I watched as my parents pulled out of the parking lot and then turned to my new dorm complex. I was finally on my own...at least until winter break.

My door swung open to a nice, firm, round ass stretching a pair of faded cargo shorts. The tall, lean boy turned with a startled expression that quickly morphed into the sweetest smile that I've ever seen.

'Hey, I'm Sean. I guess you're my roomie?'

'Hi', I said sheepishly. 'I'm Jackson...My friends call me Jake for short.'

And that's where it began. Sean was so gorgeous, his dirty blonde hair hung in locks around his smooth, angular face. His eyes had flecks of green and hazel that sparkled in the morning light when he pounced on my bed to wake me. Sean was a great guy. Everyone loved him and just seemed to gravitate to his bubbly, warm personality and he was always great for a laugh or smile when you were down. How could I not be attracted to my stud roommate? Especially his ripped arms and well-sculpted abs. The muscles in his thighs danced underneath the fabric of his jeans when he walked. But, on with the story...

One Thursday after my last class, I was flipping through the channels on the TV in our room. Sean bounded through the door with his wide grin and plopped onto his bed.

'Jake, I don't have any plans for tonight and I was thinking I might grab a bite downtown. You wanna come?'� he said with a puppy dog face.

'Um, I don't know. I was thinking about chilling out here and just making some Ramen noodles.'

'AH! COME ON!! Please Jake????'

A boy this beautiful really shouldn't have to beg me to go out with him, but I couldn't resist toying with him.

'I don't know, Sean. I've got a lot of work to do.'� I said coyly.

'Jake, I promise that I'll let you pick what we watch tonight. I swear, it can be anything and I won't say a word. Just come with me. Please?'�

'Alright, I'll go.'� I said with a hidden smile.

So, I rolled out of bed and slipped a pair of button-fly jeans over my black American Eagle boxers that read 'Big Dipper'� over a background of stars and followed Sean down to his car.

'I heard about this new Thai place over on Fifth,'� he asked.

'Yea, that's okay with me.'�

We pulled into the lot and walked into the modern Asian-styled restaurant. We quickly ordered and the waitress left us alone with our iced waters.

'Jake...uh...I have something I want to tell you,'� he mumbled after a minute of small talk.

'Yea, what's that?'�

'Jake, I-I...I think I'm gay...'� He lifted his eyes from his hands and watched for my reaction.

'Oh...That's fine with me, dude...Totally.'� I said as I tried to hide my sheer joy.

I had known that I was gay since my junior year of high school when I realized that my attraction to other guys was more than just a phase or whatever. And it was almost painful to live in the same room as Sean. He was one of the hottest guys that I've ever seen and definitely the funniest to be around. He was so beautiful.

I was the first person that Sean came out to and he seemed so happy to have someone know. He giggled and grinned through the whole meal and paid my end of the bill just to show his thanks that I took it so well. Little did he know...

We got back to our room and Sean tackled me when I shut the door.

'Jake, you're the greatest! I feel so much better now, like...a weight has just been lifted.'�

'Sean, I need to tell you something also...'�

He back away slightly, his eyes looking straight into mine.

'Really, Jake?'�

'Yea, Sean...I'm gay too...and honestly...I've wanted to fuck you since I met you.'�

'Really,'� he asked toyingly.

Then I made my move. I quickly cleared the few feet between us and my lips met his. He quickly began to kiss me back and then wrapped his arms around me; running his hand down my back.

I grabbed for his shirt and ripped it over his chest and off of his body. My mouth went for his neck and my hands began touching his chest and abs. Sean moaned quietly as my tongue teased his right nipple. I pulled away and pushed him onto his bed and then began stripping myself.

Completely naked, Sean looked me over and licked his lips. I let my hands work the fly of his shorts and slide them down his firm thighs and calves. I pulled his boxer briefs off of him with my teeth and then kissed back up his left leg, moving closer to his hardening dick. I back up just long enough to get a glance at his 8 inch monster. I grabbed his thick cock at the base and ran my tongue along its length, flicking the head. He moaned louder and twisted my chocolate colored hair in his fingers. I wrapped my lips around it and began to work his beautiful cock past my tongue and into my throat.

'Ungh!'�, Sean gasped, 'Baby, that feels so damn good. AAH! Deeper, Jake, DEEPER!'�

Sean forced my head down onto his crotch. His pubes ground into my face and I could smell his warm, masculine scent. I moaned as his dick throbbed in my throat. My hands slid up and down his thighs as he began thrusting his hips into my mouth. He relaxed his hold on me and I began to quickly slide up and down his length.

'I'm gonna CUM!'� He screamed and I took my mouth of his hot tool just before he got to close.

'Ugh, Jake...No! Please?!?!'�, he said as he searched my face for the reason that I had stopped.

'Sean, I want to make this last A LOT longer'�, I said as I stroked his huge dick.

'Really? How so?

And with that, I straddled his amazing body. He slowly rose up; our lips grinding together in a frenzy of passion. He pushed me onto my back and ground his hips into mine. Our dicks rubbed together, smearing warm precum all over our stomachs. His tongue pushed through my lips and found mine, pulling into his own mouth. He searched my mouth with his warm glorious tongue, learning its landscape for future occasions. He suck breath through my from me, not wanting to break his mouth's hold on me. My body screamed for air but I couldn't resist him. Regrettably, I pushed him away and gasped for air. His eyes studied my face and his lips turned in an amazing smile bearing his astonishing white teeth. He was beautiful...and so horny. His dick was sliding along my six-pack, tickling my navel with each pass. I knew he wanted to make love to me. To stick his steel rod into me and make me gasp and moan his name.

I twisted my hips so my ass was in position and he responded by sliding his body down, his hand gasped my cock and his warm breath against my hole made me buzz with pleasure. That hot, eager tongue flicked at my ring. I groaned. He slowly began to work my ass with his mouth. I was in heaven. I knew I had to be really wet now but he kept going. I was losing my patience. I wanted his big dick inside me. I groaned and pulled his head away from my ass. He got the message. I could feel his hot dick pushing at my hole. The head easing into through my ring. My ass was stretching to accommodate his thick dick. It hurt so badly but I was determined to take it. He push slowly until he was completely in and a gasped his hips, guiding him in and out slowly. He pulled my legs over his shoulders and began to pick up pace. I gasped with each thrust. His hot rod piercing me. I couldn't take it. Each time he brushed my sweet spot I moaned in ecstasy. He was quickly learning how to make me go insane.

I thrust back against him and encouraged him to go faster and harder. He was now forcefully fucking me hard and deep and I loved it. His tongue found my mouth again and I sucked his breath from him with each thrust.

'I'm gonna cum Baby. I'm Gonna CUM!!!'�

My dick began to shoot white-hot ropes of cum against his stomach. He Growled and Thrust deeper than he had before. I felt my his seed filling me, warming me. I shot three more spurts and he collapsed onto me. Only the sound of our breath told us that we were conscious. Both of us fell asleep.

I awoke with the feeling of Sean's dick growing in my ass. He moaned in his sleep and slowly began thrusting.

I giggled to myself, realizing that he was having a wet dream. He started to fuck me harder and I moaned long and loud. Sean's eyes suddenly shot open and he smiled at me.

'Hey, baby...sorry about that.'�

'No, it felt great, Sean.'�

He purred as he stared into my eyes.

'Oh FUCK!'�, I said. 'I have a class in just a half hour!'�

Sean rolled off of me, kissing my chest as he did so.



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