I walked down the hallway. I was looking for dorm 123. It was my first year in college. I am the quiet type. I don't say much but preffer to let eveyone else around me do the talking. I felt a bit intimidated. As I walked down the hall I saw guys, some if various states of undress. They chatted with one another and one even passed me on the way to the showers wearing nothing but a towel around his narrow waist. Most of the other guys I passed didn't even look twice at me. I didn't mind. I was used to it. I don't consider myself to be good looking. I'm tall with short dark brown hair, green eyes and a chunky, heavyset build. I have been a big guy all my life. I had met a few nice guys online but nothing serious ever came of it. Now I was almost 30 and looking for love. I hoped I would find it here but I wasn't holding my breath. I found room 123 and knocked. No one answered so I went in. It appeared by the unmade beds and bare walls, my room mate hadn't arrived yet.

I busied myself with unpacking my things and making my bed. I was just about to put up some posters when the door opened and the hottest guy I have ever seen walked in. Tall with short spikey brown hair, brown eyes, Justin Bieber good looks and a lean, toned build. He wore a dark, t-shirt, jeans, sneakers and had a duffle bag slung over his arm. "Is this room 123?" I smiled. "Yeah, I'm sorry. Lemme help you." I took his duffle bag from him and placed it on the unmade bed. "I'm Lane" he said offering me his hand. He looked young. Probably 19 or 20. I took his hand in mine. "Stephen." He noticed the purple wrist band on my arm. "If you don't mind my asking, what is that for?" I smiled. "Its from the Matthew Shepard Foundation." Lane nodded. "I've heard of that. Are you a member?" I shook my head. "Not officially no." He noticed the string of prayer beads on my left wrist. "And those?" He sure was inquizative. "There called Mala beads. There used in prayer." Lane chuckled. "What are you Buddhist or something?" I nodded. "Actually I am."

I watched as Lane put his things away. "Do you have a shine and all that junk?" I pointed to the little table I had set up in the corner of the room. It had a beautiful statue of The Buddha, two white stick candles and incense. "Do you mind?" Lane smiled. "Oh no! I think it's awsome!" We chatted and then about four or so we were getting hungry so we decided to go out for pizza. "I don't have a car so you'll have to ride on my mopehead, I hope that's cool with you" Lane exclaimed standing next to a lime green scooter. I eyed the thing wearily. It looked like it would fall apart if you looked at it wrong let alone someone of my girth sitting on it. "Sure." Lane climbed on and I got on behind him. "You'll have to hold on to me" he said with a smirk. Obviously the irony of our close contact was not lost on him. I put my hands on his bony hips and we were off.

After we ate, we went back to the dorms and watched a movie. Lane stripped down to his boxer briefs and a t-shirt. "I can't sleep if I'm uncomfortable" he explained. I nodded. "This is you're room too, feel free to do whatever you want." A sly smile crept across his thin, red lips. "Really?" I nodded. Before I knew what happened, he grabbed my head and pressed his lips against mine. His lips were soft and moist. "What was that for?" I asked when we parted. He laughed. "You honestly have no idea how sexy you are do you?" I smiled shyly. "I'm not really." Lane sat down next to me. "I've been in love with you since the first time we met!!" I laughed. "That was eariler today!" He chuckled. "Yeah, I guess you're right." He placed his hand on my leg. "Wanna fool around?" I looked down at his hand and then back up into those beautiful brown eyes.

"Lane, I don't know if that's such a good idea." He smiled. "Why not? I want you and I know you want me." I nodded. "I know and it's true, I have wanted you but I am scared you might be dissapointed when you finally see me naked." He laughed and took my face in his hands. "I don't care about that. It's your warmth and kindness I fell in love with." I smiled. "You know, I've waited my enitre life for someone to say something like that to me!" He smiled his cute lopsided grin. "Turn off the TV!." When I did he lifted his shirt over his head. His chest was smooth and sculpted and his stomach was flat and ripped. I took in the spectacular vision of the hot, young stud sitting next to me. My little pecker stiffened. He put his hand on my chest. "Lay back" he murmered pushing me down.

He stood and slowly pulled his shorts down. I saw his bony hips and the V shape of his groin that lead to a soft, curly patch of dark pubes. He smiled up at me. "You wanna do the rest?" I nodded. Sitting up I ran my hands down his smooth chest and hooked my fingers into the elastic band of his briefs. Pulling them slowly down I caught my first glimps of skin. Moving further down his cock came into view. It was long and thin. When I yanked his shorts the rest of the way down his cock bobbed up and hit his stomach. It was huge. 9 inches at least, crowned by a purple, mushroom like head. I held it in my hand and felt it twitch. "It likes you" Lane exclaimed. "But be careful, it spits!" I laughed.

He pulled my shirt over my head. I have a pair of "manboobs" I'm not too proud of but that didn't seem to bother Lane. He took each in his hand like they were regular womans tits and licked and sucked on them. I moaned and closed my eyes. The feeling of Lane's lips on my skin sent shivers of pleasure down my spine. He pushed me onto my back and laid ontop of me. Our lips met and I felt his tongue slip into my mouth. I rubbed Lanes back and rested my hand on his smooth, round asscheek. "I love you!!" He exclaimed. I smiled. "That's nice!"

To Be Continued........

Ha Ha!! Just when this one was getting good, I end it!! Always leave em wanting more I always say!! Part 2 comming soon, I promise :)



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