It pays to be neighborly.

I knew I had to have Jase from the first moment I saw him. He was definitely the hottest guy to move into the apartment building since I'd lived there. He was tall, with great blond hair and a prize-winning smile. His body was slim and toned from daily workouts, with beautiful washboard abs and luscious round melon-globe ass-cheeks.

There were a lot of nice-looking guys in our building, but Jase won the grand prize without even trying. But the best thing about him was that he was so damn nice. Most guys even half as hot as him act like they're God's gift to men, but not Jase.

The first time I saw him was when he was moving in. I had heard the empty apartment next to mine had been rented out to someone new. I was coming home from work and he and his buddies were carrying stuff in from the street. His friends were nice-looking, so I couldn't help but stare for a second. They smiled at me as they walked in, sacks over their shoulders and boxes under their arms. I gave them a big smile back.

'Can I give you a hand?' I said.

'Sure,' one of the guys said. 'Go see Jase, he's out at his car.'

'You got it.' I said and headed down the stairs to the driveway out front. There was a Jeep parked there, with the most gorgeous asathing in his wonderful smell with my mouth, my nostrils, everything. I wanted to melt into him, be one with him...but I had to get him ready first.

I did what I had wanted to do since I had first seen his ass sticking out of his Jeep. With my tongue I delicately liked the outside of his asshole, gently stroking and caressing it. I licked up and down his ass crack, coating it with a sheen of my spit, sucking up the droplets of sweat I found there. Luxuriating in his body, I loved having Jase all to myhe said. 'I'm Jason, but everyone calls me Jase. What's up?'

I'd like to undress you and lick your body all over... I thought.


'Oh,' I said out loud. 'Your buddies said you could use some help?'

'Great!' Jase said. 'Thanks a lot. Just grab whatever's handy...'

I wondered if the cock I saw flopping around inside his shorts would qualify. Then I grabbed some stuff out of the Jeep and joined him in carting it up to his new place.

I got the sense Jase found me as hot as I found him. The whole time we were working he kept brushing up against me and 'accidentally' running into me. He had to have seen the boner that was growing in my pants. His smell got me even more horny, a sweet musky mixture of soap from that morning's shower and sweat from the afternoon's move.

With all of us helping, we got all Jase's stuff into his apartment by the time it was dark. His buddies said good-bye and went out for some beers. I was feeling sticky and sweaty, so I had a good excuse to take off my shirt. Jase practically licked his lips when he had a look at my chiseled chest and stomach. I wiped my forehead off with my shirt, then slung it over my shoulder.

'I'm going to take a shower,' I said. 'That about it?'

'Yeah,' he said. 'That was the last, um, load from my old place.'

He stuck out his hand again.

'Hey, Tyler, thanks for your help.'

'No problem, guy,' I said, shaking his hand.

'Really,' he said. 'We'd still be at it if it wasn't for you.'

'Well, maybe you can make it up to me sometime.' I said with a grin and headed out the door.

'Count on it,' he said.

When I got back to my own apartment I took a long cool shower and thought about Jase. I wanted to jerk off but decided to save my juice for later. Not wanting to deprive myself too much, I gave my cock a few nice strokes while I thought about his pretty body and prettier face.

I liked walking around my place in just my underwear, so after I toweled off I pulled some briefs on (tucking my still-hard dick inside) and lay down on my bed. Staring at the ceiling, I couldn't think about anything but Jase.

What's stopping me from going back over there right now? I asked myself. Nothing I answered and got up. After yanking some sweat pants on over my underwear, I headed over to my new neighbor's apartment. I figured it was time I paid him a welcome-to-the-building visit.

His front door was open, and through the screen I could see him busy inside. His stuff was a mess all around him, he must've started to unpack already. He was still in his moving clothes, sweaty and grimy from the day. Mmmm-mmm, he looked good enough to eat. I could've stood there and watched him for an hour, but didn't want to be seen standing outside his door like a peeping tom.

'Jase?' I said. He looked up suddenly, like he wasn't expecting anyone, but then broke out into a big grin when he saw it was me.

'Tyler.' he said, walking over to the door and opening it. 'Come on in...'

I did and closed both the screen and the door behind me. Letting out my breath in a sympathetic sigh, I looked around at the job ahead of him.

'Moving's tough, isn't it?' I said.

'Aw, it aint so bad,' Jase said. 'Especially when you're moving into a place that's got guys as hot as you.'

That did it.

I stepped forward and kissed him, open mouth and full tongue. He dropped the stuff in his hands and returned the invasion, forcing his tongue between my lips. It was electric to kiss him like that, to have his full pouting lips against mine. Our breath merged together, mine hot and wet, his cool and dry.

