My name is Mark Davidson. I'm an eighteen year old college freshman and I'm gay.

I began having sex with other males at the age of fifteen. I have managed to keep it secret from all except three of my football team mates who are also secretly gay and the guys I have met at a local park. Sometimes I would service them with either my mouth or my ass, their choice, and sometimes we would service each other.

I began my college education on a academic scholarship and knew that I had to keep my grades up. Living in the dorm, I realized that it was not possible, and began my search for an off campus room mate.

I went to the housing office and began my search, finding many ADS. I wrote down their names and numbers and began calling. On several, I could hear what sounded like partying in the background. I immediately eliminated them. There were some that sounded extremely wierd and I nixed them. I was about to give up home when I made another call.

This one sounded perfect. He lived alone and said he didn't party much and was looking for the same type guy. He said he had a two bedroom house, with two baths, and we would share the kitchen and laundry facilities. I asked if I could meet him and he agreed, giving me the address just one block off campus.

His name was John Watson and we seemed to hit it off immediately. I moved out of the dorm and into the second room that weekend.

John and I studied a lot and most weekends would watch a movie or go out for burgers together. I continued to keep my sexual preference a secret.

I found that John was eighteen also and had a twenty year old brother in the Marines. Their parents had been killed in an auto accident when John was seventeen and he was going to school on his inheritance.

He said he had rented the house from a friend of his parents at a reduced rate. The house came furnished and he had taken the master bedroom with private bath and I took the second bedroom which had two single beds and I used the bathroom in the hallway.

Things were great for us. We got along well and became god friends. John wasn't what I would call 'hot' but he was attractive and reasonably well built. I wouldn't have turned him down if he had made an offer, but he didn't.

Around the first week of December, John got an e-mail from his brother, Brad, the Marine. He said he was taking his thirty day leave and would like to spend it with John since it would be during the Christmas holidays. John asked if I minded.

"Why should I mind? Hell, it's your house," I said.

"Look, you pay half the rent so it's our house. Besides, with your room having two beds, he'd have to share your room or sleep on the sofa."

"John, I wouldn't let my worst enemy seep on that sofa. I have no problem with him sharing my room. Besides, during the holidays the professors always lighten up on studies."

"Great. I'll write and let him know to come on and visit."

A week later Brad arrived at the airport and John picked him up. When he brought him home and introduced us, I almost gasped out loud.

Brad was close to six-two, dark military haircut, bright sky blue eyes, extremely well build and a smile that would kill. Now he was 'hot'!! I was more than happy to have him share my room.

"Mark, John tells me that I'll be sharing your room. I really appreciate it. I'll try not to impose on you more that necessary."

"Brad, you wont be imposing at all. Make yourself at home. Ive even cleared a section of closet for you and cleaned out the bottom drawer of the dresser."

I was glad I had cleaned out the bottom drawer. As hot as Brad was, when he bent over to get something out, I'd get to see his hot ass.

As luck would have it, John had most of his classes on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays. Mine were Monday, Wednesday, and just Friday mornings.

Brad had arrived on a Friday afternoon and after going out to dinner, John said he really hated to abandon us but he had to study for an exam he had the next morning.

"So you can have some peace and quiet, if Mark doesn't mind, I think I'll have him show me around campus and town."

"Thanks. You two have fun, if that's possible in this town." John said.

Brad and I hopped into my car and drove over to the campus where we parked and I gave him a walking tour. We soon arrived at the library, and he said he needed to find a restroom.

My heart skipped a beat thinking of the glory hole in the restroom in the basement of the library.

"This way," I said. "I need one also and this is the closest."

I led him through the library to the stairs leading to the basement. When we walked in, there were two guys standing at the urinals. I knew what they were up to and hoped Brad didn't.

Brad headed into one stall and I went into the other. When I heard his flow splashing in the water, I lived dangerously, and managed to bend down and sneak a peak at his cock. It was awesome, long, thick and uncut.

Quickly standing, I relieved myself and exited my stall. Brad was still in his, and I assumed he was reading the graffiti on the walls.

After we were back outside, he laughed and said, "have you read the shit on those walls?"

"Oh yes. It's something, isn't it?"

"Hell yea. I guess if I get too horny while visiting, I could come over here for some relief. The wall is all set for it."

