than any magazine.

I had lusted for Thor since the first time we met. It was move in day. He was in a sweat and his T-shirt clung to is hard pecs. He had shoulder length, blond hair that framed his chiseled face. His eyes were crystal, German-blue and his smile could melt hearts.

Thor and I hit it off right away, but not in a sexual way. We hung out a lot, we went to the movies and I would take him to my theatre parties or we'd head to the bar on the weekends. If we were lucky we'd each bring home a girl. He always had more success than me, once he brought home two girls!

The nights I was unable to hook up I always jerked off thinking about Thor fucking the girl he brought home. I imagined his cock going in and out of her mouth and pussy. Then of course, I would imagine I was taking his cock in my mouth and ass. I thought, if Thor knew that I wanted to get on my knees and suck his cock and that I wanted to ride him like a horse. He'd probably beat the shit out of me.

There were many times I wanted to tell him when I was drunk, but I was able to keep my thought to myself. I feared ruining a great friendship. Thor was not like Daren, who I asked if I could suck his cock. I lived with Thorsten. It would be more than difficult if he was not into me being bisexual. So I would sneak peeks at him when ever I could for masturbation material. I caught him several times stripped to his underwear or wrapped in a towel, but I never saw him naked. I wanted to see his cock. I knew it was bigger than mine, because of his bulge.

I closed and locked the front door and headed down the hall to my room. I smiled when I saw that it was Thor's door that was open. It was him in the shower soaping up his hard body! Oh, how I wished that I could get in the shower with him and pleasure him under the spray until he exploded. Fuck I was horny and I wanted his cock!

My cock wanted out of my jeans. I dropped my bag on my bed, stripped out of clothes and wrapped a towel around my waist. I sat at my desk leaving the door open behind me and waited to see Thor walk wet from the shower, wrapped in his towel, to his room. I stroked my cock a few times through my towel. I rolled a joint to spark and was about to fire up when Thor walked out of the bathroom.

Thorsten was naked! And, he didn't see me because he was toweling his head. Instantly my cock got so hard it hurt. I took him all in. His chest and abs were hard and defined. He had perfect skin, like soft leather. His body was nearly hairless except for the patch above his cock, which hung large between his fit, legs and swung side to side over his shaved balls as he walked. "That cock is semi hard." I thought. Was he jerking in the shower?" I wondered. Then he paused a moment, like he was posing for me and disappeared into his room.

My cock was hard as steel and tenting my towel. I got up to close my door and jerk off to what I had just witnessed. Luckily, I noticed he hadn't closed his door yet. I wanted to see him again. "I could at least get a good peak at his cock again. If he catches me. I'll say I was just going to the shower." I thought.

I crept to his door to look in. Thor was lying on his bed. I could see him from his pecs to his knees. He had his cock in one hand and a remote in the other. He was slowly stroking. "He's watching porn." I thought. I couldn't see what he was watching but, it must have been hot because his cock was getting harder.

Thor put down the remote and lit a joint. He took a big hit while he continued caressing himself. I started salivating, I imagined my hand on Thor's cock. I was fixated. He took another toke and then he said something that changed our friendship for ever. "That's it dude, suck that cock." he said.

Dude? I thought.

Thor began stroking faster. I moved so I could see his TV. There were two young guys, one was on his knees about to take the others cock into his mouth. Thor was watching gay porn!

Then he said."Pat, are you going to stay out there and watch me jerk off or are you coming in to join me. "

I went in and sat beside Thor on his bed.

"You're Bi curious too?" he asked.

"I am Bi."

"Cool. So you'll let me suck your cock?"

"Hell Yeah." I reached for his cock and took him in my hand. "You want me to go first?" I asked. I started to stroke him a bit. My mind was swimming.

"You've been with a guy?" he asked

"I sucked off a friend in high-school and we...."

"Did you like it?"

"I liked it a lot."

"Did you fuck?"

"We tried. He never came in my ass." I said.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" He asked.


"Now!"? he asked.

"Later, Thorsten. Let's start slow? I asked


"Do you want to suck my cock?" I asked

"Yes." he replied.

I was music to my ears. I pressed play and the video started again.

"You want to suck cock, like that?" I asked.

"I want to try... yes."

I started to go down.

"Wait." he said. " What should I do?" he asked.

I was still stroking his cock slowly. "Just do what you do when a girl sucks your cock." I bent down to kiss his cock. I looked up at him as I did so. I flicked my tongue out across the tip just barely touching it. Then went from base-to-tip-in-one-slow-lick. I repeated the lick and turned it into a head suck by pulling back his foreskin, which wasn't much as he was fully, steel erect and vacuuming him between my lips. While doing this I twirled my tongue around in the slit to taste his pre cum.