As soon as I had gotten close to him, his scent returned to my nostrils with a vengeance. I loved how he smelled so much I imagined every pore in my skin opening up to suck in as much of his essence as possible.

My hands were on his chest, exploring and feeling every inch of it. I gripped his firm pectorals, kneading the hard muscles, and playfully tweaked and twisted his large brown nipples. They stiffened between my fingers, and I knew I had to have them in my mouth.

Leaning down, I took his left tit between my lips and bit it softly. Jase let out a little yelp that was music to my ears. I assaulted his nipple, stabbing, swirling and caressing it with my tongue. Switching to the other one, I did the same, sucking it softly with my mouth and then gnawing it delicately with my teeth.

From this choice vantage point, I got a delightful indication of how Jase felt about what I was doing to him. His cock was stretching through his shorts and poking into me. It was so wonderful to know I was making him feel as good as he did me. He was such a fucking hot stud, it was a dream come true to have him there right where I wanted him. His tits deserved more work, but there were more urgent matters to attend to. My own boner was straining against my sweat pants and I knew it better get some attention soon or there was going to be trouble.

I stood back up to my full height and planted my lips on his again, and we got into a hot little sword fight with our tongues. When I managed to break our lip lock, I looked deep into his eyes.

'Looks like it's time you paid me back for the help I gave you today...' I said, my voice breathless and throaty as I put my hands on his shoulders and started pushing him down.

'The pleasure's all mine.' he grinned as he got the idea, kneeling down until his face was level with the dripping bulge in my shorts. I figured the pleasure would be mutual, but let it go, not wanting to distract my hot new neighbor from his task.

Jase kissed my belly button, then stuck his tongue into it. It felt so nice and tickly it almost made me giggle like a kid. Then he was running his tongue back and forth along my rows of ripped abs, like he was polishing them with his mouth. It felt great, but I was anxious for him to get to the main attraction.

'Come on, Jase,' I said. 'You know you want it...take out my dick and suck it, man!' He laughed against my stomach.

'Patience is a virtue...' he said.

'Fuck virtue.' I mumbled, but the sensations he was delivering to my abs were so delicious I couldn't have hurried him if I'd tried.

After an eternity, I felt his teeth lock onto the waistband of my sweat pants and pull down. I gasped as my cock struggled upward, as if it sensed that freedom was near. With a few more yanks, Jase had gotten my sweats down to my knees. Now there was nothing between my dick and that mouth of his but my Calvin Klein briefs.

He nuzzled my crotch, purring and growling like a jungle cat, the feel of his mouth in my most intimate area making all the hair on my arms stand on end in pleasure. Jase mouthed my cock through my underwear, his hot breath blowing through the fabric to heat up the already overheated tool beneath. His tongue sampled the spreading stain of pre-cum on the front of my briefs, then greedily slurped and sucked at it like it was a tasty dessert.

He was an animal in the body of a stunning young man! I'd struck the motherlode with this one. I was sure glad he was moving in, 'cause it meant he would hopefully be mine to play with whenever I wanted.

Then he was gripping the waistband of my underwear between his teeth, slowly but surely pulling it down to join my sweats at my knees. My dick sprang out, hard and full and ready for action.

What a damn tease this guy was! Instead of diving right down on it, like I wanted him to, he started delicately stroking my shaft with his tongue, sending little shivers of excitement and electricity up and down my body. I must have let out a little moan because he giggled again, a wicked devilish sound. He knew what he was doing to me all right.

Jase's tongue rose up the full nine inches of my shaft, just touching the ridge of the head before sliding back down to caress the hairless flesh at the base. He was making me so horny I felt like I could shoot my load without even trying. He was driving me crazy with desire, bringing me right to the edge of ecstasy and then pulling back.

I felt like I would go out of my mind if I didn't get my cock in his mouth quick. Grabbing a healthy fist-full of his blond hair, I pushed Jase's head down where I wanted it.

'Open your mouth, man,' I said. 'You still owe me for my help today.'

His mouth opened and I plunged my tool between those rosy lips and down his throat. Oh man, it felt so fucking good I almost didn't heard him gagging and choking. I let go of his head so he could pull off if he wanted to, but he didn't. To my delighted surprise he kept deep-throating me like his life depended on it. The sight of him on his knees with my rod in his mouth was beautiful to behold. I wished I had a camera to capture the moment forever.

Jase was a world-class cocksucker, better by far than anyone I'd had before. His tongue swirled around the shaft like it wanted to memorize every vein and contour. He rubbed my dickhead against the back of his mouth like he was trying to gag himself. I felt his throat flex around my tool and I knew he was gulping down the buckets of pre-cum that were oozing out of me.

It was time for some heavy-duty face-fucking. I grabbed the back of Jase's head and held it in place while I started pumping my meat in and out of his mouth. He moaned in ecstasy, and I knew that this was a guy who liked having his partner call the shots. That suited me fine, I'd always been the dominant one in all my relationships.

