Chapter 2

My father and I were going to my uncle’s place. It’s been a week since we had sex. I thought about it all the time since it happened. I knew what we did was special and was just between us. I didn’t say much. I didn’t know what to say.  I wanted to be with my father again. I never had much to do with my uncle and didn’t understand why we were going there. I knew he was younger, 28 years-old, had been to prison once for drug dealing. He was not married but had girlfriends. He lived in the neighborhood too.

We got there. My uncle is built thick like my dad from working out and they’re both about 5’ 10”. We all said hi and I felt weird.  My father reached into his pocket and pulled something out. “Put this on.” It was a black jockstrap. My uncle laughed. “Bathroom is over there.” I felt all warm like I could faint and went to the bathroom. I took off my clothes and put the jockstrap on. My dick was so hard and stuck up in it. I was breathing heavy. I went back to the living room wearing only the jockstrap and felt so nervous.

My dad and my uncle were now sitting next to each other naked on the couch. Their legs were spread, and their dicks were hard, and their big balls were floppy on the couch. They really were like brothers because I saw my uncle was just as big as my dad. I just stood there.

“Take care of your uncle” my dad said. I walked over to the couch. I got down on my knees and looked up close at my uncle’s dick. It was just as beautiful as my dad’s with a really big head. I opened my mouth wide and closed my lips around it to be careful with my teeth. I was licking it and felt it get bigger. I sucked it.

“Fuck! Your son has a hot mouth!”

“I told you he sucks a good dick. Loves taking it in the ass. I broke him in good!”

It was different with my uncle because he was not nice like my father had been. “Deeper bitch! Go all the way down. That’s it. Sweet. Do my balls. Look up at me! Keep your eyes open! You show respect to a real man who lets you have his dick!” All kinds of talk like that that got me hot.

“Hey bitch! Help your pop out! Get busy with your hand on him!” I reached over and stroked my dad’s dick it was slick with his stuff. I was like a machine with those two big dicks. Sucking on my uncle’s and stroking my dad’s. This went on and on for like forever. I thought of nothing else but making my uncle feel good with my mouth and doing the same for my dad with my hand.  

My uncle starting yelling and he put his hand on my head and pushed me down more on his dick. In a second I felt him shooting in my mouth. I was choking and crying but he kept his hand on my head. I was gulping and swallowing it. It burned my throat and tasted nasty. He pulled me off. It was soft on his thigh. “Fuck yeah! This boy is good!” It was  weird being talked about like that. It felt hot to have a man shoot off in my mouth. That I got him off felt good.

“Let’s go to the bed” said my father. I followed them to the bedroom. My father handed me a tube that said KY. Then he handed me a big black plastic dick.

He told me to pour the KY on the plastic dick and it then some in my ass and play around in there. Because real men aren’t going get me loose. That was my job. My uncle laughed and said in prison he turned out punks with just his spit and that I was very lucky. I did it. It felt different then lotion. I felt my hole stretching as I pushed the plastic dick in and out me.

“Suck me” said my father. I was on the floor and he was standing, I put his dick in my mouth and sucked him. I remembered to keep my eyes open and looked up at him. He looked so happy.  “That’s enough. Lube me up.”

I squeezed out the KY on the head of his dick. “Now spread that sweet hole for papi.” I got in the bed on my hands and knees and bent my ass up.

This time he wasn’t as gentle or slow. He just shoved it in me. My uncle was now in the bed in front of me with his soft dick hanging there. “Make me hard.” I opened my mouth and sucked him. Again, it was like being a machine. My father fucking me but rougher this time and my uncle holding my head in his hands and  pumping his dick in and out of my mouth. I felt more alive then, I ever had been before.

“This bitch is loving this! Getting dicked at both ends. He’s busting out of that jock! He’s a freak!” My uncle was laughing. My dick was so hard and soon I shot into the jockstrap and felt it all over my dick and balls. I jerked off a lot. but shooting this way is the greatest feeling. My father kept fucking me.

He yelled and I felt him shooting off inside me. He pulled it out. I was all sore in there and breathing heavy because it had felt so good. My uncle got up off of the bed went behind me and just pushed his dick in me and it was like fire inside me. He hit my ass with his hands and fucked me real fast in and out, but I was so stretched from my father, it didn’t hurt. It felt great. He pulled the back of the jockstrap making it dig in on me.

“FUCK! He’s so fucking tight! Boy ass is tighter than pussy!” He put his face near my ear. “You like getting worked over by real men? You like getting dicked up?” “Yes! YES!” I felt him shooting in me. He took it out  I lay there all worn out with my ass all wet from that KY and their loads dripping out of me.

“Clean us up” my father said. “Go in the bathroom and wet some towels.” I did and came back.  They were lying the bed side by side with their heads up on pillows their legs stretched across the bed and each with their soft dicks on their stomachs.  

They were both holding their phones. I got to work wiping and cleaning off their dicks and drying them. My uncle was typing on his phone. “You text him whenever you feel like getting done” said my father. “Damn right! His place is taking care of the family’s real men. This bitch is on call!” laughed my uncle.

“You get over here when he wants you and you treat him right” my father said to me. “You do what he says.” I nodded.  “Yes, papi.” “You go home now” said my father.

I got dressed and walked home. My grandmother was asleep. I went to my room. I was still wearing my wet jockstrap and I was sore all over. I took my clothes off. I washed the jockstrap in the sink and hid it in my closet to dry. I looked at myself in the mirror. I saw my face and I looked different. I turned around and saw my red ass cheeks and cleaned myself. I went to bed and though I was so tired had trouble sleeping. I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened and how I liked it so much. My dick got hard. I jerked myself off. I fell asleep.


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