"That's insane how good that feels." Thorsten said.

I started slowly going down his shaft, still twirling my tongue. Taking him inch by inch, he was bigger than me I had five inches in and about three or four more to go. I gagged only once but I relaxed and moved on, I wasn't able to take him all in but I managed about eight of his nine. It wasn't the length, my mouth was just too full of his thick cock. I pulled back and began a slow bobbing motion.

"That's it suck it bitch,...ah sorry Pat. Yeah suck it."

I pulled off but continued stroking him. "Call me what you want and tell me what you want". I said.

" I want you to suck my cock, bitch."

"Yes sir." I said. I took him in my mouth again.

"Wait. I want to 69" he said "Move, I want to suck you too."

We moved into position. Thor took my cock in his hand and started stroking it. Then he ran his tongue up the shaft from balls to tip like he knew what he was doing. He started licking the head then he opened wide and took my whole 7 inches like seasoned pro.

"That's fucking great," I said. " I'm you first?"

He pulled back, still stroking.


"How did you learn deep throat?"

"Video and a dildo."

He went back to kissing the head of my cock. I could not believe that Thorsten was kissing my cock. I'd lusted after him for 3 months to do what he was doing. Now I knew I could have had his cock on day one. We had to make up for time wasted.

I took Thor in my mouth again, while he was sucking mine with great haste. I was in my first 69, my second cock and I was loving it.

Thor was as good at sucking cock as any girl I had. Better in some respects. When I would do something to him he did the same to me. I moved my free hand around so I could rub his taint. But he beat me to it by rubbing mine. I upped the stakes by rubbing his pucker.

"There's some lube in the drawer. " he said.

"I don't need any yet." I said licking my fingers to massage his bud. As I began rubbing he sucked me harder. So I sped up on his cock too. I licked my fingers again and pushed into his hole and sucked like I was starving. I felt for his prostate. I knew when I hit it because he stated to fuck my face. The more I pushed my finger against his gland the more he thrust his cock into my mouth. He stopped sucking me, I knew he was close. After a few more thrusts he came hard and loud, grunting like an animal. I counted 5 or 6 shots and just as many final thrusts. My mouth was full of his cum, I let it linger there for a few moments and then swallowed.

He pushed me down on my back and took my cock in his mouth. He began sucking like a pro, within two minutes I too came. He took it all. I was quivering all over.

"That was fucking intense." he said.

"The best I ever had." I said.

"Do you want to fuck me?" he asked.

"Yes, but let's rest a bit."

Thorsten got he lube and a condom and we sat up to watch the video. While we watched Thorsten took the lube on his finger and began lubing his ass. I was hard in moments. Thorsten took the condom and unrolled it on my shaft. He fingered his ass with more lube then he put a big drop on my cock head.

"You've done this before."

"Not with a real cock," he said.

With thick thighs on each side of my waist he directed my cock to his hole. He slowly lowered. My cock head disappeared, relaxing to take me all the way, he pushed himself onto my cock. It slipped in fast after that, and he sunk to my balls. I was fully in him now. I was in heaven as he was so tight. He looked at me and smiled.

"Better than any dildo or strap-on." he said. Thor slowly pulled up then went down again. He began riding me.

"You had a girl fuck you with a strap-on?" I asked.

"Yeah, Crystal. She is crazy in the sack. The sit she does." Thor was riding me harder and stroking his own cock.

"She's hot."

"You want to fuck her don't yah?" he asked. I was nearing cumming again so I asked Thor to get on his hands and knees. I entered him from behind. And began slow controlled strokes.

"Is this what she'd do?" I asked.

"Yeah, but the she'd fuck me faster." I took my cue. I began slamming my cock into him. I was so close, a few more strokes and I'd cum. Thorsten was as hard as steel when I reached around and took a hold of his cock. A minute later we came together in a climax I nor Thor had ever felt before. I pushed him down and lay on top of him. We were sweaty and tired. We caught our breath as my cock softened within him. Slowly I pulled out and off of him. We sat up.

"Fuck that was awesome man." he said.

"Yeah man. You want to fuck me now."

"It'll have to be later Don will be home soon." he said

"I can't wait. " I got up and went to the shower. Thorsten closed his door. As I closed the bathroom door. I heard the front door open.

Thorsten did fuck me, many, many times in fact over the next three years. Because we made a pact. If we were alone for the weekend we'd have sex with each other.



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