Screwing Jase's mouth was pure heaven. I heard my balls slapping against his chin and it was the sweetest sound I'd ever heard. His hands found my calves and rubbed them up and down. Flexing my legs in response, I got a nice reaction when he groaned and groped my legs which had now become cords of solid muscle. He moved his hands up until he found my buttocks, then grabbed on tight.

He couldn't get enough of my cock. He actually pulled me forward, like he was trying to get even more of me inside him. I obliged and forced it in ever farther. My fists clenched tighter in his hair to let him know he wasn't going anywhere.

'That's it, Jase,' I said. 'Take it all, take all of me inside you with that hot mouth...'

He furiously started working me, moving forward as I plunged into him. Pleasure surged into my cockhead and I could feel the cum boiling in my balls. If he kept this up I would shoot off any second. But as hot as it was, I didn't want to cum, not yet. Jase was a delicacy, a rare meal to be prolonged and savored. I had to make this last longer.

'Oh no you don't,' I said teasingly. 'Not yet.' Pulling his head away from my crotch, I saw his eyes were on fire with excitement. He was so delectable I wanted to eat him up.

'But I'm still paying you back for your help today...' he pleaded.

'You've paid that off free and clear.' I said. 'Now it's time for me to give you something, to welcome you to the building.'

'Oh yeah? What're you going to give me?'

'My cock in your ass.' I said. 'I'm going to fuck you, Jase. I've got to get into that butt of yours...'

He smiled that smile again and his teeth were as white and sparkly as a toothpaste commercial. I started to push him down so he could lie on his back, but he bumped into some boxes. We tried a different angle and the same thing happened. I tried to shove the boxes out of the way, but they wouldn't move -- they were fenced in by more piles of junk behind them. We were surrounded by stuff on all sides.

'Damn,' I said. 'There's no fucking room!'

Jase looked at me with come fuck me eyes.

'Isn't there anywhere else we can go?' he said.

That did it. I jumped to my feet, yanking him with me. Then I scooped him up and tossed him over my shoulder.

'Yeah, there is.' I said. He laughed but didn't try to struggle out of my grip. I kicked the boxes out of the way and carried him out the door. It was so fucking hot to carry him like that -- to have this hot muscular stud boy over my shoulder, his hard cock digging into me. For right now, tonight, he belonged to me.

As I carried Jase down the walkway between our apartments, one of the other guys who lived in the building saw us through his window. He grinned and gave me a big thumbs-up gesture. I waved back and then we were at the door to my place.

I pushed it open and brought my man inside. The door slammed shut behind us as I brought him to my room. I let Jase fall off my shoulder onto my bed. He bounced up and down, laughing like a little kid.

'That was fun,' he said. 'Can we do it again?'

'After I fuck you,' I said. 'Toss me the works from the bedside drawer.'

He stretched his hand out to pull open the drawer of my night stand. Inside he found a bottle of lube and some condoms. He tossed them to me and I caught them, dropping them down on the bed next to me.

'Nice place,' he said, looking around.

'Thanks, now take your clothes off,' I said as I stripped off my own.

'Don't you want to put a towel down or something?' Jase asked, laying back on my expensive bedspread.

'Fuck the bedspread.' I said. 'I want to give you your present, now!' The sight of this hunky man squirming around on my bed was about to make me shoot off. I had to get inside him again. If the taste of his mouth was any indication, his ass was going to be one fantastic ride.

I jumped on the bed and helped him strip, yanking off his shorts while he took off his shirt. His cock was beautiful, about eight inches long, hard and dripping like mine. The thinnest dusting of blond peach fuzz covered his crotch, leading up his abs with a pleasure trail that disappeared halfway up his chest.

On my knees, I grabbed Jase by the ankles and flipped him over on his stomach. He immediately started grinding his dick into the bed and stuck his butt up in the air. His hairless asshole was tight and perfect, like a little rosebud just waiting to get invaded by me.

I dove down onto him, anchoring him in place with my body. This guy wasn't going anywhere until I was done with him. First I just stuck my face between his cheeks, breathing in his wonderful smell with my mouth, my nostrils, everything. I wanted to melt into him, be one with him...but I had to get him ready first.

I did what I had wanted to do since I had first seen his ass sticking out of his Jeep. With my tongue I delicately liked the outside of his asshole, gently stroking and caressing it. I licked up and down his ass crack, coating it with a sheen of my spit, sucking up the droplets of sweat I found there. Luxuriating in his body, I loved having Jase all to myself, here, now in my own bed.

