I was hired by a major corporation to take over their international sales department, which was centered in Rio De Janeiro. I was excited to be moving to a new country, the home of Carnaval, and so many spectacular sights, but at the same time, sad to be leaving the United States, but the idea of starting life in a new country and a new career energized me.

My personal assistant, a charming young woman named Sofia, found me a beautiful apartment near 'Centro', the main business district, completely furnished, and she would arrange to have my furniture and personal items moved within the week.

I arrived at Galeao International Airport on a humid Friday afternoon, and waiting for me at the terminal was Sofia and a tall, dark haired, bearded gentleman dressed in a dark grey suit, white shirt and tie. Sofia ran up to me and gave me a hug.

'Bem vindo a Rio De Janeiro! Como foi o seu voo?' I shot her a puzzled look, not knowing a word of Portuguese. The tall man smiled and let out a broad, booming laugh.

'She means, Welcome to Rio De Janeiro. How was your flight?' His voice was deep, with a rich, almost cultured Portuguese accent. We all laughed together as she apologized in heavily accented English.

'Please forgive me, sir. I forgot you do not speak Portuguese. I shall try to remember next time. This is Mauricio Allegre. He will be your guide and business partner.' Mauricio shook my hand with a firm grip and flashed me another dazzling white smile.

'We shall head to your apartment and get you settled in. Sofia has hired movers and also maids to put your items in place. If you wish to move things around, you're more than welcome to. We figured it would be easier for you to settle in and get started on Monday if you didn't have to unpack everything.'

'That was very thoughtful of you, Sofia. Thank you.' She excused herself, hailing a cab and leaving us in the terminal.

'I'm excited to be here. A bit apprehensive at first about leaving America.'

'So this is your first time in Brazil?'

'First time anywhere across the ocean. Seems i've let work take up most of my life.' Mauricio took my bags and we headed outside to his car, a burgundy Mercedes convertible. He placed everything in the back seat, and we headed towards Centro.

As we drove along, I marveled at the sights around me, from the sheer beauty of Rio, it's majestic beauty, the clear blue ocean that seemed to engulf it's borders, to the statue that rose above the city like a beacon, the one thing I remembered from the travelogues I sat through as a child.

'I live just a few blocks from you. If there is anything you need or desire, i'm a phone call away.' He kept a steady gaze on the road ahead as he shifted, but kept his arm draped across the back of my seat. I couldn't help but notice how exquisite he was in his resplendent suit, his skin the color of mocha, dark eyes that resembled two coal black marbles, heavy lashes that accentuated his masculine features. Thick tufts of hair curled from around his hands and arms, and his fingers were covered in the same fine pelt.

'Have you lived in Brazil all of your life?'

'I spent quite a few years in New York City, attending Columbia on a scholarship. I received my master's degree in business, and accepted the job back here. I thoroughly enjoyed the climate of New York. Plenty of interesting people.'

'They can be at that.' We pulled in front of a white and tan building which seemed to reach to the sky. Heading inside, we took the elevator the seventh floor, where we walked across the tiled hallway to my new home.

I didn't expect the beauty of what welcomed me. Large windows opened up to a majestic view of the street below, the warm breezes wafting through the apartment. Colorful tiles were inlayed not only on the floor but on the walls as well. There was a spacious kitchen, a huge bedroom, and a massive patio set up with my wicker furniture. I stepped out and walked over to the railing. My gaze drifted along the street, towards the ocean that almost appeared as if I could dive right into it.

'I take it you approve?' Mauricio stood in the doorway, his arms crossed.

'I cannot believe it. This is too beautiful. Are you sure I can afford all of this?'

'You shall. Sofia and I picked it out for you. We thought it would be the best suit for you.'

'I cannot thank you enough.' I reached out my hand to shake his, but he looked at me and squeezed my shoulder.

'Why don't you change and we'll go out and celebrate? I have some places i'd like to show you.'

'Alright. Give me just a few minutes and I'll be right there.'

