After all this experience I was still confused whether I was a straight or bisexual. Someone came to prove me I am wrong and why the hell am I confused while it's so obvious that I am a hot gay. I went down to my nearest shopping center with peter .ever since I and peter had sex we were much much more closer to each other .peter started treating me like his boyfriend I didn't mind that because all I was looking for was love care and someone to satisfy my sexual dreams.

We were both shopping for new clothes I had this sense of fashion which made peter look even hotter in those shirts I picked for him. After walking about so much in that shopping center I found a shirt that I loved. I quickly purchased it as I know there is a party tonight and I had to look gorgeous. I helped peter find him a hot shirt too. Suddenly peter started behaving strange he seemed as though as he had to release something. I went up to him and 'are u alright 'I asked. 'Of course not, I have to urine now my tank is full and bursting' he said quiet angrily. I knew it was my fault I was shopping and shopping for hours never let him do anything, so I said 'ok ok, don't worry lets go to the toilet. And we rushed to the toilet. It was empty. Peter started to empty his tank while I checked my looks on the mirror. After finishing peter was washing his hands. I was looking at a cubicle wow it had a glory hole. I have seen glory holes in gay porn only I have never seen one live. I knew I wanted some action out of it. Peter noticed that too cause he hugged me from my back and started to kiss my neck and grab my hard on.

I was getting hornier and by now I could feel a hard dick poking my back and I could see a patch of precum on my jeans. I went to the other side of cubicle and placed my dick on the glory hole. Peter kneeled down and took my hard dick and gave it a few strokes before he shoved it right up his mouth. I was moaning uncontrollably this is the first time peter was sucking me after that one night. I always knew my dick loved him only he knows how to tongue me and deep throat me well. I just loved the blowjob so much that I didn't realize that I was so close to cum. 'ahhhh 'I moaned. And cum filled peters mouth rope after rope so much of cum in peters mouth. Without even losing one drop of my men juice peter drank it all.

It was peters turn now. He got up and I kneeled .He got out his huge tool. I took it straight in my mouth. And started playing with it. I took it deep into my throat it was hard for me as it was my first time I coughed a little here and there. But at last I got used to his hard hot dick. He started fucking my face I knew he wasn't far from unloading his load. So I just went on faster and deeper. Instantly he came. His whole body shook and I felt hot salty sweet cum in my mouth. I was trying to swallow every bit of his cum. But by then peter pull me and started kissing me I knew he liked to taste his own cum. He has done that before. We kissed for a long time and decided to go out. That's when I saw this hot Brazilian guy with a huge hard on. Both I and peter realized he has been watching us. We really got so shy that peter face got so red. We just gushed out of the toilet as quickly as possible. We were walking down the street back home. That's when peter received a call saying that his grandmother was ill and he had to go to her town to visit her with his mother. He looked pretty sad. Peter really wanted to go to the party with me.

Actually I felt worse, I was really afraid to go to the party all alone. But I had no choice I really had to go it s my school friend jacks birthday if I don't go he might be angry with me. So I gathered al my courage and decided to show up at jack's party. I got jack a bottle of Jim beam for jack as his birthday present. Some other guys from our school sat with me chatting away. I was kind of forgetting that peter his not here and I am all alone. That s when I saw the guy who saw me and peter having sex. Suddenly I seem lost again all my friends went away and I was sitting all alone in the sofa. That guy came right beside me and sat down. I was looking away but I knew he was looking at me from head to toe. I was feeling really shy. He got up and went away and he came back with two glasses of jack Daniels. 'Hello, please have this '. He said. I took the drink and he sat beside me again and starting talking. 'hi, I am from brazil ,my name is mongeal and I am 22 this year he said. I just smiled and nod my head. Then he asked can I know more about you. Oh sure ' I am from Australia , my name is Dave , I am only 20 this year '.

Then he said wow nice do you work a lot he asked me. Yea I do and your body it's great too. He laughed and I got mad he looked so handsome while he laughed I mean naturally he look hot but when he smiles or laugh I die on the spot. He was noticing that I was falling for him. He was just trying to ask me what I am doing that night after the party. I was trying to not answer that question but I was talking about something else. Then only I realized that he liked whatever I liked I love Hannah Montana and he likes her too , my favorite color is blue and his is the same too. And many other things were similar about us. By this point I didn't notice but he was having his arms around my back. Actually I was quite high by now. And I knew I had to go home so I started to tell him that I had to go. And he said ok I can walk you back home I agreed to that. When I got up the chair only I realized that I was really very high I couldn't walk anymore but still I had to walk home. He was talking to me something I really didn't understand anything I was very drunk. As I was drunk and I knew I had to get home fast so I just dash across the road. He pulled me back with such a force that I fell down on the pavement. Then he pull me up to my feet and gave me a slap.' ouch' and thanks I am out of my highness but I am having a terrible headache. I told him I can't go home like that my parents would get very angry. 'if u don't mind you can stay over at my place' he said. I knew I had no other choice I said ok sure. We took a cab to his house. No one was in there it was only me and him. As I was very tired he asked me to sleep in a huge bed in his room. When the moment I touch his bed I fall asleep.