"You noticed?"

"Oh yea. That's not the first glory hole I've ever seen."

"From what I've heard, that restroom isn't used that much."

"I bet it is for more than pissing," he said with a laugh, easing over and walking closer to me.

We later drove around town and stopped at a drive-in for a soda. When we arrived home, all the lights were out except for one small one in the living room.

"Looks like John has sacked out for the night," Brad said softly, as we entered.

He stepped to John's bedroom and quietly opened the door and peeked in. Coming back to my room he said, "He's out like a light, snoring away. I've never seen anyone sleep as sound as he does. Thunderstorms don't even wake him up."

"I've noticed," I said.

Sitting on our beds, we began removing our shoes. As we did, Brad looked over at me and said, "Mark, may I ask a question?"


"Well, I usually sleep in the nude and was wondering it it would offend you if i did it here. If it will, I'll bear my briefs."

"No, go ahead. I sleep nude most of the time myself," I said, "but was going to wear briefs because you were here."

"You shuck yours and I'll shuck mine, and we can hope John doesn't find out. He knows I do but i don't know what he'd say about both of us doing it."

"We just have to make sure he doesn't find out," I said.

We both stripped and I noticed his cock was stiffer than it had been in the restroom.

He noticed me looking as I saw him checking mine out. After Crawling in bed, he said, "That hole had me all turned on. I've been without for a while and something needs to give. If not tonight, I'll have to visit the library tomorrow."

"Brad, if you need to jerk it, go ahead. There's not a guy alive that doesn't do it. Hell, I do nearly every night."

"Fuck, you really don't mind?"

"Hell no. You wouldn't be the first I ever saw jerk off. me and some buds used to get together and jerk back in high school."

"No shit?"

"No shit, and keep that to yourself. I've never told anyone that before."

"I promise to keep your secret. I jerk almost daily myself, and I've done it with a couple of my buds when we're out on patrols."

"See what I mean. We all do it."

he pushed his sheet back and began slowly stroking his stiffening cock. seconds later, i was ding the same and saw him visibly watching me. As we stroked slowly, I said, "You said that the glory hole wasn't your first to see. Have you ever used one?"

"Oh yes. There is a cafe just off base where guys from the base go to relax. It more of a burger joint with several pool tables. There are a lot of civilian guys that go there also. Most go there to service us Marines. I've had mine sucked many times and love it. You ever use the one in the library?"

"Since we're being honest, yes I have. Quite often."

He looked over at me and smiled. "Way to go," he said.

Seconds later we both climaxed, firing our loads out onto our chest and stomachs. Mine was easy to wipe up with a dirty sock, but Brad had more trouble getting his load out of the hairy blanket on his chest and stomach.

"Sometimes being hairy is a curse," he said as i laughed.

Before long we turned off the light and went to sleep. The ext morning when we got up, John had already left for class. We had both slipped on our underwear and Brad asked, "When does he usually get back from class?"

"It's a four hour lab running from eight to noon, but since they are having an exam this morning he could be back sooner if he finishes early. Why do you ask?"

jerking his briefs down and stepping out of them he said, "Because I love being nude and plan on staying that way as much as possible."

"Mind if I join you?"

"Be my guest," Brad replied.

I did and we stayed nude until just after eleven. That afternoon we sat and visited and brad found a small grocery that would sell him beer. The three of us drank quite a few and grilled burgers for dinner. Afterward, we did more drinking. Shortly before ten, John said good night and staggered off to bed. Seconds later we could hear him snoring even with his door closed.

Brad and I soon decided to head to our room. After we had stripped, Brad looked at me and said, "Mark, I'm drunk as hell and if i tell you something, you promise not to say anything to John?"

"Sure. What ever we say or do in here stays just between us."

"Good,"he said.Then slightly slurring his words, he looked at me and said, "I'm horny as hell and feeling wild, and I want to jerk you off."

"I won't object to that," I said.

He sat down on his bed and said "come over here."

I stepped up to him and he reached out and wrapped his hand around my half hard cock and began stroking me.

"Feels good," I said.

"Yea, to me too," he added.

He stroked me for a couple of minutes, then shocked me when he suddenly said, "Hell, I'd rather suck it," and quickly swallowed my cock and began sucking me. I soon neared my climax and warned him. He continued sucking and soon i filled his mouth with my load. he took it all and as he pulled off he hungrily swallowed and said, "Damn that as good."