'I'll be back for you in about a half hour, OK?' He left and I stood in the middle of the apartment, taking in all of this grandeur. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Laughing, I went into the bedroom and began to unpack my suitcase, trying to find something suitable to wear.

I'd chosen a pair of cargo shorts, tennis shoes and a tan polo shirt. I checked myself in the mirror and made sure I looked ok. The doorbell rang and I went to open it.

Mauricio stood before me, dressed in a white tank top, a pair of black spandex workout shorts , his muscular, tanned and hirsute frame covered in a thin layer of oil. It was all I could do not to stare.

'I-um-think i'm a bit overdressed,' I remarked.

'You look fine. Many men in town dress as I do. You shall learn that Brazilian men are not ashamed of their bodies. It is a badge of honor to be noticed and admired. Come, let us go.'

We ended up in a charming cafe not too far from the beach, it's clientele a mixture of beautifully tanned women in extremely revealing bikinis, and golden boys in nothing more than either Speedos or G strings covering their equipment. We ordered drinks and relaxed as the evening began to descend.

'So, you say that work has been your main goal in life.' He took a drink of his mojito and leaned back in the chair, the bulge from his shorts sticking out like a sore thumb.

'Well, after graduation, I wanted to make my parents proud by making a success of my life. So I decided to accept a job with this pharmaceutical company, and work my way to the top.'

'You never gave women a second thought?' he mused, looking at me over the rim of his glass.

'Girls never thought much of me, I'm afraid. Everyone I knew wanted a ladies' man, and unfortunately I wasn't exactly their type'. I picked up my gin and tonic and took a sip.

'And men?' My hand froze in mid air. 'What did you think of them?' I wasn't sure how to respond, trying not to stare at his face as an impish grin crossed his lips.

'Well, to be honest, I never really-' The waiter appeared with our meal, which he called 'frango com quiabo', or chicken and okra. I immediately dug in, intentionally avoiding his question. He joined me and we changed the subject, talking about work, my job, how we could increase sales by working with the advertising department on new ways of promoting a new medication.

We walked around the city, it's bright lights beckoning to us, stopping at small stands, where he encouraged me to try some of the local cuisine, such as a Mortadella sandwich, and pao de mel, a honey cake covered in chocolate, which we shared. It's gooiness almost took me over. I relished each bite, and soon I realized i'd practically inhaled my entire piece. Mauricio noticed that i'd already devoured mine and offered me a piece of his.

'I really shouldn't.'

'Please. I insist.' I reached up to take some from him, but he reached down and held it in front of my lips.

'Take a bite.' His finger gently touched my bottom lip and he held it there for a moment. I bit down on the candy, and he guided the rest into my mouth. I looked up at him, and he was gazing at me, his beautiful face illuminated by the flickering lights of the neon. A strange feeling came over me, and my legs began to quiver, my entire body tingling, as if needles were being pressed into my bare flesh. It wasn't a painful sensation by any means. I closed my eyes and tried to push the erotic thoughts that raced through my head back inside.

'Is there anything the matter?' I felt my breathing become a bit labored, and suddenly I felt blood rushing into my groin, my penis rising in the spirit of the moment. My nipples were erect and taut, and sweat began to drip from my forehead.

'You look a bit flushed. Perhaps we should take you home?' We walked back to my apartment where we stepped inside and he ordered me to lie down on the bed. He brought me a cool towel from the bathroom, which he placed on my forehead.

'I think you've gotten a bit too overwhelmed by our fair city. It is a lot to take in in one day.'

'I'm sorry. I never get this way. I don't know what came over me.'

'Not to worry. I will be glad to stay with you if you'd like.'

'Mauricio, I don't want to be a bother.' He laid down next to me and propped himself up on one elbow, looking down at me.

'Just relax. Close your eyes and just relax.' He brought up his fingers to my eyes and gently closed them. I felt him unbutton my shirt and pull it open. His hands touched my bare chest, and began to caress me. I trembled with a combination of excitement, and sheer terror, unsure of how to act, or what to do. I wanted him, but i'd only been with one other man in my life, when I was out of college. I was 22 and he was 45, and it was a quick fling, nothing memorable.