As I was sleeping my sleep was distracted by someone opening the door I knew it was him I keep my eyes closed. The light was still on he came and sat beside me on bed I heard the sounds. Then he came close to me I could feel his breath near my face he kissed my head and started talking , I love you handsome boy you are just so cute I really need you man ,but I won't touch u without your permission ok , good night and he kissed me again. This time he kissed my lips and I was shocked but automatically I kissed back. This time he inserts his tongue in to my mouth and my tongue in his mouth we played. He got up of the bed and sat on me and started kissing me again. Both of us were kissing very passionately. He was sitting on me and pressing his ass rite on my hard dick which was under my jeans. The room was getting hotter with lots of moans. Every thing was like a hot dream come to true. I just still can't believe that I am having this hot Brazilian guy right on top of my torso.

I pushed him off and got up and started to strip, that's when I saw this really huge tent 'Oh my god' I was both excited and scared because this is my first time even looking at suck a big dick. I quickly rushed to him and took his boxer of 'sprang' a huge 11 inch dick came right at my mouth. Oh no I know I couldn't take it all in my mouth I was seriously afraid , I guess he knew what I thought he just pulled me up to his lips and started kissing me we were just too into kissing I wish it would last forever . He got to my ears and whisper baby you don't have to take it all but I am sure u can try go on man he said. I swear it boost my horniness level I got down fast and started licking the top of his dick his pee slit. He started moaning, I always love when a man moan my own dick was in my hand hard and throbbing I was stroking it. I started to play with his balls which made him moan deeper, I just tried sucking his cock and it was impossible for me to take all in my mouth I couldn't even pass the half the size. But I still tried my best in pleasuring him; his dick grew harder I knew I was in for a huge load. He started riming my mouth harder and moaned so much I knew he was so close so I just sucked the top again and 'wooosssshhh' cum came splattering in my mouth rope after rope of cum cam in my mouth I couldn't hold it any longer so I started swallowing it fast .still his dick in my mouth but it was deflating I still kept it In my mouth till his breathing was normal again. He pulled me up again forcefully kissing me again our tongues fought but this time I truly felt his love. He got to my ears again and whisper 'baby, why did u swallow my cum do you really love me 'I just nodded again our mouths met.

This time he kissed my neck and licked all the way down to my nipples he started sucking and licking and playing with it I was in so much of pleasure. And he licked his way down to my hot abs and started licking them it felt so ticklish I started to giggle Awww so cute he said as he followed my treasure trail down to my treasure the moment when his mouth met with my dick is started to ooze precum he started to lick them hungrily while I was moaning out of control he sucked my whole dick deep down at that moment I knew he was a great cock sucker he managed to swallow my whole 8 inch dick hard and throbbing right in to his throat 'yes yeah ' and I was moaning . He knew I was close so he started to go deeper till his face touched my pubic hair. Realizing I was too close I decided to take my dick out of his mouth to let my cum spray out, I was surprised when he pulled my dick back in deep again and I screamed 'noooooooooo' and I came . His mouth swelled i had a very intense orgasm.

Both of us loved kissing so much so we got back kissing again till our dicks got hard once again ready for some ride ,but now I wasn't concentrating on our kiss I was thinking about who's gonna fuck who ? He broke the kiss and noticed that I was thinking about something he laughed and say don't worry man I am your bottom baby and he just shove my dick up his ass and started riding me raw. I was feeling his hot fuck hole which was tight and really giving me so much of pleasure, I then lay on the bed while he came and sat on my dick and ride my dick making me too close to the climax. While he was riding me I tried stroking his dick. Just a few strokes and it started to spew cum all over my face I licked it up all I knew I was close I was starting to moan out loud when I was to close he got my dick out of his ass and insert it in to his hungry mouth waiting for me to burst my nut . I was already too close as his mouth touch my dick 'ahhhhhh' I moaned and my cock started pumping out it's man seed deep into his throat. I was in heaven. That hot Brazilian guy swallowed all my seed without even leaving a drop left.

After those intense Cumming I fall asleep instantly and he did the same too. The next morning I wake up we kissed again I knew it might lead into another sex if I didn't act fast, so I broke our kiss and rushed back home wondering what to answer to my parents.



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