"Brad, was that your first time sucking a guy?"

"Hell no! I been sucking cock and everything else since I was sixteen. I have to keep it hidden in the corps but there are a few that i get with. And in the cafe I told you about, I suck a lot of civilians there and get sucked."

"Does John know anything?"

"Yea, he knows I'm gay, but if he knew I made a pass at his room mate he might get pissed."

I was curious and had to ask, "Have you ever sucked him?"

"Yep, sure have. I was planning on doing it again when you were in class."

"Well, I won't tell him you sucked me if you keep my secret also."

"And what secret is that?"

I quickly dropped to my knees between his legs and swallowed his cock. It quickly stiffened and I loved having it in my mouth. I worked it with my tongue as I sucked it and soon brought him to his climax. Once I had him drained, I looked up at him and quickly swallowed.

"Damn. That sure wasn't your first time was it?"

"Nope. I started at fifteen and love it."

"Does John know?"

"No. That's why I said you had to keep my secret."

"Well, I don't guess we'll need to jerk off any more."

"Nope, We can do each other or have a hot sixty-nine."

"Fuck, I love a sixty-nine," Brad said.

"Me too, and tongue kissing."

He smiled and held my face and we tongue kissed for several minutes, each of us moaning.

After the fantastic kiss, I said, "Tomorrow I'll leave and give you your chance to do John."

"Thanks," he said.

Sunday, I went to the library and sucked several hard hot cocks of other students and one professor. I recognized the sweater he was wearing.

Three hours later I returned home to find them watching TV. Later, when john went to the bathroom, Brad whispered, "Thanks, it was awesome. I got three loads out of him."

"Damn! I'm jealous."

He just smiled.

All that week, Brad and I had sex at night and on the mornings john was in class. When I was in class, Brad would suck John numerous times.

The following Saturday after John left for class, Brad came to my bed and we began making out. We kissed and fondled each other a while then got down to business.

We began a sixty-nine but before climaxing we stopped and Brad asked if he could fuck me.

"Most definitely," I replied.

I lubed my ass and he lubed his cock and soon he was fucking my ass wildly and I was loving it. Before long, he fired his massive load up my ass and it was surreal.

"Now, fuck me," he said.

We traded positions and I was soon fucking his hot firm tight ass. I soon climaxed and after I had he asked, "Can you shoot another load? If you can, keep fucking me."

"I can," I said.

Suddenly, we heard a voice from the door.

"No, I'll fuck him and you can fuck my mouth."

We turned to see John standing there, totally nude and his cock hard as stone.

"We thought you were in class," Brad said.

"That's obvious. Class was cancelled."

"How long have you been standing there?" I asked.

"Since just before you ended the sixty-nine," he told us walking up to the bed.

I pulled out of Brad's ass and watched as John slid his big hard cock deep into his brother. As he started fucking Brad he leaned forward and began sucking my cock.

Later after swallowing my load he smiled and said, "I've wanted to do that since the day you moved in."

Seconds later he fired his load deep into his brothers ass. As he did, Brad looked at us and said, "I want you two to tag team my ass. Fuck until you're close then trade out. Make it last as long as possible."

"We will, bro," John said. Then looking at me he said, "Mark, you're still hard. Fuck me."

As Brad watched, I fucked his younger brother. As I did, John began sucking Brad.

Looking at them I said, "When he cums, please don't swallow. Kiss me and share it."

John nodded slightly. I soon filled John's ass with my load and seconds later Brad filled his mouth. as John and I kissed and shared Brad's load, Brad began sucking my load out of his brother's ass then shared it with us.

For the rest of of Brad's leave, the three of us had sex daily, except for the few days at Christmas that we all spent with my parents.

All too soon, Brad had to return to duty. John and I continued our sex together and every time Brad got leave he came to see us and we had wild three way sex.

John and I later graduated college and got jobs in a larger nearby town, again living together in a larger home. Brad finished his enlistment and moved in and got a job as a city police patrol officer.

Soon the three of us bought a house just outside of town and enlarged the master bedroom. We purchased a California king bed and the three of us shared it nightly. Each one of us considered the other two our lovers. We still do, six years later.




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