He pressed his lips against one of my nipples and encircled his tongue around it. I gasped and reached out my hands, locating his thick hair, running my fingers through it. He came up to me and found my mouth, exposing my tongue to his as we were enveloped in a deep soul kiss. I pulled off his tank top and he removed the rest of my clothes, pressing his hard, firm frame against me, his hands exploring my flesh, touching every inch of me, his lips perusing my body, ending in places i'd never touched before. I arched my back as he slipped off his shorts, his long, tapered cock sliding up and down my stomach.

I wrapped my legs around his torso and my arms around his back, my fingers pressing into his body, responding to his every move. The open windows brought in the warm salty breezes from the ocean, sweat dripping from our torsos.

He turned me over and laid me flat onto my stomach. He spread apart the cheeks of my ass and buried his hirsute face in between them, his tongue flicking in and out of my hole. I clutched the pillows tightly, moaning into them, becoming lost in his incredible sexual prowess. I'd never had anyone touch me as he had.

He climbed onto my back and drew close to my ear. He kissed it lightly and whispered, 'Let me enter you. Allow me to take you.'

'I've not done this for years.'

'I shall be gentle. Just relax and let me take over.' He slowly put the head of his penis inside my moist manhole and began to slide in. I balked at first, but he slid his hands onto my back and began to massage my shoulders. The combination made me slip further into the sheets as he began to seduce me.

With each thrust from his hips, I felt the gentle swaying of his pelvis, as if I were on a boat, the rocking of the ocean lulling me into a peaceful, dreamlike state. He pressed himself in further, and I begged for him to take me.

His response was immediate, his balls slapping against my ass cheeks, fucking me with a ferocity that sent my mind into orbit. It was beyond words what Mauricio was doing to me, and I ached for him, wanting it to never end.

The wind seemed to pick up as it's soothing breezes floated across my naked, moist frame, cooling me as he was heating me up. It was a powerful sensation, going from hot to cold, the elixir like a drug.

'Please don't stop, Mauricio. Please take me as far as you can.' He turned me over onto my back and we began to kiss passionately once again as my legs balanced upon his broad shoulders, his penis entering me again, pounding me harder than the time before.

'Oh, god! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Do it, Mauricio! Fuck me!' His balls slammed into me and I dug my nails into his back, holding onto him for dear life. My head was hitting the headboard, which was cushioned by a pillow, and I could hear the slamming of the wood against the wall.

Pulling out of me, he began to grunt, and a stream of hot man juice shot all over my face, my body, spattering against the walls. Immediately he latched onto my hard cock and began sucking it voraciously. It took me but mere seconds for my hot load to spray into the air, all across Mauricio's beard, face and mouth. He lapped up the semen like a cat with a bowl of milk, rubbing the shaft into his face.

We lay next to each other in the night, our sticky frames literally glued against the sheets. I was wrapped up in his massive arms, as I drifted off to sleep, my first night in Brazil literally a carnival.

We had coffee the next morning, after taking a nice hot shower, at which point he proceeded to fuck me against beneath the needles of water.

I walked him to the door, his arm around my shoulder.

'Mauricio, I don't know how this is going to affect our working relationship. I've never slept with someone I've worked with.' He turned and kissed me on the lips.

'You and I will be spending much time together, working on business. I will be teaching you the way of our company here in Brazil. I shall also be teaching you Portuguese. It will be helpful as you become more acclamated to your new home.'

'You didn't answer my question.' He pulled me to him and kissed me deeply once again.

'We will work and play together. It shall not affect our work. This shall be part of our work. And I look forward to helping you grow.' He flashed that cocky smile and disappeared out the door. I leaned against the closed door and wrapped my arms around myself. I walked to the window and looked down at the street, where Mauricio appeared from my building, looked up and blew me a kiss. I returned one and sat on the sill, gazing out at the ocean. I was finally home, and I knew I'd never want to leave it.



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