I suddenly stuck my tongue into my asshole and he let out a moan of pleasure. His ass moved up and back to meet me, helping my tongue get further inside. He tasted as good inside as he did outside, and I rolled my tongue around trying to feel as much of him as I could.

He responded so well to getting tongue-fucked I replaced my tongue with one finger to see if he liked it as much. He liked it more, pushing back on me further and even humping my finger a little with his cheeks. I gently pushed a second finger in, then a third. Jase was groaning with delight now, his hands gripping the edge of the mattress tight.

'Please, Tyler,' he said. 'Please fuck me...I want it, I need it, give it to me now!'

That was all the encouragement I needed. Rearing back on my knees, I tore open one of the condom packages and slowly rolled the latex sheath over my tool. I loved how it felt, all tight and constricted...condoms made my dick look even bigger, the veins standing out sharply.

I squirted a generous helping of lube into my palm and slathered up my cock with it, thrilling to the bursts of pleasure that shivered through my body at the touch of my hand.

Jase was whining and crying like an animal, rubbing his dick frantically into my bed and pushing his butt back at me.

'Fuck me, Tyler, please, man...' he moaned. 'I need your hot meat in my ass, give it to me, please...'

After all his teasing, now he was the one begging for it. Well, I'd let him see how it feels. I gripped my dick in my hand and guided it up and down his ass crack, following the same path my tongue had taken. Jase shuddered at the feel of my hard tool against his butt.

'Please take me, man...' he groaned.

I slapped his butt playfully.

'Wait...wait...' I said. 'Patience is a virtue.'

'Fuck virtue!' Jase said. 'I need your cock in my ass!'

I laughed at him, teasing his ass with my dick. He was right, he did need me inside him, almost as bad as I needed to be there. Grabbing his ankles again, I flipped him over on his back. His eyes were crazed with lust. I tossed his legs up over my shoulders and aimed my boner at his puckering hole.

'Welcome to the building, Jase,' I said, and rammed my cock inside his asshole. He flung his head back and howled with ecstasy. It was awesome being inside him. After getting him all opened up with my tongue and fingers, he was more than ready to take my meat. His ass-muscles expanded and contracted, seizing my dick as if it belonged there.

This was the sensation my body had been craving -- I was finally one with this incredible man, joined in the most intimate way we could be. It was like our bodies were joining into one, both halves fusing together by the power of our attraction.

Digging my knees in, I started plowing into the gorgeous man below me. No time for gentleness any more, I just reamed Jase's ass like there was no tomorrow. It was fan-fucking-tastic. He was the best bottom I'd ever screwed, moaning and crying and yelping with pleasure like he'd never been nailed before.

'Push back on me Jase,' I said to him. He obeyed, grabbing hold of the mattress and forcing his butt back onto my dick even further. 'That's it, yeah, you've got it...'

My mind was overflowing as my pleasure centers were stimulated again and again and again. It was so incredibly wonderful to see Jase lying there impaled on my cock. I leaned forward, pressing his legs down, until we were face to face. He was flushed and sweaty, his eyes locking on mine as his mouth slacked open in disbelief.

It was so fucking cool. I leaned in and kissed him, my tongue hungrily invading his mouth like my cock was invading his ass. Now I had him plugged at both ends, he was mine and only mine. My dick was swelling up inside the condom. It had almost reached the point of no return. I didn't want it to end, but I couldn't hold back any more. Pulling gently out of Jase's butt, I peeled the condom off and grabbed hold of my dick.

'I'm gonna shoot off, man,' I said. 'Do it with me...'

Jase gripped his own rock-hard cock in his fist and started pumping it. We got into perfect sync, our strokes matching each other's exactly. Together we worked ourselves, and seconds later we were ready.

'I'm gonna cum, Tyler...' Jase said, his voice breaking in bliss.

'I'm right with you, man, go for it!' I said.

He let out a yell of pleasure and release just as I felt my own starburst of ecstasy. My cock flexed, jizz shooting out of it to splatter all over Jase's chest. At the same time his own boner spurted out great wads of sticky manjuice, and together we let out cries of joy and relief that drowned each other out they were so loud.

A second later I collapsed on top of him, our mutually jettisoned cum mixing and fusing together just like our bodies had moments earlier. We put our arms around each other and hugged tightly, moaning and sighing into each other's ears. We lay there for a few minutes, catching our breath, before either of us said anything.

'Mmmm...' I said. 'Did you like your present?'

'Are you kidding?' Jase said, laughing. 'Nothing like getting fucked good and hard to let you know you're welcome in a new place!'

'Well, you're welcome over here anytime...' I said. 'And let me know if you need some help unpacking...'

'I will...I love your kind of help.' he said with that devilish grin, as he caught a hold of my cock. At the touch of his hand it started getting hard again.

Like I said, it pays to be neighborly.



Christopher Pierce

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